The Brahmin Girl


She was my close pal Venkat’s little sister. I considered her as my own sister till it happened on a pleasant summer evening. She was Bhavani.

I had just returned that morning for my summer vacation to my hometown Chennai. My house is situated in the highly Brahmin neighborhood of Mylapore, thou Im not a Brahmin. I took rest nearly the whole day; woke around 5 for a strong cup of coffee, which I haven’t had for months. I tried to contact my old buddies in town, but everyone was busy. Venkat (Bhavani’s brother) was in states doin’ MS. We use to email each other the every other day. Sometime he use to mail me bout his family as we where very close buddies. We both r big fans of Literotica stories

The evening reminded me of the old summer holidays. I checked my wallet for money. The condom I had in my wallet been still there, supposed to be used on the last day bash, but I wasn’t that lucky. I was a bit angry to see it. Anyway I hide in my wallet not even she can stop me anymore. She looked innocent with here head facing down near her well-dressed bed. I headed next to her and lifted her head and planted a wet kiss on her sweet lower lip. It did taste very sweet with lust. All this time her eyes were closed shut. Her arms were on my strong arms. I laid her in her bed. She was very shy as she closed her face Escort Etlik with her mehadined palms. It was amazing to watch here in a white bed with here pallo on her waist and bottom up to her knee. All the gold jewelery shined on the light from the hall. The smell of the jasmine added to the excitement. The radio was playing ramdom love songs.

I sat on the edge and placed my hand on her navel, she moaned lightly. I removed one of her hand from her face a planted a kiss on here closed right eyelid. She opened her eyes and slowly hugged me. She whispered in my ear very sweetly ‘Ravianna’; I dint bother bout the brother word, perhaps Brahmin wives call their husband ‘anna’.

My right hand had now moved to her fresh boobs. They looked small but felt good. My fingers were playing all over her blouse. As I finished my small play I started opening the blouse hooks one by one. She had a tight fitting back bra inside. With little difficulty I unhooked her bra and in a flash her twins were mine. Her fresh pinks stood proudly in her heavy breathing. Even my breathing was accelerated on this site. The circus in my underwear was houseful. I unzipped and relax mine as I lead my tongue to he pink nipple. She shivered as my tongue touched her nip. When my unshaven sharp moustache hair pinched her soft boobs she Etlik Escort hugged me tight; in a reflex her knee hit my organ. But I continued sucking her fresh pink tits. She was a bit terrified by the size she felt. I tried to make her comfortable sucking softly; she started responding with light moans.

I took a phased and took off my t-shirt. As soon as she saw me what I was doing she closed her face as usual. I lifted her hands we both were quite unsure of smooch activities but still enjoyed it with your eyes shut. By now my right fingers where on here belly button. Her umbilicus was small they were very soft and lovely. Her legs looked bit yellowish as she used sandal paste she was then worried about pregnancy, AIDS etc. I asked her not to worry and told her I have a pack of condom I felt her right hand on my shoulder holding tight relieving the pain with pleasure. But then my middle finger was also in; her hands grip on my shoulder tightened while I was passively tonguing her clit. As I moved my finger to I dint care bout her loudness as the neighbors’ television volumes helped as a sound proof for the room. I moved to her inner thighs, kissing them and looked for my condom. She looked very innocently on what I was up to.

I lower my jeans by now she had stopped crying even I was in light Etlik Escort Bayan pain as it was also my first time. Her pink pussy lips I can feel the wetness on my scrotal sacs. I felt very satisfied and took care to move get back the condom intact on my penis. I took it out and placed it carefully on the t-shirt. She was tired and was heavily breathing.

By now the jasmine was all over the bed. I took some of them as sprinkled them on her face as I kissed her in her forehead she told me that sisters Meenatshi and Laskshmi have gone to perform Bharathnatyam with there dance-school in Chithambaram. So I was wrong, only then I came to know that the girl in bed with me was the youngest & Bhavani is her name. She was still telling me bout the festival in Chithambaram & that she too young to perform with her elder sisters. I asked her how old she was & she replied that her birthday was next month and she would be 19. Oh no! She is only an 18 years old girl. I was nearly 24. I felt really bad on what I have done to this very young girl. I felt guilty.

She was kissing me again. Then I thought the wrong I have done. I looked for my t-shirt, which had blood & the used condoms. I looked around saw a small t-shirt of her, wore it took my t-shirt & zipped my pants to leave. She asked me weather I was leaving. I turned back nervously and kissed her. Before she opened her eyes I had left here house.

On the way home I dumped my t-shirt in the garbage. Only when I saw the condoms I remember the rest of the condoms I left beside her bed.

To Be Continued…

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