The Business Trip Ch. 02


I wake up and try to open my eyes. Where am I? Nothing looks familiar. Wait!! Yes I am at Jim and Elaine’s place. MMmm Elaine I close my eyes and I see you standing there in that burgundy silk teddy with black lace. It made your legs look so stunning and her hair laying on her shoulders as you start to bend over me. Did it really happen were you really there? I lift my fingers to my nose Mmm, your perfume was so captivating mixed with the musky smell of sex.

I go to roll on my side to look at the clock and my notice my morning erection is even harder than normal. I wonder why LOL.

Oh No it is 9:30 I forgot all about the time change. I stop to listen is I cannot hear any movement. They must have left without waking me. I get up and gather my shaving kit and head for the bathroom. I jump in the shower just when I finish my hair I start to wash the rest of me when I hear your voice.

“Morning Bob, did you have a good sleep?”

“Yes! thanks very much ” I bet I forgot to close the door I think to myself

“I will lay some towels on the toilet here for you. Jim wanted me to let you sleep in and he will arrange everything so you can go in later.”

“Wow thanks I think I needed the extra sleep.”

“Would you like some Coffee, Tea or Me with your breakfast?” Just as you asks the question OR ME I was soaping my stiff cock in the shower and it almost exploded right there and than.

“Oh Um I would love you but can I have coffee on the side?”

“No problem.” I hear the door close

I finish in the bathroom and wrap my towel around my waist and head to my room. Just as I got into the hallway I hear your voice.

“Cream and sugar.” I look down the hallway and see you standing there with a very short cotton housecoat.

“Both, I will be right there once I change”

“Bob Breakfast is ready, eat while it is hot and wear what you have on now.”

I sit in the kitchen on the end of the table and you sit across the corner from me. You are sitting sideways to me so I have a great view of your legs. I eat my toast and eggs while you sip your coffee as we make small talk. When I am finished you clear the table and as you put the dishes in the washer your housecoat rides up onto your back and I have the most beautiful view of your ass. You seem to take a long time before Escort Çankaya standing up straight and coming back to me. My cock is lifting the towel off my lap. You stand next to the table and look at me and ask.

“Am I beautiful? I mean really?”

“Elaine you are the sexiest lady I have ever met. You are so sensual, attractive, and you body is to die for.”

“You really think so?” as you open your housecoat to reveal nothing on underneath “Jim tells me all the time I am but he has to tell me that.” Your hands start to glide up and down your stomach.

“Elaine, You make me so horny it is hard to describe. Jim is telling the truth about you.”

Your fingers start to caress your pubic area ” Did you like the sloppy seconds as you fingered me last night?”

“Mmm oh yes your pussy is amazing. I bet I could eat your pussy all day long.”

“Mmm” You moan in a low sultry voice. “Do you like to eat pussy? Jim doesn’t like to, something about how it feels to his tongue.”

“If you where up on this table right now I would love to eat your pussy.” I look at you with lust in my eyes and my mouth imagining what you would taste like.

As you look into my eyes “Bob I did have a shower this morning, will you really eat me?” you sit on the corner of the table.

I reach out and place my hands on your hips and pull you closer ” You don’t have to ask me twice, you better get up here and lay down on the table.”

As you slip up on the table I start to caress your legs. They are so smooth and satiny. You lay down and your housecoat falls to the side. You part your legs and I can tell you are wet. I start to caress closer to your sweet pussy I kiss your calves as my hands explore. My finger finds your wet pussy and slips inside. You moan and I just hold still as you grind on my finger. I pull it out and bring it to my mouth and taste your sweet nectar. “Elaine your pussy nectar is so sweet Mmmmm.”

I move my head in between your thighs. My thick hair caresses your inner thighs, as I get closer to your pussy. My hands move up to caress your sides. Your pussy smells unbelievable. I kiss your pussy lips. I start to slip my tongue into your pussy but only the tip and explore your pussy lips with the tip of my tongue. Just as I get close to your clit my hands move to Çankaya Escort cup your breasts. My thumbs and fingers start to play with your very stiff nipples as my tongue touches your clit. I flatten my tongue and push it on top of your clit. You squirm into my tongue as I pinch your nipples. You start to buck my tongue as I start to explore again. I bring my hands down near your pussy and my mouth. I wet my thumbs and pointer fingers. I reach up again and as I start to get your nipples wet and slippery as I start to slip my tongue deeper into your delicious almost addictive tasting pussy. I start to move my tongue in and out and play with your nipples with my wet fingers in rhythm. You start to buck my face and moan loudly your hand grabs my hair and you begin to pull and push my face into your pussy. I reach for your other hand and pull it close so you can rub your clit as I continue to eat the most amazing pussy. You are so wet my beard is soaked. As you start to get your rhythm rubbing your clit I match it with my tongue and fingers on your wet nipples. My fingers slip back and forth as I cup your breasts. I begin to suck on your swollen pussy lips as my tongue slips in and out. Faster and slower, deeper and harder. I hear you moaning and whispering, “fuck I am so close” “fucking eat me, EAT me!” Your thighs start to get tight around my head you lift yourself off of the table as you grind you pussy into my face. I can barely breath as you pull my head into you, almost as if you want my head inside you. Your thighs are so tight I cannot move. “MmmmmMMMmmmmm Bob MMMMMMMmmm that was just” you let me loose and I look into your eyes ” I have never cum like that.”

I smile ” It was all my pleasure”

You sit up on the table and caress my hair and smile at me.

The phone rings “damn who is that calling” you get off the table and go to the counter.

“Hello” a smile creeps across your face as you hear the answer.

I watch as I see you slip your high-heeled dress shoes you left near the counter last night. You look at me and smile as you notice my cock making a tent out of the towel. You continue to talk as you lean against the counter. Your legs look fantastic with high heels on. All of a sudden you flip your housecoat off to the side and you wave with your hand for me to Çankaya Escort Bayan come over. I stand up mesmerized by your legs and ass. When I am close enough you grab my towel and drop it on the floor. You reach for my cock and grab it firmly and start to stroke. I begin to caress your ass. You are making light conversation on the phone the whole time. You pull my cock so that I am now behind you and you spread your legs and pull me close. My cock jumps and gets even stiffer all 8″ as it touches your ass cheeks. Your hand drops down between your legs and you guide my cock into your very wet pussy. It slips in nice and easy. I hear you let out a big sigh when I am all the way in.

“Oh sorry I am listening to you honey” you continue to talk.

I stop dead, is it Jim? What am I doing fucking his wife while they talk on the phone.

You push yourself back onto me and move back and forth. Your pussy is so very hot wrapped around my cock. It feels so good I start to move again. I start to go a little faster and a little harder. I grab your hips so I can sink deeper into you. I start to loose control and fuck you like a wild man. When all of a sudden I stop when I hear you say.

“Oh Bob can not come to the phone right now.” You are bucking my cock. ” Well dear he is fucking me right now what else would he be doing” You laugh.

I start again as you say ” I will let him know Jim” and hang up.

I am so close it is driving me crazy as you push against me. I feel like I am trying to ram my cock all the way though you. I scream “Elaine you are so fucking hot” as I explode deep inside you. My legs are all shaky and I am out of breath. I have to sit down.

You look at me with cum running down your leg and kneel in front of me and start to clean my cock. Your tongue is driving me crazy.

“Elaine was that really Jim?”

“MmMM yeah” You shake your head.

“What did he say when you told him I was fucking you” I run my fingers through your hair.

“He didn’t believe me” You take my now shrunken cock into your mouth for one last cleaning.

“Elaine you are unreal. I have never had anyone make me this horny.”

You look up at me and smile as my cock slips out of your mouth. ” I better get cleaned up because I need to take you to the golf coarse for your afternoon meeting.”

I finish getting dressed and head down the hallway when I see you in the sexiest red sundress I have ever seen with the same high heel shoes from a moment ago. My cock stirs from looking at you.

“Let’s get going I don’t want to keep Jim waiting”

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