The Carriage Ride Ch. 01


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Part One The Preparation

On a cool spring day in the early afternoon I decide I am going to surprise you in a way I never have before, by taking you on a carriage ride. This won’t be any ride, but a ride you will never forget, one that should make your toes curl and your hands shake.

I begin with the preparations, trying to surprise you by sending you a note by sticking it in your favorite book. Just letting you know to prepare for a special evening, with a devilish grin in red marker, which always lets you know to go through your best preparations.

As you are lying on the couch and trying to rest, you pick up your book, and read the letter, and a smile creeps across your lips, as you wonder what is in store for the evening. Knowing that the adventures have been nothing but explosive in the past, you get Goosebumps as you begin to imagine the possibilities.

There was the time we made out in the back of your car in the middle of a thunderstorm, there was the time we went out into the pool and made love slowly, but our favorite by unanimous vote, by far is the Escort Keçiören time we ended up in the woods, and decided to go naked, and you in that yellow sundress, and me in my shorts and tank top, it was rather easy, but with the rain it was pointless to be dressed.

Then we just decided to go at it, as you braced yourself up against a tree, and I took you from behind.

I then sneak away, all without detection, as you are lost in thought, so I can find the right horse, the right carriage, the right driver, never letting you know where or when we are going. The only thing I tell you is be ready and to wear my favorite dress which is red, with a slit up to your knee and shows your cleavage.

You know how to prepare the rest of the way; you shower and get nice and soft, making your milky white skin glisten, pamper yourself to no end and luxuriate in the feel of the shower and the scents of the soaps and oils as you prepare for whatever is to come.

I on the other hand sit back watch and listen, practically wanting to tare back the curtain and take you right there, but don’t, knowing that I have something more delicious in store. I also realize I have to stay focused on Keçiören Escort my internet research to get things organized for later.

You slowly lather from head to toe, making sure to soap up between your thighs, and getting all over those luscious breast that I so love to suckle on, perking up the lovely nipples and almost making me stand erect, and you being the passionate woman that you are, curl your finger to me inviting me to join you into the shower, and me being the little devil I am, I suckle your finger tip, and roll my finger around it, and just hold it in my mouth for a moment. Instead of joining you, I go away for now and distract myself.

As if you know I am near by you continue to play, to stroke, and to tease, you lean back on to the shower wall, spread your thighs, and shave yourself, making sure that whatever the night brings you will be able to enjoy every moment, knowing that one of my favorite pass times is to lick your sweet pussy from your ass to your clit and to make you come in my mouth, with my tongue buried deep inside you.

Finally your shower is over and you towel off right in front of me as if trying to torture me, but I am steady and strong, Keçiören Escort Bayan I don’t move, even though that soft smell of cinnamon apple is getting to me. You dress and as I step outside I take a deep breath as I know the evening air is starting to chill, but I am going to do all I can to enjoy every moment. I leave for a while and when I return the night’s events are to begin and hopefully it will set off a chain of events which will cause the explosion I hope for.

I know that this evening has to be perfect, and has to go off without a hitch, so I check the horse and carriage, I check with the driver, I check with the type of food and drink for the evening, selecting cheese and crackers, and also just a soft wine instead of a heavy meal, knowing that my plan is to have my way with you, and to ensure that the carriage ride is more erotic, than romantic.

Finally, as I feel at ease with the preparations being ready, I head home, and do my best to stay away from you, because as I step in the door, and get a sniff of your scent, I almost come right there, and my cock is like a beacon, pointing directly straight for you, but I go through my breathing exercises, and just hold my control, knowing that its only a matter of time, before the plan is in motion.

Before the clock strikes twilight and the evening darkness sets in, my cell phone rings, and I hear that the carriage ride is to begin, so I call you down, and we are to set off on the adventure of a life time.

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