The Chair


This happened when we first moved in to an apartment together when we finished University. I’d been to work. Rachel had been to the gym and out with friends and I’d played football with some of my colleagues before showering and heading out for a drink before going home.

At the apartment you walked in through one communal door then opened another to our apartment before going up some stairs. Just as you got to the top of the stairs there was another door. On the outside of the door Rachel had pinned a note on the door saying I’m in the bath, come in a get a glass of wine.

I opened the door to find the lights dimmed, music on and candles lighting the room. There was a glass of red wine on the side and I took it and sat down. I was reading a book when I heard Rachel get out of the bath. She told me to close my eyes as she opened the door. Rachel’s always had a mischievous side and I know in these situations you get one hell of a night if you do what she says. I closed my eyes and heard her make her way through to the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

I heard her dry her hair and moving about in some draws. She shouted for me to close my eyes again and stand up. The sound of heels tapping on our wooden floor made me smile. She opened the door and I had to resist taking a peek. She told me to face away from the door. I heard her place a chair in the middle of the floor near the couch; she then approached Escort Eryaman behind me, reaching up and tying a scarf around my eyes. She led me to the chair and instructed me to sit. I sat. She leant into my ear and she whispered “do as I say to the letter and you’ll be rewarded”. I smiled which she took to be a sign of assent. “Hold the bars at the back of the chair and don’t move until I say you can”. Of course I did.

She walked over to the kitchen and poured some wine. Her heels struck the floor as she made her way to the couch which was opposite me. She sat of the couch and asked me how the football had gone. She listened before stopping me and telling me she had been to the beauticians today. I smiled knowing what was coming.

She told me that after she’d had her nails done and been waxed she’s got home and run the bath. She said she’d felt horny all day and the thought of me running around playing football full of testosterone and out for a drink with the boys had really got her going. She decided it was treat night then and set up the room. She told me she’d struggled to resist touching herself in the bath and had teased herself a bit before stopping short of orgasm…saving it for now. She told me she’d intended on going shopping for some more lingerie but hadn’t had the time. She thought it was best if she just wore hold-ups and heels instead. I hadn’t stopped smiling throughout Eryaman Escort this but it got bigger at this point. I heard her put the wine glass down and raise her feet off the floor. This was torture, Rachel makes the most incredible sounds when she’s turned on and I heard her sigh as she explored her own body with her hands. I shifted uncomfortably as my erection grew constrained by my pants. She said in a mock stern voice “stay still”. We masturbate together a lot and I heard the familiar sound of Rachel rubbing her pussy. My imagination was working overtime; I’d seen her masturbate many times but not being able to see got my mind racing.

She asked me what I’d like to do now, I told her I wanted to lick her to orgasm, she sighed… “How would you do it?” I said I’d get on the floor in front of her and run the back of my fingers up her inner ankle working my way up to her inner thighs. As I got closer to the top she would move her ass forward on the couch while I lowered my head to taste her honey. I would edge her towards orgasm swirling my tongue around her clit and running my hands up to grab her breasts. I could hear her quickening her pace as she was nearing orgasm, she sighed and moan oh Dave. This was hell I was hard as rock, my cock forced sideways in my jeans leaking pre-cum and nowhere to go. I tried to wriggle on the chair to get some friction but that only made things worse. Rachel Eryaman Escort Bayan hit orgasm and my cock got a degree harder as I heard her moan to orgasm.

As her breathing got back to normal she said “you were a good boy, now it’s your turn… stand up and put your hands behind your back”. I stood, happy for some mild relief. She walked over to me and kissed me… passionately, she kissed the sides of my neck and leaned in to my ear saying “thank you”. She unbuttoned my shirt and while kissing me reached into my jeans and grabbed my throbbing cock. “Oh my, you need some help”. She kissed her way down my stomach stopping to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my fly. She lowered my jeans and I stepped out of them. As she lowered my underwear my cock sprung free, it hadn’t even stopped bobbing before she lowered her mouth and took me between her lips.

Rachel’s an absolute expert. She lowered her head and stroked my cock with one hand while she cupped my balls with the other. I love it when she drags her nails over my balls and after she’s had a manicure it’s even better. She told me to hold the back of her head as she sucked me to heaven. After a short time she told me to take off the blindfold. I reached up and removed it, my ears to a second to adjust to the light but there was Rachel, on her knees hold-ups and high heels behind her looking up at me with her gorgeous eyes sucking my throbbing cock. It was too much for me and I shot my load as she swallowed every drop. I thought my knees were going to give way. She looked up and smiled, “welcome home”.

Thank you i said as she went back to the couch. Rachel followed that with “now let me finish my wine while you go down on me!”

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