The Cleaner Pt. 07 – Macy Ascends


Ming walked around me and inspected the ropes, pulling on them to make sure they were tight. A long thick rope hung down just above my head from the middle of the chandelier and chains, rings and hooks hung down from the sides of the chandelier

Ming addressed the group of The order of Sparta standing around the ring, George, Alexa, Kyoto, and Leonid.

“Tonight we welcome Macy into the order for her ascension ritual. She is to be Helot to George if she passes the ritual. First, we must all taste the seed of the master and then we will each add our seed to the Helot to purify her before the ascension begins. The final Spartan will drink of the Helot’s fluids and that of the Master and the ascension will be done. I will taste first and each of you may choose where you taste the seed. The choice is yours.”

She walked deliberately towards me and dropped to her knees in front of me.

She parted my robe and pressed her sweet mouth against my wet cunt. Her honey lips suckled my pussy and her tongue dipped deep into my hole. With her powerful hands, she cupped my buttocks and pulled my cunt into her hungry mouth, eating me like a delicious treat. I spread wider for her and moaned with delight at her incredible head. I felt an orgasm coming and wanted so badly to cum again for her. I pushed and she pushed back mouthing my whole cunt and sucking up every drop of cum that was leaking out of my cunt. I moaned and gasped and shook with the throes of my eighth orgasm. She stepped back and smiled at me, walking back to the outer ring, she took the whip from George who was to hand it to each of them as part of the ascension with the final lashes given by him. I felt the tension in my stomach and entire body, as I trembled in anticipation.

I had been spanked before and quite aggressively and liked it. A lot actually, but this was next level and I was freaked out. Ming walked slowly back towards me, the power and grace in her movements very intimidating. Her face gave nothing away and I wasn’t sure how this would feel. She stopped in front of me, and squared her legs, swinging without hesitation with a stinging blow to my breasts. I gasped at the instant pain that came to me, and without having time to register or prepare, she delivered the next nine rapidly with force to my breasts, abdomen, and the final two, underhanded swings to my pussy. The last two hurt like hell, but I was determined not to succumb or show weakness. I gritted my teeth and stood tall. She smiled at me and nodded walking back and handing the whip back to George.

The next one walked forward and came inches from my face. She pulled back the hood and I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She was stunning. This must be Alexa. She grasped my neck hard and pulled me towards her leaning towards my ear she whispered,

“one day soon I am going to torture your cunt into more orgasms than you have ever had in your life,” and with that she kissed me hard and aggressively driving her tongue deep into my mouth and pulling my hair back, wrenching my neck to the side. Her other hand was around my waist lifting both of my feet off of the ground and grinding my sopping wet cunt against her leg that felt like iron. My pussy was still burning from the whip, but her powerful leg felt amazing against my cunt. It was very aggressive and so hot. I ground against her rippling muscles and felt the heat rising in me again. My cunt was burning hot and craving more. She released me hard and looked intensely at me, grasped my breast hard, squeezing and twisting, she whispered, “slut”, smiling at me.

I was completely taken aback by her aggression. I’d never felt that in a woman before and I had to admit it made me really. fucking horny. She stepped forward again and stood inches from me staring down at me, boring her eyes into me, her look suggesting that she could take me and do whatever she wanted. It was intimidating and I tried to hold her stare but broke and lowered my eyes for a second. She grabbed my jaw, squeezing hard, and scowled at me.

“Spartans do not lower their eyes. Ever! Do you understand?”

I nodded in shock and she continued to hold my jaw pulling me hard into her horny mouth, swallowing my tongue, and pulling me off Escort Ankara the ground again into her rock hard body, sticking her leg again between mine and lifting her marble-like thigh into my wet pussy pulling me by the waist hard into her while she ate my mouth. It’s the only way I could describe it. She was devouring me and not in a gentle way. Her hand held my hair tighter and my neck was bent hard to the side. It hurt and she knew it and didn’t care. She wanted to show me that she could overpower me. I swore at that moment to be better and stronger than her one day to hold her down one day and dominate her like she was doing to me. To show her I wasn’t owned I humped her thigh and kissed her back as hard as she was kissing me. She responded with even more intensity shaking the chandelier as she drove her thigh into my cunt and I drove my cunt back hard into her leg, grinding against her hard muscles, I could feel myself responding and felt an orgasm coming, her tongue driving deep into me, I pushed harder, wanting to come so bad when she released me and smiling said,

“I knew you had it in you,” and then walked away.

I was shaken but so turned on. Holy shit! She was the opposite of Ming but so hot. Her power and strength were incredible. I wanted her badly, to hold me down and grind her cunt into me. To make hard love to me and then turn her and fuck her with equal aggression and intensity.

She moved swiftly to grab the whip and almost bounded back towards me and without breaking stride, she stood behind me, parted my legs with a kick from her foot, swinging hard from behind me, the whips nine ends bit into the soft flesh of my pussy and I arched in pain, pulling myself up hard with the ropes as she delivered the rest to my inner thighs and cunt, standing behind me the whole time. Fuck it hurt and her strokes were much harder than Mings. She walked past me grinning, the fucking bitch. I glared at her and saw that Ming was giving her a hard look as well. It was extreme and my pussy was on fire. She would pay for that one day. Oddly I wanted someone to touch and rub me to take away the stinging and burning sensation.

The next Spartan stepped forward, and in one motion, dropped his robe, took three quick steps, like lightning towards me, did a fast cartwheel, a roundhouse, and then launched himself into the air grabbing the rope over my head and hosting himself high over me. He was hanging and swinging from the chandelier, naked and slowly lowering himself down. What the hell was that!

He lowered down in front of me and his hairless, naked body swung gently into my chest, his legs spread wide in a perfect aerial split, his cock and balls touching my breasts, allowing him to slow down until he hung suspended in front of me, still holding the splits. His strength and agility were insane. It was Kyoto and his body defied description. He had incredible muscle detail and his veins were rippling and popping all over. He had one tattoo, around his cock and balls, but I couldn’t make it out in the dark hue of the room. He slowly pulled himself up and moving his hips toward my mouth I heard him say,

“Open,” and I obediently opened my mouth wide to accept his almost perfect cock, which had a beautiful thick mushroom head, a thick vein, twirling down the slightly curved shaft that was surrounded by two perfect, hairless balls, that were thick and full of cum. It was gorgeous and the tattoo made it look so exotic.

He hung in front of me, his cock and balls swinging forward with his body, towards my open mouth. With one quick move, he lifted his legs over my shoulders, pulled himself up, and hooked his feet under my arms, curling them in against my breasts and ribcage met. He locked them in tight with his rock hard cock touching my lips. I opened wide and he thrust it slowly into my mouth, pushing it all the way in, to where I was almost gagging. I relaxed my throat and breathing and took him deep into my mouth. He had the faint smell of cinnamon and sweat mixed together and the aroma was heavenly. I sucked him deep into my mouth and he pulled into me with his arms and hips grinding against my mouth. It was so hot. I had my arms tied to a medieval chandelier and I was being fucked Ankara Escort in the mouth by a beautiful Asian warrior. I wanted his sweet cum so bad. I wanted him to fill my mouth and pump it down my throat. I opened wider and sucked him all the way down to his beautiful balls.

He began lifting himself and thrusting at the same time, slow, deliberate and deep thrusts into my willing Helot mouth. I pursed my lips and sucked sweetly on his shaft, my tongue caressing it as it plunged down into my throat. My legs were spread wide and my arms overheard were hurting, but I wasn’t ready to submit to anything but the sex that was making me so horny. I thought I would explode with the number of orgasms I’d had already. He pumped faster now and his body covered in a glossy sheen of sweat was magnificent. I could feel he was going to cum soon and I put more pressure down with my lips on his beautiful cock.

Suddenly he pulled out and dropped to the ground, rolling forward as he landed, he stood behind me, breathing deeply, not moving. My mouth ached, my arms felt numb and heavy and my cunt was dripping with pussy juice and cum mixed together. It felt like an eternity and I noticed my legs shaking a bit. This was really a test of endurance. His hand slid between my legs and his fingers curled up against my sweet mound, as he pulled me back against his glistening torso, I could feel his hard cock against my ass. So this was going to be the anal sex part of the ascension. I was glad to have this beautiful man’s cock inside my ass. I knew it would hurt at first, but it was so perfect and exotic. I wanted him badly, to feel that sweet, curve of his cock, enter me and widen my eager ass.

He took his wet finger and rubbed around my hole, holding me close with his other hand reaching around me and cupping my breast, squeezing and teasing my nipple. He inserted his finger slowly into my hole, moving in and out and around. He went a little faster, stretching my hole, and soon had another finger in. It hurt but I pushed my hips back and spread my willing legs wide for him. My hole stretched as he went faster and deeper, and soon he was driving his hand hard into my hole, his other hand, palming and fingering my hot cunt. I was out of my head with desire. He took his hand slick with my pussy juices and slicked up his cock, nudging the head against my honey hole.

He pushed into my ass. grabbing my hips as I parted my thighs, it slid in like a clever serpent, pushing past my anal ring and filling me completely. It was right and hurt as my ass adjusted to its girth. I gasped in pain and ecstasy as his cock filled my voluptuous ass. He began pumping and pulling my hips back in rhythm, the chandelier chains rattling and candle wax dripping as he growled and grunted and finally gave one enormous push and pull of my hips and blasted a huge load deep into my ass. He shook and trembled pushing hard into me, filling me with his sweet cum. It was a big load and the warm cum felt amazing in my ass.

He pulled out slowly, and bent down behind me, spreading my cheeks, and licking and sucking his cum, mixed with the Masters out of my shapely ass. It was divine. I heard him walk away and I trembled as he grabbed the whip from George and came back to give me ten lashes. I knew it was going to be on my ass and he was fierce. They were fast and hard without a break and each one hurt more than the last until my ass burned with the fire of the whip. Finally, he was done and he kissed the nape of my neck, his hand gently stroking the soft, battered curves of my ass, he whispered in my ear,

“One Day you will be mine.”

What the hell did he mean by that. I was in a Helot ceremony for his business partner and he was trying to claim me. I felt a sense of betrayal for George and it made me distrust Kyoto.

Finally one left, the infamous Leonid. He just stood for a minute and stared at me, sweating from head to toe, covered in red marks from the whip, cum leaking out of my ass and my pussy red and wet with my juices and George’s cum. My mouth was dry and my body ached. As if sensing this, Ming walked forward with a brown gourd. She gently tilted my head back and I drank greedily from the gourd, not even thinking to ask Ankara Escort Bayan what it was. I knew by now that her tea always seemed to have what I needed. She whispered,

“This will numb the pain and keep you lubricated. You can do this. Let your mind escape to a place of safety.”

With that, Leonid came forward.

As he walked forward, he slowly let his robe fall, his powerful physique evident even in the dim light of the ceremony room. He emitted an aura of danger, different than Kyoto. Kyoto’s energy was a bit sinister, Leonid had the aura of someone who got what he wanted, whenever he wanted, and would do anything to get his own way. His power turned me on. He walked slowly around me like he was inspecting me and it made me anxious. He stopped in front of me, his amazing physique on full display, powerful chest, defined shoulders, and big arms, well-muscled torso and his legs looked very strong, thickly muscled, like a soccer or rugby player. He was tall about 6′ but stocky. He had dirty blond hair and penetrating blue eyes, that were looking deeply into mine. Mine were staring back, having just glanced at his thick, veiny cock, with a swollen head and gorgeous, big balls, meaty and bouncy. He was very sexy and handsome. He leaned towards me inches from my face and just stared. I stared back and he just said one word,


He then launched into a savage, sexual possession of me. Both of his very strong and big hands grabbed my hips and pulled me up into him as he slid that big cock into my wet pussy, he attacked my mouth, kissing me with an unrivaled intensity. Alexa was rough, but he was consuming. Practically drinking in my tongue and mouth as he power fucked me, holding me up as he drove his cock fast in and out of my soaking wet cunt. The entire chandelier was shaking with his wild thrusts as he bucked and pulled me into him, my arms stretched wide, fucking me like a wild beast, his cock a battering Ram against my weary body. I was moving with him as much as I could but he had me held tightly and under his control. I felt him move faster and his grunts get louder. His fingers were digging hard into my ass and he pulled my cheeks apart and began fingering my ass as he fucked me at the same time. The sensation of both holes being rammed, my cunt by his thick cock and my ass with his strong and thick finger was incredible. I was moaning and gasping, completely lost to his intense fucking. He drove his finger deeper, lifting me high into him, his cock relentless, fucking me deeply and hard.

He took out his finger and grabbed my hair, pulling me into his hungry mouth and fucking me faster and faster till I was almost thrashing around like a rag doll until, he pulled back and grabbed me with both hands under my ass and drove really hard deep into my ass, letting out a loud yell as he emptied his thick balls into my cunt. He came a lot and it was incredible. The force of his cum, was amazing. I could feel him blasting inside of me, shaking his hips against mine as he shuddered in the throes of his orgasm. He held me tight till he finished shaking and then pulled out slowly, smiling at me the whole time. I smiled back and he walked over to George to get the whip. He came back and bent down in front of me, reaching around to pull my ass forward, he sucked my pussy lips, greedily, tasting his cum, my juices and George’s all mixed together. The ritual of sex was done. I only had to survive 110 lashes and I would ascend to the Order of Sparta. I almost fainted thinking about it.

He wasted no time, standing up he delivered 10 hard lashes to my ass, pussy and breasts. He wasn’t gentle either. His swings were full and hard and my body was stinging and sore already.

George took the whip from him and stepped into the circle. He removed his robe and I saw that he had a raging hard-on, but was wearing fundoshi. He started immediately, his face revealing nothing. If he was feeling sympathetic he didn’t show it and his whipping revealed none of that either. I lost count after 20 and after what seemed an eternity, he

was done. I was barely standing, my legs trembling and I was only able to keep from passing out from sheer determination and Ming’s drink which had done its job. I didn’t feel much of George’s whipping after 20 hits and I felt numb now.

I heard Ming as if she were miles away.

“George, release your Helot. She has ascended into the order of Sparta.”

That was the last thing I remembered before passing out.

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