The Convenience Store Girl Pt. 03


Last and final installment I think.

Tiffany and I continued our relationship. I could tell that she missed Rosie and teaching her the skills she had acquired. I’ve probably been orally satisfied by almost a hundred women, Tiffany is by far the best. Our relationship has progressed to one of not just sex but romance as well. We still fuck and suck at least two days and nights a week but there is now more cuddling and kisses. Many days I just wish I was forty years younger. She is truly a prize.

She had mentioned anal when I first deflowered her but the subject hadn’t come up since. I did take the weeks to work her anal sphincter with my fingers and tongue pretty well. She was so tight that I feared she’d rip my foreskin off if I just rammed it in, even with jelly, though at my age that would be a hell of a way of being circumcised. One morning she told me that she knew what I was doing with her anus and asked if she was ready. I told her it would take about another two weeks to get her there. I was up to three fingers now but really wanted four. “Patience! I’ll fuck that beautiful ass as soon as I can.” She asked me to remember that it was our secret thing.

Another morning we were laying in bed and she announced that I had introduced her to her five favorite words and hobbies. I asked her what she meant and she gave me a sheepish grim. “I’ll give you a hint. They all end in ‘K’.” I could guess but didn’t. “Fuck, Suck, Cock, Dick, and Lick.” All I could think of was what a gem this little diamond in the rough Escort Eryaman had become. I went down and licked her pussy clean of last night’s cum. She rewarded me with a little squirt.

A week passed and she showed up one day with Rosie in tow. I greeted Rosie with a hug and asked her how it went on her honeymoon. “It was awful for me. When we got to the hotel I dropped to my knees and blew him. He didn’t taste like anything, just kind of watery.” I told her that the diet takes a while to become effective. “That’s not it. After I did him that was all he wanted! We used to fuck like mink and after a two week honeymoon and another week at home I haven’t been fucked for almost a month. All he wants is for me to suck his cock!”

“Have you talked to him about this? Told him what you want?”

“I did and he blamed me. He said that if I hadn’t done it the first time we would be back to normal.” I told her that I was sorry that happened but didn’t have any more advice. I added that a lot of men really prefer oral. She blurted, “I just want you to fuck me. I am so horny for a cock in my cunt that I think I might explode. I know you’re fucking Tiffany now and I need some too.” I looked at Tiffany and asked if she was OK with this.

“It was my idea. I know you’d like to fuck her. I just want to watch. I want to have her watch us as well. I’ve really missed watching and being watched after the training stopped. We can work out a schedule. Just help her through this time.”

“Just no cocksucking Eryaman Escort though. It’s been four or five times a day for three weeks. My lips, mouth, and throat hurt.” I told her that I sometimes need some oral stimulation to get me ready.

Tiffany chimed in with “I’m ready for that and probably to clean you up at the end.” You gotta love this girl.

I warmed Rosie up with a little tongue action and Tiffany got me hard but Rosie really didn’t need it. I poised my cock at her pussy lips and asked if she was sure. Tiffany reached around and jammed my dick in her cunt. “Fuck yes she’s sure!” I hammered her hard and fast and after she came three times I did as well. “Now it’s my turn to clean up.” Tiffany took me in and sucked until I was totally dry. “Yummy!” I told her that there was more back where I left it and wondered what she would do. She reached down between Rosie’s legs and scooped it up with her fingers and then sucked them clean.

This went on for about ten more days and then Rosie showed up alone and announced that her husband had finally fucked her but hadn’t eaten her pussy yet. I suggested that she just take the initiative and sit on his face. “In time he’ll learn to love it as much as I do.” She thanked me and left but I knew that she was really hoping I’d taste her pussy again. I’m a patient guy and will wait to see how it all plays out.

Tiffany showed up soon after and asked if Rosie had been there. I told her what had happened and said that the night was all ours Eryaman Escort Bayan to share. “Does that mean that you are finally going to fuck my ass?” I assured her that I was, stripped her down, bent her over a chair, and licked her anus. We made it to the bed and she stripped me, kissing all the good parts, and getting me good and hard in the process.

I rolled her on her stomach and took up a position behind her. I dragged my tongue over her rosebud and brought her to her knees. I surprised her by sticking my cock in her pussy. “I thought you were going to…” I didn’t answer but pushed one thumb in her hole. She moaned a bit and I put the second one in and I began to stretch her. She came with a good squirt and I knew I was lubricated enough to do this without the tube of KY that was sitting on the nightstand.

I pulled out and moved my cock up and gently pushed in. There was no real resistance but I never heard her moan so loud. I pushed in until I hit her inner sphincter and began to stroke within just those few inches, bumping it every time. Gradually I felt that relax and she begged me to push it all in hard. I complied and felt her squirm with some pain but could also hear the pleasure in her moans and grunts. I raked my fingers over her clit just for good measure.

After about ten minutes I felt those two sphincters start to clamp down. She came hard and so did I. I pulled out while I could and just laid there. She was still panting and I pulled her pussy up to my lips and licked all her stuff off. My cum drained from her ass onto my chest and neck. She climbed off and moved down to lick it all up. Then in a surprise move she moved down and began to suck my cock dry.

“I’ll bet you never guessed that I would turn into you’re ‘Little Dirty Cocksucker’ did you?”

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