The Countess Ch. 23


My phone started to play “Love is All You Need” Sara’s ring tone. I was in bed alone. Sara escaped from the room early I assumed. We were still in New York but scheduled to fly out to LA the next day.

“Mr. Rogers when you sleep you sleep. William took me to see mother and father before they flew to Oregon, we are almost to the hotel. Get dressed and come down I have a special surprise for you.”

I asked her to meet me in the lobby as I wanted to shower. I showered and quickly dried off and started to dress. The room phone rang, and I picked up knowing that it was Sara.

“Why am I always waiting for you sir,” said Sara and then started to laugh. “I wanted to let you know that we are downstairs take your time, but not too long.”

I finished dressing and took the elevator down to the lobby. Sara was seated on one of the couches sipping what looked like orange juice.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“I’ve got a better idea, let’s go up to the room, and make love.”

“I like the way you think but I can’t. I have appointment for you, and we can’t be late,” said Sara with the commanding no-nonsense tone that she uses to get me to comply.

I was about to ask more questions, but she grabbed my arm and hustled me out of the lobby and into the car. Sara looked at me after we got settled and indicated that discussion was over. The car plowed through traffic with silence between Sara and me. William stopped and Sara indicated that I needed to get out. The door closed and William took off with me standing in front of a fancy men’s salon. I walked in and after giving my name, one of the employees said I should relax and that they would be with me soon. I sat in the waiting area; I was offered and took a glass of orange juice. A clock on the wall indicated 10:00. A young woman walked up and introduced herself. I stood and followed her to her workstation, and she put me in a chair in front of a sink. After wrapping a towel around my neck, she leaned the chair back down until my neck was nestled in the indent in the sink. I followed her instructions while she shampooed my head. It was the most comprehensive head cleaning I have ever experienced. She wrapped my head in a towel and then started to apply moisturizer to my face. She asked me to stand and I reached into my back pocket and withdrew my wallet. I extracted a twenty and handed it to her. Then I was directed to one of the stylist’s chairs and told to wait. On the counter next to the chair was a glass of scotch. I assumed that it was for me. In the mirror a familiar person walked in the booth and took a seat in the corner. Sara it seemed was going to direct the haircut.

“Where did you and William go?”

“He parked the car and I bought him breakfast.”

“Do you come here often?” I asked.

“Only when I want you styled correctly,” said Sara.

“I think I need some liquid courage,” I said as I took a sip of the scotch.

“Darling it is not going to be that bad,” said Sara.

Soon a woman about me and Sara’s age entered the stall and Sara rose and the pair air kissed.

“It is good to see you Sara,” said the woman with a distinct British accent. “Who do we have here?”

“Darling this is my husband and I need him to look better,” said Sara.

The woman took the towel off and started to massage my scalp. “You didn’t think to tell me before?”

“It was a rushed wedding and I am sorry that I did not fly you to LA to help. Paul meet Katherine Miner an old friend.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you ma’am,” I said as I took another sip of the Scotch.

She spun me around in the chair looking at my head I assumed she was planning the cut. She grabbed a shroud and threw it over me covering my clothes. She fastened it around my neck. Next she grabbed a comb and a set of shears. After spraying what I assumed was water to keep my hair wet, she started to comb and cut my hair.

“Get rid of the mop I need to have him streamlined,” Sara was standing beside her making suggestions.

“Darling,” Katherine, said with a very English accent; “I do not need coaching.”

Sara sat down and another woman came in with a cart wanting to work on my nails. I was amazed at how the two women stayed out of each other’s way, but Katherine was definitely in-charge.

“I would like to try some light coloring” said Katherine.

“You have carte blanche darling,” said Sara.

Sara looked at my unease and gently told me that she was in-charge.

“Remember the golden rule, darling she who has the gold makes the rules.”

Well at least I knew who was paying. Katherine walked away and returned with another cart full of equipment and supplies to color my hair. She continued to cut my hair; the manicurist finished and left. Katherine poured several dyes into disposable cups, using a brush she dabbed and blended the color, and then finished the style.

“Are you sure that you don’t want blue highlights?” asked Katherine.

“No, I just want him looking a little younger, like he acts in bed,” said Sara as she kissed me on Escort Ankara the cheek.

“I will see you in a half an hour, Mr. Rogers,” said Katherine.

A younger woman came and stood beside me and grasped my elbow and directed me to another chair. When I was seated, she applied the hottest hot towel I had ever felt to my face. She kept in place by putting her hand on my head. I was about ready to rip it off when she pulled the towel. Next she slathered warm shaving soap on my face. From behind me I heard steel move over leather as she honed her straight razors on the leather strop.

She took one of the razors and moved toward my face. I took a deep breath as she started to shave me, going down the left cheek and then the right. She wiped the soap off the steel after each stroke. She reminded me to not move. She started to work on the area below my chin and down my neck. She changed razors and started to work on my upper lip, and below my lower lip. Again, reminding me to not move. After she finished the main shave, she took an electric clipper and evened my sideburns, shaved the back of my neck and down to my back.

“Make sure he is clean, Miss,” said Sara who walked in just as the shave was finishing.

Another hot towel went on and after it was removed, she applied more moisturizer.

“Darling I will be so sorry to mess all this up tonight,” Sara said with a smile.

“I won’t be, I tried this morning, but you took me here.”

“Cool it Paul, I will deal with you later,” said Sara.


“You are incorrigible, sir,” said Sara and then she and the woman laughed.

Katherine walked in and started to comb and make minor cuts. She brought a bottle of hairspray and started applying it sparingly to my head.

When Katherine was finished, she and Sara air kissed. Katherine extracted a promise that she would be brought out to LA before any big event. Sara grabbed my arm and directed me out to the car where William was waiting. I assumed that Sara had taken care of the bill. The car took off, the destination known to Sara and William. We pulled into a restaurant arrival area the doors opened and Sara and I got out.

“Thank you for taking me to Lunch, Paul,” said Sara.

Those were her code words indicating that I was in for an expensive lunch. I figured that since she paid for my haircut, which I assumed was over $200.00, I could pick up the meal. I took Sara’s hand and brushed it against my crotch giving her notice that I was ready when she was. After we were shown to a table, Sara stood.

“Paul behave yourself; I need to use the lady’s room.”

“Champagne or martini, darling?” I asked.

“A very cold martini,” she said as she walked away.

The waiter came up and inquired about drinks. I asked if the bartender could come over and speak to me. A very lovely young lady came up to the table and I told her that I needed two of the coldest gin martinis she could make. “use liquid nitrogen if you have to and also top shelf.” She said she would try and walked away.

Sara walked up just as the bartender was leaving. She leaned in and kissed me, and her hand inspected my crotch again under the tablecloth.

“Darling, you don’t know how much I had to clean myself up with your shenanigans, but I think I can control myself,” said Sara.

The bartender walked up holding a tray with two martini glasses. In addition to the olive there was a single stream of bubbles coming from the bottom of the glass.

“I put a small piece of dry ice in each class, I hope you enjoy them,” said the woman, as she served the drinks.

Sara took a sip and I felt her hand again checking my equipment. “Darling I need you to try this at home.”

I stood and pulled a twenty from my wallet and handed it to the bartender. “This is for you and another round please.”

The waiter approached and took our orders, and another round of martinis appeared on the table.

“Darling I believe that you are trying to get me drunk,” Sara said as she simultaneously explored my crotch and sipped her drink.

“Was getting my hair styled more important than making love Countess”

“Yes Paul, and I am still wondering if I will be showered with expensive presents soon” said Sara with a laugh.

The meal came and I was glad as other than the orange juice, scotch and the martini I have not had anything to eat. The meal lasted for about 45 minutes when I asked for a bowl of ice cream. Sara spoke up and asked for a spoon for her. We completed the lunch and I pulled my credit card up and handed it to the server. I completed the transaction and using the cash I had, left the tip. I stood though a little unsteady and took Sara’s arm and we walked out and into our car.

“William, we will be heading back to the hotel,” I said to Sara’s consternation.

“But darling there are other places I want to go,” said Sara.

“Darling the only place I want to go is to have my cock in your pussy,” I whispered as I kissed her ear.

“Ok Paul but you are only delaying the Ankara Escort inevitable, I will get my pound of flesh or diamonds or whatever.”

“Sara have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“Have I ever told you how I feel when we make love,” replied Sara.

The car pulled up to the arrival area of the hotel and we got out and started toward the elevators. I quickly swiped my keycard allowing us to get to our floor. The doors opened and I used the card to gain access to our suite. Sara went to the mini-bar and pulled the half bottle of champagne and opened it pouring two glasses.

“Champagne is always a good idea,” she said as he handed me one of the glasses.

Sara was facing the floor to ceiling mirror and I embraced her from behind. My hands worked on the buttons of her top and I had it off. I quickly freed the clasp on her bra giving me a view of her beautiful breasts. I leaned over and kissed her neck and worked on her slacks and they were off, quickly followed by her panties. I brought us together and moved my cock against her butt.

“Paul why am always waiting for you,” was her hint that I needed to shed my cloths so we could make love.

I took Sara’s hand and directed her to the bed. We both pulled the cover off and she settled on the sheets. I dropped my pants and underwear and displayed my rampant cock. I slipped my shirt off and stepped out of my shoes. Opening her legs, I got between them and removed her shoes. I started to suck on her pussy. Sara was in the mood for foreplay, and while I was sucking on her vulva, my hands played with her breasts.

“Darling I don’t want to waste that beautiful erection so please fuck me sir.”

I continued to lick on her outer lips, but I relented and brought my cock up to the entrance of her cunt and slipped in. We met in a kiss and I very forcefully drove my cock in and out of her pussy.

“I like the forceful you, darling, I will get your hair styled more often if it leads to sex like this.”

I continued to fuck my wife with my cock acting like a piston. Our mouths met in an intense kiss. I felt Sara’s cunt grab my shaft encouraging me to cum. I thrust one more time and felt my release. I relaxed and I kissed Sara again. My hands moved to her breasts massaging her globes, as we both came down from our excitement.

The next time I was awake Sara was still asleep, I got up and to use the bathroom, I ran the shower and stepped in keeping my head out of the stream. I toweled off and went back and started to dress. The clock on the table said that it was 8:00pm. I nudged Sara awake.

“Darling I want to get some dinner,” I said standing over the bed.

I leaned down and kissed her, when she finally started to move. After she kissed me, she rose off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I heard the shower and then the toilet. Sara walked out wrapped in a towel.

“Go get William and we will find some place to eat.”

“I think that I will let William sleep, we can take a cab.”

“Father will not be pleased,” said Sara.

“Your father is not here so let’s go.”

We left the room and went down the elevator and walked out. A cab was sitting in the arrival area, and we got in and I gave the driver the name of the restaurant. She pulled into traffic and we sat back and watched the world go by. The cab pulled into Chico’s the door opened I paid the fare and we got out. I guided Sara into the room and went to the hostess desk. One of the staff showed us to a table. We ordered margaritas, specifying top shelf liquor.

“Paul, I know that you want to get back home, but I would like to stay another day, father showing up put a hitch in my schedule.”

“Like I said before you have the keys to the plane, I just have to get home next week,” I replied.

We ordered and soon two very hot plates of enchiladas with green sauce were placed on the table. We ordered another round of margaritas to go with dinner. I took Sara’s hand and brushed it across my crotch letting her know that I was willing and able. After desert I paid the bill and we moved to the bar for another round of cocktails. Sara got her martini and I took another margarita.

My phone started playing “Ruffles and Flourishes” and I picked it up before Sara could stop me. I noted the time on the display was 11:30. I hit the answer button.

“Is Sara there if so put me on speaker,” said Bret.

“Hello how are you what’s been going on,” I replied.

“Yes, Paul put me on speaker if she is there.”

I touched the speaker button and placed the phone between us.

“We are all here, Bret,” I said.

“Look the writers have gone on strike again and all production is halted. So, you are not needed back here next week. But Ms. We’re on vacation we have a party to organize and I need you pronto.”

“One this is the first I have heard of problems with the guild and the producers. And two my lovely wife has said nothing about a party that you two are organizing,” I said.

“Well you both have been out of touch, a few Ankara Escort Bayan producers were trying to short the writers and bingo until we can get that worked out, we are dead in the water,” said Bret.

“Bret, darling, we will be back in Che Red Rock by Tuesday of next week. We will get together for dinner and hash things out.”

“OK fine see you then, Paul I need you to check in when you return also. Till then see you.”

The call disconnected and I looked up at Sara. “Che Red Rock, where did that come from?”

“It just popped in my head,” said Sara as she smiled at me and motioned for another round.

I started to wonder why Bret called so late, she must have gotten the news and wanted to relay it to me. Also, she needed to prompt Sara to action. The bar waiter brought the second round of drinks and left a basket of chips and hot sauce. Sara leaned over and kissed me, letting her hand brush my crotch. She kissed me again and I knew that she wanted something. I allowed her to kiss me again and her hand was doing a number on my equipment.

“I was hoping that you will be as good as you were this afternoon, darling and I think you will. Hurry and pay the bill and let’s get back to the room,” said Sara.

“First, you want something, and I don’t mean jewelry, what is this party that you and Bret are planning?” I asked.

“Bret has this idea for a fashion show at the house and I liked the idea. Paul you know a lot of people who do staging, and AV and I need a bridge across our pool. I need you to see if anyone will do it for free or reduced cost?” asked Sara.

“Sara get me back to the hotel and allow me to fuck your brains out. Then get me to LA and I will find someone to build your bridge.”

Sara took my hand and started to pull me out of my seat. I resisted as I needed to pay the bill. I took care of the transaction, while Sara finished her drink, and we walked outside to see if there was a cab available. Instead there was a leased Land Rover with William waiting for us.

“I think that he followed us, darling,” said Sara with a big smile, as she got in the rear seat.

I followed her and William quickly got us back to the hotel. “No more adventures William,” said Sara as we got out. Sara stopped at the front desk and asked if our sheets could be changed. This blew my mind, but Sara was in full I am a Solsbery and own the hotel mode. The desk personnel at first resisted but then realized that she was not kidding. They announced that it would be fifteen to twenty minutes and we went to the hotel bar.

Sara noticed the unease I was feeling; “Paul, I am paying over four hundred a night for the room I am in a position to ask for favors and changing the sheets for our love making is a small request.”

Accept, for a few meals and some other sundries, this vacation was being financed by Sara. If I wanted peace, I think I better think about pearls. She had dropped the hint enough.

“Countess, would you like me to surprise you or do you want to be there when I go shopping,” I asked as I kissed her ear.

“I want to be surprised so I can complain that you spent too much, but then revel in how beautiful the baubles are. For your information father’s 737 will be here Saturday make your plans. We will be back in LA Saturday evening, just in time for dinner.

“You will need a nude colored sleeveless cocktail dress with a plunging neckline madam.”

“Sir that is very demanding, but I will find something for you.”

A hotel manager walked up and informed us that our suite was ready. We went to the elevator and rode it to our floor. After gaining access to the suite we found a chamber maid waiting for us to see if we needed any other service. We dismissed the woman and I handed her a twenty as she left.

“You are very free with those Mr. Rogers; do you have an unlimited supply?”

“It guarantees better service I have found,”

Sara got behind me and walked me to the mirror. She messed up my hair and kissed me on the neck. Her hands worked my shirt off and then she whispered in my ear that I should get out of my shoes. She then loosened my belt, opened my fly and pulled my cock out. Her hands moving up and down the shaft. She gently tugged on it and her fingers rubbed the crown. Every time she touched the tip of my cock my knees wanted give way.

“Look at it, see how wonderful your cock is, look how hard your shaft is. You don’t know how I feel when that is inside of me. You don’t know the depth of my love for you,” Sara whispered in my ear.

I stepped out of my pants that were on the floor. Turned around and kissed Sara. Her hand was still working my shaft. We were facing each other, and I started to unbutton her blouse. That hit the floor, I reached around and unclasped her bra and pulled it off. She stood, still working my cock. I marveled at her aroused breasts, my arms moved to her neck and moved her to me. We kissed again.

Sara directed me to the bed, and I slipped on it, waiting for her. She had other plans. She sat next to me continuing to work on my cock. I was surprised that I had not cum with all of her attention. She then rose and straddled me while holding on to my shaft. She rose again and with her hand directed it into her cunt. She slowly let herself down and then leaned down to kiss me.

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