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Cult 101: Defining Your Cult’s Purpose and Establishing Moral Authority

Alright, this one’s a little ‘out there’ and I imagine I may piss off a few people along the way. Remember, it’s only a joke, so lets not get too crazy.

This is an entry in the April Fools Story Contest, 2016. I hope you enjoy it.


I held Bethany close. “Can you hear it?”

She gazed at me with those huge milk chocolate eyes. “He’s speaking to you now?”

“Speaking doesn’t adequately describe it. It’s a total experience. My entire body is resonating with His message. It’s hard to believe you can’t feel it.”

“What’s He saying?” she asked hesitantly.

“If you can’t hear it, perhaps it’s not meant to be.” I pulled away, unwrapping her arms, and leaned back in the couch.

The poor girl was almost in tears. She got up and stood before me, head bowed in sorrow.

I shook my head, displaying my disappointment in her. “I believe in you, Bethany. Now you need to believe. We’ll keep trying until you get it, or until I can’t go on.” I pulled open my shirt, baring my chest, and laid back on the couch turning partly on my side. I patted the space beside me, making room for her. “This time, relax. Open yourself to the message. Don’t listen with your ears, listen with your body and soul, absorb it through your skin. Take your time.” She came closer, and I stopped her. “Take off your slippers.”

Bethany was wearing the t-shirt she slept in, and cute fuzzy slippers. She kicked off her slippers and slid next to me. I enveloped her in my arms and held her while she stretched out beside me. She was tense, her arms folded over her chest. “Relax, open yourself, and listen.”

She loosened up, her arms opening to me. I stroked her hair softly, brushing across her temple. It took a minute or so, and then I felt her tense up.

“Relax,” I reminded her.

“I … I heard something.” Her voice quivered with excitement.

“Good. What did you hear?”

“I don’t know. It was too soft.”

“Keep listening. Feel it with your entire being. The message is deafening. It’s screaming out from every pore of my skin.” I rolled further onto my back, pulling her on top of me, embracing her. I held her close, her forehead pressed against my lips, my hands holding her head still. “Open yourself. Abandon all other thoughts. Feel the message.”

She squirmed. “My skin’s burning.”

“It’s the message. Let it through. Relax. Accept it.”

She trembled, lying as still as possible, her legs aligned with mine. “It’s there. A whisper,” she murmured. “I can almost make it out.” She shifted, rubbing her legs against mine. “My legs are tingling.”

“They’re receiving the message. You’re receiving it. Keep listening.”

She was on the verge of crying again from frustration. “Why? Why can’t I hear it?” Abruptly she sat up, peeling off her shirt, exposing her full breasts to me.

“Bethany, our covenant …”

“Please, Joshua,” she begged, plaintively. “I need to feel more of your skin against mine, to receive the message. Please.”

I looked at her sternly, while she pleaded, before slowly nodding. She lay atop me, her breasts pressing against my chest, her panty covered pubis firm against my crotch. I could feel myself starting to respond to her near nakedness.

“Thank you, Joshua. I’m sorry I’m not more open.”

I moved her slightly, positioning her so that as much of our bodies were in contact as possible. I scooted her upward so our faces were pressed together. Then I reached for her head, turning her face, staring into her eyes. “Listen, child. You have to listen! I can’t take much more of this, it’s screaming through me, trying to get out. It’s deafening.”

I held her face in my hands, gazing into her eyes, our mouths millimeters apart, our breath shared.

I almost smiled when her eyes grew wide. “I, I hear it, Joshua. It’s louder now.”

“What is it saying?”

Her face scrunched up in misery. “I … I still can’t understand it. It’s so close, Joshua, so close. Dear God, my skin is burning!”

“Perhaps it’s not to be. We can’t get much closer than this.”

She struggled with the listening, concentrating hard, her eyes squeezed tight. “Just a little more, that’s all I need.” Her body writhed against mine, straining.

“Enough, Bethany. Your entire body is touching mine. You’re still not open enough. I’m sorry.”

The tears slowly rolled down her cheek. “Can we, Joshua? Can we try just a little more?”

“I don’t see how. If you can’t hear it now, I don’t know if you ever will. It’s exhausting. Perhaps I was wrong.”

She squirmed off of me and pulled her panties off, sitting there naked. “Joshua, I’m so close. I can hear it, I can.” She reached for my shorts, hesitating. “Please, let me do this. I have to know.”

I pushed her away. “Enough!” I barked at her. “You know my feeling about this.”

She bowed her head. “Please, Joshua.” The tears were streaming down her face.

I Escort Ankara stood before her. “NO! I will not forsake my vow because you’re weak.” I was clearly hard. “This is not His will. If you can’t hear Him, that’s your failure, not mine.”

She ran from the room, grabbing her shirt, sobbing openly.

I got up and went to the bar, made myself a stiff drink, then sat back and relaxed. I’d give her about 30 minutes, then I’d get ready for her epiphany.

* * *

Less than an hour passed before I was in the bedroom she shared with her sister. There were no doors, but I knocked on the door-sill. “Bethany, may I come in?”

She sat up, and I saw she was still upset. She nodded. “Of course, Joshua. I’m sorry about earlier.”

I nodded in greeting to Lilith lying on her bed a few feet away. I thought she’d be asleep, but I was mistaken. That wasn’t going to change anything. Her face lit up. “Good evening, Joshua.”

“Good evening, Lilith,” I said, before returning my attention to the night’s target.

I sat beside Bethany and took her hand in mine. “I was wrong. I presumed to know His intention, but I didn’t listen myself. If you would like, we can try that again. His Will is mine.”

She clasped my hand in both of hers, lifting it to her lips and kissing it. “Oh, thank you, thank you!” I leaned in to hug her, and she clung to me desperately. “Is He … is the message there for me?”

I nodded and removed my robe, leaving me naked. “Whatever you need for me to do to help you, I will. As He commands, so I obey.” I reclined on her bed and watched her hurriedly remove her shirt. She was naked beneath it.

She climbed on top of me, our bodies connecting for our entire length. I was already stiffening. I brought my legs together, and hers opened naturally, her knees outside mine.

I held her head in mine, our noses pressed beside each other. I stared deeply into her eyes. “It’s too much for me, the message is too loud. I … I’m going to let Him in totally. It’s difficult for me, overwhelming, but I believe it’s necessary for you to achieve openness.” I sighed deeply. “I wish it wasn’t so difficult.”

“Thank you, Joshua. I’m sorry; I’m trying the best as I can.”

I nodded. “I may not seem like I’m here, but I am, deep inside. I trust you, Bethany. Open yourself, and hear His word.” I pulled her face down to mine, our mouths connecting, open, sharing our breath, but nothing else. I closed my eyes and held her head in my hands tightly. Then I pulled back and opened myself to her actions.

She was squirming against me, the heat irritating her skin. She couldn’t stop moving, and the actions made me harder. I felt her tense up when the message started. As it faded, I could feel her struggling to stay in contact with me, her legs squeezing and rubbing against mine.

She pulled her mouth away from my slack lips. “Joshua, I’m hearing it. It’s one sound, repeated over and over.”

I didn’t move, giving no indication I heard her. “Joshua, help me! Please, it’s so close! I can feel it through every pore in my body.” I felt her wriggle, and my hardness pressed between her legs. Her hand moved between us, and she whispered, “Forgive me,” before she slid me home, moaning softly as my full length entered her.

She tried to lay still on me, then pressed her lips back against mine, her tongue invading my mouth. It was time.

I held her head tightly, and she cried out. “LOVE! It’s LOVE Joshua! That’s His message!”

I brought my eyes back into focus and smiled. “It is. Unconditional Love. I’m so pleased you were able to accept His gift. Honored He chose me as the vessel of His message.”

I let my hands slide down her body, caressing her soft back. “What do you think it means?”

She was holding me tightly, bathed in euphoria. “He loves me.”

“Of course he does. But His messages are never simple. They are layered with meaning. Like His parables. This message is for you alone. What else do you think it means?”

I touched her softly and moved slowly inside of her, easing in and out as gently as I could. She sighed, her hips rolling with me, taking me. “Unconditional love. We should love one another.”

“Do you love me, Bethany?” I asked, lengthening my stroke inside of her. “As I love you? As He loves you?”

She trembled. “Completely. With every fiber of my soul.”

“And do you love your sisters?”

“I love them all.”

“So is that all there is to the message?” My hands continued caressing her young butt cheeks while I quietly plumbed her depths.

“No there’s more. I know it,” she said with absolute conviction. Bethany sat up, sinking down on my cock. She ground against me her eyes closed, before moving back and forth. “It’s not enough to feel it. You have to show it. It’s why I couldn’t hear the message until my body was one with yours. I’m sorry Joshua. But I had to.” She looked at me, her lip quivering. “I’m so, so sorry I did this to you. I know it’s wrong. It’s against everything you’ve taught me.”

“Shhh. Ankara Escort I was wrong. And I’ve been corrected. Your temple is weak, and you needed this. I understand now. How can I deny you, when it’s His design? He knew this is what you needed, and I am His vessel. If this is what’s required of me, how can I do other than accept His will?”

“Joshua.” She whispered my name reverently. “Joshua, Joshua, Joshua.” She pressed her lips to mine and started thrusting back feverishly.

I adjusted the setting on my ring and pressed it to her temple again while we kissed. Her eyes opened wide, and I felt a huge orgasm pulse through her body. She tore her lips off of mine, and screamed, “LOVE!”

After that, I turned down the message and took my time delivering it to her personally. I lay atop her, kissing her, feeling my own desire building, unable to hold back any more. Right before I came, I held my hands to her head, pressing the face of the ring against her temple, set to the highest setting. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she clutched me close while I came explosively inside of her.

It took a long time for her to slowly retreat from the dazzling peak of excitement she’d attained. I rolled off and held her while she cried for me. When her breathing calmed, and I felt her body relax in slumber, I disentangled myself from her limbs.

Lilith was lying on her bed, turned sideways. She was still watching us. I went to her and sat on the edge of her bed. She was looking at me in obvious wonder.

“Take care of her, hearing Him for the first time can be overwhelming,” I said, reaching out and stroking her hair.

“Will I be able to hear Him someday?”

“It’s not my decision. But I believe so.”

Her hand crawled out from under the sheets and settled on my thigh. “Will it be like that?”

I leaned over her, turning partly, my arm on her far side. “I can’t know. It’s the first time I’ve been a channel for His message. That was what Bethany needed. Your needs may be different.”

Her hand moved higher, brushing against my balls. “It was amazing to watch. I could see His spirit filling her. She was glowing with the power. I want to feel that. Please, Joshua.”

Exciting words from a virgin but the time wasn’t right. I bent over her face and kissed her on the forehead. “I will intercede as much as I can. But it’s His decision.”

She pulled her covers aside, exposing her nubile naked body to me. “Can we try, Joshua? Please?”

I covered her. “You are a beautiful, loving companion, Lilith. Perhaps the most deserving of his message. But the message is not here. Not yet.” I tucked her in, with a last small kiss on her full lips. “Goodnight, Lilith. Pray for His blessing, and I will as well.”

I retreated to my room where I took a long soothing shower. It was good to get the lotion off of me. The burning sensation could be irritating if left on too long. I’d overdone it.

I dried off, and relaxed in my bed, thoroughly satisfied with my experiment’s initial results.

* * *

It had all started innocently enough. Honestly.

I’d lived a pampered life. My allowance took care of all my needs, my trust fund ensured my future, and my parents never denied me anything. I’d changed colleges often, learning what I wanted, never overly concerned with degrees. I eventually earned a few, even a Master’s, but it wasn’t my desire to have lots of parchments announcing my accomplishments. I learned because it was fun, and I loved the open University environment. That and co-eds.

After nine years of college, I decided to take up writing. I thought I had a message, but it looked like nobody was interested in hearing it. I took more courses, attended seminars, joined workshops and wrote diligently. The rejections from publishers didn’t bother me much. I knew my persistence would eventually pay off.

My parents resided in Chicago, but I lived on my Grandparent’s vacant estate, a huge mansion with impeccable grounds in the heart of Dallas. The property was old and the area had changed drastically over the years until it was nearly swallowed by an industrial neighborhood. One simple comment to my mother about crime in the area and the security experts showed up, hardening the perimeter and installing alarms and cameras throughout the home and property. Living in the huge building was a little eerie, but I felt more secure after that.

Women had never been a problem. I wasn’t bad looking and kept myself reasonably fit. Money was plentiful. I had more than my share of confidence and a liberal helping of the ‘gift of gab’. I dated frequently but it never seemed to stick. I understood I was a little weird and had a sense of humor which got me in trouble sometimes. It seemed I drove the women away from me nearly as fast as I attracted them.

There was a “Gentleman’s Club” less than a mile from my house and I wandered in on a whim, surprised to see the quality of the women dancing for dollars. It was Dallas, after all. On my initial foray, Ankara Escort Bayan I stayed back at the bar, striking up a conversation with the bartender, drinking and tipping heavily. I enjoyed the show but turned away any efforts by the dancers to get me to buy a dance or take a visit to the VIP. I told myself I was collecting research for my writing. Tax-deductible none-the-less.

I was lying in bed later, reliving my recent experience when I was struck with an odd desire. I wanted to date a stripper. Maybe a few. Sort of a trophy. They must hear hundreds of come-ons a night. How could I differentiate myself and win one over, without outright buying her? I had no doubt I could do that, but where was the fun, the challenge?

I attended the Diamond Club for a couple of weeks, tipping the bouncers and bartenders heavily, and pumping them for information. I observed the dancers and narrowed down my choices.

It was during my fourth week that I made my move. A new dancer had arrived a few days earlier, young and nervous. She was prettier than most. Not a stacked Amazon, but a small girl with a nice curvy body, more like a cheerleader than a model. It took me a couple of nights to extract her story from Maria, my favorite bartender. Armed with information, I started my play.

I never let her dance for me, but I had her sit and chat numerous times, tipping her more for her time than she made for most dances. I didn’t go crazy, but I gave her enough to capture her attention. I ogled her body unashamedly but didn’t comment on it other than to notice new outfits or jewelry or changes to her makeup and hairstyle.

I learned her likes and dislikes, and eventually, after a couple of more weeks, found my leverage.

“I need to leave soon,” I told her one evening, early, when the action hadn’t picked up yet. She was drinking a Red Bull I’d bought her while I was working on my second Scotch. She was sitting close enough that our legs were touching.

“So early?” she pouted.

I knew that to her I was still just a wallet with legs, and if I left she’d miss out on fifty dollars or more of easy tips.

“Duty calls. I’m meeting Gerard Way and don’t want to be late.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Gerard Way? Of My Chemical Romance?”

“Yeah,” I said, playing it down. “I’m doing an interview after their concert. You know them?”

Know them? They were her favorite.

It only took about 15 minutes for me to get her to hang up her thong for the night, and hop in my Jaguar XK-E. It had taken some doing, but I had a back-stage pass and ten minutes with the band.

The combination of the concert, meeting with the band, and riding around in the most beautiful convertible ever made, had pretty little Bethany practically creaming her skin-tight jeans.

On the way home, she was absolutely gushing.

“Thanks for the company, Bethany. I appreciate it. Where can I drop you? Back at the Diamond?”

She seemed surprised. “Would you like to go somewhere? Have a drink or dance?”

I gave her an indulgent smile. “Some other time. I have work to do, and I imagine you’re probably exhausted from working all week.”

She denied it emphatically. “Exhausted? Impossible! I’m absolutely wired!”

I was almost to the club. “I wish I didn’t have so much to do. You’re sweet. But tonight’s no good for me. Drop you at the Club?”

She pouted and agreed. Five minutes later I dropped her at the back door. I got out and helped her out of the car, giving her a short kiss, before turning her toward the building and sending her off with a pat on her rear. “Get going before I change my mind.”

She perked up at that and turned around. “It’s not too late. The evening’s young.”

I grinned. “And so are you. I had a good time, Bethany. Good night.”

* * *

I avoided the club for a week, then made an appearance just long enough to say “Hi,” chat with my intended target, and tip her a twenty. “Gotta run; things are hectic. Just wanted to see my favorite dancer.”

She smiled from ear-to-ear. “Am I your favorite?”

I took a chance and stroked her cheek. I knew touching was verboten, but between the tips to the bouncers and the innocuousness of the touch, I figured I was safe. “Was there any doubt?”

“Why don’t you let me dance for you? No charge.”

I shook my head and gave her a wry smile. “It’s complicated, cutie. Not tonight. But I appreciate the offer.” I leaned close. “If I was going to let anybody dance for me, you know it would be you, right?”

Her delightful lips turned up at the edges, and she nodded.

“Alright, then I’m off. Good luck tonight, I hope you reel in a couple of whoppers.”

She giggled, then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t be a stranger, Joshua.”

* * *

I made another appearance a few nights later. I ambled my way to the bar, chatted up Maria, and waited for my girl. I didn’t have to wait long.

She came out of the back and nearly knocked over two other dancers getting to me. “Hey handsome, can I dance for you?” She already knew the answer and pulled up a stool next to me. “Missed you.”

I ordered us drinks, giving Maria a couple of twenties and telling her to keep the change. “How’s it going?” I asked my young victim.

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