The Date


The phone was ringing as Lynn frantically tried to get her key to work in the front door. Finally she got it to work and made the mad dash to the phone.


“Hey! What are you up to this evening?” It was the voice of her friend, Chad.

Out of breath and a little annoyed that it was only him, she replied “nothing.”

“Oh, tres sexy! Breathy voice!” he flirtatiously answered her. “Wondering if you’d like to go grab dinner and maybe a movie. All work and no play makes Lynn a dull girl.”

“Fine, sure. I just got home so give me a half hour to shower.”

Click. Lynn really didn’t feel like going out, but like Chad had said, all work and no play makes Lynn a dull girl. She jumped in the shower and out of habit, began her routine of shaving, paying special attention to her pussy. It wasn’t like anyone was likely to see it tonight, but she never knew for sure. She and Chad had been friends for a long time and always enjoyed flirting. Secretly she hoped they’d carry it beyond friends, but knew it would damage the relationship. So whenever she went out with him, she made sure she was smooth for him.

Her doorbell rang right on time. Chad greeted her with a warm hug and they walked out to his car. Was it her imagination or was he walking slower behind her than usual? She had chosen a pair of tight black pants and a midriff sweater. Maybe she had caught his attention after all.

At dinner, she began to think she was wrong. Nothing was different and Chad was being extra lewd with his comments about the waitresses. When they got to the movie, Lynn had resigned herself that it was going to be the same old night out and she had wasted the outfit for nothing. But at least she had gotten a free movie out of the deal!!

They Escort Ankara found their seats and settled in to watch the previews. Chad put his arm around her. Her heart raced. He had never done that before!! She snuggled in closer to him and placed a hand on his thigh. He didn’t brush it away, so she kept it there. The hand around her shoulder began making slow circles on it. She sighed with contentment as the movie started and leaned her head back against him. They spent the entire movie like that and Lynn was a little sad when it was over, for that meant that she had to leave his warm embrace.

As they left the movie, however, Chad reached around and walked with his arm around her waist. She looked at him with a puzzled expression and he just smiled. She managed to smile back but began to wonder what was going on. Had he decided to take things to the next level or was he just being silly? When they got to the car, he opened the door for her, which was another something that he had never done before. She slid in to the car and he got behind the wheel. After he put the car in gear and began pulling away, he reached for her hand and squeezed it as they drove back to her place.

They found a place to park and walked to her door. She figured the night would end there, and turned to say goodbye. What she saw made her heart skip a beat. He was looking at her with a big smile and a softness in her eyes that she hadn’t seen there before. He gently lifted her chin in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. Her knees almost melted. When he pulled back, she had to take a moment to catch her breath.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I couldn’t help myself tonight. Ankara Escort You look so nice and I just can’t hide my feelings anymore.”

Lynn felt herself beaming as she moved in for another kiss. Reluctantly, they parted, but only long enough for her to unlock the front door. They were barely inside before the kiss became much more passionate. Tongues sought each other out and began tangling with each other. They couldn’t get enough. Coats were thrown on the ground and their arms wrapped around each other. Years of pent up feelings for each other began to surface in that embrace.

Slowly, she led him to the bedroom, where they stood facing each other, suddenly shy at the thought of seeing each other naked. One look at the passion in Chad’s eyes helped her overcome her shyness as Lynn began to undress. Chad stopped her and said “Allow me.” and picked up where she had stopped. Soon, she was totally nude in front of her best friend. She returned the favor and they moved to the bed.

Lynn laid down on the bed and Chad laid down beside her, propped up on one elbow. They kissed again and Chad ran his hand over her body, feeling her smooth skin, but avoiding sensitive areas. He had waited for three years for this and wanted it to be everything they had both dreamed about. He broke the kiss and began to trail down her throat and nibble on her earlobes. She sighed as he went lower, stopping at her breasts, taking one nipple, then the other, in his mouth and sucking on them. She almost jumped when she felt him move lower, trailing kisses across her stomach. It was his turn to gasp when he found her hairless pussy, glistening with her excitement. Slowly, he parted her swollen lips with his fingers and trailed his tongue Ankara Escort Bayan up and down her slit, tasting her sweetness but avoiding her clit. Involuntarily she began to buck her hips up at his mouth, half begging him to suck on her clit. But he wouldn’t, not yet. He continued to tease her by placing a finger at her entrance and slowly sliding it in, just a little. He held her on the brink of orgasm for what seemed to her like an eternity, when finally he grabbed on to her clit, sucking it hard, at the same time he thrust two fingers deep inside of her. She screamed as the wave of pleasure overcame her and she covered his face with her juices.

She barely had time to recover before he was ready to be inside her. She wanted to suck and taste him, but her hunger to feel him filling her pussy overtook her. He climbed over her and held her gaze as he slid his hard cock inside her wet hole. They both moaned, out of pleasure and release after so many years of wanting this. He began to move slowly in and out of her and she thrust her hips up to meet his stroke. It didn’t take long for her to cum again, squeezing her pussy tight around his cock. He flipped them both over without removing his cock and had her sitting on top of him. She took his cue and began to move up and down on his cock. One of his hands began fondling and squeezing her breast while the other found and began rubbing her clit. That sent her over the edge for the third time in an hour, screaming and moving faster on his cock. He moved both hands to her hips to help her keep the same pace and she knew he was close to cumming. They locked eyes one more time before he moaned and held her on his cock as he thrust deep. She could feel his hot semen filling her and this sent her into her fourth climax. She collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily and never feeling happier in her life.

They shared a long kiss and then curled up with each other for the night, knowing that the future would be so much better for the both of them.

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