The Director’s Wife


This is a continuation of my previous story “Another Business Dinner”. Briefly, I had gone with my neighbour to a dinner organised by one of her clients. During the dinner, one of the director’s wives had come on to me and, at the end of the evening passed me a slip of paper with her mobile phone number on it. I had returned with Mary, my neighbour, to our cottages in the country where we had made love.

Monday morning dawned and I looked out of my bedroom window, waving goodbye to Mary next door as she left for the airport and a hurriedly arranged trip to New York. She was to be gone for two weeks and our relationship which had turned sexual over the weekend would be put on ice. I watched the chauffer driven car disappear up the lane, before turning back and heading for the kitchen and some breakfast. My initial hunger satisfied, I picked up my mug of coffee and headed for my little home office and settled down at the keyboard. As the PC came to life and the screen flashed through the log-on screens, I noticed the piece of paper tucked under the phone.

“I hope you enjoyed this evening, I enjoyed your company,” it read “Let’s meet. Call me.” Teri’s mobile number was written across the bottom of the sheet. “Hmmm, I wonder?” I thought and returned to the PC. I spent the rest of the day catching up on e-mails, paying bills and generally doing jobs around the house. After the weekend with Mary, I needed a quiet evening so, after a simple dinner, I grabbed a bottle of wine and settled into the reclining chair in my lounge to listen to some music. By 10 o’clock I was sound asleep.

At 8:30 the following morning I awoke, still in my chair, the sun streaming in through the windows. Rubbing my eyes, I went to the loo and then to the kitchen for something to eat. I smelled like a tramp, yesterday’s clothes were still on me, now very crumpled from my night in the chair. I grabbed a second coffee and headed for the PC to check my e-mails before heading for the shower.

There was a message from Mary, confirming that she would not be returning until the end of the following week and saying how much she missed me already. I scanned the rest of the mail, answered two urgent ones and reached forward to shut the PC down. It was then that I noticed that piece of paper again.

I looked at my watch – 9:15. I reached for the phone and then paused. How could I be doing this or even thinking about it? Mary and I had enjoyed a wonderful weekend, full of love and passion. How could I even think about another sexual encounter so soon? Then the little devil voice in the back of my head took over “Go for it, this lady is a slut, not like Mary.” “Mary is probably love, but this woman is offering you lust.”

The devil won and I picked up the phone and tapped out the 10 digits. After all, it may not be anything and I could always turn away or cry off. “Hello” Teri’s voice sounded hesitant.

“Hi. It’s Bill. From Friday Night”

Without a moments hesitation she said “Hello, I was hoping you would call. I half expected you to ring yesterday.”

“I was too busy with work” I lied “but I thought I would give you a call to say thank you for Friday’s dinner.” I tried not to sound too eager, nor too cautious.

“Well Friday was fun for me too and you looked after me so well”, she replied “So can we meet?”

“Well Yes,” I replied “I could come up to town any day this week.”

“Oh sorry didn’t I say in the note? I’m at our country cottage until Thursday.” Her voice sounded light and happy. Happy that I would be accepting her invitation soon.

“Oh that’s a shame” I said imagining somewhere miles away from me, “perhaps another time then?” Perhaps fate would ensure that I kept true to Mary?

“Well I don’t think it’s far from you. I’m in Bibury just west of Oxford. Don’t you live somewhere in Buckinghamshire?”

The devil took over again “Yes and I know Bibury. In the Cotswolds right?”

You could almost feel her excitement when she said “Yes that’s right. Could you come over today?”

Two hours later I was in my car, pulling off the Oxford by-pass heading west on the A40. Freshly showered and shaved, cologne sprayed on in all the right places and dressed in a golf shirt and my best Dockers. Meatloaf thumped out his top hits over the audio in my Audi. I could feel my pulse quicken as I drove, nearing Bibury and Teri. Why was I not just turning around and heading home? The devil inside found a convincing answer to each question!

Teri’s “cottage” in the country turned out to be a rambling farmhouse down a quiet lane. A stone built structure which in daylight looked the very essence of a Cotswold farm. No doubt at night it would make a perfect set for a horror movie, of a home for my little devil.

My car turned into the circular drive at the front of the house, the tyres scrunching the gravel as I drew to a stop. As instructed, I walked around the side of the house to a smaller side door, no doubt once the servants’ entrance. I pulled the large bell handle and heard a clang somewhere deep inside the house.

What Escort Ankara seemed like a minute (but probably less than half that) passed before the heavy door opened.

“Bill you found me alright then?” the question unnecessary as she stepped aside to let me enter. Teri was dressed in a big red bath robe, the collar of which was turned up and the neck pulled across. She looked as if she may have just left the shower, but the well groomed hair, the modest but immaculate make-up and the perfume gave a lie to that.

The door closed behind me and she came to my side.

“Shall we go up then?” her frank, open remark rocked me back on my heels. There was no mistaking the meaning, and my look of surprise must have showed.

“Oh come on Bill, we both know why you are here.” She looked into my eyes, a deep sensual look. I knew I was lost. Like a lamb to the slaughter I followed her up the narrow steep stairs which opened out directly into a huge room totally dominated by a king-size bed. The quilt was already drawn down, the dark blue silk sheets like a small pond in the middle of the room.

She turned to me, the blond shoulder length hair moved around her neck as if on a gentle wind.

“So Bill are you going to keep me waiting?” a ‘come and get me’ smile spread across her lips as her small hands went to the knot at the front of her robe. She pulled the cord and the robe parted. A shrug of her shoulders and it slide down her arms to lay in a heap on the floor.

She was naked. Beautiful, wonderfully curved and naked. The only adornment a small gold nipple ring on her right breast. A surprise given her status and wealth.

“So, what do you think Bill?” my eyes no doubt gave away exactly what I thought of this woman.

“Wonderful” I replied, “Perfect ……..”

Her look questioned my hesitation. I went for broke.

“A perfectly beautiful fuck slut.”

Her face broke back into a smile “Well then Bill, this slut wants to see you naked and then have you fuck this slut’s cunt.” She moved toward me running her hand over my cock which had grown thick inside my trousers. She went for the belt, undoing the simple clip and pulling it free. She pulled down my zipper and my slacks fell to my ankles.

“Mmmm a man prepared” her head bowed to look at my rising cock which, with forethought I had not held in any underwear. I pulled the golf shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes and prised my socks off my feet. I stood naked in front of her.

“So what do you think Teri” I asked in an echo of her earlier rquestion.

“Perfect” she replied mocking “a perfect fuck stick nice and long and fat.”

With that she fell to her knees and, looking up at me with those deep blue eyes, let her tongue move forward to flick the head of my hard cock. Her small hand came up to encircle my organ, to pull the skin slowly back to reveal the purple head. That tongue snaked around the head, running under the ridge of the crown, returning to probe the small eye at its tip. Then her lips encircled me, taking the whole head into her mouth before slowly running down my shaft. Half way in I felt her throat muscles move and my cock head passed into her throat. Onwards her lips travelled until her nose nestled in my pubic hair. A look of triumph on her face, she slowly eased my cock back again, her teeth grazing the sides of my shaft, exerting just a little sharp pressure. Her hands held my thighs for balance as she started to fuck her mouth down onto my cock, all the while her eyes stared up at me. Her look a mixture of pride in successfully deep throating me, and sheer lust.

I grabbed her soft hair, holding a clump of it and turning it tight around my fingers, using it to force her face down again, my cock back into her throat.

“You want my cock slut?” She could not answer, except with those eyes, eyes now just pure lust. She obviously liked to be treated rough. If today I was her bit of rough then I was happy to play the part.

My usual desire to return oral pleasures was forgotten, all I wanted at the moment was to release my load into her eager face. I continued to fuck into her mouth, barely withdrawing long enough to let her gasp for air. My fingers twisted in her hair, certain that I was causing her pain but I did not care. This was a hidden me, one who simply wanted to use and abuse this lovely creature.

I felt my balls tighten. She sensed it too and increased the suction of her mouth and the pressure of her teeth while I slammed my cock into her throat. I felt the first rush, scalding inside my cock in its rush to be released. What seemed like a heavy load, left me to splash against the walls of her throat, I pulled back, letting a second salvo shoot into the roof of her mouth. Pulling back and out of her clasping mouth, a third and fourth shot hit her face, leaving two rivulets of cum to trickle across her left eye and down her nose.

My breathing was rapid, I felt as if I had gained extra strength as I looked down at this creature before me. Cum running down her face, her hair a mess, Ankara Escort her breasts heaving as she fought to get air back into her lungs. She was looking up at me, if it was lust before, I do not know how to describe this look. Wanton lust, or sex crazed, both fail in their adequacy.

I reached down and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her roughly to her feet before spinning her round and pushing her back against the bed. I practically threw myself on top of her, my mouth going to her breasts, puling upwards with my hands to take her hard nipples into my mouth. My tongue twirled around the nipple ring, poking into it and tugging it, my teeth scraped over the hard flesh, nibbling the soft skin, leaving little pink marks as they sought to devour her breast flesh.

My fingers went to her snatch, already wet with her arousal. They twirled into the soft folds, opening up her thick lips to explore her deeper, my thumb arching upwards to rub her clit and bring that sensitive little knob into play. As I attacked her body with pure sexual lust, she writhed beneath me, alternately thrusting her breasts at my mouth and her pussy at my demanding fingers.

“Oh fuck yes.” Her voice rose, pleading; demanding. “Take me, fuck me, use me.” I was barely listening and needed no encouragement.

Two fingers slipped easily into her dripping pussy, her juice running down my fingers as I probed into her. I turned them around inside her, the tips reaching up, deep inside her pussy, searching for her G spot, rubbing the inner walls behind her clit. I squeezed her between my thumb on her clit and my fingers on her inner pussy walls. She screamed out “Yes Oh fuck YES”

I kissed my way down her body till my mouth was over her clit. I blew air over that hard nub of flesh then took it between my lips, sucking hard. My fingers continued their assault of her inner walls. I managed to squeeze a third into her as she convulsed above me. She was getting close, but I needed to give her more.

I used my teeth to scrape her clit, to nibble it as I plunged my fingers deep and hard into her slick hole. They were in as far as the knuckles on the back of my hand. This girl could be stretched and was crazy for it. I tried for a fourth finger, using insistent pressure to force my four bunched fingers into her protesting hole.

“No you bastard, too much.” She wailed, “Fuck you” but she did not try and move away; on the contrary she pushed downwards onto them, taking them slowly into her hot wet pussy. I was in awe as her pussy stretched to accommodate my fingers. When they were as far in as I dared to go, I started to massage her inner walls with my finger tips while renewing my assault on her clit. As my tempo increased she started to thrash wildly and I could feel the tension reaching breaking point inside her.

“Ahhhhhh yes I’m there don’t stop. Fuck Me. Yessssssssssssssss”

Her body went into a series of convulsions, each one greater than the next. Her pussy tightened around my hand until I thought she would stop the blood flowing. Somehow, out of that tight hot cavern, pussy juice flowed in more abundant quantities as she screamed into her first orgasm. I sucked hard on her clit and she went into a second more powerful orgasm, her body arched high off the bed, forcing me to lose contact with her clit. “Oh fuck YES.” A third orgasm overtook her, so powerful that her pussy practically expelled my fingers from with her, releasing yet more cum juice. I moved back slightly, watching her pussy twitch, looking into the lewdly gaping hole, watching her juice slide down her dark pink tunnel. A series of smaller spasms went through her body, slowly declining as she came down from her high.

I on the other hand was now so turned on by the sight of this woman in the throes of sexual release, that all I could think about was satisfying my own lust. My cock, now painfully hard, stood high against my body.

I pulled her over onto all fours on the bed and charged up behind her, my cock level with her stretched pussy.

“No no not yet” she screamed, “wait for fucks sake wait.” But I was not going to let this beauty off so lightly. I thrust my cock deep inside her pussy in one lunge. With all the juice flowing I met no resistance, pushing deep inside until my balls slapped against her ass cheeks. As I hit bottom, her inner muscles contracted to grip me. Despite the action of my fingers, this was not going to be a slack fuck. I held the cheeks of her ass roughly between my two hands and started to fuck her hard, battering into her with all my strength. I saw her look backwards towards me, her eyes filled with a mixture of hurt and lust.

“You fucking bastard” she spat the words out, then added in case I needed encouragement “fuck me fill my cunt make me feel your cock.” I continued to ram into her my hands gripping her hips to emphasise the power of my thrusts. “Yesssss harder ram it into me. Yessssssss.”

How she managed to grip me I will never know, but her pussy remained tight as I fucked her. I resolved to break new Ankara Escort Bayan ground. Scooping some of her juice onto my fingers I spread the warm liquid around her anus with the fingers of my right hand. Massaging that tight hole, probing, seeking entry.

“Oh no not that as well? Yesss fuck me give me everything.” In response I pushed my finger past the ring of muscle and into her hot ass. “You like this slut?” Stupid question, but I wanted her to know that I was going to treat her like the amateur whore she was. Her reply was to push back against my finger, taking it all into her passage.

I now fucked her in both holes and when I knew her ass was loose enough, I added a second finger, using them like a second prick to fuck her rear while my cock ploughed into her pussy. Her head fell to the bed her body levering itself back against my twin assault on her holes. Her inner muscles now gripped me in an attempt to get me to cum, but I had other plans.

I pulled my hard slick dick and fingers from her two holes to the audible sound of two plops. I raised myself slightly and aimed my cock at her rosebud, still slightly open from my finger fuck. I pushed forward, using my strength to force myself into her back passage. She looked around, her eyes nearly closed, her mouth hanging open as my cock entered her. “No your bastard you are too big. Not my ass please …….” Her voice tailed off as my cock sank into her until the head reached into her rectum.

“Tell me you don’t want this” I shouted at her, “tell me you don’t want my cock up your tight ass, tell me you don’t want me to cum in your dirty little hole.”

No answer other than a deep groan. I started to fuck her, slowly at first, but as her passage loosened slightly, I started to build up speed until I was hammering her ass. I could see the tight ring of flesh gripping the side of my cock as I fucked into her. I felt my balls tighten; I knew I was about to cum. I reached down to her clit and started to finger her. The tell-tale signs of her impending orgasm told me that she was ready to receive my load. I thrust high into her bowels and let a huge cum shoot into her. As it hit her, she convulsed and went into the throes of another frantic orgasm. Her ass clutched my cock as she milked a second deposit out of me. Then a third and a fourth, all matched by her own orgasmic contractions. All my energy seemed to leave me as a fifth spurt left my cock and I collapsed onto her heaving frame, squashing her against the silken sheets, now stained by our joint secretions.

I could not move and my weight meant that she was effectively pinned to the bed. As my breath started to return to normal, my cock wilted and slipped from her tight hole. I rolled to my side, staring up at the ceiling. She laying beside me, my cum running out of her ass to mingle with her own juice before running down to soak the sheets even more.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but it took some time before I could recover enough to turn onto my side and look at her. Her eyes were nearly closed, a dreamy sated look on her face.

“You’re quite something” she said slowly “ it will be ages before my poor pussy and ass get back to normal. I have never been stretched like that.”

“You’re not so bad yourself” I smiled back at her “you have a talented body just made for fucking.”

“Thank you kind sir, but now I need a shower.” She rose slowly and grabbed my hand and led me to the en-suite.

We dived under the hot water and started to soap each other down. I used my well lathered hands to wash her around her ass and pussy, both still pliable enough to permit my fingers to enter into the soft holes, my touch making her jump as they grazed over the still sensitive flesh.

She lathered her hands and washed my body, soaping my chest before going to work on my cock and balls, incredibly bringing them back to hard life. As my cock rose, I started to massage her breasts, gently at first, then applying more pressure, enjoying the sight of my fingers pressing into the creamy flesh. She started to moan, this lady obviously liked to be treated hard and firm. My fingers circled the hard nipples, then I grabbed them between thumb and forefinger to twist and pull them, giving the hardest treatment to the one adorned with the ring which I pulled hard pulling the flesh taut. That look of lust mixed with pain returned to her face as I manipulated them, Those big blue eyes looking at me, imploring me as I used them to move her body, pulling down on them, forcing her to her knees, before pulling them sharply upwards to bring her back to her feet.

I yanked downward again; she fell to the floor, loosing her footing so that I held her weight by her nipples. She screamed and she fell from my grasp onto the wet floor in a heap. That look again, pleading “Bill fuck me, use me.”

I grabbed her by the hair and forced her face to my cock which she swallowed in one easy movement. As I twisted my fingers in her wet hair, I forced my cock deep into her throat, enjoying the tightness, the knowledge that she was nearly choking on me spurred me on. I had always been a sexual romantic, but this woman had unearthed something new in me. I yanked her off my cock and almost dragged her by the hair back to the bedroom. I picked her up and threw her on the bed.

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