The Fertility Therapist – Dr Shaun


Author’s note: I wrote the first story, The Fertility Therapist one night when I couldn’t get to sleep. And posted it that same night. Upon re-reading I wasn’t happy with it so I edited and rewrote it over the next month or so before reposting it.

In the process of that re-write I started to wonder where Dr. Erik Shaun came from. Clearly he wasn’t a normal man. Not even the randiest 18 year old can produce that much cum or spring an erection that often.

So that’s where this story come from.

Also, did anyone notice the word play in the Dr. Erik Shaun’s name?

( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o ) ( o )( o )

“First of all, let me thank you for deciding to take part in our research, Mr. Shaun. As you know we have interviewed almost every one in your class at med school.” The interviewing Doctor was an imposing woman. Tall, enveloped in a lab coat, she had a severe feeling about her. She hadn’t smiled once since Erik had met her, several weeks before. Her name plate read M. Broad, MD, FACS.

“Please call me Erik,”

“Of course, Erik. And I’m Doctor Broad. As you know, we are doing research on male fertility issues. With an emphasis on trying to improve the fertility of those whose sperm count or other issues make it difficult or impossible for them to sire children.”

“Yeah, well, that’s my problem. Too few boys and what few I have are fairly inactive, I’m told. I’d like to overcome that, if possible.”

“Well, luckily, your profile matches exactly the pattern that we think we can have the most luck with! In fact, you are one of the few students that aligned with our needs.”

“Super, when can we get started?”

“Friday afternoon. We have the lab all set up. It’s just a matter of some details to work out. So, we will see you then?”

“Absolutely! Looking forward to it.”

So Friday afternoon Erik Shaun found himself strapped down on a hospital bed with numerous intravenous connections on both arms and elsewhere.

Several machines hummed and clicked. Some monitored his condition, others controlled the flow of the myriad drugs and other things being pumped into him.

Suddenly he heard an increase in the whirr of the machinery. The voice of his Doctor cut through the din.

“What’s happening? How? What? No! Cut it off! Shut it down! Somethings wrong! That shouldn’t…” A crash of pain swept through him as he spiraled into darkness.

When he woke up he was still in a hospital bed. But there were no fancy tubes, just a single IV drip and a heart rate monitor attached to him.

“Glad to see you are back with us, Erik.” It was the Doctor, standing at the foot of his bed. “I’m afraid we had a bit of an issue with the machinery but you are fine! We just want to keep you here for a day or two for observation.” Her presentation was curt and to the point. As always she seemed to be focused elsewhere.

“Ohh, I hurt all over, Doctor. What happened. Why do I ache, hurt, so much?”

“I’m afraid one of our safe-guards failed. Which led to other things. Long story short, you got more than ten times as much of the treatment as you should have. We don’t know what the result of that will be which is why we need to keep you under observation.”


“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” she threw over her shoulder as she bustled from the room.

The sedative in the IV drip kicked in and before he knew it Erik was asleep.

Awakening some hours later Erik found that he still ached all over, with most of the discomfort centered in his groin. The IV drip was gone.

Slipping off the heart monitor he moved into the bathroom to take a shower. He felt grimy and wanted to clean himself off!

The first shock was when he saw himself in the mirror. He looked like he had lost a lot of weight. HIs abdomen was flat and his pecs were defined. He looked like he had been working out. For a long time. Which he had not!

The second shock happened when he was lathering up in the shower. Not so much that he felt everything more strongly, but that as he soaped, his genitals, his dick SPRANG to life! From flaccid and limp to full on hard-on in seconds! Throbbing and pulsing to his heartbeat, his dick far exceeded his normal length of almost five inches. A quick estimate of seven inches was his conclusion. And only seconds later he exploded in a strong spasm of ecstasy. Jet after jet spattered on the shower wall in front of him.

Groaning in ecstasy he leaned back against the wall. His dick was still hard and felt amazing as he ran his hand up and down the throbbing shaft. With-in seconds he was trembling on the verge of another ejaculation. He forced himself to relax while he lightly stroked himself for another few minutes. The feelings were so intense, so exciting! When he finally came it was with another amazing shower of jism that painted the far wall with ropes of sperm.

When he climbed out to towel off it was after he had had another two strong ejaculations. ‘Four times in under 15 minutes!,’ Escort Etimesgut he thought to himself. ‘More than I’ve ever cum in a full day!’

Later that day he was visited by one of the staff.

“I have to give you an examination,” she explained. “The Doctor wants to be sure that the overexposure hasn’t resulted in any complications. Have you noticed any changes?”

“Well,” he started. “Since you ask. How do I explain this?” He slipped off his robe, disclosing his muscular torso to the gaze of the Nurse.

“Why, whats wrong?” she asked. He looked fine to her. In fact, he looked good!

“Well, I’m muscular, for one thing. I’ve never worked out a day in my life and I look like a gym rat now!”

“And is that a bad thing?” she teased him.

“No, I suppose not. But you asked about changes and this one is hard to ignore. And that’s not all.” he hesitated.

“Go ahead, what else?” she asked.

“Well, I’m a little embarrassed,” he hesitated again.

“I’m a professional nurse. You can’t tell me anything that will shock me.”

“Okay, here goes,” he gulped. “I’m bigger now. A lot bigger!”

“Yeah, I can see that,” the Nurse responded looking him up and down.

“No, I mean, um, down there.” he glanced at her face and then away quickly.

“Down the…OH! Down THERE! Well, I doubt it. It may just be the fact that you’ve become more fit and so..”

“NO,” he interrupted her. “I’m bigger. A LOT bigger. Before I was lucky if I reached five inches. Now… Well, I’m not sure but it’s longer now!

“Oh, please. Penis’s don’t get bigger. You’re imagining things. But okay, lets move this along. Drop trou and give Nurse Nanci a look.” She smiled to reassure him of her professional intentions.

Reluctantly he lowered his pants. He was not wearing underwear and the nurse was able to see his genitals directly.

“It seems normal enough,” she told him.

“I’m not, that is, it’s, um, soft. Flaccid. I don’t have an erection.” he pointed out.

“Well? I’m sure you know how to fix that!”

?”Yuh, you want me to…?”

“Oh, come on! We’re both adults! Grab hold and show me the proof, or admit that you were exaggerating!” she dared him.

“Alright,” her challenge had put him oddly at ease. He grasped himself with his right hand and stroked his flaccid dick.

As he expected, it sprang to life. Going from soft to rock hard. It jutted inches past his grasping hand before he let it go so that Nurse Nanci could get a good look at it as it quivered in front of him.

“You. you, you only touched… I mean you stroked it once! And it’s erect!” She was surprised at how quickly he had achieved full erection.


“Alright, it’s more than five inches long. Let me measure…” She was digging into her case to find a tape.

“Be careful. I’m VERY sensitive.” he warned her.

Placing the end of the tape where his dick met his ball sack Nurse Nanci ran the tape up to get the measurement that she needed.

“Just over…” she was writing the result on the clipboard.

“Look out!” he shouted as he turned himself away from her. As he did so a jet of cum shot out and splashed against the instrument cart along the wall. One after another, strong spurts of cum arced out, slowly falling nearer and nearer to them until after about ten ejaculations he was done. Cum dribbled down his still stiff and quivering rod as she looked on in amazement.

“My God, I’ve never seen the like!” she exclaimed, staring at the spatters of cum that had covered the cart, the floor and were now dripping down his dick.

“Um, you measure just under eight inches, according to my tape. That’s almost as large as my boyfriend. He has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in real life.” she added.

“And you are still stiff. Could you cum again?” she wondered.

“Well, I came four times this morning. And I’m pretty sure I could shoot another load now if you want me to…”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t need to see that again! I’ve never seen someone cum so much. Usually its about four spurts. You did more than twice as much.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean… I’m just so sensitive.”

“Don’t worry about it. Clean yourself up. Get a good nights sleep. We will see you tomorrow.”

The next day Nurse Nanci was back.

“The Doctor wants me to remeasure you. She thinks I made a mistake. Which I totally did NOT!” She sounded aggrieved.

“I have to do the whole thing over! Take off your robe please. Um, you look a little different today. More defined, more muscular somehow.”

“Well I’ve been aching all the time since the day of the experiment. Maybe that’s why? Because I’m gaining more muscle and such? I’ve been eating like a horse and I’m gaining muscle weight, really. Just more muscle.”

“Whatever. Let me take the measurements.” Which she did in a rough, rapid manner.

“Well, not much difference. Your biceps and chest are a little bigger but not much. Might just be that you are flexing more today. It’s the Etimesgut Escort definition that seems to have changed. And your abs looked really tight and … ” she caught herself. “Well, never mind. I’ve still got to remeasure your member, too.”

“Um, really?” He was discomforted. “Are you sure?”

“Look, Mr. Shaun, I don’t want to do this any more than you do. But the Doctor insists. She thinks I screwed up. And no one believed me when I tried to explain,” she gestured at the cart and floor. “Well, all that. They thought I was exaggerating. Which I totally didn’t!”

“So come on, drop your pants and lets get this over with! And this time try to contain yourself, please!” She smiled a little to take the sting out of her words. It wasn’t his fault that the other staff didn’t believe her.

With out a word Erik dropped his pajama pants to the floor. He didn’t bother to hide his flaccid penis from Nurse Nanci’s gaze.

“I’m sorry, Erik, you know the drill. Please…” she started and then stopped as he reached down to fondle himself. As they both watched his dick inflated in his hand. It reached the length she had seen the previous day and then just kept on enlarging. When it stopped Nurse Nanci was staring at a dick that was not only longer than she had recorded the other day, it was also obviously thicker as well.

“Dear God,” she murmured. “Try to restrain yourself Erik. I need to be sure to get this right.”

Tape in hand she knelt in front of him. Carefully, gently, she repeated the measurement that she had made the other day. She noted that her boyfriend was now the second largest man she had ever seen. Erik now stretched more than ten inches from base to throbbing, pulsing, trembling dick head.

“Now, remember, restraint!” she admonished Erik. “I still need to…” she carefully wrapped the tape around his dick at the thickest part and jotted the numbers down on her clipboard. In passing she took note of the size of Erik nut sack. But since the Doctor hadn’t asked she didn’t bother to try to measure it. But she did observe that his gonads were of a size to match his extremely large dick.

“Okay, we’re done here! Now let me see one last thing!” Smiling up at him she grasped his member firmly and began to stroke up and down quickly.

“Wait, what are you…” he breathed. It felt wonderful! Her touch was firm and warm. He could feel the need to cum rising, his balls were starting to churn under her ministration.

“Oh, that feels so good!” he gasped. Watching the pretty nurse attend to his hard dick he felt himself start to loose control. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to explode! Look out Nurse Nanci! Look out!”

His trembling hips started to push back and forth in front of her.

?”Don’t worry, this time I’m ready,” she crowed as she pulled out a beaker. “Cum now, Erik! I want to see you explode! See how much you can pour out!”

Pointing his dick into the beaker she stroked him harder and faster to help him ejaculate.

His dick trembled, flexed and then the first rope of cum jetted out to splash into the beaker.

“One, two, three, four,” she counted, “five, six. My God!, seven, eight. Is there no end? Nine, ten, eleven!” The stream of cum finally slowed and stopped. “Almost a dozen times! That’s amazing! Wow!” Unconsciously she licked her lips.

“I’ve never heard of a man cuming that much! What a load!” she crowed.

Carefully she placed the beaker to one side. She would make note of the amount of his ejaculate later, she promised herself.

“And you’re still hard, aren’t you? I bet you could cum again if I encouraged you. Am I right, Erik?” she stood and cuddled up to him. His knees were shaking.

“Um, I don’t know.” he answered. He could feel her breasts and groin nestle against him. Her hand was again softly grasping his dick. She started to gently push and pull on his penis. Immediately his dick regained stiffness. With-in two minutes he was as hard as he had ever been and trembling on the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh, you are amazing!” she breathed into his ear. “So much cum! Cum for Nurse Nanci, Erik, cum for me!”

“Oh, God,” he groaned as his penis started to spit cum again and again. Ropes of cum spattered on the floor in front of him as she kept up her steady pace.

“That’s wonderful, just wonderful! Two big loads so fast! What a man! I’ve never heard of anyone who could do what you just did! Amazing!” He had cum almost as much as the first time. She had counted nine shots for the second load.

She led him back to the bed and had him lie down.

“Now you just rest here while I clean up. You shot out a lot of cum, you know!” She patted his shoulder and then turned to clean up the cum on the floor. When she was done she returned to the bed to check on Erik.

“Feeling better, honey?” she asked.

“Yes, thanks, I feel fine,” he responded.

“Well, I guess so,” she laughed. “You’ve got another big old stiffie under the bed sheets!” It was true. She could see his dick pulsing under Etimesgut Escort Bayan the sheet. Moving quickly she pulled the sheet back exposing his full blown hard-on.

“Oh, my! Your prick is so pretty. And so LARGE! Again, Erik? One more, for the road?” Not waiting for the answer she grasped him firmly and started to jack him off again. Her other hand cradled his ball sack as she stroked and stroked. Minutes later her efforts were rewarded with a shower of cum that rivaled the first on he had issued. Another eleven spurts she counted. But this time she swallowed them all down!

“God, you are a HORSE, Erik, a fucking cum machine! What a big load from those big balls! I just love it! So long, so thick and so much cum from your balls.”

Quickly she used her tongue and lips and cleaned him up again and then, reluctantly, she left. She was so going to attack her boyfriend when she got home! Dealing with Erik had made her hornier than she could remember. But she was faithful to her boyfriend. Blow jobs didn’t count after all, right?

The next morning Erik was again visited by a Nurse. Not Nurse Nanci, this was Nurse Candi.

“Nurse Nanci couldn’t make it today, So I have to take your measurements.” she explained. In truth she had paid Nanci $50 to let her do the chores today. Nurse Candi was a size queen and the chance to measure up a stud that stretched over 10 inches was something that she didn’t want to miss.

Quickly Nurse Candi got through measuring arms, chest and waist. She did take time to admire Erik’s muscular torso. While kneeling behind Erik, Nurse Candi noticed that his butt seemed to be tight enough to bounce a quarter off of! Stepping in front of him, Nurse Candi prepared to take the important measurements. Reaching for his waistband she took a moment to stroke his abs. They rippled with power.

Nurse Nanci sank to her knees. Slowly she pulled his pajama bottoms down to his ankles and had him step out of them.

“Oh, my,” she breathed. “How pretty!” Erik wasn’t yet erect but his dick hung a good five inches long over a massive ball sack that seemed to be straining to contain his over-sized gonads.

Slowly, tentatively, Nurse Candi reached out and measured his flaccid dick. As she did so she noticed that it was starting to twitch and grow harder just from the touch of the tape measure. She jotted down the measurement, “Six inches, Flaccid” in the notes, before she moved on to other things. According to the record Erik’s flaccid dick was now longer than his erection had been before the incident.

Quickly she measured his upper thighs, just below his ball sack. They were symmetrical, and well muscled as were his calfs when she measured them.

Carefully she wrapped the tape around his gonads, finding that they stretched the tape to an amazing degree. “Fifteen inches around,” she gasped! “These are the largest balls I’ve ever heard of! No wonder you can cum so much! Amazing!”

Nurse Candi was fondling his ball sack as she spoke, feeling the heat coming from it warming her hands. His dick was almost at full staff. At least it looked that way to the aroused nurse.

“Now for the ultimate measurement,” she murmured. Stretching the tape from the tip of his dick to the join between his dick and balls she stared at the tape.

“Can’t be right,” she declared. “Do it again.” Erik’s dick was trembling and bobbing to his heartbeat.

She looked up at Erik who was trying hard not to explode from the caresses and fondling that he was enduring from Nurse Candi. He felt like he could wash her face in cum if he let go!

“Twelve and one half inches!” She announced. “I measured it twice. There can’t be a mistake! But you were only about 10 inches yesterday! That’s incredible! The biggest dick I’ve ever seen was just over 9 inches!” Nurse Nanci didn’t know about the drunken hook up her boyfriend had had with Nurse Candi at the Xmas party. And they weren’t going to tell her! “You’re almost half again as large as he was! And he could barely maintain an erection! You’re rock hard! Look at how your dick is pulsing and flexing! You must be on the verge of a big cum!” She glanced into his eyes as she spoke.

“I can’t help myself,” Erik said. “It feels so good! And you keep playing with my dick! What am I supposed to do?”

“Oh, Erik, I want you to cum for me,” Nurse Candi purred. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t make a mess!” Her smile held a world of promise.

To help, her fist was now flying up and down his giant shaft. She noted in passing that she couldn’t touch finger to thumb, he was so thick!

She was holding his dick head right in front of her face. While licking her lips she smirked up at Erik. “You’re going to cum for me now, aren’t you, Erik. You’re going to spurt for Nurse Candi! Cum for me, Erik!”

Unable to contain himself any longer Erik shoved his hips forward and, with a deep groan, began to shoot his cum. Instead of pulling away as Erik had expected, Candi leaned forward enough to pull his dick head into her mouth.

His first spurt filled her mouth to overflowing. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying to keep up with his massive flow. Wad after wad, faster than Nurse Candi could cope, erupted from Erik’s powerful balls, shot up his massive prick and splashed into her gulping mouth and throat.

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