The Gift


“Hello. Welcome to the Bedside Boutique. May I help you?”

“No, thank you,” Daphne said. She had been there before, but this time she was not looking for something for herself. She was going to a bridal lingerie party for one of her friends and wanted to get her something embarrassingly racy.

Fortunately, her friend was the same size, so shopping was easy. Daphne tried on a few things and kept thinking, “This just isn’t risque enough.”

Jon was at the same store, shopping for his sister’s birthday. He knew she loved the scented lotions and body washes there, so he was browsing the selection when he saw Daphne going in and out of the dressing room with lots of skimpy outfits. She was not oblivious to him, either. He caught her eye many times while she was browsing the racks.

Their eyes met for a moment and she approached him. “Hi. I’m looking for some lingerie for my friend and I was wondering if you could give me a man’s opinion.” She smiled suggestively.

“Um, sure,” he said, trying to subdue his excitement.

She took a few things into the changing room and said, “Don’t go far.”

When Escort Eryaman the door opened the first time, Daphne was wearing a white thong and a white baby tee, showing off her erect nipples. “How does this look?”

Jon stood with his mouth hanging open for a second, blinked and said, “Oh, uh…wow. That looks great.”

“But is it racy enough?”

“Hmmm…it shows your body off really well but it’s not very racy,” he said, knowing he would get more of a show.

She tried on a few outfits, each one getting more and more risque. Then she came to an outfit that she was not willing to open the door for, so she cracked open the door and wagged her finger in a “come here” fashion. He looked around and slipped into the room, unnoticed.

His jaw dropped to the floor. She was wearing a black and red lace bustier with half-cups so her nipples showed out the top. She had on black fishnet stockings and a pair of black and red lace crotchless panties. “Wow…that’s…wow, you look incredible. If we were somewhere more private, I would–“

Before he could finish his Eryaman Escort thought, Daphne pulled him into her and kissed him passionately. Her tongue danced in his mouth as her hands slid down his sides, untucking his shirt, and then moving around front to undo his pants. She whispered into his ear, “Why wait? I want you right here…right now.”

She pulled his pants and boxers down, revealing his rock-hard erection. She got down on her knees and took him into her mouth. She fondled his balls while his penis went slowly in and out of her mouth. When he was all nice and wet, she stood back up.

She kissed him again, this time while stroking him with her hands. She then turned around, putting one foot up on the little bench and her hands against the wall. She turned her head over her shoulder and whispered, “Fuck me” while giving him a sly grin.

He kicked his pants and shoes off and stood behind her, grabbing her hips and pulling himself into her. She let out a muffled moan, trying to stay quiet so the staff didn’t figure out what was going on. His hips bucked against hers Eryaman Escort Bayan as she steadied herself against the wall. He kissed the back of her neck and she reached up with one hand to fondle his hair.

Every stroke got deeper and deeper, harder and harder. He cupped her breasts and pulled her closer while whispering in her ear, “Oh…oh god….oh god I’m gonna cum…”

Her ass bucked harder against him as he climaxed, gripping her tightly around the waist. She turned her head and kissed him deeply. “Mmmmmm…so I take it you like this outfit?”

He let out a small chuckle and said, “You could say that. Will I get to see it again?”

“Hmmm…nope. Remember, this is for my friend,” she said with a smile.

They both finished putting on their clothes and she slipped out of the changing room first, making sure no one else was around. Then she signaled for him to exit and they both went up to the cashier.

Jon grabbed a bottle of vanilla body lotion and some scented candles. “For my sister…”

“Uh huh,” she said, winking at him.

She paid for the lingerie and gave him a peck on the cheek. “B-bye lover,” she whispered in his ear as she left the store.


At the party, her friend opened up the package with all the risque, lacy underwear. “Wow, Daphne…this is really sexy!”

All Daphne could think was, “You have no idea…”

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