The Good Nurse


I had been out chopping down a tree on my property, both for future firewood and to help restore the forest to health, when I felt something tear in my stomach and side. I knew almost immediately it was more than a muscle pull and the pain left me unable to stand up straight. I held one arm tight to my side to keep whatever had snapped as immobile as possible and used the axe as a cane to stagger back towards the house. I knew I was going to need something, at least some medication, so I hunched my way into the truck and drove to the hospital.

Everyone was very nice, helping me get undressed and into one of those godawful gowns and then whisking me off for x-rays and exams and a shot in the butt, a thorough taping of my midsection and lower ribcage, and a stern admonishment not to do anything stupid that might aggravate my injury.

“You wouldn’t do anything stupid, would you, Mr. Baldwin?” the pretty young nurse in purple hospital scrubs said teasingly.

Miss Henderson was the only hospital staff present at the moment, and she was cleaning up while they waited to let some of the effects of the drugs they had shot me full of to wear off.

By now the pain had largely subsided as I saw her two firm buttocks stretching her pants as she bent over to return something to a lower cabinet. I tried to sit up to get a better view of Miss Henderson’s beautiful tight ass. All of a sudden an idea that was probably pretty stupid was starting to enter my mind. I couldn’t help but want to walk up to her and nestle my hammer between those cheeks and grab her by her hips and press my pelvis against her. She noticed my hesitation but thought I was hurting and her concern was obvious as she stood up and turned towards me.

“Are you OK, Mr. Baldwin? Can I get you something or do anything for you?”

“Thank you, Miss Henderson, I’m OK,” but there was a very real pain in my voice as I said it, for I had actually been able to sit up on one elbow to watch Miss Henderson bend over, and now that she was standing up and I didn’t have those beautiful half moons in front of me, I realized how much sitting up hurt and I groaned as I lay back down.

A good idea, except for the fact that I had been getting more aroused than I realized and my thin hospital gown was now seriously tented. Miss Henderson must have noticed because I heard her catch her breath as if she had gasped, and I saw her cheeks turn red. But she pretended not to notice and continued clearing up the area, but for some reason this just turned me on even more, and my cock twitched once or twice, producing noticeable jerks of the cloth and now there was now way the mountain under the sheet could be missed. I didn’t know what to do but since Miss Henderson continued to pretend it wasn’t there, I just lay back and hoped it would go away soon if I could just get my mind off her and my throbbing shaft.

The next thing I knew the door opened and senior Nurse Bennett walked in. “Oh my,” she said as she assessed the situation. My humiliation was complete, but my damn penis wouldn’t stop trying to bust out of the gown. Nurse Bennett was older, in her thirties, with wider hips and strong shoulders, but still with a tight, trim body under her scrubs. And to her credit she noticed not only the condition of my insane organ, but also the pain in my face. I think she may have thought it was just my member that was causing all the pain, since she didn’t know I had been contorting myself to see Miss Henderson stretch out those thin, well-washed pants. She stepped towards me and drew a curtain behind her.

“Miss Henderson, as you know we normally just give a patient some privacy and allow them to handle things like spontaneous erections such as this on their own. But you’ll notice that in this case not only is the patient in severe immediate pain, but any attempt at self-stimulation will only inflame the injury.” As she was saying this she was drawing on gloves and applying a medical lubricant to her right palm. She leaned over and threw the gown up above my waist and I felt an immediate draft below my navel. My cock jerked one more time and Nurse Bennett grabbed it by the base and the ball sack with her left hand, then grabbed the upper portion of the shaft with her right hand. The lube was cold for a second but practically melted against the heat of my shaft.

“This will just take a moment,” she added in a way that instantly bothered me. How could she be so confident that she could get me off in “just a moment?” At that moment, I decided I was going to try to last as long as I could, even if another part of me wanted to prove her right and go shooting off right now. The sensation from her handing sliding up and down my rod and the bump and tug her other hand gave my balls every stroke was incredible. Her fingers slid apart slightly as she changed the position of her hand to better caress every bit of skin on my prick, Escort Keçiören every hot, thick-fleshed, ribbed inch up to the slick part below the head, her grip tightening, and then flaring out over the head, narrowing again at the tip, and then before the sensation had completely faded, her hand returned, sliding back down, tightening and slowing as she approached the base, then bumping her other hand, sending the base of my cock and balls towards my toes as her other hand again started pulling my penis towards my head, the tension between the two directions just adding to the exquisite agony I was in.

“Hmm, this is taking a bit longer than I thought,” Nurse Bennett said to Miss Henderson. But she didn’t seem to be losing any interest in her work; indeed she almost seemed to be enjoying herself as she settled in to the task at hand. Her rhythms were insistent, demanding, as her firm gloved hand slid up and down my greasy shaft.

I thought Miss Henderson seemed very interested in the process as she drew quite close and her breathing seemed a little rapid. I couldn’t hold out much longer, with two attractive women staring at my penis and one of them stroking it so skillfully. It was apparent Nurse Bennett was well-practiced.

Just as I felt the moment of no return approaching, the room door opened and we could hear voices. “Just a moment please,” Nurse Bennett called to the new arrivals calmly, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. She pulled off her gloves and said, “Miss Henderson, will you take over from here? And when done, bathe the area.” With that Nurse Bennett stepped around the curtain and walked out of the room with the others, whoever they were.

“Of course,” Miss Henderson said, slipping on a new pair of nearly transparent gloves. “I think I’ll try a new technique,” she told me as she applied lubrication to both hands and then smoothed it out between them, making sure there was an even application of the slick, clear goo across her hands before she applied them to my shaft, grabbing as much of my meat as she could with each petite hand. She slid her hands up and down my shaft briskly and firmly, twisting in the opposite direction just slightly as she did so. One small hand was almost centered on the ridge and valley between the head and shaft, that sacred rift of holy pleasure, running the palm of her hand and her fingers back and forth and up and down. That alone could make me cum, but her other hand was running up and down the rest of cock and slamming into my sack that was drawn up tight against my crotch, sending my balls bouncing with each forceful pounding.

I tried to hold off as long as I could but when our eyes turned from my huge hard penis with her two tiny hands wrapped around it, towards each other and I saw her looking into my eyes with interest and care and concern and a desire to relieve my need, I began to lose it. The convulsions began in my testicles and rolled through my cock as if she was rubbing it rubbing from the inside as well as the outside. She quickly moved one hand above my penis to my abdomen, pushing down, keeping me from arching off the table and re-injuring myself. With the other hand she gave two or three last, long strokes as I went skyrocketing off into the air, shot after shot arching through up and onto a towel she had ready. I couldn’t seem to stop coming and Miss Henderson had some trouble controlling it as my manhood jerked about, spurting not just into her towel but over my gown and bare belly and even onto the bed and I think the floor. My dick still just seemed to have a life of it’s own as it spasmed over and over, shooting out load after load while my mind went crazy with pleasure, better than anything I had ever felt before. I don’t see why we shouldn’t get to enjoy these moments. At last the intensity started to go down and I started to come back to earth. Miss Henderson was still looking at me and the interest and concern still seemed to be there, but there was also the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

“Thank you,” I said, as if this was enough in return for the greatest pleasure I had yet to experience in my life. But it was all I could think of, and I hoped she could tell, maybe from the tone in my voice or the look in my eyes, some of what I was thinking and the sheer joy I had felt. Guys generally don’t articulate well, and I hoped she knew and could deal with that. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but that’s the way it is. We need to acknowledge and love each other’s faults, or it just doesn’t work. I felt such a bond, such an intimacy with her after what had just happened, for how she had looked into my eyes as I orgasmed.

“I love you,” I blurted out, only half-kidding.

“Now, now, Mr. Baldwin, that just the brain chemicals talking,” she replied with a laugh. “Men will say anything before, during and after sex. The first time Keçiören Escort they know they are lying, the second time they don’t know they are lying, and the third time they are no longer lying.”

“Well, then you know it’s true.” I said, sounding more confident. “I do love you.”

“Uh huh, right” Miss Henderson said with a sardonic glance. She took away the towel and came back with a basin and wash cloth and hospital soap and proceeded to clean my pelvis and thighs and between my legs. I had spewed so much semen that it was everywhere and a lot had ended up running down and under my balls and all over my thighs and down between them. Finally she had to ask me to spread my legs as the cum had run all the way down my crack. She placed the warm washcloth between my cheeks and gently rubbed, pushing into my groin below my testicles and sopping up the glistening thick liquid. Finally she turned her attention to my nuts, making sure they were thoroughly cleaned, a task that was a little easier now that my bag of skin was tightening up under her ministrations. When she got to my penis, a little more cum oozed out of the softening flesh. The fact that she seemed pleased, or at least interested, made my heart thud for a moment and then I think my cock might have even perked up.

It didn’t seem possible but as Miss Henderson cleaned my penis I started to become aroused again, perhaps as much from what my front mind was thinking as much as from what my back mind was feeling. But as my ardor for Miss Henderson grew, so did my cock, and it was 3/4 erect and thickening up before Miss Henderson was finished washing it.

“Good grief, Mr. Baldwin, I’ve dealt with SES, or Spontaneous Erection Syndrome, many times before but this is amazing.” A certain professional frustration mixed with personal admiration seemed in her voice.

“Call me Jack,” I said weakly, with a smile to maybe make things better. “Mr. Baldwin seems a little out-of-place under the circumstances.” I couldn’t stop my cock from jerking as thoughts of what had happened here and was still happening here flooded through my mind.

“Well, my name is Lucy, Jack but I just don’t know what to do about your condition. Maybe Nurse Bennett will know.”

“Maybe Nurse Bennett will know what?” And with that Nurse Bennett had returned, poking her head around the curtain. “All finished here? Has the patient been stabilized?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” Miss Henderson replied. “We seem to have some sort of priapic issue here, more that just Spontaneous Erection Syndrome. I achieved one ejaculation but you can see the erection has returned, in fact it never completely left.”

But even before Miss Henderson had finished speaking Nurse Bennett had seen there was a problem, swiftly approached my side, and was looking for an answer. I loved how capable and strong she was. It’s nice when a woman can take care of things, especially sexual things, in a confident way. “Prep the area,” came the command.

Miss Henderson broke out a shaving kit while Nurse Bennett grabbed my schlong with one gloved hand and examined it closely. Then she held it so that her finger tips ran along the ridge underneath and were lightly pressing against the halftube that protruded from the underside of the penis as she checked the seconds ticking off the clock, as if she was taking its pulse. She checked my blood pressure and my temperature. Both ways. By timing their actions both Miss Henderson and Nurse Bennett were able to work at the same time nearly full speed without getting in each other’s way. In spite of the fact that they weren’t paying full attention to my penis in a sexual way, I was just turned on by their competence and their interest. There was not just one capable woman handling my junk, but two. And even though they weren’t turned on by the mere sight of my equipment, which I had to admit, was not realistic, they weren’t turned off either. That alone was enough to thrill me and turn me on. And the one-eyed monster that began to emerge from the bush was evidence of that.

After Miss Henderson finished shaving me she washed me again and gently dried my me off. Nurse Bennett herself was none too gentle in shoving my legs apart. She grabbed my balls with one hand and lifted them, then slid the middle finger of her other gloved hand, with a thick wad of lubricant at the end, up my anus. I gasped and nearly sat up.

“Relax Mr. Baldwin. Just need to palpate the gland here,’ Nurse Bennett explained. Miss Henderson leaned over me, putting a gentle but firm weight on chest and shoulders, above my injured ribs, keeping me from moving. Her breasts were restrained in her scrubs but as she bent over me I couldn’t help but see their firm rise from her chest. She leaned closer and they were just inches from my face.

Nurse Bennett began to massage my prostrate and as aroused as I already was a clear stream Keçiören Escort Bayan of semen was released and flowed out my shaft. It was almost like I was cumming even though my penis was untouched, just angling into the air, ignored. I felt like I would cum if even the slightest stimulation was given to it but they left it alone. Even so, l almost thought I would come just from the friction in my ass, but Nurse Bennett stopped and withdrew. “Looks normal,” she confirmed, as she threw her gloves away. “Put some of the emission under the scope, Miss Henderson.”

While the two of them worked and conferred I was left helpless with my giant erection bobbing in the air. At last, they seemed satisfied with their work.

“Everything looks good, Mr. Baldwin. It may just be that you are extremely horny. How long has it been since your last ejaculation prior to coming here?” asked Nurse Bennett. I told them about the shower this morning and the wet dream in the middle of the night and about how I had jacked off in bed watching the porno before going to sleep, and they quizzed me all about what they called my nocturnal emissions and my masturbatory behaviors but eventually couldn’t reach any firm conclusions.

“Well Mr. Baldwin, we will have to relieve this erection and see where we are then. This may require continuous care for some time. Miss Henderson, take care of this.”

“Of course, Nurse Bennett, but last time took nearly 15 minutes and I’m worried this time might be even longer. Do we have another course of treatment?”

“Very well then, start him on an oral dose and see how that works. If that seems to be helping, go ahead and continue him on an oral regimen.”

With that command, Miss Henderson bent over me at an angle and slowly drew my cock into her mouth. She had to open wide to fit it all in and her teeth scraped my organ. Lucy looked up at me and apologized but I immediately told her not to worry, that it all felt good. And the visual image of her mouth being forced wide by my cock, her lips already bruising and puffing up against the flesh of my cock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Lucy returned to her work but was unable to get more than a few inches of my cock into her mouth. Nurse Bennet tfrowned, and then interjected:

“All right Miss Henderson, let me show you a better way.” With that she slid much of the table I was laying on away, retracting it into the rest of the table with the upper half of my body still on but leaving just my ankles and butt supported below my waist. She moved between my legs and slowly engulfed my wand. When it had nearly all disappeared between her thick red lips her jaws were wide but she had no problem handling it. She began to slide her face up and down, making my cock ache with the desire to release in her mouth and on her face. With her experience she knew what I was feeling and stopped, giving Miss Henderson another view of what she was doing to me. “You can also massage the testicles with one hand from this position, like this.” She sucked my cock again, but this time tilting at an angle so Miss Henderson could see how she was squeezing and pulling my balls. “Do you see Miss Henderson? Do you think you can do this? It’s very large but with appropriate technique it can quite easily be managed.”

Once again I was irritated with Nurse Bennett’s casual and somewhat dismissive tone towards me and my penis, but I had to admit she knew what she was doing.

“I think so Nurse Bennett. Let me try.”

I wanted to say “Attagirl Lucy, go for it,” but somehow was smart enough to keep my mouth shut. It took Lucy a little while and Nurse Bennett had to hold Lucy’s head at the right angle a couple of times but soon Lucy was getting nearly all of it in and my cock was shining with her saliva. I noticed Nurse Bennett caressing Lucy’s cheeks for just a moment as they rode up and down my cock. Then she turned to leave. “Continue until completion Miss Henderson, and then page me.”

As Lucy started to suck me in earnest I looked down and saw her beautiful eyes looking back. She might have just been clinically trying to gauge my progress towards climax, but I thought I saw something more.

“I love you Lucy, and I want to marry you.” At those words Lucy bore down even more, giving me the softest, smoothest, wettest blow job I could ever imagine. There was an intensity in her eyes and I could tell she really wanted this, really wanted me to cum, and wanted me to cum in her mouth. She kneaded and tugged at my balls with both hands, never taking her eyes off mine, until at last I exploded into her mouth. After five or six blasts her mouth was full and she released me, some cum leaking out of her mouth and down her chin, and more splashing on her cheeks and lips and nose and even her eyes, which she just managed to shut in time. I thought she looked beautiful.

“Sorry,” I said with concern.

“That’s all right, you couldn’t help it,” she said, smiling through all the cum. “My, you certainly are an energetic ejaculator.”

“Well, I guess so. By the way, I meant what I said. I really want to marry you.”

“Well, yourself, Jack Baldwin. Why don’t we start with a date?”

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