The Halfway House


For the past six months, Tony has lived at a halfway house, near an industrious section of the city. The neighborhood is a blue collar-like area, with lots of warehouses, factories, and local bars. He works during the day, as a fork-lift driver at one of the nearby warehouses. He lives alone, but he is happy. Before, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend; for a year and a half, and they shared a place together. At first things were good, but they often argued. Eventually, he got tired of the quarrels, tantrums, and the constant bickering, so he moved out. Tony would rather live in peace at a halfway house, than to live in misery at his girlfriend’s place.

The halfway house he lives in has three stories. Tony resides at the only room on the top floor. The rest of his neighbors consist of, among others, a old grumpy man, who is on a fixed income, that smokes a lot of weed in his room. But directly below him, lives an interesting-looking woman, named Nikki, who is an oddity. Nikki is under house arrest, and she walks around wearing an ankle bracelet. She really isn’t a trouble-maker, a drug-addict, nor a criminal. She was mixed up with the wrong kind of people in her life. She was unaware that her boyfriend was boosting hot items from truck shipments. Her ex-boyfriend brought her a jacket that was stolen and she was arrested for wearing stolen goods. In lieu of her sentence, she provided information that would get her off the hook of any serious charges but she has to serve her sentence of six months at a halfway house.

Tony and Nikki got to know each other over time. Sometimes, he can’t figure out if Nikki is actually coming on to him or just being friendly. He can’t help feeling interested in her. Plus, Nikki’s body is real eye candy. It’s very rare that such a good-looking woman lives alone at a halfway house. One night, Nikki walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but a thong and a long t-shirt, asking for a cigarette. Another time, she left her room slightly ajar, and Tony could hear porno videos playing in the background. Sometimes, he can’t sleep because he thinks of her.

One Friday night Tony was coming home from work and was ready to unwind for the rest of the night. As he walks up the steps, Nikki exits her room, wearing a pink tank-top and sweatpants. Tony notices Nikki’s bosoms and that her nipples are piercing through her tank-top like spikes. She asks Tony to do her a favor and go to the store for her to get her cigarettes. She hands him a $20, and tells him to get a six pack and something for himself, and she’ll join him upstairs when he returns. Tony accepts the offer, and returns with two packs of cigarettes and a six pack of beer. Once he enters his room, he gets settled; taking off his workman boots and his coat. He sits on his bed and cracks open a bottle of beer, taking a sip.

Someone knocks on the door. “It’s open, come on in,” Tony shouts. Nikki, peers her head behind the door, jokingly asks, “Need some company?”

Nikki sits next to Tony, and lights her cigarette, while Tony opens a bottle of beer and hands it to her. He suddenly notices her ankle bracelet.

“How long you have to wear that thing?” Tony inquires.

“For another two weeks.”

“What did you do?”

Nikki exhales smoke, giving off a fiery-glow as she smiles, “Nothing, I’m innocent.”

Tony grins. “Yeah, we’re all innocent.”

Nikki laughs. “I know. Actually, I was with a man who boosted shit, for a living. I got popped for wearing stolen goods. He said the jacket he got me was paid for, but I found out otherwise.”

“That sucks.”

“You should have seen what I did to my ex, when I found out. They wanted to add aggravated assault on top of it.”

She pauses then changes the subject. “What about you? What is a good-looking man like you doing here? You’re not old, on fixed income, and you don’t obviously wear an ankle bracelet. Why are you here?”

“I have relationship issues. I used to live with a drama-queen, called my girlfriend. I got tired of arguing with her everyday. So I moved out.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” She looks around for an ashtray, then asks. “You have an ashtray around here?”

“Yeah.” Tony reaches under his bed and hands it to her. He then lies down, puffing on his cigarette. Nikki notices his tattoo of a Puerto Rican flag on his arm.

“Nice tattoo.”


“You should see mine.” She climbs over Tony, exposing her breasts under her tank-top. Tony eyes at them. In his mind, he wishes he could grab on to them. But he restrains himself, as Nikki climbs off the bed. She pulls up her tank top halfway, and pulls down her sweatpants halfway; to show her tattoo of a long serpent that extends from her abdomen to her crotch. Tony widens his eyes as he stares at her tattoo. The tattoo is very attractive, but the sight of her pussy has made Tony very speechless.

“You like?” She asks.

Tony nods with Escort Sincan amazement. “Yeah, nice tattoo.”

She drops her tank-top, and pulls up her sweatpants and sits back next to Tony. She lies next to him. The two talked for the next few hours, sharing beers and cigarettes; listening to the radio playing mix jams. While Tony enjoys Nikki’s company, but he suddenly becomes sleepy because he has worked a twelve hour shift, and he has been up since six in the morning.

Nikki taps his arm, “Hey, you’re not falling asleep on me, are you?”

“Nikki, I’m sorry. I have been up since six in the morning, and I work twelve hours a day.”

“I understand. Well, maybe I should…”

Tony politely pleads her, “Naw, you’re welcome to spend the night with me. I like being around you and I was hoping you would spend the night with me.”

Nikki smiles. “Sure, I like being around you.”

Tony climbs under the covers, while Nikki turns out the lights and lowers the volume of the radio. She climbs in bed with Tony and rests her head on Tony’s chest, as they fall asleep together.

As the sun rises on an arctic Saturday morning, Tony and Nikki are lying together in bed. Nikki wakes up and caresses Tony’s cock. As she is pulling off his jeans, Tony awakes. He notices what Nikki is doing, but he lays there. She caresses his cock and begins to kiss on it and suck it. Tony slowly places his hand on her hair and plays with it, while she sucks and strokes on his cock. Tony is enjoying the pleasure that Nikki is giving him. She moves her lips so well around his shaft, while she plays with his balls. She strokes his shaft, while sucking at the head of his cock. Tony’s cock is ready to explode. Nikki, on the other hand, can feel Tony’s cock pulsating and works him hard until he bursts his load inside her mouth. Nikki sucks up all the juices that Tony let out in her mouth. Tony relaxes as Nikki swallows his load.

She cleans her lips with her tank-top shirt and prepares to exit his room.

“Where are you going?”

“To my room, beside you have to get ready for work. Don’t you?”

“No, I’m off this weekend.”

“Okay, then meet me in my room, around noon.” Nikki exits the room. Tony remains in bed, trying to make sense of what happened.

When noon arrives, Tony walks into the general kitchen. He anxiously waits for Nikki to come out of the room. After waiting a few minutes, he gets the nerve to knock on the door. He knocks on the door lightly, so he won’t be loud enough for anyone else to hear. Nikki opens the door. She signals him to come in. Tony enters her room, and she closes the door. Her room is filled with books, handbags hanging, a poster of a male model, and clothes hung up on the rack. Nikki is half naked, wearing nothing but a thong and a pink tank-top. She lift up her tank top, exposing her beautiful, bosoms. Tony’s erection immediately grew in his pants.

“Take off your clothes, and be quiet.”

Tony wastes no time to take off his pants. He kicks off his jeans and boxers, and exposes his long hard cock. He is rock hard and ready for what Nikki has in store for him. Nikki kneels down on Tony and begins stroking his cock gently. She then takes his cock into her mouth, and works his shaft like a porn star on camera. The sucking and stroking continues for a few minutes. Tony is feeling so good that he feels a rushing sensation under his balls. He couldn’t control his load, and Nikki can feel his readiness to cum. She takes his cock out of her mouth, and gives him a soft tightening grip on his shaft.

She looks up to him, and whispers softly, “Cum on my tits.” She holds up her tank-top shirt, waiting for Tony to drop his load all over her.

Tony let’s off a soft grunt; as he lets off a massive load all over Nikki’s tits. Once he finishes cumming, Nikki cups her tits together; catching every load that landed on her. Nikki then rubs his cum all over herself; glistening her tits. She rises and gives Tony an open-tongued kiss.

“What are you doing later tonight?” Nikki asks.

“Nothing, except I’m going to get some groceries in the next few minutes, and a few more things.”

“Okay, just come back soon.” She kisses him, as he is ready to exit.

Tony takes care of his business, while Nikki takes a shower. After a few hours, Tony returns; carrying some groceries upstairs, to the kitchen. As he puts his groceries away, Nikki enters the kitchen.

“Hey.” She says.

Tony turns and smiles. “Wussup? I bought you a pack of cigarettes. It’s in the bag.”

She replies with monotone, “Cool.”

Concerned, he asks, “What’s a matter?”

Nikki nods. She sheds a tear, trying to hold her emotions in. “I spoke with my sister, who is watching my son. He misses me, and I really miss him.”

Tony becomes silent. Throughout the time, he listens to Nikki sob and talk, as

She explains the happiness she had with Sincan Escort her 3-year-old son. She explains to him how she wants to get her life together, and quit getting involved with the wrong kind of people in her life. After talking for 30 minutes, she feels relieved that Tony listened to her story.

“You are such a good listener,” She says, as she gives him a hug.

“I know how you feel,” He replies.

“I don’t mean to be this way. I just needed someone to talk to.” She kisses him gently.

“I understand.”

“You’re gonna be here, for another half hour?”

“Yeah, I gotta take a shower. I’ll probably be 15 minutes.”

She smiles. “Cool. I’ll meet you up there.” She notices a bottle of rum, and a two liter of cola. “You brought some drinks. Cool, I could really use some.”

As he finishes putting some things away, “Go ahead and help yourself. I’m going to take a shower. Just pour me a drink, when I get out.”

“Sure, I’ll make a drink for you.” They kiss. “I’ll see you when you’re done.”

Tony takes his shower. Once he finishes showering, he exits the bathroom, carrying his clothes; returning upstairs to his bedroom, wearing nothing but a long towel wrapped around his waist. When he enters his room, he sees Nikki pouring cola and rum for him. She is wearing a long white t-shirt and black fishnet stockings; with bowties on her thigh-highs. There is hip hop and R gentle smell of perfume gives Tony a real dark craving of lust. He pulls down her thong and places her legs over his shoulders, as he begins to work his tongue on her fold. He works on her with careful consideration, pleasing the very senses she desired. He caresses his tongue around her very secret treasure; as the two hold hands together, causing Nikki to squirm her body in ecstasy. Nikki becomes passionate, as she runs her fingers through his hair, pushing his face in as she grinds him slowly. This goes on for a little while until she climaxes. Her climax grows, as she locks her body in a convulsing state. Tony goes on eating her out, until she becomes ticklish and asks Tony to stop.

Nikki exclaims breathlessly, “You are so good! Oh, take off your towel. I want to return the favor.”

Tony unwraps his towel. Nikki, feeling so aroused, reaches for his cock and takes him into her mouth. She gives off a slow sucking motion around his cock, and works her way down to his balls; while he caresses his fingers through her hair. All the anticipation has made them very hot. Suddenly backs away, lays on her back with her legs spread wide open.

Giving off a sensuous smile, “Put it in. I want to feel you inside of me.”

Tony climbs on top of Nikki and slides his head inside her fold. The sweet mixture of his saliva and her juices has made her pussy feel like soft and velvet-like. Their hips are firmly pressed against each other. Tony gives her short and slow grinds to Nikki. He moves up her bra to work his tongue through her breasts. Then, they exchange deep kisses, as Tony pushes harder and deeper in her. He wraps one of Nikki’s legs over her shoulder and begins to pound her. She gasps and lets off soft moans, digging her nails softly into his back. Their kissing becomes very passionate, that they don’t let go of the lip-locking; the two breathe very heavily at each other.

The two switch positions as they fuck sideways. Tony lies behind her and slides his cock inside her. Nikki’s luscious legs are wrapped around Tony’s, as she is getting pumped by his cock. Tony licks on her neck; while grabbing her tits, and squeezing them firmly. Nikki wraps her arm around Tony’s hair, while she enjoys the pelvic moves that Tony gives her. Tony grinds in her so hard, he grips his other hand over her head, causing his balls to suddenly tense up.

Whispering in excitement, “I’m gonna cum!”

Tony pulls his cock out of Nikki’s snatch and lets off his load all over her legs and pussy. Nikki caresses the head of his penis, as more of his juices drain onto her fingers. Nikki wipes her fingers on herself as she rests her head on Tony’s shoulder.

She caresses her finger on his chest, while Tony plays with her hair, by twirling his finger around.

“You could’ve come inside of me. I’m on the pill.”

Tony chuckles. “If you had told me, I would’ve.”

Nikki smiles and reaches for her something to wipe herself. Tony rises from the bed, and reaches for a pack of cigarettes on the dresser. The two share a cigarette together, as they share a conversation together.

“Thank you for listening to me, earlier.” She takes a puff and continues, “Every time I hear from my son, I get all choked up about it. I get to see him every other weekend.”

“I know what you mean.” He continues, “At least you get to see your son, I haven’t seen my daughter for almost a year. I pay child support, and ask for visitation rights. But my girl won’t let me see my daughter.”

“How Sincan Escort Bayan old is she?”

“Five. I was previously married to a head case, before my last girlfriend. Things didn’t work out between us, so I filed for divorce. At that time, she didn’t want to me to divorce her, so she held out. By the time my daughter turned three, her mother finally gave me the divorce. Plus, she got infuriated when she found out that I was with another woman. She fought tooth and nail to deny me from seeing my daughter.”

“Did you try to fight it?”

“I did. But I was denied those rights when I moved out my ex-girlfriend’s place. I’m looking to get a place, so I may try to get visitation rights again, for my daughter.” He takes a puff, and continues. “I was thinking, when you get off this house arrest, why don’t you move in with me when I get my own place.”

She replied apprehensively, “Really? I don’t know. I won’t have a job right away.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know you can get a job. Not only that, we can get our lives together. I can get visitation rights, and you will get custody of your son again.”

Nikki remains hesitant on the decision, “I’ll have to think about it.”

Accepting rejection with consideration to Nikki’s feelings; he replies, “I understand.”

Nikki comforts him, “Look, don’t think that I don’t want to be with you. I do… I really do. It’s just. This is all out of a blue. I wonder, what if it doesn’t work out.”

Tony nods in disbelief. “You don’t know unless you try. Just take a chance, with me. I’m not like one of those past boyfriends you were with. I want to be with someone like you. There is that something about you that makes me believe we can work it out together. If I get this place, we would both be on our own by the end of the month. And I want you come live with me.”

Nikki smiles, “Thank you.”

Tony rises from the bed, and takes a step to his dresser to get himself a pair of shorts.

She asks, “Where are you going?”

“Downstairs, to get a bowl of ice, stay here. I’ll be back.” He exits the room.

Tony walks down the steps, the kitchen is semi-dark by the time he enters the kitchen. The only place illuminating the kitchen is a night lamp, and the lights from the refrigerator that he opens. He opens one of the cabinet doors to look for a bowl. Nikki, out of nowhere, appears in the illumination of the refrigerator. She is completely naked, except for the stockings she is wearing. The illumination of the refrigerator gives Nikki a sensuous glow. As Tony turns to his side, he is stunned by Nikki’s surprising appearance.

Almost dropping the bowl, he responds, “Jesus! You almost scared me.”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you that you were right. I should go and take a chance. You really feel that way about me?”

“I do.”

She approaches him and kisses him. “Then let’s be together. I’m ready to take that chance with you.”

They exchange a mouth-watering kiss, as Tony places the bowl on the counter. Nikki embraces Tony passionately, when Tony grabs on to her thighs. Nikki backs into the counter, placing her hands over it. As Tony drops his shorts, Nikki stops him.

She whispers, “Wait! I want you to do me doggy-style.”

Nikki turns around; placing one hand over the counter, while she moves her thong strap aside with the other. She awaits for Tony to position himself and slide in her. Tony manages to slide in her with ease, giving her a deep hard thrust. After that first gasp between the two, Tony picks up the pace slamming her. Their intimacy becomes so explosive, they forget about their surroundings, until they heard the door slam from downstairs. Someone has came in from the outside.

Tony; pulling out of Nikki, reacts, “Oh shit!”

Nikki replies “Hurry, in my room!”

Tony pulls up his shorts; he closes the refrigerator door, and then follows Nikki into her room. The sound of the steps grows louder, as the person coming is near. The two barely made it Nikki’s room, without being noticed. From the shaftway of Nikki’s door, the kitchen light illuminates the ground. Someone is in the kitchen working the microwave.

“You think he saw us?” Tony asked.

Nikki replies, “No but he’ll hear us.”

Tony chuckles, “Well, I guess we’ll have to finish here.”

Nikki giggles, “I guess we’re gonna have to.”

They exchange hot kisses, as Tony drops his shorts and pins her to the door; lifting up her legs, as Nikki grabs his harden cock and positions it to her pussy. He slides in her; again, with ease and they fuck passionately. Nikki’s door resonates from the grinds and slams from Tony. Nikki’s moans grow louder; as he hits her g-spot, causing her to cum. She holds on to Tony real tight; letting her body orgasm.

In a matter of minutes, Tony is ready to cum. He asks, “You said you’re on the pill?”

Panting and breathing hard, she answers “Yes! Cum! Cum!”

Tony presses his body deep in her, as he lets out a hard groan and cums inside her. They stand frozen, making out until one of them notices the lights from the kitchen are off. They hear in the background that person from the kitchen has gone into their room.

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