The Helpful Photographer


Hi, I’m Dean. I’m just a generally average guy, 25 years old, living in Los Angeles. I run a photography company – Helpful Photography Co. – that provides your regular photography services to people. Or, that’s how it started out, anyway.

I started the business about three years ago, and it’s been growing ever since. It started out quite innocent. I would post ads on websites like Craigslist, and people would pay me for photo shoots. In the beginning, family and wedding photos were most common. Then, one faithful day, everything changed.

I was on my way to take my first prom photos. A girl’s parents had reached out to me and asked me to shoot their daughter, who had recently turned 18, in her prom dress. I arrived at their house, and the girl greeted me at the door.

“Dean?” she asked. I nodded in response. “Hi! I’m Ashley.”

As I reached the doorway, she shook my hand.

“Pleasure to meet you,” I greeted her.

“Likewise,” she responded with a smile. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

Ashley stepped inside the house, and I followed. Although I didn’t really want to admit it to myself then, she was really hot. A typical sports girl, she had her long, blonde hair tied in a pony tail. She was wearing tight, blue jeans and a white tank top. Her ass was gorgeous! I couldn’t help but stare as she walked in front of me.

“Alright. Make yourself comfortable, I’m just gonna get myself ready. Be right back!”

She walked up the stairs, and I was left in the living room. I sat down in the leather sofa that was standing in front of the TV. Ashley took her time. After a good thirty minutes, I could hear steps coming from the stairs. I turned around to see Ashley – even hotter than before.

She was now wearing a silver dress coated in crystals. It was transparent around her midriff, showing just enough skin to still be considered formal. Her dress was very tight, with beige transparent tulle going down to the floor. She had done her makeup as well – the previously simple look had transformed into a more glamorous one. I felt my boner growing.

“I’m thinking we’ll start outside,” she suggested. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds great. Do you know any nice scenery around here?”

“The view from my balcony is pretty great,” she said. “Follow me.”

She started walking back up the stairs. I grabbed my equipment bag and followed. As we were making our way up, I realized I had been contacted by her parents, but they didn’t seem to be here.

“Aren’t your parents home?” I asked.

“Nope, they’re gone for the weekend. Just me here,” she responded with a laugh.

Ashley led the way to the balcony, which was attached to what I assumed was her bedroom. There was a makeup table in the corner which seemed to get some frequent use. She opened the balcony door and leaned her back against the railing.

“This is it,” she said.

The view was actually stunning. Her parents must have had some money, since their back yard was huge. It was the size of a small forest!

“What a view,” porno izle I told her. “Hang on a moment while I get my camera ready.”

I opened the back and took my DSLR out. As I bent down, I tried to get a glimpse of Ashley’s legs. Man, did they look hot! I adjusted the camera’s focus and was ready to go.

“Do you have any specific poses in mind, Ashley?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she responded.

“Perfect. Just do your thing and I’ll make sure to get some good shots.”

Before I knew it, she was trying every pose imaginable. This was when things started to confuse me. Ashley started lifting a leg at a time, which flashed her panties to the camera. Then, she stuck a hand under her dress and pulled the top of it down, exposing her black lace bra.

“Do you like this, Dean?” she said, while squeezing her tits through the bra. They were average-sized, about a 32B if he were to guess.

“Umm… Yeah,” I tried to respond. I couldn’t get a proper word out of my mouth, but she seemed to take the tent in my pants as confirmation.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” Ashley said. She took my hand and led me back inside. Well inside, she pushed me down on her bed.

“Dean, I need to tell you a couple of things,” she spoke, while walking around in circles. “One, I’ve already taken my prom pics. Two, I want you to keep taking photos of me. I’ve always wanted to take some sexy pics for my boyfriend, so here’s what we’re gonna do.”

Nothing could have prepared me for what she said next:

“We’re gonna fuck, and you’re gonna keep taking photos.”

Ashley didn’t wait for a response before climbing on top of me. She sat down on my boner, and bent down towards my face.

“Sound good?”

Again, she didn’t wait for a response. And I frankly didn’t mind. I wrapped my arms around her and we started making out. She reached behind her back, and unzipped her dress. I broke the kiss to let her take it off.

“Thanks, baby,” Ashley said and gave me a kiss. She stood up and removed her dress.

Under it, she was wearing a matching set of black lace underwear: a thong, and what seemed to be a push-up bra. Either that, or her tits were fake. I was about to find out, as she pulled her bra straps down from her shoulders.

“Come here, Dean.”

I did as she said, and walked over to her. She guided my hands behind her back, to her bra. I unclipped it and she let it fall to the floor. Turns out, Ashley had had a boob job. Her tits had an incredibly round shape.

“Go get that camera,” she reminded me.

I took some pictures of her as she squeezed her tits together. Deciding it was my turn to squeeze, I put down the camera. I picked her up by her ass and lifted her over to the bed. She laid down, and stretched her back out. I started playing with her tits. As I squeezed and slapped them, she moved one hand down to her pussy and started rubbing around it.

“We’ve gotta be quick, baby,” she suddenly interrupted. “My boyfriend’s gonna be here in an hour, and I’ve gotta be cleaned up by then. Get porno your dick out.”

I obliged. We both stood up, and I took my pants off. My dick was no exception to my averageness, standing about six inches long. Ashley didn’t seem to mind, and kneeled down in front of me. She didn’t waste any time, and put it in her mouth right away.

I wasn’t prepared for the sudden sting of pleasure, and almost lost my balance. I was used to girls doing a bit more teasing. Ashley seemed to know what she was doing, though, and used her teeth to make it feel even better. She kept one hand inside her panties and the other one playing with my balls.

Before I knew it, she started deepthroating. I hurried to get the camera. Ashley looked up towards me and into the camera, as I shot some pictures of her devouring my cock. I could feel myself nearing orgasm, but fortunately I could usually cum twice in a row without any rest inbetween.

“Ashley, I’m gonna cum,” I managed to stutter.

She didn’t say a word, but instead took my dick out of her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and aimed my cock down her throat. I made sure to take some pictures of this, as well. Nothing happened, and Ashley started jerking me off. This did the trick.

I shot a big load of cum into her mouth, as she kept jerking me off. Some drops missed and ended up on her face. Ashley greedily licked all of it up, and then opened her mouth. She showed her tongue to the camera before swallowing it.

“Fuck, you’re still hard,” she panted. “We’re gonna need to bring out the big guns, I reckon.”

She got up and pulled her panties down. I couldn’t contain myself, and pushed her down onto the bed. Ashley laid on her back and put her legs together up into the air. She let her hands dig in to her ass cheeks, giving them a plushy appearance.

“Come on then,” she teased me.

Remembering that I was actually being paid to do this, I immediately slipped my cock inside her wet pussy. Ashley moaned. I pulled out a couple of times, before going back in again. The teasing seemed to drive her crazy, and she started biting her lip. I started increasing the intensity; pulling out before shoving my dick as far in as I could. Ashley almost screamed every time, but kept a smile on her face. She didn’t seem to mind, and I instead reached for the camera to take some pictures.

Ashley put an arm around her tits, pushing them further up her chest. I started upping the tempo of my thrusts, which in turn increased the volume of Ashley’s moans. I remembered that we had to get this over with as quickly as possible and pulled out.

“Hey!” Ashley complained.

“I need a better view of your ass,” I said and pointed to the camera.

Ashley smirked. It looked like she had an idea.

“Alright, baby.”

She turned around to her stomach, and scooted further up the bed.

“How about this?” she asked, while sticking her ass out.

“Absolutely perfect.”

I put my knees on each side of her, and shoved my cock back inside. Ashley arched her back up. rokettube I took the opportunity to play with her tits. They were incredibly firm, and I could only imagine why a high school senior would get implants. Her boobs must’ve been microscopic before! Her moans started turning to heavy breathing, and could see her getting tense. A sure sign of a looming orgasm.

Ashley’s things started shaking, which made her big ass wiggle. The angle was stunning and I took a few more pictures. I felt her pussy squeeze my dick, and I started fucking her even harder than before. I was about to cum again, but decided to hold it in until Ashley could take it on her face. I pulled out as soon as her pussy had calmed down.

“Get down here, Ashley,” I said.

Still slightly shaken from her orgasm, Ashley managed to hurry down in front of my cock as i started shooting. I aimed at her face, but let a couple of shots land on her perfect tits as well. She let the jizz in her mouth drop down across her chin and on to her tits. The total amount was quite substantial, and Ashley seemed impressed.

“Holy shit, what a load,” she remarked while catching her breath. I was busy taking pictures as she started licking my cock clean. When she had finished, she took a step back.

“Alright, get some shots of me by myself.”

I kneeled down in front of her, and she started squeezing her tits together. She struck a couple of different poses, almost getting me hard again. But I knew there wouldn’t be time for another round and decided to keep that to myself.

Ashley seemed to feel like she was finished, and started scooping my cum into her mouth.

“Thanks, Dean,” she said. “There’s fifty dollars on the living room table downstairs, help yourself. I’ve gotta clean myself up.”

“I think I should be the one thanking you, Ashley,” i joked.

I put my clothes on again, took the payment and left the house. On my drive home, I realized how I could develop my business idea. There must be tons of people like Ashley, who want to take nude pictures but are simply too afraid to ask. There are of course nude photographers, but they tend to cost a lot more than a young guy just trying to make a living.

When I returned to the office, I sent the pictures to Ashley. I’ve got to admit, I would mind fucking her again. After that, I decided to update my website. I tried to be a bit vague in what I really offered: “Are you looking to take your photo collection in a new direction? If so, Helpful Photography, Co. has the photographers for you!”

Well, it seems the word gets around pretty fast. Ashley had apparently recommended me to some of her friends, who wanted the same experience as she had. I was happy to do it, since they even paid me. As of today, I have pretty much fucked my way through the entire city’s cheerleading teams.

One of these girls knew somebody who was some kind of a celebrity. She wanted the regular service as the other girls, but I had never even heard her name. I declined and instead sent my information – as vague as possible – to celebrities I actually knew of. I reached out to some of the most popular YouTube channels, as well as the hottest actresses in my favorite TV-shows.

Now, all I can do is hope for an answer.

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