The House Guest


They sat down for dinner, just as they did every night. She had carefully prepared a meal that fit all his expectations – low sodium, low carbohydrate, high protein. When he sat down at the table, he instantly turned to his paper, reading through the sports and the news as he took quick, hefty bites. The woman ate a bit more slowly, twirling her fork in the air as she looked at the man before her.

“So… how was work?” She asked, hoping to start a conversation.

He shrugged. “It was work.”

“Nothing fun happened, or new?”

“Nope,” he scraped up the remainder of the food on his plate, tossed down his paper and went to get seconds. She looked at his muscular back as he walked away from the table, wondering if it was his physique that distracted her from the person he truly was before they had wed. She let out a sigh.

“Well… care to hear how Evelynne’s day was?” Placing a particularly exasperated tone on her name, her husband eyed her over his shoulder.

“Sure, Evelynne, how was your day?”

She smiled. “It was okay! My Microeconomics course is very challenging, but I’m excited at the knowledge that I’m getting closer and closer to getting my degree, which means I’m learning more and more complex things.

“And Rosie was a good girl today,” she added, nodding to their dozing pup. “We went for a walk and then afterwards I did yoga. I think I’m starting to really get flexible-“

“That’s great,” he said, emotionlessly, eating his second helping over the sink in the kitchen before tossing his plate down. Evelynne pursed her lips sadly, knowing whenever he cut her off like that it meant he wasn’t listening in the first place. As he walked back to the kitchen, he grabbed his paper and his coffee and headed to the couch, where he would sit in silence for the rest of the evening. This time, however, he stopped and looked at his wife.

“Oh, do you remember John?” The question surprised her. Of course she remembered John – it was her husband’s coworker. They had spent a lot of time with him before he had been reassigned to a different country, and she had noticed his eyes always lingered on her. When they had gone out for drinks his last night in town, Evelynne had challenged his eye contact – a way of saying ‘I see you, I know you’ – but John had held her gaze; ‘I know, I want you.’ The thought of it made her shiver.

“I remember John.”

“Well, he needs a place to stay – he will be in town tomorrow, and I said he could stay here.”

“Kevin!” Evelynne exclaimed, tossing down her napkin. “That makes me uncomfortable! I have to get the house ready in one xnxx day? You know I have school, and I work on Tuesdays. Where will he sleep? We don’t even have guest linens.”

“He can use my old comforter from my hot and heavy sex days,” Kevin said with a smirk, feigning an apologetic grimace as his wife parted her lips in hurt shock. “Sorry. He’ll be fine, though.”

With that, he strode off to his usual spot, and didn’t say another word. Evelynne excused herself to bed early, going to their largely mirrored bathroom and taking off her clothes. Her hands roamed over her toned, delicious skin. She was pale, a cool drink of milk with curves and ridges all over her body. The woman had spent the better part of the last two years forming her body through cardio and weight training. All of her hard work had awarded her strong arms that gave way to softly sloping shoulders, leading to a perfectly elegant neck.

She was still very young, and her breasts were perky and full on her chest, a hint of her ribcage showing through between them – only to give way to well defined ab lines that curved into a tight waist. Evelynne let her fingers trail down her wide, full hips, across her juicy ass, and down her strong, thick thighs, until her fingers found her sex. The pink flesh was already wet with the thoughts of how John had looked at her on their last meeting, and she let her mind wander to seeing him the next night. Would he look at her the same way? How long had it been since someone had looked at her like that?

Nimbly, Evelynne’s fingers stroked her moist sex. Her clit longed for the feel of a sexual touch and swelled with want as she watched herself in the mirrors. A wet desire began to cover her hands as she rubbed her clit up and down, softly kneading at first but soon letting need win over. Hot juice lathered against her soft flesh as a gentle moan escaped wet lips. Weak knees led her back against the mirrors, pressing her full ass against the wall. Unable to resist, Evelynne used her other hand to vigorously finger herself. The finger rubbed strongly against her most sensitive spots insider her incredibly wet sex, soft honey running down her fingers as she bit her lip to stifle a moan – fingers rapidly working over the flesh and bringing her to orgasm as her body shook with relief. Evelynne slid to the ground, staring at herself in the mirror, smiling with flushed cheeks before heading off to bed.


“You are too funny when you drink!” They all shared a boisterous laugh as the three of them stumbled through the front door. Clumsily, they kicked off their shoes and made their brazzers way into the living room. Both gentlemen began joking with one another while Evelynne showed their pup some much needed love.

Kevin gestured towards the guest bedroom behind John’s back, suggested that she get his bed ready for him. “I’m going to take Rosie for a walk,” her husband declared, grabbing the leash. “You drink some water and go to bed, John, we kept you out far too late.” John released a big yawn accompanied by a nod.

As soon as she had helped her husband leash their pup, Evelynne scurried off to get their house guest an extra blanket and pillow. The alcohol that they had all consumed in an air of laughter and joy in their reuniting left her feeling warm all over. Tossing a pillow onto the guest bed, she turned as the sound of footsteps came to her attention.

“There you go, John,” Evelynne said, offering a relaxed smile to their house guest. “There’s an extra pillow in case you get cold, it can get kind of chilly on the first floor at night.”

“Awesome, thank you so much,” he ran his hand over the blanket she had left folded on the end of the bed. “Sorry to have to put you on the spot like this.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” she shrugged. “I’m glad we could see you while you were in town.”

He nodded, holding her gaze. She felt her smile falter slightly, her mind full of thoughts from the night they had just spent. John’s wandering eyes had fallen over the snug dress she had chosen for the evening, and she had reveled in the attention that was right under her ignorant husband’s nose. Now, standing in their guest bedroom, she saw that his desire for the evening had welled up inside of him. The silence grew between them with an incredible weight. Try as she might to think of something to say, her lips wouldn’t move.

Whether it was the alcohol that had made him so bold, or just the tension of the evening, he took a brazen step towards her and placed a hand on her waist. Evelynne’s heart felt like it was going to burst out of her chest, pounding against her ribcage with thirsty fervor. When he placed a hand against her cheek, she jumped slightly, and his eyes filled with question.

“Do you…”

“Yes,” Evelynne barely got the word out before his lips were on hers with hot, fiery need. Her body melted against his as his tongue parted her lips and explored her wet mouth. Hands pressed against her soft curves, tugging her dress up and her thong down to her knees. She returned his kiss, tearing at his belt and pushing his pants down.

Caught up in the moment, he picked her up and pushed sikiş izle her back against the wall. Evelynne wrapped her legs around him as he freed his member, long and hard as hot stone. John pressed it against her sex, rubbing her clit with his head until it was soaked in her juices. As she moaned into his mouth, he couldn’t control himself any longer, and plunged his throbbing cock into her tight, juicy pussy. She could feel her flesh stretching to accommodate his velvet sex, which pumped with a heavy passion into her pulsating hole. Their kisses became frantic and he put his hands on her hips – letting her lean back against the wall as he fucked her, squeezing her delicious hips in his hands and watching her supple breasts bounce back with every thrust. Her quiet moans were enough to drive the man insane, watching her press her head back against the wall and bite her lip to stifle yet another moan as wave after wave of orgasm hit her.

He put a thumb down, rubbing her clit in motion with his thrusts, watching as orgasms rippled through her toned stomach and across the back of her neck. Every moment felt incredible for Evelynne, the waves of pleasure coursing through every inch of her as he pumped every inch of himself into her over and over again. John squeezed one of her breasts as it came loose from her dress, pressing against her hard nipple his rough hands.

However, they were running out of time, and they both knew it. As she came another time, John pulled her off of his throbbing cock, and she dropped to her knees. In a dizzy state, hair wild and eyes glassy, she took his member into her mouth. Lips gentle but tongue demanding, she stroked the head of his cock – taking care to massage the flesh all over with her moist tongue. Her hand used the milk of her sex that remained on him from her many orgasms to begin stroking his length. Her gripped her by the back of her hair, turning her head up so that she was looking at him. Up and down her hands moved, jerking him off as she sucked against his head – harder and harder until he grunted loudly, filling her mouth with his hot, white reward. It spilled out of her mouth and down her chin, covering her in a frothy, white drool as she swallowed the remaining reward in her mouth.

They both breathed heavily, caught up in their orgasms, trying to calm themselves. The door down the hallway opened. Her husband returned with their dog. Sparing a glance to John, Evelynne clutched her dress to herself, and left him. She lightly stepped through the adjoining room and into the bathroom. Quickly, she started a shower, dropped her clothes and stepped in. Her pussy ached from being stretched and stung lightly as the warm water poured over her. She could still taste John’s cum in her mouth, and as she looked at her flustered appearance in the mirror, she smiled.

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