The Interview Ch. 03


“How did you DO THAT?!!?!” came her voice when she finally found it. “It was like you suddenly turned on a small vibrator!

“Babe, I found that out by accident the first time I did it. I had been finding out where all the major nerve endings are for a girl and had decided to try it with a girl who is now my ex. But with her, I just kept going while attacking her clit and her outside G spot.” I paused for effect. “Kase, I made that girl squirt and she told me I was the first guy to figure out how to do it.

“OMG!” were the words from Ronnie when I told her I knew how to get a girl to squirt. Then she says, “When I gave you that hot lil’ deal at the library, I didn’t have a clue you could get me so hot so quick. Since you know what you’re doing, keep going!” With that said, she dropped her head back down and moaned again.

With the permission that I was looking for, I grabbed the biggest cushion I could find and then asked her to lift her hips. When she did, I put the cushion underneath. With the extra lift in place, (but not uncomfortable for her) I lowered my lips to her lips again. From the buzz earlier still in her nerves, I sank my mouth between her lips and then I did another stunner. Resting my buck teeth on the little “gate” between the bottom of the clit and the top of the pussy, I put my tongue into her as far as I could reach. Then, I made a sucking sound. Air from outside my mouth was forced in through her lips. Certain parts were suddenly colder than the rest and by inhaling, I had caused her lips to buzz against my cheeks. With my tongue extended, I was rewarded by a mini orgasm. I began to lick up the first of her juices, but I knew this wasn’t the end. I was just getting started. And, so was she.

Savoring her labias like chocolate milk, I licked them. I sucked on them between my tongue and teeth. I very lightly nipped them. With each action, a mewling sound came from. I so wanted to penetrate her right then an there, but as hot as she was in temperature, I wanted her still hotter. After a moment of enjoying both labias, I moved to her clit. Her moaning told me I was going the right way.

Her clitoris was red, moist and waiting for me. At first I lay my tongue flat against the hood and then moved my tongue in circular motions. No response, so I hummed a bit. She seemed to struggle not to react. “Time to pull out the ol’ buzzer,” I said just loud enough for her hearing to catch it. Placing my lips just so, I buzzed my lips while right on top of her clit. At the same time, my left thumb hit her pea-sized “U” spot with a sideways motion and my right index, middle, and ring finger dove into her pussy. The triple attack was only underway and I saw her back arch with pleasure. Not letting up for one minute, I continued buzzing, rubbing with my left thumb and turning my right hand slightly so that it seemed as though a broad cock were thrusting into her.

I lifted my lips away from her clit and with my right thumb, began to press down on it and rub into alternating circles. At the same time, my tongue ventured from her groin to her stomach. Exploring her belly button for a moment, I continued on up. My left thumb that had been massaging her labias stopped and went in front of my head to push the shirt out of the way. At some point, she had removed her bra, but her shirt still covered her breasts.

Kissing and licking my way upward, I reached the valley between her stomach and breasts. I blew on her stomach as I have done with my two ex’s. Both of them would shriek with laughter and I wanted to see if Ronnie would do the same.

“Stop! Don’t do that! I’m horribly ticklish right there!” came her desperate command between fits of laughter. Her laughter closed the canal where my fingers were and I slowed my attack. “Nooo, keep going,” she moaned.

“I’ll do you one better,” I growled, as my fingers slowly exited from her pussy. By now she was very wet and if she had an idea what I was about to do, she didn’t let on. As it was, I sunk my very ridged, very ready cock into her hot red pussy and was rewarded with a great sigh of pleasure.

“If you come inside me you better be ready for the consequences,” she said in a tone of warning. Heeding the tone, I stayed in her for a moment longer before withdrawing. I was unprepared then, when her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me back into her. “The consequences,” she continued with a fiendish grin, “is that I would want you to go much longer after you’ve exploded.”

“You bitch,” I growled at her. Her brows rose in shock and her mouth dropped open. I took that moment to rock on my knees, and plunge into her quickly. At the same time, my mouth dropped on hers while I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Any and all protests were stopped at the hilt. I took her head in my hands and kissed her hard while thrusting equally hard into her. Then, I moved my head down to her right breast and swirled my tongue around her nipple. A moan from her lips seemed considerably porno 64 louder than when I was at her pussy. Then while my fingers were massaging her areola, I moved to her left nipple and did the same with it. Returning to her mouth, I sucked on her top lip, her bottom lip, quickly licked the tip of her nose, before returning to a “quarreling tongue” kiss.

When I released, I also backed out of her pussy. “Roll over.” The words came out of me in a low growl. It seemed she enjoyed being told what to do. With a quick twist of her body, she maneuvered until her stomach and breasts were against the couch. I slid the cushion further towards her breasts and then entered her again from behind. Now it was all about depth.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and proceeded to pound her ass with my thighs. Abruptly, I pulled out and made her roll her back towards the back of the couch. With her ass perpendicular to mine, I thrust forward again. Now, I was still upright, but she was horizontal. With each thrust, the head of my cock hit her G spot coming and going. Her protests for being rolled ended as she was being assailed by waves of ecstasy.

Leaning forward, my chest was against her right shoulder. I curled over her shoulder and began to nibble on her ear. The G spot attack was one thing, but at the same time, my cock was thrusting deep within her and hitting her deep spot. It turned out to be a wave much higher than she had ever ridden. With a cry that started as a mew and ended in a crying moan, her pussy tightened around my cock. At about the same time I exploded into her. Two long spurts of cream thudded into her love chamber. Just as she was coming down off of the sexual high, I reached down and added the final ingredient. With a practiced hand, my still wet right hand index finger and middle finger found her clit and began to rub over it very fast. Almost to the point of buzzing. The initial orgasm returned with a tidal wave and with her abdominal muscles clenched, Ronnie had no choice but submit to the wave of pressure downward.

Although it felt to her as though she were peeing, the sudden gush of liquid from her clit was most definitely not urine. I was faintly disappointed for having to replace a couch because of not being ready with some sort of plastic, I was very pleased at my success.

I slowly withdrew my cock from her heaving pussy and then settled onto the couch behind her. My hips curved easily around hers and she nestled her body against mine. I simply enjoyed the feeling of her warm skin against mine. Finally she turned her head and I noticed how beautiful her brown eyes were against the flushed cheeks of sexual passion.

“Why didn’t you fuck me when you thought I was sleeping?” Ronnie asked when she trusted her voice to work. I leaned forward and pressed my lips into her cheek for a moment before answering.

“I’ve done it only once or twice before,” I said as I lifted my very wet right hand from where it had been drenched. I sucked the liquid from my thumb, index and middle finger. Then I brought my hand up to her mouth and watched as she tentatively tasted the droplet on my pinky before opening her mouth wider and engulfing my ring and pinky finger. The first time I attacked a sleeping woman was my first girl and the reason she was out was because she had taken sleeping pills. The second time was my second girl and the reason she was out was because I had fucked her for four hours before she went to sleep.

“FOUR HOURS?!?!” asked Ronnie in astonishment! “You can go for four hours?” She turned to look at me in the new light of the revelation.

“Well, considering the circumstances. I had consumed somewhere between one or two liters of Mountain Dew. I’d had some coffee from the college I was attending. It was a warm night. And I had just discovered my girl had cheated on me with the father of her twin boys. I wasn’t really angry with her. But, I wanted to show her that if she needed sex, I could most definitely give sex to her. Even though I quickly ran out of cum, I didn’t run out of energy for a good four hours. And then, I allowed her to sleep only because she was almost dead on her feet.” I paused and reached down between the two couches where I had stashed the SOBE drinks.

Ronnie’s eyes brightened as she saw the drink I placed in front of her. “My favorite!! How did you know?” Turning to face me she kissed me deeply before releasing and guzzling on the Banana/Strawberry that I had handed her.

Reaching down between the couches again, I pulled out my own. “Your favorite is my favorite,” I said with a grin. I popped the top and drank deeply of the container. With it half empty, I replaced the cap and put it back onto the floor. Then I continued. “After two hours of sleep, I got up and fed her twins cereal. Returning to her bedroom, I noted that she was till fast asleep, but still very naked. Without her really knowing what was going on, I shoved my cock into her porno izle pussy, which wasn’t all that wet, and resumed another two hours of fucking her.

“I think it goes without saying it, but she learned her lesson. All my energy expended, I slept for a good 5 hours. But because she had been the target into which I had put all my energy, she slept for another 7 hours before waking up. The next night was her night and she rode me for a while. I even fell asleep on her, but my cock stayed hard as fuck.”

Ronnie finished her drink and then tossed the empty bottle onto the other couch. Propping herself up on her left elbow, she turned and looked at me for a moment. Then she said, “I have seriously underestimated you.” A look of confusion and then she asked, “How many questions did I ask you?”

“Three,” I answered without thought. “Do you have more, or did I fuck them out of your head?” She laughed out loud and I took pleasure in the sound of it. She shifted from laying on her side to back on her back. I leaned back to my knees and allowed her right foot to lay alongside the back of the couch before settling myself down between her thighs again. My cock wasn’t completely hard and only halfway penetrated her before stopping.

“Considering your cock wasn’t doing all that stuff to my head, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been fucked out.” She opened her thighs for me a bit more and then realized I wasn’t moving.

“A head fuck can be arranged,” I said with a wink. Then I leaned forward and gave her a small hickey below her ear. “You can choose to wear turtlenecks or display that one proudly.. Then I untangled myself from her body and sat on the other couch. “The remaining seven questions await,” I said as I watched her naked body with a fascinated gaze.

Ronnie watched my deflating cock with some interest. As she watched, she licked her lips and was amused to see it bob upwards in response. Then she said, “Ok, fourth question. Considering that you’ve written all these stories, can you separate fact from fiction? I mean, are there stories that you’ve written that could be both or are they just fantasy?”

“There are at least three that are personal accounts,” I replied. “There is one that could follow the genre of the American Pie movies and if it were made into a movie, it’d probably be a fan-based movie of the first or second American Pie movies. That particular story is ironically, the lowest rated one on Literotica.

“Fifth question,” said Ronnie without waiting for another sentence..almost as if she was bored with the last answer. “Where do you see yourself going from here: erotica author all the way or is there something else that holds your attention most of the time?”

“First off, I’m a musician,” I replied. “Music is my passion. It’s what drives me to always do better on a day to day basis. I play the piano, guitar, and bass guitar. I have a few compositions on SoundCloud. There was a site that I’d had a lot of good piano compositions on and then the servers crashed. That was a good 7 years ago and I’m slowly getting them back from being stuck in my memories.

“Secondly, I’m a poet. I’ve only written one poem that is erotic and one that is non-erotic. I find it more difficult to get into erotica in poetry. Unless I have a way of purposely misspelling words so that they still retain their meaning, it’ll do. But,” I added with a grin, “I HATE to see the red squiggly lines under a word that is supposedly misspelled when I know what I was trying to write.” I sat back and observed the rise and fall of her breasts with each breath that she took. It was almost hypnotizing.

Noticing my gaze wasn’t in her eyes, Ronnie deliberately crossed her arms over her boobs and stuck her tongue out at me. In a flash, I moved from my seated position and pounced on her. With a squeal she tried to move out of the way, but I was too quick. I didn’t much care (at that point) that her arms were crossed over her nipples. She had maintained the ‘thighs open’ position and with an aroused cock (because of her tongue thrust at me), I slid into her pussy and began to slow fuck her.

At first, she resisted until I began to nuzzle her neck, and alternate between nuzzling and kissing. I went for her earlobes, sucking first the left lobe into my mouth. I tried to time my ear attacks to my hip thrusts, but she was responding to my thrusting by moving her own hips. The combination of my hips moving in and out and hers moving side to side caused me to lose my concentration quicker. Even though I’d already come twice for her that day, my explosion was more than mild. With a groan and a growl, I exploded in her pussy a second time.

As soon as my heart stopped pounding in my chest, I slowly pushed myself off and out of her. “If you don’t mind, I have something to clean up,” I said with an impish grin. I lowered my head to go downtown, but I was stopped by her hand.

“No sir! You’re going to leave that inside. I sex izle rather like the feeling of a guy’s efforts dripping out of me and down over my ass. You wanna join me later in the shower, you can do that. But, I don’t like it when a guy thinks he has to clean up after himself after he’s been loving on me.” Ronnie would not remove her hand, so I had to sit back. As I was sitting back and getting ready to wipe my cock on the blankets, she made an outcry again. “NO SIR! You’ve been teasing me with that wand of yours and now you want to keep me from having a little fun.”

Before I had a chance to open my mouth in mock protest, Ronnie moved forward with an almost liquid motion. Just the way that her body language portrayed dominance, I was awed. Without further ado, she settled her mouth tortuously slow onto my cock. Her lips formed an “O” as her tongue formed a shallow “U”. The bottom of my cock was cupped by her erotic tongue while her teeth grazed the top of my cock. She lowered her head down, down, down..while my cock rose higher and higher till I felt her tonsils touching the cock head. Noting with a bit of astonishment that she wasn’t gagging, I finally succumbed to the waves of endorphins. Zoloft was SHIT compared to the feelings of exhilaration that Ronnie caused to fly through me faster than a speeding bullet!

After thoroughly cleaning my cock and teasing me with her skills, she stopped her oral ministrations and looked me in the eye. “Ever wanted to titty fuck me? If I can tell you’re lying, I’m going to pinch you where it’ll hurt!” As she waited for an answer, she cradled my testicles in her hands with her thumbs poised to inflict pain that would have filled my vision with blinding stars.

“Ronnie, I’ll part with my balls before I deny that lie. If you squeeze the life out of those cum-producers, you’ll never get another yummy dessert again..or any OTHER girl for that matter!” I could not have pulled away because she was already poised for the ‘kill’. As it was, she believed my desperate plea for mercy and simply pressed a little to enforce the warning before she delicately kissed both of them. Then, as I lay back to make room for her, she enveloped my cock between her warm breasts. The heat of my cock and the heat of her moving slowing up and down caused her breasts to go from “warm” to “sauna hot”. Every other time that the head of my cock emerged from between her mammaries, Ronnie would bend her head and kiss my cock with her moist lips. It was like a massage that was also a bit of erotic torture. At one point, my skin began to be less moist than her lips. Noting that ‘problem’, she stopped her breast movement and lowered her head to once again coat my cock with her tongue. Satisfied that it was wet enough, she continued her titty fucking.

“Here girl, let me show you how it’s done,” I said getting somewhat impatient because she could not move fast enough for me. Ronnie willingly shifted so that she was on her back. I straddled her stomach and then with my cock nestled comfortably between her boobs, began to thrust. My movements caused my hips to slap her stomach, but not in a rough manner. If I would have had a “clap on- clap off” light, it probably would have looked like a titty fuck in a strobe light.

As though I were riding a bucking bronco or bull, I reached around behind me and hung onto the rope. Only, in this case, the rope was not a literal rope. Rather, it was her twat. With my right hand, I used my index and middle finger to stroke her G spot and my thumb to rub over her clit hood. Now it was even. I was sensually massaging as many nerve endings on her as she was on me. It would seem that she would have had the head start since she had started the titty fuck before me. But since women don’t cool off sexually as rapidly as men do, she was still hot and slowly dripping.

I didn’t last long. Methinks the majority of women fail to realize just how sensual their lips are. It would be the equivalent of a woman who is on the verge of an orgasm to attempt to add a bunny vibrator while riding a motorcycle. However, since I had just had an orgasm no more than a half hour ago, my liquid output was minimal. It seemed that Ronnie however, was trying to milk me to the last drop. As I rose to my peak, I felt my eyelids roll. As soon as I could focus, I dug into her pussy and ‘twanged’ her G spot in an effort to return the favor. Her orgasm was so full, she did what she had not yet done that day — she wet my palm with a squirt…and bucked me off of her!

It took a moment for us to both regain our calm breathing. I reached over and emptied my SOBE drink. As I brought my eyes back down to hers, I noticed that she was looking longingly at my empty container. Remembering that she had emptied hers earlier, I stood and padded butt nekkid to the kitchenette. She heard me open the fridge’ and then her eyes lit up as she discovered another pair of SOBE’s.

“Are you ready to continue your questions,” I asked as I handed her a cold Strawberry/Banana flavor. She popped the top, inhaled the scent, and then downed half of the container before nodding.

“Where was I?” she asked as she tried to remember her count.

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