The Jogger


Walking down the aisle in a drug store on a Saturday morning, he thought he saw an illusion, the girl he always saw jogging while he drove home from work. She breezed past the aisle he was in and kept going.

She was tall, slender and usually wore spandex leggings that made her legs and ass look fantastic as she jogged. That sweet, naive face was framed with long brown hair that was usually held back by a scrunchy that matched the color of her leggings.

His favorite days seeing her jog were the ones where she wore the red leggings, which made her lower body look fantastic. He had never got a real good glimpse of her torso area as, even in the heat of summer, she usually wore a windbreaker.

Curious, he maneuvered his cart of bathroom supplies toward where she had been headed. Two aisles over, he spotted her looking at shampoo.

“Is any of this stuff any good,” he asked, absent-mindedly picking up a bottle of what turned out to be a woman’s shampoo. With a shaved head, on retrospect, he had to admit he looked pretty suspicious.

She just laughed and said, “I wish I knew.”

“My name is Dave,” he said.

She answered, “I’m Carrie.”

After about five minutes of chatting where he found out she was just turned 21 and attending a local college, she said, “is there a number I can reach you at?”

He said, “Yeah, I have a house just off the beach a couple blocks away.”

Excited, she said, “Oh really? I jog by all those beach houses all the time. I would love to see the inside of one.”

Dave offered the invitation for any time.

Carrie said, “How about now?”

By now, his heart was racing. He hadn’t been with a woman in ages, with work sapping most of his energy.

Carrie wasn’t xnxx decked out in her usual running attire on this morning, instead wearing a pair of baggy sweats, a sweatshirt with arms and neck hole cut out, a tank top and what he could make out to be a lime green sports bra.

When they got to his house a few minutes later after a car ride that turned very flirtatious, he asked if she wanted something to drink. She said wine would be fine and he went off to get it.

She made herself comfortable on the back deck, looking over the lake about 250 yards below. He set the wine next to her on the railing and said, “Quite a view, eh?”

She turned her head and looked down at his crotch, which revealed an erection that had to be meant for her, and said, “The view is getting better.”

He blushed, but set down his wine and grabbed her in his arms. After a moment’s hesitation, he reached in and kissed her lips with her gasping upon the first contact. After locking lips and running his fingers through her soft hair, which was free of its usual pony tail, he spun her around and hugged her from behind.

She grinded her backside into his crotch and he let one hand slip into the front band of her sweat pants.

As he reached down across her hairy mound, he found she was going commando. His cock straining against his pants and her ass rubbing against him, his middle finger finally found her clit. She moaned upon that first touch and threw her head back.

Within minutes, she was orgasming on his back deck, coating his hand in her juices.

When she caught her breath and footing, he twirled her to face him and she jumped into his arms, straddling his waist.

She said, “I haven’t seen the house yet. Are there any brazzers bedrooms?”

“Three,” he said, thinking to himself he lived pretty good for a 35-year-old bachelor.

“Let me see one,” she said.

He led her by the hand to his master suite, about 400 square feet with a 60-inch flat-screen television and a king-size bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and started taking off her sweatshirt as he sat watching. After removing the tank top and sports bra, his first glimpse of her torso revealed a set of strong abs that weren’t too muscular and a pair of breasts that, while on the smallish side, were perfectly round and had nice, pert pink nipples just begging to be sucked upon.

“It’s your turn,” she said. “Take your shirt off.”

He did and stepped toward her, reaching his left hand down to touch her breast. Firm.

As he did that, she started unzipping his pants, revealing a pair of plaid boxer shorts that were straining from the pressure from his cock.

In one move, she pulled down his pants and boxers and was staring straight at his crotch.

She moved one of her soft, delicate hands to his cock and wrapped it, taking his balls in her other hand.

Her lips gravitated toward his cock and she licked around his head for a while before she started licking up and down the shaft. Playing with her breasts while he stood before her receiving the best head of his life, she engulfed his cock with her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. It didn’t take long for him to lose his load, spraying the back of her throat with his cum, which she licked from her chin as it dribbled out.

With that, he picked her up from the bed and yanked her sweat pants down in one motion, revealing that incredible sikiş izle ass and toned legs he had often dreamed about.

He sat her back down on the edge of the bed and knelt down between her legs, bringing his mouth to her pussy mound.

He started by licking the outside of her folds before he found her clit and went to work, alternating darting his tongue into her pussy and on her clit.

As he brought her closer and closer to her second orgasm, he reached behind her, grabbing her ass and grinding her crotch even further into his face. She was laying back by this time, moaning and screaming in pleasure before cumming all over his face.

He crawled into the bed next to her and as his dangling cock rubbed against her thigh, they both could feel it getting hard again.

He moved over her and she reached her hand down to guide his cock into her pussy. At first, he moved it in slowly, her tight pussy warming up to his thick 8 inches at her pace. He would later find out this was just the second time she had been with a man and her first wasn’t nearly that big.

By the time his cock was fully inside her, he felt her come on his dick again and she screamed, “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

He did and she bucked, scratched his back, wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and screamed like a sailor, coaxing him to shoot what he figured was probably the biggest load of his life.

Spent, he rolled off top of her and spooned her, with his cock resting against that irresistible bum of hers.

They both nodded off for a nap that would last more than three hours.

When they woke up and he had made her a light linner (lunch/dinner) in the late afternoon, they made love three more times that evening. She ended up spending the weekend, with him taking her on an extravagant shopping trip on Sunday afternoon so she would have clothes to stay at his place, and she has added a new cardio routine to her evening jogs.

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