The Loving Husband Ch. 24


The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help.

This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college, and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, Ann decided that with the kids getting older, that we needed to pull back. We did. There was one last fling with Anita and Bob, with Jo acting as my stand-in wife. But things went to a more standard monogamous relationship.


Ann and I were sitting alone on the back deck and relaxing, not talking, when Ann did as she did the last time, she brought our recent lifestyle up out of the blue. It had been six months since she last did it. That was when she decided that we should pull back and I shouldn’t be fucking other women.

“I wanted to ask you about our situation with you and other women.”

“There aren’t any now.” I leaned back and relaxed, remembering some of the good fucks I had.

“I know. But I can change my mind, can’t I?”

I looked up at her. “Yes, of course. Are you changing your mind?”

Ann shifted slightly in her chair. “Well, you know I’ve been watching some of the video we made of you and these other women. Some of it is quite good. I’ve edited the best of them and made some excellent viewing material when you are at work and I need something to get me off. I’ve also been thinking more about our interaction with them and, well, you know, how we played together.”

Now she had my interest. “Which playing are you referring to?”

“Well, I liked ordering the women to do what I wanted them to do to you. I liked them being under my control.” She hesitated and I could see there was more. “I also liked making them do some things to me.”

“Interesting. You are not really a control freak otherwise. I wonder why that came about?”

“I don’t know, but I want to invite someone over.”

“You’re okay with doing this even though the children are growing older? We discussed that we have to be very careful.”

“Yes.” Ann stared into my eyes. “I need this.”

“Okay, who and when?”

“I have it already arranged for next weekend. I was hoping you would agree so that I wouldn’t have to call it off.”

I smiled at her. “Okay, and who is it?”

“It’s a surprise. I have a scenario in mind and I want you to just go along with it, okay?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Sure.” She was going to let me fuck someone while she managed the scenario and ordered them around. Was I gonna say no? No fucking way!

Every day that week I could see Ann getting more excited about the upcoming event. I was, too. She wouldn’t let me fuck her. She wouldn’t let me touch her. But she still went through her normal daily routine, which meant that I watched her shower and put lotion on. This was enough to get me extremely horny.

Saturday came around and the kids were picked up for a day with the grandparents. They were going to go to a park and have a picnic and spend the night. They were overjoyed. That meant that tomorrow they would be tired and cranky. The grandparents spoiled them with late movies and ice cream. But I didn’t squawk a bit since my mind was on other things. Mainly, who was going to show up to make an amateur porn movie, directed by my wife. Who was I going to fuck?

At 11am, my wife got a text and sent me upstairs to shower and clean up. She wanted me to trim my pubic hair closer to the skin. I grinned and went to get ready. When I came out of the shower, there were clothes on the bed. It was a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. There was a note that said “No underwear”. I had no problem with that. I was hoping not to be dressed long anyway. I even went barefoot since I figured my pants would not be on for long.

I dressed and went downstairs. As I walked down the hallway my wife was standing at the end filming and pointed to my office. I went porno izle in there and sitting there, demurely, was Mary, my former assistant. She stood when I entered.

I had had a couple of interactions with Mary. We never did anything while she worked for me, but the night she was leaving to go to a new job, she invited me out for a drink. It turned out to be with some friends who were having a get-together celebrating one’s betrothal. (Chapter 10)

She, two of her friends, and I went back to a hotel where I got to fuck and play with her two friends because Mary got too drunk. The next morning, Mary woke up and confessed wanting to do something with me and wanting me to be the ‘boss’. I ordered her to suck me, I bent her over and fucked her, and then I made her finish by sucking me off. I had one other interaction with her but we had both become so busy that we hadn’t had time to get together again. Now she was here.

“Good morning, sir. I’m sorry that we have to work on a Saturday. I’m here to provide anything you need.” The emphasis was on ‘anything’.

“Thank you, Mary. Let me check my email and then we can get started with some things I need.”

I sat down and starting checking email. Suddenly, Violet, one of my previous sex partners, came in carrying the camera. Ann followed and stood off to the side like a real director. She then pointed to me and over at Mary. I was not sure about what she meant, but Mary must have been previously briefed.

Mary stood and came over next to my desk. She then knelt next to the desk and looked up at me. “Are you ready for your morning blowjob, sir?”

I grinned. “Yes, my little cum slut, I am ready for my morning blowjob. I’m also ready for anything else.” I turned my chair, bent over, and kissed her. I kissed her hard, holding her by her hair and enjoyed our tongue fencing. She was a good kisser. When I pulled back Mary actually blushed a little. I then stood up and looked down at Mary.

Mary reached up and started undoing my pants. “I love sucking your cock, sir. It has the best cum.”

“Are you sucking other cocks, Mary?”

“Every once and a while, sir. I have been seeing one man who is very nice and makes me cum a lot before filling my mouth with his cum. But I love yours the best, boss.”

“Well, thank you. You are a very good cock-sucker, Mary. I’m sure he loves cumming in your pretty, little mouth as much as I do.”

By now my pants were on the floor so I stepped out of them and sat back down. Mary moved forward and stared at my cock, taking it in her hand. “I love this cock.” Then she started sucking. She licked up and down and bobbed on it while Violet moved around to get good views for the video. Ann seemed to be staying it the background and watching.

I let Mary suck my cock for a couple of minutes and then I decided I wanted something else. I pulled her off my cock by her hair. “Bend over my desk slut. I think you need to be disciplined for sucking other cocks without permission.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mary stood up and bent over my desk. Her beautiful ass was pale and illuminated brightly by the lights. I moved to the side and watched as Violet moved into position with the camera.

“How many blowjobs have you given to other assholes since you last sucked my cock?”

Mary hesitated, seeming to do the addition in her head. “Three, sir.”

“Then three swats it will be. Count for me, my personal cock-sucking assistant.”

I ran my hand over her ass and it felt so fucking good. I drew my hand back and gave her left cheek a good smack. She jumped a little and counted one. I went to her right cheek and smacked it, eliciting a moan and a two. I then tapped on the inside of her thighs, so that she understood to spread her legs. I think she knew what was coming and steeled herself for it.

I looked at Ann and she was grinning and had a hand up under her skirt. I looked back and Mary and gave her pussy a quick, but not too hard swat. She yelped and said three.

Mary talked. All these women knew I loved the dirty talk. “Thank you, sir, for disciplining me. I won’t suck any more cocks than yours without permission.”

I grinned. What a fuck-buddy! “Get up on the desk on your back and get ready to get fucked, my little wench. I need that tight, young pussy.”

Mary grinned as she scrambled up on the desk. “Yes, sir. My tight, young pussy is ready.”

I lined my cock up and slid it in slowly. Mary moaned and arched her back porno as I buried my cock in her. I started slowly thrusting and enjoying her body. Her tits were beautifully formed, flattening a little, but standing up tall and proud, her nipples nice and suck able. I palmed them, feeling how they squished in my hands. I was enjoying it tremendously, fucking her smooth and slow, when suddenly Ann got involved.

I wasn’t expecting this, but she walked into my view and the view of Violet’s camera in a different outfit than I saw her in earlier. She was now wearing a thin-strapped tank top that was white and gauzy so that her tits were visible and a short skirt that was shorter than anything I’d ever seen her wear. It was just below her crotch.

Ann walked right up to where Mary was, opposite me from the desk. “And just what do you think you are doing fucking my husband you little slut?”

Mary froze, looked at her, and then at me, her mouth opening and closing, but saying nothing. Her acting for this scene was really good, I think. Or else Ann had changed the scenario and surprised her. Either way, I was going to benefit. I stood up straight. I still had my dick buried in her, but was not moving. I wondered what scenario Ann had planned.

Ann walked right up to the edge of the desk and Mary’s head and looked down at Mary as she lay there. She leaned over her and put her hands over Mary’s tits. “I can see why you like her tits, honey. They are quite nice and firm.” She was kneading them like bread dough. She seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. Then Ann looked up at me. “Is her pussy tight?”

“Yes, it’s nice and tight.”

“Well, then keep fucking her and let’s get this bitch off so you can fuck your wife. I need a good fucking as much as she does, and that’s my cock.” She nodded and looked toward our crotches.

I started fucking Mary again. When Violet moved in to get close once again to where we were joined, I looked up at Ann and she winked. I think that meant that she had worked all this out ahead of time. She, Mary, and Violet had prepared for this. I was just going to enjoy it and follow their lead. Ann had obviously decided that this was what she wanted, a movie of the three of us, and we were all playing along.

I was fucking Mary pretty good when Ann reached over and put her right hand on Mary’s stomach. She ran it down to her pussy where I was fucking her and rubbed her clit. Mary moaned, her legs going back more and more toward her shoulders, and with us working together we had her cumming in no time at all. Of course, her female interaction delighted me. I loved the idea of the two of us playing with a woman.

“Fuuucckkk!” was all Mary could get out as she moaned and came all over my cock. She writhed under the two us and Ann kept rubbing Mary’s clit until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Ann leaned back and watched as Mary caught her breath, her nice tits rising and falling while her legs relaxed and lowered alongside me, even as I left my cock in her.

Ann walked around to where I was and put her hand on my chest. “Step back and pull your cock out of that young pussy, babe.” I slowly moved back, my cock sliding out with Mary’s juices glistening all over it. “And you,” she pointed at Mary. “Clean your pussy off my cock so my husband can fuck me properly.”

Mary slowly recovered and slid off the desk. I backed up enough for her to slide directly to her knees.

“You mean this nice, big, wet cock?”

Ann grinned. “Yes, my husband’s nice, big, wet cock. Lick and suck that cock and get it all clean so I can get fucked. I don’t want him putting your pussy juices in my cunt.” Ann was now a dirty talking dream.

Mary leaned forward and sucked on my cock, taking it down most of the way. She couldn’t deep throat it, so she sucked it a few times and then pulled off it. She pushed it up and started licking the bottom clean. My cock seemed to be almost numb to all this as it was staying hard and didn’t seem to want to cum immediately. I was amazed that it was still going strong.

Ann took the place of where Mary had lain on the desk as Mary finished cleaning me. My dick was so hard I had this desire to bury it anywhere I could that would make it cum.

When Ann saw that Mary was finished cleaning me, she grinned. “Bring that hard cock over here and fuck your wife, you slut fucker. You will fuck any woman that puts a mouth, pussy, or asshole in front of you, won’t you?”

“Only for you, rokettube my slutty, fucking wife.”

“Then fuck me.”

I moved forward and put my cock against her pussy. It was obviously soaking but I worked it in a little at a time until I was buried. “Fuck! I just want to fuck you as hard as I can and get off.”

“Then do it. Use me like a cum dump.”

I started thrusting my cock into my wife with force, not caring about her or anyone. I just needed to cum. I was rutting her with wild abandon. I had never felt like this and I had done a lot of fucking in the last couple of years.

Ann motioned Mary over. “Suck my tits, bitch. Help me cum now.”

As I was pounding away, Mary obeyed and leant over to start sucking on Ann’s tits. Violet moved around to get a great angle on the two of us ravaging my wife. I reached out and grabbed Mary by the hair and pulled her up to kiss her. She and I kissed savagely while I continued to pound Ann. Then I pushed her down towards our crotches.

I pulled my pussy soaked cock out of Ann and fed it to Mary. Ann looked up to see what was going on and put her hand on Mary’s head to assist my fucking her mouth. I gave Mary several good strokes while we held her head and let her taste Ann on my cock. I didn’t know if it was her first time tasting pussy, but at this point I didn’t care. Then I pulled out and went back to Ann. Ann was getting this desperate lustful look that I knew meant she had to cum soon. Me, too.

I plunged back into Ann with gusto, bottoming out immediately and eliciting a moan from her. She threw her head back and groaned. Mary watched and I grabbed her hand and put it on Ann’s pussy where we were joined. She knew what to do and immediately gave Ann’s clit attention. Ann groaned some more and I knew that she was close. I felt I was, too.

I finally felt it building. I was going to cum big. Ann started cumming and Mary finished off massaging her clit. Just as she finished my cock felt like it exploded into her cunt. It felt like I was shooting my cum like I was shooting water out of a water cannon. It spurted and spurted and it was an amazing release. It was like I hadn’t cum for a month.

By the time I finished I was almost completely exhausted. I looked behind me to see the chair and slowly pulled out of Ann’s pussy to sit down. I sat back, my breathing heavy, like I had just finished a sprint. I looked at Mary, pointed to my cock, and she grinned. She knelt in front of me and slurped m cock clean.

I looked up at Ann. She had raised her head up and saw what Mary did. Then she looked at Violet who was still filming. “Give the camera to Mary.” Violet handed it over. “Mary, get a good shot of this.”

Ann turned to Violet. “Now, my slutty little partner. You need to do two things. First, apologize to John for coming up with the idea to spike his water with Viagra.” Ann and Violet both looked at me with grins and shrugged. No wonder my cock was hard for so long. Before Violet could say anything, however, Ann continued with her directions. “Secondly, John made a complete mess of my pussy. You need to put that cum-sucking mouth of yours on my pussy and suck all that cum out. I want you to clean my pussy of every little bit of cum in there. Get it all, cum slut.”

Violet just smiled and dove in. She first licked Ann from her ass cheeks, where some cum was starting to dribble out, up through her pussy, to the top of her crack. Ann just watched and grinned. “Get in there good, my little bitch.”

Ann put her hand on Violet’s head and directed her as she licked and slurped up all my cum from her pussy. She worked hard to get it all and it took a couple of minutes. When she thought she was done, she leaned back. Ann released her head and looked at Mary. “I think that’s it.”

Violet stood back up and Ann slowly slid to the edge of the desk and stood up. She was a little wobbly and Mary helped her get steady.

I then started to stand up. “I’m going to make you pay later, Violet, for slipping me that Viagra. I felt like I couldn’t cum and was going to stay hard for an hour.”

“Sorry, sir.” She grinned at that. “You can take it out on my pussy later.”

“Who said anything about your pussy?”

Mary snickered at that and Violet grinned. “Whatever you need, sir.”

I stood up and put my hand out for Ann. “You ready to retire for some rest, my lady?”

“I am, good sir.” She grinned and headed for the door, then stopped and turned. “Mary and Violet are under orders here for the rest of the day.”

I looked back and forth between the lovely naked beauties. “Good. I will need someone to blow me later.”

I grabbed Ann’s hand and walked out of the room.

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