The Massage


Alone and naked, Jacquie climbed onto the table to lie down on her tummy. After a brief glance around the room and a deep reassuring breath, she opted to rest her head on her crossed arms rather than the head rest that was provided. Her cute ass was bare and vulnerable and Jacquie lifted her head wondering what to do. Moving her arms so she could brace herself on her elbows she felt a small towel bunch up beneath her. It was small and white but it was no bigger than a dish towel. Realizing that this was all she had to protect her modesty, she quickly spread it over her bottom before lying down again to wait, nervously.

As she waited patiently, her mind began to wander. When she walked into the air conditioned office the first thing she noticed was a very handsome man sitting at the desk in a white lab coat. His named tag told her his name was John. A moment later, John raised his head and looked deep into her eyes. Jacquie felt naked, not nude-naked but vulnerable-naked; as in he could see right through her and into her soul. Startled by the impact of his gaze, Jacquie trembled. Noticing her trepidation, John wanted to put her at ease so he flashed his most welcoming smile.

Pulling herself together and silently admonishing herself for her schoolgirl reaction to him, she said her name but she said it so quietly that he hadn’t heard her. Since he was just looking at his appointment book before she came in he knew her name was Jacquie.

Standing up from behind the neat desk, John handed her a clip board with a pen clipped under the lever. ‘Would you please have a seat over there and fill this out while I see to the room?’ he said as he pointed to the small but nicely decorated waiting area.

‘Sure’ Jacquie answered but again he barely heard her as he was already walking away from her to what must have been the ‘room’.

As she sat down in one of the two chairs in front of a small coffee table with magazines neatly stacked on one side, Jacquie watched his retreating back. She could see that the lab coat was stretched taut against broad shoulders and the fluttering at the sides suggested a slim waist.

Jacquie returned to the questionnaire. She answered the questions quickly since they all seemed pretty common on forms such as these. She had filled out others just like it at the chiropractor’s office and the ophthalmologist just the other day. When she was done, Jacquie walked over and placed it on the desk. Just as she was about to return to her seat to wait, John came out and asked her to follow him.

Leading her down a short corridor, John opened the door to the room he had been preparing for her as she completed the required forms. John asked her to hop up onto the table for a moment as he kicked a small stool closer so she could get up without difficulty.

John placed a blood pressure cuff on her upper arm and he smiled at her again as he pumped it up and it tightened on her arm. A moment later the air was being released with a hiss and her arm was free. Next he stood before her and opened a couple of buttons of her white silk blouse. He put a stethoscope in his ears and placed the cold metal ring just below her left breast. Her heart was beating at an outrageous pace and she knew he knew why. Jacquie tried not to look at him, not wanting her embarrassment to show but his eyes drew hers to his like a moth to a flame, and he smiled again. As if nothing was said between them with that look, John removed the stethoscope and suggested that she use the bathroom across the hall before undressing and he turned to leave.

Unbuttoning the last few buttons on her blouse, Jacquie surveyed her surroundings. The silky garment slid silently down her arms as her eyes wandered around the room. She saw a small lamp with a low watt bulb and a dark shade to keep the lighting subdued. Reaching between her breasts, she undid the clasp and slipped the lacy white lingerie from her shoulders like a shirt. Her manicured fingers reached back to unbutton her skirt and slide the zipper slowly down before wiggling her hips to aid its descent to her black heeled feet. Standing in only her panties and shoes, Jacquie inhaled deeply noticing the soft sent of musk. On a small utility table next to the flannel sheeted massage table was a potpourri bowl with the scented oil being heated by a small tea light candle. Next to it was an electric bottle warmer and in it was a plastic bottle filled with what she assumed would be the massage oil.

Realizing that John could walk in at any moment and she was still only half undressed, she quickly slid her panties down her shapely legs and slipped them off along with her shoes. Using the little stool, Jacquie climbed back up onto the table only this time, she lay down on her tummy. She knew that John was probably reading her questionnaire to give her time to get ready for him.

Inadequately covered with the small white towel, Jacquie jumped slightly as she heard the door open quickly and she peeked from her crossed arms to see John xnxx walk in.

In a soothing deep voice John said, ‘Take a couple of nice deep breaths. Allow the soft scent relax you.’ Soft music began as he must have turned on the CD player.

‘Trust me, Jacquie. Let me help you to relax and enjoy this experience. It is best not to talk so you can focus only on the feel of my hands as they massage away the stress and pain. Close your eyes and let your senses and my skill take you away. Are you ready?’

‘Yes’ Her little voice croaked out as she closed her eyes trying to do exactly what he suggested. She took deep breaths and put her hands beside her body and placed her face in the head rest.

With her eyes closed and making every effort to relax, Jacquie felt John moved to her side. Large, warm, soft hands pressed gently but firmly on the center of her smooth back. Each hand separated, as he pressed up to her neck and down to the top of the little towel covering her nakedness. Then just as firmly he slid those talented hands across her back from side to side.

Keeping her eyes closed was not a problem but remembering to breath was. Inhaling deeply to keep breathing was something she consciously had to try remember.

The CD player sent out sounds of waves crashing on shore and seagulls squawking softly in the background that made her feel as though she were on a beach lying on the warm soft sand somewhere tropical. The calming composition hid the sounds of John picking up the warmed bottle of scented oil so it was a surprise when a steady stream of tepid liquid was drizzled on her back between her shoulder blades.

His warm hands quickly followed to evenly spread the oil across her back. Jacquie was surprised to hear a soft moan escaped from her lips as his hands pressed harder working out the kinks from her tired muscles. Kneading and rubbing her into a state of true bliss, John smiled at her little indiscretion. She could not see that smile but she sensed it. Slippery strong fingers massaged her shoulders and her neck muscles driving away any thought of embarrassment. All she had to remember to do was breath deeply and keep her eyes closed.

Jacquie’s eyes popped open and her body tensed as she felt the small little white towel being lifted from her bare bottom. John used it to gently smooth away the excess oil from her back. When the air hit her ass it was all she could do to stay still. Surprise is such a laughable word for how she felt but she was more than surprised at herself that she did nothing about it but lay still waiting to see what was to happen next. Jacquie could not help noticing that when John replaced the towel to her cute bottom, he placed it more on the small of her back than her ass.

Standing at her side, John took her small hand in his and poured some warm oil onto her tanned arm. His greasy fingers smoothed the oil all the way up to her shoulder and back down again towards her hand. He stroked up and down a few more times deeply massaging her muscles before he carefully massaged her hand. Jacquie could not believe how erotic it was to have your hand massaged. His thick fingers slid very sensuously through her smaller ones as he massaged her palm with his thumbs. The squishy wetness and the slippery sliding were making her feel stimulated. That thought surprised her. How could having your hand massaged excite her? John took each finger and tugged on it gently with one last thrust of his fingers through hers. Shocked she found that she was wondering just how thick the rest of his body was beneath that lab coat of his. ‘Thank God, he can’t read my thoughts!’

Just as before, John took the little towel from her bottom and rubbed it softly up her arm. He took his time and dried off each and every finger, on by one. Placing the towel back on her bum, he walked to the other side and repeated the same procedure in its entirety with her other arm, hand and fingers.

Letting the soft music whisper in her ear; the erotic scent overwhelm her; and the gentle but firm hands of John massage her to a state of oblivion, Jacquie was in heaven. She could not believe that she had waited so long to come for a massage. She didn’t even have to try and remember to breathe any more and she was so relaxed that her eyelids grew heavy and stay closed all on their own. The tenseness left her body as his fingers worked their magic as they danced across her body.

John stood next to her leg and squeezed the bottle of warm oil as trickled down her thigh and calf. John’s hands quickly followed the path gliding the liquid over her skin. His strong hands gripped her leg as he stroked and massaged from her knee to the cheeks of her ass; the towel was placed way to high on her lower back to be any hindrance to her bum cheeks. His hands clamped over her thigh and started to rub back and forth from between her legs to the outside; each hand rubbing in a different direction. John went to the end of the table and took her calf and rested it against his brazzers chest. His hands artfully caressed her thigh as her shin was warmed by his body.

In this position, Jacquie realized that John had an unobstructed view between her legs. The towel being so far up her back as to leave her bottom bare as well as when he began massaging her legs, he spread them a little so he could reach every part. As the air and surely John’s eyes touched her most private spot, she tingled. She knew that this erotic experience was causing her to moisten slightly. She could feel the moisture flow and seep from her sex and with her preference to be clean shaven it would make her swollen labia shine. He would know what he is doing to her.

What was more arousing, his touch; him looking at her? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she was near to bursting with excitement.

‘Oh God, my feet’ She thought. ‘He is rubbing the sole of my foot with his thumbs. Ahhhhhhhhhgh.’

Just as he had with her hand, John slid a finger between each and every toe. The oil allowed his thick finger to slide its way in; filling the small space with his thickness. You would have thought her clit was connected to the space between her toes. She was more aware of her leaking slit than she was of his fat fingers now pulling on each individual toe.

As always, John took the towel from her back and wiped down her thigh to her calf and ending with her foot. He took his time as he dried every toe. She knew his eyes were not on the job at hand but he was watching the shiny moist part of her. She couldn’t see him but she felt the heat of his gaze as strongly as she felt his hand on her foot. Dropping the towel on her back again, John repeated every erotic touch and deeply massaged her other leg and foot, only this time John did not replace the towel on her body at all. He tossed it aside somewhere in the room.

Standing on the side of the table, John squirted more oil onto her bottom. Jacquie felt the warm oil run down the cheeks of her ass to mingle with the wetness between her legs. Now the sheen on her hairless labia was a mixture of bottled oil and her own special oil. While thinking about how the oil will look and how it felt, John took his thumb and spread a cheek aside to dribble more in the deep cleft there. The oil puddle in the little puckered opening and the excess ran down to join the pool between her legs.

If John had begun the massage this way, Jacquie would have jumped off the table and left the room shocked but she was past the point of no return. A forklift would not get her off that table now. She didn’t even know what was coming but she knew she was going nowhere until whatever it was happened. She was so relaxed now. Any possible tenseness she might have felt was keeping herself from moaning aloud. She was so close to coming she couldn’t believe it. No one had touched her breasts or her clit or any part of her body that causes her to orgasm yet and she was ready to burst. Her clit was literally throbbing and she could feel her hard nipples pressing into the table.

John’s hand gripped the cheek of her ass that was away from him. His fingers were massaging the fatty part of the cheek while his thumb was buried deep into her cleft. The grip he had on her cheek allowed him to open her to his gaze. His hard thumb was pressed firmly against her wrinkled aperture. He pressed harder adding pressure but he did not insert a finger. He knew the pressure alone was enough to send her over the edge. His big hand gripped the other cheek, the one closest to his own body. This time it was his thumbs kneading the fatty flesh and his tantalizing fingers teasing her. His hand gripped both cheeks spreading her wide and then closing them up tight teasing her over and over again. His eyes delighted in the sight before him but he enjoyed the knowledge that Jacquie was in a delicious sort of agony even more. Reaching for the tossed towel once more, John carefully wiped away the oil from her ass but he did not wipe away her natural oil on her lovely shiny shaven lips.

Jacquie barely heard his words when he asked her to roll over for him. Again he said, ‘Roll over, please.’ This time she heard him but it was as if he were speaking underwater or in a slow motion dream.

Jacquie lifted her body up and rolled to her back. Very aware that she was completely naked and totally aroused, she just didn’t care, although she could not look him in the eye as he helped her.

John noticed the lack of eye contact but he didn’t need to look into her eyes to know what she wanted. The wetness between her legs and her hard nipples told him everything he needed to know.

Using her belly button as a reservoir, John poured the oil on her flat tummy. His hands slid across her tummy down to where her sparse pubic hair began to just below her breasts. He knew her nipples were aching to be touched or kissed but he made sure he did not touch them at all, not even accidentally.

Wiping away the oil from sikiş izle her tummy, John oiled her thighs and shins one at a time. His hands repeated the same movements on the fronts of her legs and he had on the backs. He gently opened her legs a bit to get a firm grip on each thigh thus opening the view to her sex again. His hands massaged deeply and firmly and slid slickly up and down her thighs. His fingers lightly grazed her swollen labia and she nearly jumped from the table from the deliberate sexual shock he had every intention of making her feel.

Jacquie couldn’t control herself any longer. Her hips lifted from the table silently begging him for more as soft little sighs and moans slipped from her opened mouth. But John was not ready to allow her the release that her body cried out for. He just took the towel and wiped her thighs and shins dry, carefully opening her legs so he could see the pink pussy greased and wanting.

Moving away, John took the bottle of oil and poured it on to her breasts. Jacquie didn’t even try to stop the moan that came from deep inside her. John’s talented hands caressed the fullness of her breasts never touching her nipples that were hardened into firm pellets. His hand slid up her neck and chest and slid gently across her shoulders. Suddenly, he stopped. Jacquie wondering what happened opened her eyes to see John standing there staring at her hard nipples. Just seeing him staring at her made them pucker up even more that she ever thought possible.

‘Please, please, don’t stop now!’ She silently begged.

Staring up at him, she watched as he touched one of her swollen nipples. She gasped.

‘I noticed that your nipples are a little dry.’ He said in his deep sexy voice. ‘I have some ointment that will help.’

He took a tin of ointment out of the drawer and dipped his finger inside. Gently, John placed some cream on her nipple and rubbed it in. It felt so cool on her hot swollen nipple that when he rubbed the cream on the mate, a trickle of wetness flowed from her cunt. The cream caused the air to hit them in much the same way that your mouth feels after eating wintergreen or peppermint. Jacquie knew she was about to explode soon and there was nothing she could do to stop it, even if she wanted to stop it, which of course, she didn’t.

Finally, John picked up the oil one last time and he squirted it into the small patch of dark pubic hair. John gripped her thigh gently and spread her leg, squirting her again. It was totally unnecessary as he squirted her where she was already soaking wet and there was no need for any more oil. Her clit was so swollen that the bud had long escaped its protective hood and was standing up begging for John’s attention. There was only a second of hesitation before John took his oiled finger and pressed lightly on the sensitive nub. He did not caress or move it, he just touched it. Jacquie’s body took flight. With a mind of its own, she flew straight up and screamed.

“Ohhh God”. She was coming, finally!

Her tummy tightened and flexed, her cunt flowed with honey and her ass cheeks tensed. John knew it was time. His thick fingers slid deep inside her. The fleshy part of his thumb danced across her clit, and then pressed hard as she came. Jacquie screamed. Her hips bucked, her ass trembled and her head rolled from side to side as she came over and over again. And when she thought that her orgasm was ending she felt John’s mouth on her juicy nether lips.

“Ohmigod”, she screamed as she felt her body lift.

She was on that upward spiral again. His tongue was flicking ever so quickly on her clit before he slipped it down to slide deep inside her sucking and tasting the tangy juices that flowed freely from her body. With his hand still between her legs, he slipped one finger into her ass just as she was coming and she knew now why they call this ‘la petite mort’ (the little death) She was dying and deliciously so. She came and came, flooding her scented juices into his mouth and onto his hand.

As John looked up at her, he left his hand between her legs. One finger was still deeply imbedded in her ass, one was buried in her wetness and his thumb was tantalizingly rubbing her tender clit. He lowered his head to capture her nipple and he sucked it hard; his teeth nibbling none too gently on each one in turn. Not believing it possible, Jacquie comes again flowing around his fingers and screaming out his name.

John watched her come, enjoying the sight of her long shiny hair all askew and her body flopping around like a fish out of water. John watched as the tenseness left her body and she fell limp from her orgasm. He felt it first in her cunt; the walls stopped gripping his finger, her ass wiggled to reject his finger and he heard her sighs of discomfort when his thumb touched her now tender clit. He knew she was done.

He took his hand away and reached for the towel but just held in his hand as he looked down at her relaxed flushed body lying lifeless on the table. Jacquie slowly opened her eyes and dared to look up into his. She saw a comforting look in his eyes and a smile that took her breath away. John reached down between her legs and very gently wiped her one last time.

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