The Meeting


Holding you close to my body I feel the heat emanating for your very soul. I look into your eyes while delving into your mind seeing the very core of who you are. Your soul is afire with desire and want. You desire me to be near always. You want me in you at all times. Placing my hands on either side of your waist I grip tight and let you know how much I want you. Sliding my hands up your body I remove your shirt slowly brushing my hands along your sides causing you to tremble. After removing your shirt I cup your breasts in my hands pushing them together and over the top of your bra. Leaning down I lick the tops of your breasts lightly, and cause you to suck your breathe in sharply.

Moving my hands to your shoulders and my lips to meet your hot quivering lips I kiss you. While kissing you, I remove your bra and fondle your breasts, all the while avoiding your nipples. Laying you down on the bed I kiss my way from your mouth down your neck to your breasts. I can see your breathing has become stronger and deeper as I lick all around your nipples. You beg me to taste your nipples. Hovering my mouth over your right nipple I breath warm air on it and see it tighten even more, and all the while I am staring into your hungry eyes. At last I cant resist and I take your nipple into mouth. You squeal with delight as I nibble on it and fondle your other nipple with my hand.

Kissing my way down your belly I work your zipper down and in one smooth motion I remove your pants. Looking down at you spread out on the bed wearing only your panties I can’t help but altyazılı porno feel like tearing you apart and making you mine. I see from look in your eyes the feeling is mutual. I watch as you squirm on the bed. Your hands roam your body as if searching for something and not finding it. You start to lean towards me but I motion for you to stay where you are. You place your hands between your legs and begin to put pressure on your pussy. I watch your hands work your pussy and make your panties soaking wet. Looking up to your eyes I see you looking at me with hunger in your eyes and a smirk on your face. You know I like to watch you and it make you so hot.

Reaching over I pull off your panties and reveal your bald pussy. Kneeling down I move your hands away and kiss the very top point of your hot box. Licking from the bottom of your lips to the top I taste you for the first time. You are so tasty I can’t withhold my eagerness any longer. I push my face into your pussy and dart my tongue in and out fucking you with it. Listening to you moan in pleasure I grow rock hard. While licking your pussy lips and sucking on your clit I reach around with my hands and grab your ass and pull you closer to my face. I feel you hands on my head as you push me into you. I feel you start to tremble uncontrollably under my tongue. You cry out in pure ecstasy and wrap your legs around my shoulders holding me in place as I put more pressure on your clit. I can feel your orgasm thru-out your body.

As I stand to remove my pants, you lean up and stop me. Sliding your mobil porno hand from under my crotch you feel my hardness and stop to give it a little squeeze on your way to my zipper. Undoing the button and pulling down the zipper you caress my ass while sliding off my pants. Looking up at me from your knees, I can’t help but think how beautiful you are. While you are rubbing my cock through the boxer-briefs I feel myself grow harder and strain against the soft fabric. You slide off my boxer-briefs and slip your hand over my cock. I can feel it trembling under your touch. You look me in the eye one more time and give me a little wink. As you kiss the top of my cock I try to push forward but you hold me in place. I feel your lips slide over my cock and feel your tongue darting over the head. You slowly suck me at first. As you speed up I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation. I know I am close and tell you so. You look at me as if to say, So? You start to play with my balls as I begin to cum. You slowly slide my dick from your mouth and wipe a little cum off your lips with your tongue.

Placing you on the bed, I straddle your hips and hold your hands above you head. Taking my tie I surround your wrists in silky smoothness and tie you to the headboard. Sliding back down over your body I feel you shivering in anticipation. Moving off to the side of your body I kiss your forehead and slide your hair out of your eyes I can’t help but fall deeper in love. Whispering in your ear while lightly caressing your nipples causes you to arch your back and struggle sex izle against the cool silk tie. Placing my hand on your tummy I gently push you down and slip my hand down your leg. Grabbing your ankle I slip a small piece of fabric over it and secure you to the bedpost. Walking around the bed you watch me with hunger in your eyes. Fighting my hand a little you resign and allow me to tie your second leg to the bedpost.

Standing at the foot of the bed I watch you lightly struggle against the restraints. Your eyes travel my body and lock on to my dick, which has been growing larger while standing there. Deciding to toy with you a little longer I slowly stroke myself while keeping my eyes on your face. Your tongue darts out and licks your lips. Straining harder on your bonds you demand that I fuck you now. Climbing between your legs I slide my cock up to your pussy and press the tip to the top of your pussy and I feel the heat emanating from you. Kissing your neck I rock back and forth pressing on your clit. You push into me and my cock slips into your pussy. Feeling your heat and wetness I slam forward and bury my cock deep inside you. Fucking you harder and faster, loving the moans and screams pouring out of your mouth it makes me go faster and harder. Untying your hands, you pull me closer and deeper with every stroke. Faster and faster we go, your screams getting louder and louder. We are both so close to orgasm we are fucking like animals. With one last hard deep thrust we cum together in moans and cries of pleasure.

I untie your feet and we lay on the bed close to each other. Stroking your hair I look into your eyes and wonder what I did to deserve a beauty like you. As I am staring at you, you look at me and give an evil little grin and with a lick of your lips we are off again…….

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