The Mirror



Opening the door to the antique shop, I carefully turned to my side and slipped in, holding the mirror just inches off the ground. The gilded frame and heavy silvered glass made it almost impossible to carry by myself, but I figured I had bought it and got it home by myself, I would damn well haul it back and return it by myself. Once inside the shop, I carefully maneuvered down the aisle, making sure I didn’t knock over any of the odd curios he had stacked precariously all over the store. Near the counter, I watched an attractive woman complete her purchase and when I was sure she was headed out of the store, I moved toward the cash register and nodded to the owner.

“Weren’t you in here just last week,” he asked me.

“Yes, I bought this mirror here, a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife.”

“But you’re bringing it back?”

“Yes, well it is a beautiful piece, incredibly ornate and she loved it at first, but we had a problem with it,” I said, glancing around the store.

“A problem? It looks fine to me,” the old man said, running his fingers up through his silver hair, letting it tumble onto his shoulders.

“No, no, it’s not broken or anything, it is in wonderful condition,” I said, using my sleeve to polish a few odd smudges off the glass. “It’s just that, well, the glass itself, you know, is slightly curved, it distorts the image.”

“Yes, I remember we had a note attached to the glass, said something like, ‘Objects in mirror are smaller than they appear,'” he smiled, continuing, “We did that on purpose, kind of like the car…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, the car mirrors, ‘Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,’ yeah, I got the joke.”

“Well if you knew about the distortion, why did you buy the mirror?” he said, squinting his eyes while staring at another strange smudge.

Moving my body between the man and the smudge I said, “Well, it’s kind of hard to explain, it’s just… I mean, we liked the image, but…” I paused looking at the man, feeling his steely blue eyes move over me, seeing him glance down at my pants and then return his gaze to my face.

Smiling knowingly, “Okay, I think I understand.”

“No, no, I don’t think you do,” I paused again, turning my head and looking all around, confirming no one else could hear. “It’s a long story.”

“Well pull up a stool there and I’ll just keep sitting here and we’ll hear this story,” he said, nodding to a stool behind me.

I carefully leaned the mirror against the counter and walked over to the stool, looking around the store once again. Pulling it up near the counter, I sat down and, for whatever reason, I began the story committed, despite the fact this guy was nearly a complete stranger, to leaving out no details. Taking a deep breath I started:

“After buying the mirror, I made sure it was well protected and I got it into the bed of my truck. I was able to close the tailgate, but I still tied off the mirror to prevent it from shifting any on the drive home. Once home I planed to keep it wrapped up and carefully slide it under our king size bed until Valentine’s Day, when I planned to give it to my wife.

“Well, I leaned it on the wall and got down on my hands and knees to make sure there was nothing under the bed that might damage the frame. As I expected, there was nothing in the way, so I moved over to the mirror. Before I could grab it to work it in under the bed, I noticed some of the padding had slipped off when I wrestled it into my bedroom. I was about to replace the padding when I noticed the reflection of my hand, it seemed enormous in the mirror and I immediately wondered…”

I paused, rubbing my chin, wondering if I really needed to be telling this man the story. Staring at him I could see he was fully focused on me, as if I were retelling a favorite classic tale of literature, so I decided to continue on:

“I immediately wondered what my… what my cock might look like in that mirror. Now I’m not too well endowed, actually I am quite a bit smaller than average. Anyway, I always fantasized about being much bigger and I figured one peek at myself with a large cock wouldn’t hurt anything. Carefully uncovering the mirror, I positioned myself so I could see the crotch of my pants as I unzipped and eased myself out.

“It was amazing, even flaccid it looked as if I was rolling out some monstrous hose. Wanting to see more, I quickly pulled off my clothes and softly ran my hands up my chest, sliding my palms over my nipples, back and forth. Feeling the pleasure shoot down into my cock, I watched as it slowly began to twitch and rise, extending further and further out from my body. In just moments I had watched my tiny twig of a prick grow into a mighty redwood, curving as if sculpted for some grand monument.

“Mesmerized at the size, I couldn’t help but lower my hand down onto the massive appendage and begin to stroke it. Now the size of my hand had also increased, so it was in scale with my cock, but still, it seemed that as I stroked it, my hand slid along the long shaft for inch after inch after inch after inch. The thick blue vein pulsated, throbbing with the increasing porno izle beat of my heart and looking like a massive anaconda wrapping itself around a tree.

“A waterfall of pre-cum ran down over my hand as I continued stroking, bringing myself closer and closer to coming with each long stroke. I had just begun arching my back when I heard my wife’s voice, ‘What the hell is this Abbie?’ Glancing up in mid-stroke I replied, ‘Joce, look in the mirror, look at the size…’ ‘Goodness Abbie,’ she interrupted, ‘you look so big.’

“She immediately kneeled down and took my cock in her hand and then guided it into her mouth, watching herself in the mirror as she slipped the Washington Monument between her lips. I had already worked myself up some, so the feel of her mouth over me and the incredible view of it all in the mirror had me ready to pop when she suddenly pulled her mouth off of me. Looking up at me she began unbuttoning her blouse and said, ‘I want you to come on my breasts.’

“All I could do was wait and watch as she uncovered herself, revealing her normally very small breasts to the magic of the mirror. As I turned my head from the stiffening nipples and tiny breasts I looked into the reflection to see two towering pagodas rising from the soft curves of two enormous hills. She then moved her mouth over me again as the gigantic flowing images began to make me dizzy. Once again, the visual stimulation of her bright red lips slipping over the bluish head of my cock and then taking the entire length of me deep into her mouth combined with the sensation of her mouth on me and I felt my balls swell, ready to explode.

“Watching the mirror I saw the deep valley between her enormous breasts suddenly flooded with a raging river torrent of cum as she pulled her mouth away and pointed my cock at her breasts. Spurt after spurt flooded her valley until the river crested and she milked the last droplets of cum from the huge hole in my cock. I reached down and cupped her breasts watching my white sticky liquid flow down her stomach.

“‘Where did you get the mirror?’ she asked and I told her I got it here, that it was a Valentine’s Day Gift. ‘But Valentine’s Day is not until the day after tomorrow.’ I explained how I planned to hide it and surprise her after taking her out to a romantic dinner. After we cleaned up and dressed, she helped me wrap the mirror and we slid it under the bed, pretending it would be a surprise.

“Anyway, we went ahead with our Valentine Day plans: I took her out to a nice, romantic restaurant, you know Ginnelo’s?”

“Oh yes,” the store owner replied, “nice place, pricey but nice.”

“Yeah, it’s a favorite of hers, the place where I first proposed to her.”

“Ah, an excellent choice then.”

“She liked the choice, seemed sufficiently impressed, but we really didn’t spend much time there, we were both pretty excited about getting back home. Funny, we’ve been married all these years and something like that mirror can still get us acting like a couple of young kids. We ate dinner rather quickly and then passed on the dessert and dancing, hell for the time we spent and as distracted we were, we could have just hit a fast food joint.”

I paused a moment, glancing around the store. “Did you hear something?” I asked.

“It’s probably just some creaks in the old building, or maybe in some of the furniture. There’s a lot of creaking and moaning all over the shop, used to be downright scary when I worked late at night. Now I guess I’m just used to it, either that or just too deaf to notice,” the store owner replied, moving a bit on his stool.

“Now where was I?”

“You rushed through dinner, like a fast food place,” he said.

“Ah yes, anyway, driving home she scooted over next to me on the front seat and leaning her head on my shoulder, she looked down into my lap and ran her hands over my thigh. As I got hard she reached over and gently caressed my erection though my pants. I wrapped my arm over her shoulder and reached my hand down and kneaded her breast. Just like a couple of teenagers rounding second base and heading for third.

“Fortunately it was only a short drive home and traffic wasn’t too bad. As distracted as I was driving, it’s a wonder I wasn’t pulled over for driving under the influence. We had some wine at dinner, but it wasn’t the alcohol influencing the driving, it was what she was doing to me with her hands.

“We pulled into the driveway and I stopped the car, throwing it into park and setting the brake. I then grabbed my wife and pulled her to me and kissed her hard, driving my tongue into her mouth, toying with her tongue as my hand ran up under her dress. She opened her legs and I slipped my hand over her panties, they were wet, real wet. As we continued kissing I moved my hand up, over the elastic band and then moved into her panties.

“I pushed my middle finger in between her lips and was surprised as how easily it slid into her wet opening. Gently moving my finger inside her, I let it get well lubricated and then I moved it up to her clit. She gasped as my finger first touched it and almost immediately she began raising porno her hips, pushing herself against my finger as it circled her tiny nub.

“She whispered to me, ‘If you don’t stop…’ ‘What?’ I asked. ‘If you don’t stop I’m going to, oh mmmmmm…’ she groaned.

“I was enjoying this as I replied, ‘You’re going to what?’ She didn’t respond, but I could feel her hands grab my arms, tightening her grip. ‘You’re going to what?’ I repeated shoving two fingers into her pussy as I pressed my palm down onto her clit. She arched her back, lifting up off the car seat and said loudly, ‘Come, I’m going to come!’

“She relaxed, easing back down onto the seat as I could feel her pulsations as her cunt squeezed and released my fingers, again and again. Grabbing my face, she kissed me hard and then pulled back and reached down and grabbed at my cock. Pulling back I said, ‘The mirror, remember?’ ‘Yes, the mirror,’ she replied, sitting up. Her face was flushed red and I could see her nipples pressing out into the fabric of her dress.

“I climbed out of the car and walked around, opening the door for her and helping her out. I could feel her trembling still, so I held her close as we walked to the house and stepped inside. Kicking off our shoes in the foyer, we quickly headed to the bedroom, where I got down on my hands and knees and carefully pulled the mirror out from beneath the bed. It took a only a few moments to get the padding off of it, but when the mirror was finally completely unwrapped I looked into it and could see my wife standing naked behind me.

“The sight was incredible. Now she’s not as fit as she was when we first met, but damn, to see her there, her breasts enlarged in the mirror, the dark nipples sticking outward, seeming to beg me to move my mouth over them. Looking downward, I savored the sight of her soft, light skin curving over her hips and the curly matt of hair, not quite covering her swollen pussy lips. Leaning the mirror on the wall, I turned and sat on the floor in complete silence just looking at her, feeling my cock straining against my pants.

“Finally after a while, I’m not sure how long, she asked, ‘Well, what are you going to do with the mirror?’ ‘I planned to hang it on the wall there,’ I told her, ‘but not just now.’ I got up, rushed into the kitchen and grabbed two of the padded kitchen chairs, dragging them into the bedroom. Placing them against the wall, I picked up the mirror and, turning it sideways, I put it on the chairs and backed away. Sitting on the bed I looked at the reflection and then got up and changed the angle of the mirror leaning on the back of the chairs. Sitting back on the bed, I looked back at the reflection and confirmed the angle was just right.

“Seeing that I had the mirror set, my wife climbed onto the bed and after fixing some pillows under her head so she could see the reflection, she leaned back and opened her legs. I watched the mirror in amazement as her beautiful pussy opened up, the glistening lips and hard clit were enormous. Pulling off my clothes I couldn’t take my eyes off the reflection as she slowly moved her hand over and began touching herself, first just running her fingers along her lips and then plunging them into her wet opening before moving them up to her clit.

“I threw my clothes aside and then moved in between her legs as the two of us watched my bulging cock ease its way into the dark cavern of her pussy. I was standing at the side of the bed, turned slightly so I could watch in the mirror. Slowly leaning onto her, I pushed myself deeper and deeper into her watching the giant reflection. Easing back out of her, the sight was incredible, my cock, like a great carved redwood, glistening in her juices slid out of her pussy, her lips pulling outward, as if wanting to draw me back in.

“We couldn’t hold off any longer and we both began moving as I thrust my cock fast and deep into her pussy and she raised her hips up to meet me. Over the years of our marriage, we had made love hundreds, maybe thousands of times, but I never remember it ever being so passionate and yet so incredibly urgent. She reached her hands out to me, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards her as she shoved herself against me. At one point, I moved a bit to the side, blocking her view of the mirror and she twisted her hips and clamped her thighs on me to move me out of her way, all the while, our bodies were crashing together, my balls slapping against her ass, her breasts bouncing about.

“And the view was incredible, my cock, glistening in her abundant juices, her lips quivering as I rammed into her then folding outward as I withdrew. I looked at her clit and in the magnified reflection it looked like some vast dome, delicate pink appearing and disappearing as she ground it against me when I thrust into her. Suddenly I felt her thighs tighten against me and her hands squeezed on my hips. She was about to come and I was there, watching it the reflection as she raised her hips up, moaned loudly and came, her pussy twitching and squeezing my cock, then releasing it as I pushed ever deeper into her.

“I leaned forward, my cock pushed rokettube in as deep as it would go, my pubis pressed up against her clit and I stopped moving, letting her just grind against me as she savored her climax. Just watching her, hearing her and feeling her from inside had me on the edge, but I held off until she relaxed, letting her hips settle back down onto the bed. Then I slowly withdrew, watching my soaking wet cock slide inch by inch out of her pussy until it nearly fell out altogether, but I paused, the head of my cock held gently between her lips. Leaning into her, I watched it slip back into her as I savored the wet warmth of her as she enveloped me.

“The sensation was incredible, as was the view in the mirror and could feel myself begin to tremble. Every muscle in my body begged for me to plunge into her as hard and fast as I could, my balls felt tight with the pressure and yet I continued moving slowly, letting the pleasure build and build, my cock tingling, twitching, aching for release and still as I eased all the way into her, I paused. Slowly withdrawing I heard my wife say, ‘Yeah, that’s it, can you feel me?’ I was nearly in tears as I groaned, ‘Yes, yes I feel it.’ ‘Then come, give it to me and come inside me. Now!’

“That was it, I plunged into her and felt myself explode, my cock was electrified as it spurted again and again, my cum flooding inside her. As I pulled back to shove into her again, I could see the white liquid oozing out of her and I heard a wet, almost splashing sound as I shoved myself back into her. Finally, I collapsed on top of her, kissing her mouth, her face and her neck. Glancing back at the mirror, I moved my legs a bit and could see her pussy lips still holding my cock inside.

“We both watched as my cock slowly shrank and then finally, slipped out of her pussy, both of us soaking in our cum. It was incredible, we’d been married for so long, had done this so many times before, but I don’t know, something about the mirror, the excitement leading up to it all, but I think it was the best sex we’d ever had.”

“But I don’t understand,” the old shopkeeper asked, standing up off his stool. I noticed him reach down and adjust himself, lightly tugging on his pants before sitting back down. “Why are you returning the mirror if it helped you do all that?”

“I know, I know, and I’m sad to have to return it, but, you see, the night didn’t end there,” I replied, leaning forward on my stool and as discreetly as possible adjusting myself. “She’s making me take it back.”

“Didn’t she enjoy the sex as much as you?”

“She did, as a matter of fact she went on and on about it as we looked at ourselves in the bed. We giggled and laughed like kids again as she played with my limp cock, looking at it in the mirror, acting like she was wrestling a python. Continuing to play around a bit, teasing each other, well, it had been years since we’d even attempted trying it more than once in a day, I mean we’re not that old, but I’m certainly not a teenager, but after a while, I got hard again, rock hard.

“I eased down off the bed and kneeled on the floor between her legs, and again watching in the mirror, I ran my monstrous tongue over the dome of her clit while easing my fingers into her, still soaking wet pussy. Once again, we both watched in the mirror as her pussy lips began to swell and she opened up, taking first just one finger, then a second and finally three of my fingers as I slid them in and out of her. She seemed well on her way to coming once again when she said to me excitedly, ‘Let’s do it doggie style, I want to see it that way.’

“Doggie style sounded good to me, and I realized that with the mirror, she could enjoy the view I had enjoyed for years, seeing me enter her from behind. I stood up as she turned over and got up on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I grabbed her hips and was moving closer, just about to slip my cock into her when she exclaimed, ‘Oh no, no, no, stop it, we can’t…’

“Thinking I was hurting her, I released her hips and then looked into the mirror. Expecting to see the beautiful massive lips of her pussy, the pink dome of her clit and the milky white skin of her ass, I saw what stopped her. There it was, in the middle of the mirror, plan to see and though it didn’t bother me, she was growling now, ‘Take it down, take the mirror down.’

“I was dumbfounded, standing there, my rock hard cock softening as she gagged and coughed.”

“What was it? What could possibly have made her do that?” the old man asked, leaning forward and resting his arms on the counter.

“You see, what was just the slightest blemish on the perfect, baby-soft skin of her ass, something I’d never even notice and even if I did it would never bother me, but, with the mirror, with the mirror it was more. Unfortunately, this microscopic blemish in the middle of one of the cheeks to her ass was bigger in the mirror. Yes, such a tiny little thing suddenly became a bright red Mount Vesuvius seemingly ready to erupt. Once I saw it, it was like a car wreck, you know, you try to look away, but you just can’t, so I just stared in awed silence. My wife screamed, ‘Get it out of here now,’ as she dove onto the floor on the other side of the bed, pulling the sheets with her to cover up. All I could do was grab the mirror and carry it into the living room.

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