The Morning After


She awoke with a feeling unlike any she had known. Safe, warm, secure and satiated. Still she sported a slight hangover and it took a while for her to take in the different surroundings. She opened her eyes a little. A different room, a nice room, soft colours and nice decor, masculine but not cold.

Vague memories from the night before teasing her foggy mind.

The feeling of soft silk on her skin. A silk pillow case, so soft. Silk sheets surrounding her, caressing her naked body. She had never slept in silk before. It always seemed tacky but now she understood. The way it was cool and still kept her warm. So light and yet cosy. Soft and yet shiny and sensual to the sight and touch. Teasing her senses and skin as it surrounded her.

But it was not quite surrounding her. Now she could feel him behind her. Spooning her, his body wrapped around her, his chest against her back, his knees into the back of her knees. An arm under her neck and then round her front with his hand resting on her left breast. Another hand on her waist. God he felt good. Breathing slowly into her neck. That would usually annoy her, instead it was warm and sensual and reassuring as he slept next to her.

Ohh, now she could feel him. She wriggled her butt back gently so not to wake him. His hard cock nestled deep in between her cheeks. Gosh he was hard! He moaned a little as she moved back against him, but still slept.

And now, dim memories of the night before as she sank back into a light contented sleep.

She had been out reluctantly with her friends clubbing. She never liked the “meat market” feel of clubs on a Saturday night and now she was in her late 30’s she felt more and more out of place. But she went along, dressed sexy but classy as always, in a silk satin blouse and her soft Versace leather skirt. She remembered being hit on by about 3 guys as the evening went on. All lame, all self centred arses who know nothing of what a woman wants! Then she remembered him. She had gone to the bar to get a drink and she stood next to him, waiting to be served. She didn’t pay much notice as she wanted to get the barman’s attention. She “felt” him first, their arms brushing each other. She looked casually over to him, his linen shirt was classy, nice expensive jeans. No bling, no tattoos! Nice! Then she caught his scent. That’s what first did it, a warm smell – how can a smell be warm? – soft and inviting, a mix of musky cologne and warm body. Not a bad body odour but sexy and sensual. The barman came and asked them who was there first. She indicated that he was but he told the barman to serve her first. Jees, a gentleman!! She looked at his face for the first time and smiled a “thank you”. Warm green/brown eyes smiled back. A soft, strong sexy face, around her age. Slim, attractive, deep, inviting, so soft, kind, sensual….

“Madam! Madam! What do you want??” said the barman impatiently. She was actually staring and day dreaming at this man. DAMN! The bar man was getting annoyed. She snapped out of it and ordered her drinks in a fluster, feeling very silly.

“My name’s Richard. Really pleased to meet you. And I’m sorry but that is my only chat up line.” he said to ease the obvious tension.

“I’m Kari. I hate chat up lines anyway. Um, and err, sorry for staring”.

“It’s ok, I thought I had something stuck on my face! Please come dance with me a little.”

It was not quite a question. Not a command. More of a polite supplication with a subtle expectation that there was only one answer!

They danced, talked, drank, talked and danced until he asked if she wanted to leave. She gaziantep bayan escort never ever went back to a guys place on the first date. Not until now that is!

She woke a little again. They hadn’t moved. He was still sound asleep, his warm breath making the back of her neck tingle with pleasure. His cock still hard (even after the night before) against her warm butt. She could feel herself getting wet. She peeked at the clock – 8:30am. She figured they would be in bed for a while yet and she certainly had no intention of going anywhere. He kissed the back of her neck. Now the tingles went right down her back and she closed her eyes and smiled. But he was still asleep. He kisses in his sleep! Oh my!

She wondered if she could slide his cock down against her pussy. She’d never done it with someone who was asleep before. Maybe if she just moved it a little….. She reached down so slowly, not wanting to wake him. Her heart beating harder in her chest with the excitement. She felt like a naughty little girl! She took his cock gently in her hand. So hard and hot. As she did the memories of the night before slid into her mind, feeling him inside her again and again, the passion, the lust, the crazy orgasms!

She realised she was gripping him too hard; she softened her grasp and slid his cock down gently between her legs. The head was now resting and pushing up against her wet sensitive pussy. She moaned.

He stopped his breathing. Had she woken him? She didn’t move. Her heart beating, holding her breath. The head of his cock just pushing into her lips of its own volition. Time seemed to stop. And then he was breathing slowly again. Deeply and slowly, back in his world of dreams. Her pussy grew wetter, her juices making the head of his cock wet as he rested just inside her lips sending streams of heat down her legs. His cock twitched as he moaned a little in his dreams. Maybe he was dreaming of the night before. She drifted again, her memories trying to join with his as he slept.

They had started kissing on the couch with a Gin and Tonic each in their hands. The passion had taken them and spilt the drinks over their clothes and the floor but they hadn’t cared. She remembered feeling his hardness under his pants, straining for release. He had broken off the kiss to explore her more. Now the memories were coming back to her as she drifted deeper into her morning dreams.

On the couch, he slid his hands up her legs as she felt his hard cock throbbing. His hands reached her panties, already moist and he moaned as his fingers slid up and down the moist satin. Her favourite black leather skirt was already up round her waist as his hand caressed her pussy with a confidence and gentleness that hand in hand took her on a flight of a lifetime. Her hand just gripping his cock. She couldn’t concentrate on moving it because of the sensations flooding her. His other hand caressing her back through the pink satin blouse. The softness, sleekness caressing her in waves as his hand moved over her until it rested on her breast. He played with her nipple through her clothes as his other hand continued to play her like a beautiful instrument.

Then he was on his knees in front of her. His shirt was off and his slim chest was glistening with sweat and the spilt gin and tonics. He slid her panties down her legs and looked up at her. His deep eyes asking her permission. She simply smiled, her eyes now glassed over with desire and need. He led with his hands sliding up her thighs as his mouth followed with kisses. Instinctively her legs parted for him and she leant back on the couch with her eyes shut. When his mouth at last kissed her wet lips she spasmed and shook. Moans escaping her mouth as her eyes shut tightly trying to hold in the feelings of pleasure. His tongue and fingers worked in unison sliding up her lips as his finger stroked her clit. The first orgasm burst through her within a minute. She’d never come so quickly. Her hips thrust against his mouth, her hands on his head holding him still against her while she came. As she slowly came down and released his head, he gently kissed and licked her pussy more, keeping her in a constant state of arousal. Now his mouth was on her clit, gently licking and sucking as his fingers slid into her soaking pussy. He pushed them in and up, caressing her inside, touching somewhere amazing as his mouth started moving faster. His tongue orchestrating the most incredible feeling throughout her body. Faster his tongue moved as the intensity grew. His fingers sliding out and in and up. More intense, more intense, more, more as the orgasm grew and grew like a tidal wave. Not yet breaking, not yet, nearly. “YES, YES, Oh GOD YES” she screamed as she bucked against him. Totally lost, completely gone as suddenly the wave reached the shore and broke in a thunderous crash. She screamed, his fingers rubbing inside her making her gush all over his face. She had never gushed before. It was running off his face and down her thighs and all over his couch. She would have felt embarrassed if it hadn’t felt so damn good. Wave after wave crashed against her as he expertly rode them like a trained surfer reading each wave and taking it under his control. She lost count of her orgasms as she ground into his face and fingers again and again, until eventually after minutes of the most intense pleasure he let her settle back and relax. Just gentle kisses over her pussy and soft licks as he lapped up every last drop.

She awoke again and she was soaked. Her thighs drenched and the silk sheets wet under her. His cock was inside her. His arms tight around her and his mouth kissing her neck intently. She had come in her sleep! His cock had slid in and woken him up and now he was slowly fucking her from behind. His hard cock buried into her throbbing pussy and moving so slowly. “Oh god!”, she moaned softly. “So beautiful”, he whispered into her ear from behind as he slowly fucked her.

“Hold on tight”, he said.

Then with his arms tight around her waist and chest he rolled onto his back with her still on top of him facing the ceiling, his cock still hard inside her from behind and his mouth still kissing her neck. His hand moved down to her clit and again like a master musician he started playing her. His cock thrusting inside her and his fingers caressing her clit and pussy in time. She felt like every part of her was being touched. Breasts, clit, legs, pussy inside and out and kisses and soft bites on her neck. His fingers moved quicker and harder and suddenly she was coming again. His cock deep inside as she clenched around him. Floating, flying, soaring! Then he brought her down again. Slowly, moving gentle and soft he caressed her body from behind. Like a harp between his legs. Then when he chose he lifted the pace and passion and brought her to another orgasm. Countless times he did this until she was totally satiated and exhausted and pleaded for him to stop. Then they lay there, her body on his, her head resting back on his shoulder. His cock still throbbing and hard inside. Insufferably, he hadn’t yet come this morning, although he had at least twice the night before! Again she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke at 10am. She was on her side, her nakedness snuggled in the silk sheets. Still a faint damp patch under her reminding her of the early morning, her swollen and satisfied pussy throbbing between her legs. She looked around and he was no longer in bed. Sounds of movement downstairs as she could hear him in the kitchen. The aroma of fresh coffee drifting up the stairs into the bedroom. She looked and her clothes were at the bottom of the bed. He had brought them up from the couch, knowing she had no pyjamas to wear. She smiled at his thoughtfulness and reached down for her satin blouse. It would have to do and it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her in all her glory already! She slipped it on over her naked top and did up just a few buttons to hold her breasts inside. She felt sexy. She felt very, very sexy! This man had done something wonderful with her that made her feel everything she should feel.

He wandered upstairs carrying two coffees on a tray with milk, sugar and sweeteners, wearing a black silk robe tied very loosely round his waist opening just enough so she could glimpse his semi hard cock.

He walked to her side of the bed and put the tray next to her. Standing before her she could smell their sex and what a glorious smell! His cock barely inches from her head, still on the pillow.

“Hi gorgeous, did you sleep well?” he asked.

“Morning!” she replied dopily. “I certainly did!”

He stood looking down at her in just her pink satin top and smiled. She melted. Her hands reached out and slid into his robe grasping his cock. Keeping it in her hand she slowly sat up and slid her legs over the edge of the bed so she was facing him. She undid the robe with one hand and slid her other up and down the shaft of his hardening cock.

“Oh god!” he moaned.

She remembered the night before. The way he worshipped her with his mouth and then fucked her in every way until they fell asleep and so without any restraint she plunged her mouth over him. Sucking his length into her mouth she bit slightly and felt it grow and twitch. Her hand held his shaft and pulled up in time with her mouth. The other hand felt underneath and caressed his balls. God they felt good. His cock grew more and became solid as she slid her hand under him. “Hmm he likes that!” she thought.

She consumed him. Ate him with a passion. Her head moving faster and faster over his stiff cock as her hand slid between his legs and caressed around and under his balls. Her other hand now round his arse and gripping his butt. Her fingers digging into him.

“Agghhh” he groaned in pleasure.

This only spurred her on more. He tasted amazing. The flavour of his cock mixed with the faint taste of her sex. Her hands moved faster now all over him, up and down his balls and under him. Rubbing up and down his butt from the front and behind. Sending waves of pleasure through him. He was groaning and shouting now as she continued to fuck him incessantly, her hands and fingers rubbing him, scratching him and probing him and feeling him respond begging him to come in her mouth. Wanting to swallow him and take him.

“Oh god. Oh god” he screamed and she could feel him building. And then she dug her nails in his butt and pushed her finger against his hole and instantly he exploded into her mouth. Furiously she swallowed and sucked. Fingering him to make him come more. She wanted all of it. More and more and more. She slid her mouth up and down draining him of every last drop until he was finished.

“Oh my god!!” he said breathlessly. “That was amazing.”

“My pleasure!” she replied.

He slid into bed next to her and held her beautiful satin clad body next to his now naked flesh, neither of them wanting the day to end.

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