The Motorcycle Ride


I pull up to your house and smile as I watch you come out. You are wearing the jeans and white top that I love so much. Your hair is in a bandanna, and you smile as you cock your head to the side and wink at me. I find myself staring at you as you walk towards me, you movements are slow and deliberate, you know what I’m thinking and you are enjoying it.

We have decided to go for a ride on my Harley. We’re alone, and you suggested that we both ride on my bike. We have no plans, just a ride, both of us knowing that we want more than just a ride.

As we pull away from your driveway, I feel your legs squeeze against my body. Your hands are rested on my lap, and I find myself needing to focus on the road. We say very little to each other, letting our touch speak for us. Your hands rub over my waist, moving up to my chest and down over my legs. I reach back with my clutch hand and begin to caress your leg, loving how amazing it feels in my hand.

As we hit the highway, the vibrations of the bike increase, and you make a comment about it. Your wrap your arms around me as you yell in my ear, “This bike makes me want to be bad!” I rub your leg and reply, “So, be bad!”

You remain still for a moment, then slowly begin to loosen your grip on me. As your arms come apart, you lower them, resting your hands on the inside of my lap. My mind races as I feel the sensation of your hands so close to my manhood. I feel it getting hard in my jeans, thinking of how close your hands are. You softly begin to caress my inner thigh, teasing me with how close you are to touching me. You feel me adjust slightly, and you smile, knowing the effect you are having on me.

Slowly you move a hand across my crotch, brushing against my hardness. It feels like a bolt of lightning flash through my body at the touch. You feel my chest rise, and you know that I gasped at the touch. You do it again, this time a little slower, letting the touch linger a little longer. You are breathing hard also, porno 64 wanting nothing else but to take hold of me, to feel how hard you make me. You touch again, letting your hand rest on the outside of my jeans, feeling my manhood pushing against the fabric.

You peak over my shoulder and notice that we are going very fast. “Hey, focus on the road, we don’t want to get killed just yet!” I shake my head as I pull back on the throttle, slowing down the bike slightly. You hand is now resting on my manhood, and you begin to move your fingers across it, getting more confident with each stroke. My chest rises and falls with every touch of your hand. You begin to squeeze my hard cock, no longer just teasing.

Finally I turn my head and yell towards you, “I have to kiss you. And I wont take no for an answer.” I hear you shout back, “Okay”, in that innocent, sweet voice.

I look for the first side road and turn off the highway, heading towards the river. I notice a boat launch, and pull into a rest area. There are a few picnic tables, but the area is empty of people.

Your hands move away from my body as we come to a stop. As I put out the kickstand, you jump off the bike, and remove your helmet. I do the same as I swing my leg over the Harley. You start to speak as I turn to you, but before you can say anything, I pull you into me and bring my mouth down to yours. I pull you tight to my body, pressing myself against you as my tongue slides into your mouth. I am consumed with desire for you and find myself unable to control it.

You feel my manhood pressed hard against your belly, your breasts pushed against my chest. My hands move over your back, making their way down to your ass, squeezing it, pulling it even tighter to me. You feel your own desires skyrocketing, and your hands begin to move across my back, up to my shoulders.

Finally I pull away from you and take your hand in mind. “Come with me,” I pant, “trust me.” You are unable to speak and simply porno izle follow me as we make our way into a wooded area beside the boat launch. We duck under some branches and keep walking until we find ourselves in small open area about twenty feet square. The ground is covered in small branches from the trees surrounding us. I stop and turn back to you, pulling you into my arms again, allowing our lips to connect with intensity and passion.

From where we are standing we can look out at the water. If a boat was to go by, we might be seen peeking out from the trees. We’re not sure, though, because someone would have to be looking pretty close to notice us among the trees.

I pull away again, and look into your eyes. We are both filled with lust and desire. Without saying a word, I untuck your shirt and pull it over your head. I look down at your breasts for the first time, alternating between looking at them and looking into your beautiful eyes. I take my own shirt off and then pull you back into my arms. As our skin touches, you release a soft moan. It feels amazing to feel your body against mind. My hands caress your back, touching you skin so softly that you have goose bumps.

I push you back against a tree and lean down to take one of your breasts in my mouth. My tongue flicks at your nipple, my teeth nibble at it, causing you to flinch slightly. As I suck your breast, my one hand moves to the other, caressing it, pinching your nipple. I move from one breast to the other, then back again, consumed with how great they feel in my mouth. I bring my other hand up to your mouth, rubbing my fingers against your lips until you take them into your mouth, sucking on each digit.

I slowly begin to move down your body, kissing your midsection, flicking my tongue against your belly, moving my hands over your hips. Soon I’m on my knees, my face directly in front of your jeans. I look up at you. Your breasts are rising with each breath, you eyes are half closed as sex izle you stare back at me, you mouth is open and you tongue is rubbing against your teeth.

I turn my attention back to your jeans, undoing them and pulling them down off your legs. You are not wearing any panties, and I find myself staring right at you. You are very wet, and I can’t wait to taste you. I begin to softly kiss your legs, you respond by spreading them wider against the tree. You hands begin to caress my hair as you feel my tongue on your legs, my lips gently kissing you, moving over your skin. I move close to your mound, but don’t touch that area. Finally I stop, my mouth so close to your pussy that you can feel the heat of my breath. You moan, waiting for that first touch, but it doesn’t come. You try to push my head into you, but I resist, blowing hot air over your wet lips. My hands softly caress your skin, moving over your legs and close to you. Your breathing is so heavy with anticipation.

Finally, just when you think it wont happen, my tongue slides out from my mouth and lightly flicks your clit, sending a shiver up your spine. You grab tight to my hair as I slide my tongue against you a second time, this time a little deeper and a little harder. You taste so amazing, and I find myself craving your juices. I lean in, pushing my mouth hard against you, my tongue going deep inside you, devouring you. Tasting you. Eating you. I reach up with one hand and begin to caress your breast, pulling at your nipple as I make love to you with my tongue. You arch your back, pushing yourself even harder against my mouth.

You moan and try to speak, “I’m going to cum…”

Suddenly your pussy tightens against my mouth and waves of pleasure begin to sweep through your body. You groan as the orgasm fills your senses. I stop licking and just press against you, letting the pleasure flood over you. As your breathing begins to slow, I gently kiss your mound, then begin to move up your body, gently kissing you as I stand up in front of you. I take you in my arms and your entire body relaxes in my embrace.

Finally you turn me around and push me against the tree.

“My turn.” You say, a grin coming across your face.

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