The New Neighbor Ch. 01


“Well, I think that’s the last of it. Thanks for the help, Al.” Molly looked up from the box marked “kitchen supplies” and did a quick scan of her new apartment. The walls were somewhere between eggshell and off white. They held up a rather tacky popcorn ceiling, which Molly loathed. Still, the apartment was roomy, well carpeted (beige carpet, wouldn’t want to give the room too much personality), and most importantly, it was hers. Her eyes finally fell back on her new neighbor, who was standing on the small patch of tile that was destined to be the home of her new kitchen table.

“No problem” Al half-grunted out as he reached down to place the box that was simply marked “heavy” on the floor. “Just glad I was here to help,” this time he spoke with a melodic baritone as he stood up. He was about half of a foot taller than Molly, just tall enough that she had to tilt her head to look him in his deep, brown eyes. He smiled down at her. As Molly’s eyes rose to meet his, she scanned her new acquaintance. He had brown skin, just dark enough that she knew he was black, and a strong, athletic build. He was wearing red Adidas shorts and a cut-off tee shirt that exposed sturdy shoulders, and distractingly defined arms. “I’ll be just right across the hall so if you need anything, just, you know, let me know!”

“Oh yea, of course, thanks again!” Molly pulled her attention away to the stack of boxes in the opposite corner.

“So I’ll see you around.” Al turned and was already halfway out the door.

Molly’s head snapped back to catch one last glance just before he left. “Yea, I’m sure!” and with that, the door closed. She let out a long, audible breath and leaned against the wall as she looked around at all of the unpacking that needed to be done. The whole place seemed too quiet, almost lifeless now that Al had left. All of a sudden, she became very aware of what she was wearing. A smock of a tee shirt, paint splattered jeans, and her shamefully dirty converse. She shook her head as she reached into her pocket for her phone. One missed text. She cocked her head, puzzled that she hadn’t heard the phone go off earlier. It was from her boyfriend, James.

“Hey babe, how’s the new place looking?”

“Good, just have to unpack everything.”

“I’ll be there soon. Have any trouble getting all the boxes up there?”

“No, one of my neighbors helped me out!”

“Okay, good. Sorry I couldn’t be there.”

“No problem.”

Molly kept unpacking for a while. Luckily, her family had been there a few days prior, and most of her furniture had moved in ahead of her. The living room, the first room that her apartment door opened to, was already filled with a loveseat and a full couch, each pointed at her new TV, and her bedroom, which was on the opposite side of the living room from the door, was already filled with a queen size bed, a dresser, and of course, her vanity. She moved from room to room, filling empty drawers with new utensils, clothes, and DVDs of the latest superhero movies that James had bought for them to watch together. Or, rather, to not watch. James had a habit of using the movies as background noise once their make-out sessions started getting carried away. Not that she minded, but it felt like the only time he actually watched the movie was when she would slide down to her knees in front of him (and even then, the screen would only catch his attention if the leather-bound heroine was in the shot). She wondered if Al liked superhero movies. She wondered if James would bring a new movie tonight.

A knock on the door brought Molly back to reality. “Coming,” she half-yelled from the bedroom. She danced over a few empty boxes on her way to the door. A glance through the peep hole gave her permission to swing the door wide porno izle open. “Hey baby!”

“Hey hun,” James wrapped his arms around her and half-hug, half-carried her into the room as he kicked the door shut behind him. “How’s it been going?”

“Well, I’ve found a spot for everything so far.” She smiled and gave him a kiss. “How was work?”

“Oh, you know,” James set her back down. “It was work. I’ve been thinking about you all day.” He planted another kiss on her.

“Have you now?” Molly’s voice was a mix of curious and playful. She turned around and bent over to reach for her next box to unpack, fully aware of what she was doing. “What have you been thinking about?”

James walked up behind her and pulled her hips in close to his. “You’ve just been so alone up here, I feel like you could’ve used some,” he pushed in even tighter as he thought of his final word, “company.” His voice was filled with suggestion as a devilish grin spread across his face.

“Hmm…” Molly thought a moment as she straightened back up. “I have been a little bit,” she reached over her head to grab the back of his, “lonely.” Their heads turned to meet each other and their lips locked. In the middle of her apartment, the two lovers stood on an island alone, grinding into each other, pulling hair just hard enough to be felt but not enough to hurt, and tongues danced and flicked on lips and over bare skin.

They left a trail of clothes from the living room to the bedroom, and by the time James had thrown her onto the bed, they were both stripped down to their underwear, Molly bare-chested. She took the brief second of separation to look at the man of her life. He stood just a few inches taller than her and had a stocky build, to say the least. He had recently started working out again and it showed, as she could see everything from his shoulders, to his abs, to his arms, were starting to stand out more. He had a boyish face, and confident hazel eyes that hid under his dirty blond hair.

“What are you thinking?” James had noticed the pause.

A stifled laugh and a smile from Molly, “You need to cut your hair.”

“That’s really what you’re thinking about right now?” He could tell she was joking as he started to kiss her stomach. “Because I was thinking, ‘it has been a while since I’ve gone down on you.'” His fingers traced the outline of her panties as his kisses began to crawl further down her body. “And now I’m thinking that I should change that.”

He threw her legs over his shoulders while he knelt in front of her at the edge of the bed. It didn’t take long for Molly’s hands to wander up her own body. She always liked being able to play with her chest while her boyfriend went to work. She squeezed herself and moaned, let him take his time. All of the sexual energy that had been building that day ran through her pulsing body as she began to come. Her hand gripped the back of James’s head as her moans turned into screams that turned into her taking heavy breath after heavy breath. She released her grip and James stood up so he could finally enter her.

“No, let me suck it first.” She stopped him.

“Whatever you want, babe.” He couldn’t hide his satisfaction as he laid down on the bed.

“And you know how bad I want to.” She pulled down his boxers and stared for a moment.

He was pretty average in length, but he was wider than anyone she had been with before, and she knew how good it felt. She plunged it down her throat, letting him fill her mouth until she gagged and came up for air. She kept stroking him just to listen to him moan, getting louder and louder until he had to stop her. He pulled her up onto him and was effortlessly inside her, stretching her out and pulling her further down the shaft. Her eyes went porno wide. “Oh fuck, you’re so big -” He pushed his pelvis off the bed, fitting every possible inch of himself in her. She screamed out. “Right there! Don’t stop!” Her encouragement turned into moans and into screams, she forgot where she was. The only thing that kept her on Earth were James’s two hands pushing down from her shoulders, holding her tight to him while he pushed into her. Power behind every move, turning into shouts and shudders of pleasure from both of them as she finally broke into wave after wave of orgasm and melted into him.

She lied there on top of him for just a moment. His fingers ran along her sides and her back, barely grazing her, sending small tingles in every direction. Her hands traced the outlines of his shoulders, then his arms. Their breath came and went together, and hot on each other’s necks. “How do you want me?” she half whispered.

There was a moment as James stopped to think, his hands resting ever so teasingly just past her lower back. “I want you -” he sat up, still inside her, “to wrap your legs around me, and hold on.”

Molly’s whole body began to tense with anticipation. She knew what was coming, and it was one of her favorite things that he would do to her. Her legs swung around his waist, and her hands locked behind his neck. James stood up and planted both hands firmly low on her back, adjusting until they were lower still. He began to rock her back and forth, his sensual hums slowly building to an animalistic growl with every thrust.

Then, James stopped, and with her still wrapped around him, moved toward the wall on the far side of the bedroom, something he had never done before. She was pinned against the wall as he had his way with her body, plunging himself into her, forcing his lips on hers, then his teeth to her neck. He lost himself. The pounding against the wall, the sheer strength, the moans, the grunts, the screams, all becoming a cacophony of joy and pleasure filling the once lifeless apartment until they finally climaxed together and fell backwards onto the bed. She loved every second of it.

They lied together on the cool, soft sheets. Their chests heaved, taking all of the oxygen from every corner of the room in silence. The moment slowly rolled forward into the next as Molly, unhurried, turned on her right shoulder to face her lover. He was looking through the ceiling above them, staring off into god-knows-where. In profile, she could see how his hard, square jaw belied his soft eyes, cradled by the faintest beginnings of laugh lines, urged on by the smallest of smiles. She ran her left hand across his taught body, tracing his swelling chest, and finally resting on the far side of his face. He finally turned his head to meet her gaze.

Before too long, she finally spoke in a tone that flowed like honey “Where did that come from?”

“Oh, you know,” James stalled and adjusted so that his body fully faced hers, “Just figured with all these big changes going on, I had to remind you of the one thing you’re always going to have.”

“A wall?”

“Yea, yea,” his smirk mirrored hers. “Play dumb all you want. You’re always going to have me.”

“And amazing sex?”

“And amazing sex.”

“Okay, good.” They let the playfulness and the intimacy linger in the air for some unmeasured amount of time, feeling each other through their smiles.

“Besides,” James rolled onto his back, and began in his always-half-joking tone, “I have to step my game up now that you’re living across the hall from that guy!” Molly promptly slapped her hand lightly on his chest. “Hey!”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” she asked, incredulous, but knowing that he wasn’t serious.

“Nothing at all, babe.” His rokettube eyes were back on the ceiling, but the edge of his lip still curled toward his eye so that Molly could see.

She propped herself up on her elbow. “How do you even know about him?”

James wrote her worries off, “He was coming back from his workout or something, but he got to his door right as I was getting to yours. He seems like a nice guy.”

“He is.” Molly was getting desperate to change the subject.

“Handsome too.”

“Babe,” she moved in close, their lips were inches apart. “Relax.”

James relented. “Oh you know I’m joking,” he said with a kiss. “Now come here.” Another kiss, and then again. Lightly now, both heads falling back into the pillows. Their bodies separated and came together again, only now, Molly had rested her head against James’s arm, and tiredness overwhelmed them both. James was quick to fall asleep, but every time Molly drifted towards dreams, the image of Al, sweaty and swollen, standing next to James in the hall would intrude. Eventually, the idea made itself at home in her mind, and she dreamt.

Molly woke up almost exactly an hour later to the sound of her sleeping partner getting dressed next to the bed.

“Enjoy your snooze, sleepyhead?” James mocked and cooed with his tone.

“You slept too, dumb butt.” Molly rubbed her eyes. “What time is it?”

James checked his phone. “About 7:30.” I gotta get going home. Parents wanted me for dinner.” He finished the sentence with the top of his messy hair sticking through the sleeve of his shirt.

“Yea I remember you mentioned that this morning.” The disappointment in her tone was palpable. “Will you be back tonight?”

“Probably not.” James always avoided giving a hard “No” when he knew he was letting Molly down. “I’m sorry hun.” And he meant it. His head finally found its home in the proper hole.

“It’s alright,” Molly meant it as much as she could. “I’m probably done unpacking for the day anyway. I’ll just watch a movie or something.” She stood up as she spoke. “Tell everyone I said hello!” And she pressed her naked body against the fabric that concealed his.

“I will.” He gave her a quick kiss. “Bye babes.” She kissed him this time, making sure to hold it for a few extra seconds.

“Bye,” she said, completely lacking the finality that either of them had hoped for. She stayed in the bedroom as James exited the apartment.

She stood in the still room for a minute. Then, she remembered. “The lock!” One of the new responsibilities of having her own place. She moved briskly to the outside door and turned the bolt. It offered a bit of resistance, but with a bit of extra muscle, it gave in with a satisfying clank. She let out a sigh and chuckled at herself, naked in the middle of the apartment. She put her back to the door and scanned the room. The summer sun was low in the sky and cutting through her fourth story window, illuminating all the empty spaces in her living room, all the way across to the heavy boxes that Al had stacked high. Her mind drifted back to earlier, watching him climb the stairs in front of her, how she couldn’t help but stare at his shoulders, cut hard against his arms as he walked past. Alone, she could recall when he pulled up the bottom of his shirt to wipe sweat from his brow, revealing his defined midsection for a fleeting moment that seemed now to last as long as she wanted it to last.

There was a knock on the door.

Molly jumped forward away from the noise, and was surprised to find her hands had been clutching her breasts. She shook away the memories and tried to gather herself in this new moment.

There was another knock.

“I’ll be right there!” Molly flew into her bedroom, looking for the nearest clothes she could find. She raced back to the door, flustered, and forgoing the peephole.

She ran her hands through her hair quickly, and swung open the door.

“Hey, I’m Tara, I’m you’re next door neighbor.”

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