The Office Party


This is another story I wrote on a friends request. Sorry for the English. Enjoy!


Today was the yearly office party. It was usually a pretty nice event with lots of opportunities to interact with people from other parts of the company, you know, the ones usually only seen on elevators, drinking lattes and wearing headphones.

The company I worked for had just finished the transition from startup to big company. Small enough that I was pretty sure that I had seen everyone at least once but it was long ago since I knew everybody’s names. There had been a big influx of people the last couple of years as the company consolidated and the offices had moved to one of the big high rises in downtown. As far as I knew we had most floors on this building.

I had made quite a lot of friends the last four years, mostly in my department but I also had a couple in other departments.

This year the party was held in what was usually a cafeteria and meeting spaces level. The floor had a very big area in the center for people to hang out, meet, share ideas and “innovate” over the free coffee and soft drinks.

The area had been repurposed with lots of activities for people to mingle like poker tables, karaoke, arcade games, photo booths and the like. Food and some alcohol were distributed around in small stands and tables and a DJ was playing music in a corner.

Since the company had grown the events had slowly become more formal. I noticed that most guys were wearing jackets, some even wore ties and the women were in dresses and heels although the style varied a lot. Quite a big contrast against the jeans and hoodies that everyone wore. I was dressed to match, in the best smart casual style I could muster with semi-formal trousers, nice shoes, a shirt and a jacket.

I walked around and said hi to a couple of people. I looked for the director of my division and exchanged pleasantries as one should in this kind of events. With that done I went to the bar, got a beer and looked for my friends.

They were easy to find, right between the arcade games and a bar stand. Nerds. The usual suspects were there. John with his usual happy banter, Peter a little to the side just hearing everybody speak, Caleb making sure everybody was comfortable and accounted for, etc. There was only one person in the group I did not expect, Lisa.

Now let me tell you about Lisa. I had met her a couple of years ago at a similar event. I must confess that the first thing I noticed about her was her beauty but I quickly realized how smart and witty she was. Over time she had become a very good friend of mine. We talked often, about work, friend’s family, relationships, etc. But due to our schedules we didn’t actually spend much time together. I was glad to see her although it was weird since as far as I knew she didn’t like my teammates very much.

She looked beautiful as always, wearing a sundress with spaghetti straps. The dress ended a couple of inches above the knees and was complimented by some medium height heels. The perfect combination between cute and sexy, something she usually pulled of effortlessly, or so it looked to me.

She smiled when she saw me and waved for me to join the group. When I reached her, she hugged me.

“Hey!” I said to her. “How have you been? Long time no see.”

“I know! I was beginning to worry you weren’t coming.”

“Really? Because of my friends?” I smiled knowingly. “I know they are weird but trust me they are harmless.” I said laughing. I think Peter heard me but he just smirked. “You know I always come to this parties, and I was hoping I was going to see you tonight.” I said smiling.

“Well here I am.” She said doing a cute dancer bow.

In a way, Lisa was right. Spending time with her was more fun that with my teammates. By the time I gaziantep bayan escort noticed we had drifted off from the group and I had lost track of them.

We walked around while the conversation flowed freely. She told me about the latest developments at work, that she had gotten the promotion she was gunning for and things like that. I talked about my work, and funny things that had happened that I knew she would find funny.

After we grabbed our next drinks, we drifted off to the photo booth area. There wasn’t a line but the moment we got there three girls almost fell out laughing about whatever they had been doing there.

“It’s been ages since I’ve been on one of those, want to go?” She asked.

“Sure.” I followed her.

There were props outside, she quickly picked a ship’s captain hat and I picked a cowboy one.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“You look cute.” I said. “Although you are missing the rest of the outfit.” I said giving her a once over.

“And me?” I asked giving her my best impression of a burly cowboy.

“Mmmm.” She walked towards me and looked directly into my eyes. “Where are you riding to cowboy?” She said it with a tone of voice that both mimicked a southern drawl and was very suggestive. I was surprised and hesitated for a moment, then she laughed and broke the spell.

“Let’s go!” She dragged me inside.

The space was actually quite small and when I sat, we barely had enough space to sit side by side. No idea how the three previous girls had done it. She was sitting with her legs crossed and facing me, so I sat the same way. We took a couple of pictures like that doing different faces. Then she turned around and leaned into me. I could smell her perfume very clearly, then I noticed that the strap of her dress had fallen down and I now found myself looking down on her cleavage and could even see the top of her bra. The flash fired.

“Hey!” She gave me a slap in the leg when she saw the result. She leaned her head back to take a look at me, arcing even more and pushing her breasts out. “Eyes up here mister!” I laughed and turned to look at the camera just in time. I also noticed that she didn’t pull up the strap.

After a couple more pictures where, to be honest, I didn’t really know what to do, a guy peaked his head inside.

“Hey are you guys done?” We laughed and Lisa dragged me out. The movement was so sudden that when she stopped, I almost fell on top of her. I had to hold her to prevent her from falling. When I looked at her face, she was serious and was wetting her lips with her tongue.

I wanted to kiss her so badly at that moment, but her favorite song started and pulled us out of the moment.

“Hey let’s dance!” Of course, ma’am I thought.

The music was very loud so we automatically gravitated close to each other to be able to talk. With her heels she was close to my height. The song was a slow one so my hands moved automatically to her waist. She put her arms in my shoulders and even passed her fingers through my hair behind my ears. We looked eye to eye and I was entranced. I loved the way she moved to the slow music. She turned around and I pulled her against me. I felt her whole body against mine, her ass molding beautifully against me. She took my hands and put them on her hips. I grabbed her strongly and then she started moving my hands slowly higher and higher. When they were close to her breasts she pushed away and turned around to face me.

I was going crazy and I could see she liked the look of lust I was giving her.

The song ended and she just went back to talking like nothing had happened.

“So, what do you think?” She asked. I had lost a little track of the conversation.

“I don’t know.” I said as a nondescript answer and probably with a confused look on my face. We stayed silent for a while, I kept looking into her eyes, waiting for her. I knew what I wanted to do.

“You’ve always been a good friend, you know?” She said finally.

I didn’t reply, just smiled and moved my gaze all over her, from her eyes, to her smile, her luscious lips, her neck and breasts. Now it was her turn to flush. I closed in and moved my arms to embrace her and pull her closer to me.

“And?” I asked. I had to take the plunge or I would never forgive myself.

She didn’t say anything. I planted a light kiss in her neck just below her ear.

“You’ve always been beautiful.” Another light kiss. “And amazing.” Kiss. “But tonight, you are doing things to me. You are playing with me.” Another kiss, this time closer to her cheek. She could probably feel what I meant.

“I’m tired of the music, let’s find someplace quiet to sit down.

I grabbed her hand and led her, discreetly I hoped, outside the room and to see I could find somewhere more private. After walking through a long corridor, I found that one of the meeting rooms was open. I led her inside.

The room had no lights on but there was more than enough light to see due to the floor to ceiling windows and the lights of the building in front.

As soon as I closed the door I turned around, pushed her gently against the conference room, put my arms around her and kissed her. The kiss was gentle at first but quickly became more urgent. I could feel her moist lips. Her tongue came out from time to time so that I could play with it. My hands caressed her arms. The kiss lasted for some time, but I wanted more.

I helped her get on top of the table, I got her legs I started kissing her neck, moving slowly down her left side. When I got to her shoulders, I took the strap and pulled it down. Part of her bra was now visible. My other hand started pushing her dress up instinctively. She helped me with that by pushing herself up a little. I pushed her dress all the way up. I loved the feeling of her bare legs around me. She started pushing on my jacket so I just took it off and threw it in the ground. She immediately went to my shirt’s buttons. I let her do as she wanted. Soon my shirt joined my jacket on the ground.

I started kissing her shoulder on the other side, pulling the other strap down and finally revealing her bra completely. My hands roamed now on the outside of her legs, moving slowly up and up while I kept kissing her neck. I moved to the top of her breasts, kissing them. I could hear her breath quicken and she was holding me tighter and tighter. When my hands reached her thong, I couldn’t help but pull on it. I stopped kissing her and looked at her. She looked beautifully flushed. She pushed herself up and closed her legs. I slowly lowered her thong till it cleared her heels and put it in my pocket.

I took her leg and kissed it, slowly moving up and moving to the inside when I reached her thigh. I pushed her legs open and kissed the inside of her thigh. But suddenly she stopped me and stepped down from the table.

She pushed me against it and kissed me. I felt her hands went to my pants. She felt my erection and explored it a little bit. She grew impatient and stopped kissing me. Looked down and unbuckled my pants. Pushed them down forcefully to free my erection.

“You never told me you had this.” She said when she took it in her hands.

She kneeled in front of me and started using her tongue to do circles around the head, then alternated with taking the whole head in her mouth and sucking. The feeling was exquisite. I could feel her taking control of me as I alternated between closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation and looking into her eyes as she did it.

She was good, too good in fact, I could feel myself getting close to exploding.

But it was too early for it I wanted more. I helped her stand and kissed her. When she embraced me, I took the opportunity to unclasp her bra and see her boobs for the first time. By now her dress was more of a belt.

“Take it off.” I said while also finishing removing my trousers. She doubted for a second but then just pulled it down.

I put her up again on the table and kissed her chest between her boobs. She surrounded me with her legs. Her boobs looked so delicious and inviting I had to taste them. I wanted to tease the nipples so I just made circles with my tongue around them, making sure I got to every inch of their surface. Moving between them from time to time. When I finally reached the nipple and sucked lightly, she gasped and moaned.

I kept kissing lower and lower, when I got to her lower stomach, she giggled a little bit. But gasped again pretty soon when I got very close to the top of her pussy. This time she didn’t stop me and even opened her legs a little more. When I got to the place of my interest, I could see she was already wet. I looked up and could see her looking at me.

I teased the surrounding area with my tongue, then moved to the lips, tasting her for the first time. As delicious as I expected. I kept tasting and working her, getting my tongue as inside as I could and then playing with her clit while my fingers also explored her.

That got her into a frenzy. Suddenly she gushed and came. I felt her press my head with her thighs and her hands went to my head telling me not to stop. I didn’t intend to.

Eventually she did stop me, I stood up and kissed her. I was not done.

I took my cock in my hand and teased the entrance.

“I told you I wanted you.” I said and pushed. Even though she had just come I only got about half way in. She moaned. I pulled back and pushed again. 3/4ths. She gasped. I embraced her, she did so too. I pulled out all the way, I could feel her pulling her legs up to give me better access. and pushed in again, harder. All the way in.

“Yeah!” I exhaled.

“Yes, wow!” She whispered.

That was my queue to begin pumping. Slowly but as deep as I could I pumped and pumped, we kissed, whispered, moaned and scratched while we reveled in the feelings.

Soon we were more and more passionate, going at it faster and harder. At one point I had to muffle her a little to prevent somebody from hearing us, but it seemed she didn’t care. Still it was more likely that somebody would see us from the building in front. I could actually see some people working. That gave me an idea.

I pulled out and helped her down. She had a question on her face. I just pushed her towards the window, grabbed her hands and put them against it. My hands roamed down the sides of her body, I used one to embrace her chest and the other to point my cock at the correct place. I pushed in again.

“Wait, somebody might see.” She said, but was doing nothing to stop me, and I could feel her getting even more aroused. I could feel she was about to protest again but I just started pumping hard and deep and that stopped her.

“Ughh, oh god.” I was on the right path. My arms roamed her body, I loved having access to everything. From her boobs to down on her clit.

“Oh fuck.”

I pulled out and picked her up. Then laid her on the ground in the carpet on top of our discarded clothes. I got on top of her and pushed her legs on top of my shoulders, lined myself up and penetrated her in one movement. I grabbed her by the hips and started pumping again. We were so aroused that it didn’t take long, she started moaning more and more.

We kept at it, I was very close but kept my concentration since I could see she was so close. She tensed up and came again. When I felt it, I finally gave my desires free reign, kept pumping till I hit the point of no return. I pulled out and came all over her stomach and boobs. She looked beautiful like that. I laid down next to her and kissed her one more time.

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