The Party Ch. 01


It was close to 4:30 pm and I had almost finished my work for the day. It had been a long, exhausting week and I was looking forward to a relaxing week-end.

“Jiya! My office, right now!” My boss’s loud voice jolted me out of my day dreams. Groaning, I slipped on my heels, pushed back my chair and walked over to his room.

“He’s waiting for you, J” said his secretary.

I knocked on the door, pushed the door open and walked in.

“Yes Sir, do you need something?” I asked and sat down opposite him.

I cringed as his beady little eyes mentally stripped me. I clenched my fist, my nails dug into my palm painfully. He was a short man, balding, and had a paunch better suited on a pregnant woman. He got up, walked over and stood behind me. He leaned down, placed his sweaty palm on my hand and whispered, “I need you, Jiya.”

I gasped,” What?”

“I need you to attend the party tonight. You do know there’s a party. You haven’t attended any of official events for almost 2-3 months. I want you at the party,” he said.

I nodded and went back to my table. I had broken up with my boyfriend and colleague, a couple of months ago after catching him in bed with another girl. It was bad enough having to see him in office, I didn’t want to see him and his slutty new girlfriend at the party. It had been an exhausting long week and I just wanted to relax at home.

I gaziantep bayan escort didn’t have a lot of time, so I rushed back home. I opened my wardrobe to see what I could wear. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the perfect outfit. I had just bought a black, chiffon sari with a long satin underskirt and a halter top blouse. It would be perfect!

I stripped off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I’m in my mid-40s, 5’3 and 65 kg, 36D breasts with dark brown areolas. I ran my fingers between my breasts and caressed my tummy. I frowned a little as my stomach wasn’t as flat as I’d like. I cupped my breasts, a bit proudly and smiled as they were still firm and defied gravity. I turned on the shower and stepped under the streaming water. I had finished washing my hair when the door-bell rung. I tried to ignore it but the person was persistent. So, I grabbed my robe and loosely wrapped the belt around me as I rushed to open the door.

I peeped out and a gorgeous guy looked back at me. He grinned and held out his hand and said,” Hi, I’m Raj. I just moved in next door. I thought I’d come over and introduce myself. May I come in?’

I couldn’t say no and invited him in,

“Well, come on in. Would you like some wine?” I asked, pulling my robe tightly around my body. “Make yourself comfortable, Raj,” I said, as I got out the bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and an opener.

“Why don’t I open the bottle,” said Raj, as he walked towards me and took the bottle from my hands. He opened the bottle and poured the wine into the glasses and offered me a glass. My fingers grazed his as I took the glass from him.

I froze as I realized that the thin material of my robe was close to transparent. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, as we sipped the wine, looking at each other. The tension in the room grew stronger and Raj moved to stand closer in front of me.

He looked into my eyes and placed his hands on my waist. As he kissed me, he pulled open the belt of my robe and slipped his hands inside touching and pinching my waist. He moved his hands up and pushed the robe off my shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. We continued to kiss deeply as he slipped his tongue into my mouth exploring my mouth. His hands cupped my breasts and kneaded, squeezed them making me moan loudly. I slipped my hands under his t-shirt and explored his chest.

I sucked on his tongue, as I stroked his nipples, feeling them grow hard under my fingers. He moaned softly, as my fingers moved lower towards his stomach. We were pressed close against each other and I could feel his hard cock digging into my stomach. I moved my hands down lower and massaged his cock over his shorts. I pushed down his shorts and boxers, touching his cock and felt it become larger in my hands.

Raj moaned loudly as his hands moved to my ass, as he squeezed and caressed it. I became wet and my pussy juices dripped down my thighs.

I moaned softly as Raj inserted his finger into my pussy touching my clit, drawing circles on my pussy. He knelt in front of me with and looked up at me. As our eyes met, he licked my pussy, his tongue deep inside me. His hands gripped my ass tightly as he licked the inside of me hungrily while I pulled his head closer. My knees became weak and started to tremble, as Raj continued his assault on my pussy. And just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore he stopped.

He carried me to the couch and laid me on it. He leant forward and said, “I am going to fuck you so hard tonight. You will forget every lover you had.” He then placed his cock at entrance of my pussy and rubbed his cock-head in my pussy, getting his cock lubricated and ready to enter me. He held my hands above my head and pushed himself into me with a quick jerk, making me scream out. Holding himself still inside me he sucked my nipples getting them hard and sensitive.

Raj started thrusting inside me slowly as I moaned with pleasure. We moved in complete rhythm, first slow and then faster. I was writhing and moaning with him, till we both could not hold back any longer. We lost control and screamed out as we came clinging to each other. Raj fell down on me exhausted as I smiled,

“Raj, I’m Jiya. Call me J.”

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