The Photo Session


I arrived at the studio a few minutes early, which I thought would be smart as this was my first assignment. This was the sort of job I didn’t want to screw up. I mean, what could be better? I get paid to roll around in compromising positions with a gorgeous model. Heck, I should pay them.

I looked down at the call slip in my hand. The agency had booked me for this session the day before and had had to send me the information overnight. It read:

2 hr session
Simulated sex w female
Sweet Times Photo Studio
186 Main St.
(Note: Bring jeans and a button-down shirt)

On the phone, they had explained what “simulated sex” meant. These were to be the sort of photos one sees in softcore porn magazines. The couple is touching, but there is no actual penetration or oral contact. The girl is often pictured holding the man’s cock up to her mouth, but not quite touching it with her tongue. I had always been curious what it was like to be a model in those pictures. How would I respond to fondling a hot naked girl under those conditions? Then again, I’d heard these shoots were done very “professionally”, and were not very erotic for the participants. One way or the other, today I would find out for myself.

When I arrived at the studio the photographer introduced himself as Robert. He said my street clothes would work well in the photos, as he was going for a casual and spontaneous look. However, I should remove my underwear before we started. My partner “Nancy” would be arriving shortly. I went to the dressing room to make the change, and wondered what my partner would look like.

Pants back on, I held my boxers in my hand as I closed the dressing room door behind me and walked onto the set. There I saw Robert talking with a woman, and I knew it must be Nancy.

Oh, my.

My luck was getting better and better. Nancy was about 5’4″ tall, had long brown hair, blue eyes, and medium-sized breasts, which looked incredibly firm. She wore jeans, white sneakers, and a white cropped t-shirt that showed off her very flat stomach and belly-button ring. She didn’t really fit my mental image of a model. The knapsack slung over her shoulder made her look more like a freshman college girl – a really hot freshman college girl!

As I took in her sexy package, I wondered what sort of lucky guy she let into her pants. Then I shook my head and realized that today, I would be that guy! At least, I would get to touch her, if not actually have sex. Lucky for me all the same. I realized I had better be careful during the shoot. Even with minimal contact, a sexy young thing like that might make me come before I knew what happened.

Robert had told Nancy to keep her street clothes on for the shoot, having first confirmed that she was not wearing underwear. He introduced us and said we should get on the set. I noticed Nancy’s nipples poking through the thin t-shirt. She gave a wry smile and looked into my eyes as she shook my hand. I noticed her complexion was perfect, and her skin was very soft. My heart thumped as I realized the hand that I was shaking might soon be holding my cock. I hoped Robert wouldn’t mind my having an erection before we took any clothes off…

There was a small couch on the set with bright lights all around. After I sat down Nancy walked over and sat gently on my lap, casually putting an arm around my neck in the process. “You don’t mind my getting a little friendly before we’re supposed to, do you?” she asked. “After all, we’re going to have to be close friends for a few hours.”

I told her I certainly didn’t mind, but she probably knew that from sitting on the hard lump in my pants. Hoping it wouldn’t be too unprofessional, I slid my hand onto her bare stomach and slightly under her shirt. I love girls’ stomachs, and this one was incredible. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her, and I could feel her abdominal muscles rippling under my hand. “Ooh, I like that.” she said, and obligingly arched her back and stretched her arms over her head so I could get the full effect of her flat tummy. “Are my workouts paying off?”

“Ohhh, yes.” I said, impressed. I continued stroking her stomach for a moment, not quite daring to go higher. She gently grinded her bursa otele gelen escort butt into my cock as I stroked her abs and made little sounds of contentment. This was terrific, and we hadn’t even started shooting yet!

Robert arrived on the set wearing a mesh vest heavily loaded with lenses and film. With a slight look of annoyance he said, “Are you two ready to work? Let’s get started. Nancy, I’d like to get a few shots of you alone first. Stand up please, and look into the camera.”

Nancy stood and preened for the camera for a few minutes. Her smile was radiant and genuine as she turned this way and that. Robert seemed to think her midriff was a prime selling feature too, as he directed her to stand up straight to show a lot of skin. She twisted her hair on top of her head, let it fall again, smiled, pouted, and generally looked sexy.

After a few minutes Robert said he had enough shots and that we should move on to the couple’s photos. For the next instruction he put down his camera, as if to get our full attention. In a level voice he explained that he wanted to get some shots of us fully clothed, except for my exposed penis. The magazines and web sites he sold to had told him their readers favored pictures in which an innocent-looking girl acted slightly submissive. Almost as if the girl was pleasing the guy out of duty or obligation. He was professional about it, and even seemed apologetic as he explained this to Nancy, but she simply smiled and nodded with understanding. I nodded dumbly, wondering how I would ever keep from coming all over the place.

Robert asked us to sit on the couch together and face each other. “Now please start kissing slowly.” Nancy looked expectantly into my eyes for a moment, smiled, and then leaned in toward me. We kissed very gently, but this did nothing to decrease my mounting excitement. My heart thumped as our tongues met. Robert noticed this and asked us to hold a pose with our tongues intertwined. I could hear Nancy begin to breathe heavily amidst the periodic clicking of Robert’s camera shutter.

We continued for a few minutes, until Robert paused to change lenses. “All right you two, let’s move on. Michael, please stand up. You too, Nancy. Face each other. Closer. Good. Nancy, I want you to put your hand on Michael’s crotch .” Nancy stepped forward and coyly reached out with her right hand. Making contact with my bulge, she squeezed gently.

“Feel all around it.” Robert said, clicking continuously. “Look down at it like you want it. No, Michael – you just stand still with your hands at your sides.” I stood there and tried like hell not to get so excited that we’d have to stop for twenty minutes while I grew another hard-on after coming in my pants. Nancy patiently stroked my hard cock through my pants, looking down at it with a look of growing lust. I wondered if that look was just for the camera, or if it was real.

Robert stopped clicking and said, “OK, that’s good. Now Nancy, slowly undo his zipper, and look Michael in the eye while you’re doing it.” She held the tab of my zipper in her right hand and looked up at me with a sexy smile. Her grin increased as she inched my zipper down and spread my fly with her fingers. “Hold it there for a moment… look up at him and smile sexy… good! Reach into his pants, but don’t take your hand out. Keep the eye contact.”

Her fingers reached into my pants and found my cock. Her palm was flat against the underside of my diamond-hard erection, holding it against my abdomen. She smiled up at me as her fingers curled around it and gave it a squeeze.

My breath was coming quick, but there was no respite – this hot babe was standing there holding my cock and I couldn’t move. Robert clicked away for a long moment as Nancy softly squeezed and stroked me inside my pants. Her eyes bored into mine, her smile more knowing every second. She was enjoying doing this to me, and seemed to enjoy that I was so turned on by her.

Robert seemed satisfied, and poking his head over his camera he said, “All right, take it out and hold it in your hand.” She gently extricated my cock from my jeans and held it in her right hand. My cock is fairly large, and she escort bayan took in her breath when she saw the whole thing. “Look down at it Nancy. Now use two hands to rub it, and show us how turned on it makes you.” Robert then came in for a close-up of her hand on my cock. With our faces out of the frame, Nancy took a moment to look up at me and mouth the words, “Very nice”.

Robert asked Nancy to kneel down in front of me and hold my cock up to her face. These were very important photos, and he had to take close-ups and wide angles. It was indescribably erotic, seeing this hot, fully clothed girl kneeling at my feet with my cock in her face. No longer smiling, she had pursed her lips into a sexy pout. Robert clicked away rapidly, sometimes asking Nancy to open her mouth in preparation to suck me. He took photos of her making eye contact with me and with the camera, always holding my cock centimeters from her face. She looked so sexy that I had to close my eyes to avoid getting too excited. That only made things worse as I became aware of her hot breath on my cock.

“Now Nancy,” said Robert, “I want you to touch his cock to your face. Rub it slowly on your cheeks, and look up at Michael as you do it.” Nancy pursed her lips and began rubbing my cock all over her face. After a while she closed her eyes and continued. I watched as the head of my cock slid over the smooth skin of her cheeks, eyes, nose, and forehead.

Suddenly, it was too much. I felt my cock begin to harden against Nancy’s cheek, and I quickly jumped back to prevent my orgasm. I stammered that she had tickled me to cover my lapse in control. “Please be careful Nancy,” said Robert. “Just a few more please.” Taking a deep breath I stepped toward Nancy, who was still kneeling patiently on the floor. She grasped my cock and again rubbed it on her face while I made a heroic effort to think about baseball.

Robert said those shots were excellent, and began to reload his camera. He said he would be a few minutes, and that I should try to maintain my erection for the next series. Nancy stood up, stretched her legs and said to me in a soft voice, “I’ll help you with that. He probably expects me to, but it would be unprofessional of him to ask. Sit down. How is it if I stroke you like this?” She licked her hand and fingers and then began stroking my cock. “It’s better when it’s slippery like that, right? My boyfriend always says so.” (Baseball, baseball!) I agreed that it was better that way, but could she please slow down a bit before… “Sorry!” she said, giggling. “Wouldn’t want you making a mess all over my nice clean t-shirt and ending our photo shoot early.”

Our photographer was finally ready, and noticed what we were doing. He told us to continue while he took some impromptu shots. Nancy jerked me while I fought to maintain control. Robert then instructed her to stand up and slowly undress while I sat on the couch. He moved around to get her front side as she pulled the baby-t over her head. Her breasts were medium-sized – probably a small C cup – very firm, with tiny nipples that poked out like pencil erasers. The jeans came off next, revealing a shaved pussy with just a small stripe of hair above. After putting her sneakers back on, she was told to get on my lap facing me. I was to suck her nipples and lick them with my tongue.

As Nancy crawled into my lap I felt her pussy slide over my cock, which was still exposed through my fly. I didn’t penetrate because my hard-on was pressed tight against my stomach. Her hips rocked slightly back and forth as I tongued her pointy nipples, rubbing her wet slit on my trapped cock. It was like having a lap dance with no clothes on.

Then I remembered with alarm that I sometimes came in my pants when I got lap dances from strippers. Again, the situation became too much for me. This sexy young girl naked on my lap while I sat there fully clothed except for my cock – I almost let go right then, and would have had I not jumped away, tossing Nancy on the couch as I did so. She looked startled for a moment, then gave a small knowing smile. Robert was pissed off because we were losing time. He would have to pay us more if the session went late. “Do you need to mudanya escort take a moment to get yourself together, or what?” he asked testily.

“No, no.” I said. “I’m OK. Let’s keep going.” And a few minutes ago he had asked me to make sure I still had an erection! No worries there, as long I could maintain my concentration.

We moved on to some photos in which we were both naked, and having simulated intercourse. The easiest way to accomplish the illusion was in the doggie-style position, with my cock pressed against Nancy’s ass. She looked wonderful on her hands and knees with her back arched. She occasionally wiggled her ass back against me, but not too often, as she probably knew what had almost happened earlier.

For the final “climax” pictures Robert asked me to kneel astride Nancy’s chest, and to put my cock between her breasts. She would press her titties together, and I would toss my head back with a look of ecstasy that would suggest I was about to come. No problem there, I thought. Here’s a piece of acting I could pull off – hopefully without actually getting off.

Nancy’s firm tits felt like silk as she pressed them around my cock. She grinned up at me like a slut who was looking forward to her man shooting come all over her. Mercifully, she didn’t pump my cock. She must have felt how close I was to losing it and stayed still. But that slutty look of lust that almost did the job by itself. Taking slow, deep breaths, I managed to hold off until Robert announced we were finished. “Ok, you guys – all done. You can get dressed. I’m going across the hall to store the rolls until I develop them later. I’ll be back in a minute and give you your checks.”

I got up and exhaled. My cock actually hurt, it was so hard from all the teasing. I put my clothes back on and stood up to leave. Nancy had her pants back on and was holding her shirt. She walked over to me and said, “It was fun working with you. Are you… OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks.” What a lie. She looked irresistible standing there topless in her jeans, her long hair flowing down her back. So slim, so smooth. Her nipples were still pointy. Were they always like that?

She looked at me for a moment silently, then quickly looked over her shoulder. She kissed me on the lips and whispered urgently, “Stay right there.”

Nancy dropped quickly to her knees in front of me, and again undid my zipper. As she pulled my cock out she looked up and said, “You look like you need this bad.” With that she began sucking my cock with great abandon. This was no leisurely blowjob. She was trying to make me come in a hurry, and I was all for that.

I intertwined my fingers in her long hair as she sucked me deeply, swirling her tongue around my shaft. She held the base of my cock with one hand, and pinched her erect nipples with the other. My hips bucked back and forth, fucking her mouth with my cock. I reached down to help her with her nipples. When I twisted one hard she moaned softly around my cock. That did it.

As my cock began to harden she took it out of her mouth and jerked it quickly with her hand. Her eyes were wild. “Are you gonna come? Are you ready?” I nodded urgently, and she said, “Do it on my face! Come all over my face like you wanted to before!”

She aimed my cock at her face as she stroked it, closed her eyes and tipped her head back slightly. I groaned loudly as I began to shoot. Her hand stroked five straight shots of come out of my cock and all over her cheeks, mouth, nose, and forehead. It looked like she had been caught in a downpour of come. She then rubbed my cock all over her face as she milked out the last of my come, smearing it into her skin.

It was the most intense orgasm of my life. My knees buckled, and I collapsed back onto the couch in a daze. Nancy remained kneeling in front of me, apparently unwilling to disturb the painting she had created on her lovely face. Telling her to stay still, I quickly jumped up and grabbed Robert’s instant camera off the table. Thank God there was still some film in it! I took two photos of Nancy from the waist up, the come dripping off her chin and onto her breasts.

I stuck one photo in my pocket, gave the other to Nancy, and helped her wipe the come off her face with her shirt. We kissed quickly and she finished dressing. Just then Robert walked back into the studio. He looked curiously at Nancy’s splattered shirt as he handed us our checks. Nancy said she was off to see her boyfriend, and gave me a little wink as she walked out the door.

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