The Pool

Big Dicks

We’re in our 20s and on campus. Late one evening, you can’t sleep and so you decide to go to the aquatic center for a late swim. I had the same idea and you find me doing laps.

I’m doing laps and don’t notice you slip into the pool.

You’re aching a bit after studying a while. I’m swimming and trying to clear my mind from the daily stress.

After a few laps, I notice you a couple lanes over. Under the guise of resting and catching my breath, I stop and rest my arm on the edge of the pool. In reality, I watch you for a few moments.

Your stroke is slow and steady. I’m envious as to how smooth and strong it is.

You come to the end of a lap and pull up to take a breath or two. You look over and notice me. I try to look away but you caught me staring and I blush a bit.

You call me on it and, being the fumbling geek I have always been, I cannot think of a smooth way to deny it.

You think I’m cute.

I think you’re sexy.

You are sexy.

You tell me you’re trying to burn off some stress. I empathize.

I tell you, not so suavely, that I could offer a massage when you’re finished in the pool.

Happily, you seem interested and no ready just to turn away entirely.

Still, you want to swim.

You playfully challenge me to a race. I accept, knowing full well you’re obviously more of an athlete.

We swim to the end of the lane. I look up to see you’re still swimming when I reach the end.

Hmmm… I wonder if you let me win.

“Oops, we forgot to bet.”

“How about we swim for a kiss?” You ask, blushing. You’re feeling forward. I’m getting hard, thinking this beautiful and wet woman just offered to kiss me.

We swim another lap. This time, you win hands down.

I bursa escort bayan come over to your lane. I lean in to kiss you in the lips and shift at the last second, planting a very slow and sensual kiss on the nap of your neck.

Your nipples betray you, hardening during my kiss.

I tell you I need a break. We historians aren’t known for our athletic prowess.

You shift around and corner me into the wall. “Take your time,” you say. You put your arms on the wall behind me, leaving me to stay right where I want to be.

“My turn,” you say.

You lean in and run your tongue down my neck.

You’re forward and it’s an incredible turn-on.

You haven’t been this forward much in the last. You don’t even know this guy that you’ve just licked and yet you want more. Forget logic; there’s some animalistic urge to attend to tonight.

You ask if I’m ready for another lap. “Maybe,” I say.

“One thing first, though” you note as you casually put your arms around my waste.

I assume a kiss is coming and, instead, you yank my swimsuit down. As I’m floating in surprise, you dart off down the lane. I swim after you and my suit.

You reach the end of the lane well before I do and you take the time to toss my swimsuit up on the deck, out of our reach.

I get to you and put my arms around you. I pull you closely to me and kiss you passionately.

Our hands roam. I run your back. You squeeze my ass.

“Come with me,” I say.

I get out of the pool. You follow.

We’re dripping and leave a wet trail.

I take your hand and lead you into the showers.

I turn on the shower. “Strip for me,” I request.

You slowly pull down a shoulder strap, görükle escort then another.

You look down and see me fully erect. I cannot keep my hands off of myself. You are eroticism embodied and every fiber of my being aches for you, aches to see you naked and embrace you.

The water rains from above me and cascades down my body.

You continue to pull down your suit. I’m getting harder, something I would not have thought possible.

You drop your suit entirely.

You approach me and I put my arms around you, kissing you deeply.

Our hands roam all over our bodies. I pull out the soap and lather you up. Oh, how I love a soapy and sexy woman.

Your pubic hair is an incredible turn on and I spend a couple minutes just running my hands through it.

In this scenario, it’s just you and me.

I kiss your neck. I nibble on your shoulder and you moan.

I lean down and run my tongue all around your areole, slowly and seductively.

You must have your hands on my cock. As I continue to kiss your breast you reach out and grab me firmly.

There’s a bench nearby.

I take you by the hand and lead you to the bench. You sit down and I kneel in front of you.

I kneel down before you and you lean down to kiss me.

So, you lean down to kiss me and I seductively run the tip of my tongue across the inside of your upper lip. You gasp. A low moan comes out.

“Sit back,” I tell you.

You prop a leg up on the bench as you lay back. Your foot is up on the bench, leaving him with a bent knee and a rather exposed pussy.

I love it.

I love the smell of chlorine on naked flesh. Such a turn on.

I plant little kisses on your leg, starting with bursa escort bayan the knee and working my way upward.

I reach your pussy.

I run my tongue along your lips, slow and light.

You gasp and take a deep breath. Your hands reach up for your breasts. You rub them, knead them.

Mmm… I spend a few minutes lightly licking everything I can. I want you and want to taste you.

I shift and tongue fuck you.

The change in sensation is incredible for you.

You grab the back of my head and pull me closer.

After a few minutes, I stop.

I shift gears.

With the tip of my tongue, I run my tongue around your clit. You have no way of knowing because the sensation is too strong to focus, but I spell out “yummm” by licking, letter by letter.

You’re moaning now, softly and unconsciously.

I insert a finger into your pussy as I continue to lick.

So much sensation for you. You force yourself to pay attention to every little thing because you want to remember every detail for masturbation later and also to tell your roommate. 🙂 My finger finds your g-spot.

I start with a flicking, rhythmic pattern and it sends electric jolts throughout your body. You don’t know whether to grab my head and pull me closer or play with your nipples.

You don’t want this to end.

You feel the full attention your pussy is receiving and you wonder how this can get any better.

I lean in a little and use my front teeth. I don’t bite you but instead use my teeth to provide pressure against your clit while I flick at it with my tongue. Sure enough, the sensation got even better when I started this new move.

It’s been a long and stressful week for you. You haven’t masturbated in days and haven’t been able to clear your mind in as long. Here you are, enjoying incredible oral sex.

My finger hasn’t stopped inside you. I’m making love to your g-spot and having an effect.

It’s grown over the last few minutes and is reaching out for attention.

To be continued…

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