Becoming My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend


I was your typical guy. Facial hair, slightly chubby, 5’11”, at most a solid 5/10 or a 9/10 on the dadbod scale. I wasn’t all that happy with myself physically so I decided to start working out. At first, things went well. I lost a few pounds but I only got more average as time went on. My girlfriend was excited to help me and was always there to curb my eating habits and rewarded me with some fantastic sex regularly. I figured it was normal that with my body purging fat that things like my nails grew faster and that I had a few aches and pains throughout my body. My hair grew faster but thinned out a bit and my facial hair stopped as well. It was nice to not need to shave as much and like I said, nothing out of the ordinary so things went on.

This went on for nearly 2 years. My girlfriend loved my silky new hair and insisted that I grow it out ‘like a rock star’ so I did. She also started to get more physical with me and kept doing things like grabbing my ass or playing with me at random parts of the house. I got a cut on my face a month ago that left a mark so she showed me how to cover it with makeup. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought and so I picked up the routine. Things just compounded on each other like her replacing all my underwear with silky tight-fitting boxers or all of my shirts with pink and purple or the occasional band shirt. Her love blinded me to her real motive which came out today during our 3rd-anniversary dinner.

“John, I need to tell you something critical. Please listen to me fully before you react.” She gulped down just over half her glass of wine as she looked worried so I just assured her I would listen and be supportive as best I could. She just smiled back “Thanks, it really means so much to me for you to say that. John, I’m gay. I always have been. I’m sorry to lead you on as long as I have, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve done to you for my own self-interest. There is nothing I can do to make it up to you if you decide not to move forward with me. I will always regret not asking first, but again, I hope you don’t give up on us.”

I stopped to think a bit as she tried to gather herself and wipe a few tears. My mind raced trying to process it all as best I could. I started to realize that she dressed significantly more masculine than I did now. She never wore anything anyone would consider girly and always had her hair short despite loving my longer hair. She never wore makeup yet loved that I did. I had a hunch on what she was trying to do, but it turned out to be much, much more.

“As you know, I work at the development labs across town. Well… we have been working on a pill that was meant to help those who wish to transition do it faster and more effectively. It’s not approved for human testing, and I’m sorry that I let my curiosity get the better of me.” At this point, she came over and hugged me while sitting in my lap. Tears poured down her face as she squeezed me in a way that was obvious she wasn’t lying about caring and loving me so I hugged her back just the same.

“Are you… are you saying you have been drugging me? Without telling me?!” I pulled her back to look into her eyes. “I’m so sorry John. I wasn’t sure it would work and if it did I knew we would be both so happy. I mean, it has kinda worked, but I haven’t given you the proper dose. Your hair is just so cute, your butt has filled out so nicely, and I love… well… everything about you. I couldn’t feel this way about anyone else let alone another guy. Do you forgive me? I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore. The drug’s effects will wear off if you stop now which is why I am telling you now.”

By now, her crying had stopped, and while my thinking and quiet reaction had her worried she got up off my lap and went İstanbul Escort back to her seat. There were still sniffles and some anxious nibbling on her bread waiting for me to say something. I just looked up and reached for her hand which she quickly met with and held it tightly. “I forgive you Ann. I forgive you for what you did, and I understand why you did it.” I added a long pause as I realized my answer for moving forward would mean no going back. “So, what do you think John? Go forward together, or alone?” I took a deep breath and smiled back to her. “I love you to the moon and back. Nothing will keep you away from me. If becoming this means I get to keep you and increase our love then who am I to turn it down.” I close my eyes and take a deep breath knowing I just stepped through a door that I can’t step back through. Before I could open my eyes however I was greeted violently with passionate kisses as Ann came barreling over the table. Together we crashed to the floor as we kissed and hugged just as though we hadn’t seen each other in years.

The next morning I woke up to a full breakfast laid out for me. The house looked picked up and smelled flowery. My brain had to take a few moments to be sure I was in the right house. She came around the corner wearing nothing but an apron and a smile. “Good morning sweetheart! Hope you slept well last night! I’m going out shopping for you today so you just rest up and keep being adorable!” I just smiled and kissed her back and started on my breakfast. It was of course fantastic, but when I drank the orange juice laid out for me I felt a bit lightheaded. A bit is sort of an understatement really as I honestly needed to lay down.

The closer I got back to bed the dizzier I got before passing out just as my legs hit the side of the mattress. I don’t remember any dream or anything when I woke, but when I did I noticed that I was wearing something different and it looked dark outside. I did feel significantly better than when I had laid down but I didn’t get more than 2 moments alone before Ann came crashing into the bedroom excited.

“Yay! You’re awake! Quick, dinner is ready and I have to introduce you.” I was pulled up and stumbled while dragged behind her. It was then that I noticed this new set of clothes was in fact a floral dress, clearly panties and a bra, as well as an increasingly noticeable pain in my ass. My hair had been let down where I usually kept it up. My face felt covered in makeup and I was wearing a choker of some kind with a pendant. When we finally rounded the corner to the living room I was greeted with my worst nightmare. Sitting at the table were the most influential people in my life. My mother, my boss, our two neighbors, the receptionist at work, and my girlfriend’s mother.

“Hey everyone, sleepyhead is awake! I would like to introduce all of you to my wonderful girlfriend, Katherine.” I couldn’t process all of this. My brain working overtime as things felt like a dream. Ann pulled me in for a kiss and nearly everyone at the table simultaneously awwed. She ushered me to my seat next to my mother and she sat beside me. The dinner went rather ok all in all. I got some smiles and winks, but the conversation I’m told was very typical of girls nights out. I got a hug from each of them, a small squeeze on the ass from the receptionist, and a kiss from my mom who said she was very proud and supportive of me.

When the guests were gone I had to push Ann off of me to try and make sense of things. “What the hell happened?! What is this? What is going on?!!” She just smiled and stole a quick kiss. “Silly, I asked if you wanted to keep being together and you said you would do anything for us, well, this is part of everything. I gave you a full dose this morning and Bayan Escort I guess it had a stronger effect on you than I had thought it would. I got you dressed in your new outfit and made you dinner to share with your friends. Did I do something wrong?” She pouted and never in my entire life would I be able to deny that adorable face anything which continues to be true as any anger and confusion started to pass.

“I just… I didn’t think you would take it this far, ya know?” I pulled at my dress and looked all over. My hands made their way to my chest to where I had assumed I was wearing a padded bra, but it turned out to be a normal one with my newly developed chest. “Wait… these are… these are real?! ANN!?” It was now she pushed me back against the front door and kissed me incredibly hard followed by a bite of my lip. Oh, sorry, but that’s one of the effects. This stuff was designed for a woman who had a DD chest, so I guess you have that to look forward to. Damn just imagining that is so fucking hot!” She had never felt this passionate about me before and it was a more than welcome change. She seemed to know exactly what would calm me down even if I hadn’t processed it all fully just yet. “Come on, I’m really fucking horny now.” She pulled me back towards our room. “If I don’t release I will fucking die haha.”

We got back to the room and she pulled out a large brown bag from the side of the room. “Get that sexy ass naked. Now.” She was starting to get demanding and primal in her actions and words. “I will be right back and I want you bent over this bed or else you will regret it.” She left with a kiss and hurried out. I pulled up my dress and threw it into the laundry hamper. I had never undone a bra while wearing it before but while it was a bit more difficult, it came off rather quickly. I stepped out of my panties which exposed what I had been fearing was the case all night. My cock was locked up. It didn’t hurt, but that might change here shortly. I figured she would unlock me when she came back. I felt behind me and concluded that I too had a buttplug in. I tugged it a bit but stopped from the pain. I had grown used to having it inside me. So I laid down as she had told me to and I felt the cold air from the AC kicking on across my completely hairless body.

I didn’t hear her come in, but I did feel her warm hand on my ass. “Such a good girl. I thought I might have to punish you, but looks like you get a reward.” I felt some cool oily liquid poured on my ass which caused me to tense but only for a moment. Then I felt the same pain as before when I tried to pull the plug from my ass only now that Ann was doing it, it wasn’t bad at all. “Mmmm you have no idea how amazing this ass of yours truly is. A marvel really. The medicine has barely taken effect and already I’ve had an offer on it.” I wanted her to elaborate, but shortly after she pulled the plug she had already put something else in its place. It was smooth at least on the tip, but she leaned forward and moaned as her strapon pushed its way deeper inside me. “Mmmm all mine. You belong to me little one.” Her hands around my hips I felt her pull me as well as push. The feeling was intense. I had heard of men getting simulated fairly well from this so I wasn’t worried about being penetrated.

“Jesus your ass feels and looks great. Might need a tramp stamp back here with how easy you let my cock inside you.” She got rougher now and smacked my ass hard a few times. It hurt, that’s for sure, but it felt good at the same time. I felt her pull back and again push forward. My head barely keeping up with the feeling. So much pleasure that couldn’t match even masturbating. The combination of the physical feelings alongside the emotional of her passion and desire for me was Eskort just more than anything I had experienced before and honestly ruined all other options for me. I felt her pick up the pace as she started going harder and trying to push deeper. I got a few more smacks and eventually, she even wrapped her hand around my hair to pull. The cage around my cock was starting to hurt as I tried to get hard but physically couldn’t. “Please… please let my cock out… please, it hurts!” I whimpered, but she didn’t reply. She just kept fucking me harder and harder.

After a minute or so I finally got an answer from her and it was harder than I had expected from her. “Absolutely not, good girls cum from being fucked like a slut. You prove to me that you can and I will consider it. Otherwise, it stays on.” She ended with pushing my head down hard against the bed and increased the power of each thrust into my ass. She also got more vocal which only helped to turn me on more. It was clear that she wanted me specifically, that she craved me, that I was hers and she loved that. It was the best feeling I had ever felt to be honest so I of course let her have her way and let things go on. “Ugh, such a perfect little slut. Bet you love my cock in your little boipussy don’t you. Fucking whore.” She went on and on before finally tensing up and came harder than I had ever seen her before. There was no way either of us could go back to how things were before. She collapsed on top of me and kissed me all over. When she finally slid out of my ass she reached down and noticed no mess in my cage. “Aww, the poor baby didn’t cum like a good girl. Oh well, you’ll learn. Now come over here and clean me up like a good girlfriend would do.

She slowly unhinged her strapon and pulled out the attachment that had been inside her the whole time. Her pussy was visibly wet as she climbed next to me laid down with her legs spread wide. “Well? get to work bitch.” Again, it wasn’t in an angry or mean the way that she said it. It’s hard to describe, but we both knew I wanted to. Her taste was familiar to me having done this in the past, just not frequently. She also tasted of strawberry lube from the toy which was sorta nice, to be honest. Her hand gripped firmly on my hair as her leg came up over my back.

This went on for a while before she finally let me up. “The best girlfriend a girl could ask for.” She met me with a kiss before pointing towards the dresser. “Go take your meds. Don’t miss a single dose until I tell you that you are done. Understand?” I nodded to her before getting up and walked towards the dresser. There was a pink pill there with a glass of water. It was gone in an instant without a second thought. I jumped back into bed with her and had the best night sleep I had in ages. I would wake drooling on her chest still cuddled up and I made sure not to wake her for looking at her brought me great happiness.

I couldn’t be happier with this change of things. It’s been nearly 2 years since that night. I developed into a woman who gets cat-called on the streets and harassed at work. Ann took up a career full time to support me so I just work to not get bored at home. I took up the housewife role which of course meant we had to get married. I couldn’t be a happier wife to such a wonderful and loving woman. I cook, clean, and relieve her stress as needed. She let me know that the pills I had taken were finally approved by the FDA and the formula had been perfected down to a single dose rather than multiple. The brand now called ‘X-change’ or something. Our 1 year anniversary of our marriage is tonight and she said she has a new ‘surprise’ for me and wanted to be sure that I made sausage for supper which she giggled about.

Of course, tons went wrong and tons went right in these past years, so I would love to tell you about those stories if anyone were interested. Just pass me a note if you have preferences on the subject. Got to go, I heard a car pull up and I need to feed the dogs before we sit down to eat. TTYL!

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