The Princess , the Pea


One upon a time, long long ago, in a land far far away from here, there lived a handsome young prince and his mother. In a castle, of course. Where else would a handsome young prince live? The old queen had one wish before she died – she wanted her handsome young son to marry a princess. But it had to be a real princess. No fakers need apply. The handsome young prince, of course, had an extra requirement of which his mother did not know – he wanted his princess, a real princess no fakers need apply, to be a darling little whore in bed. He obviously did not tell his mother this.

So time went on, and many many girls applied for the position of Real Princess, Queen to Be. Pretty girls, and not so pretty girls, gorgeous voluptuous girls and stunningly beautiful curvy girls. Their application forms told them that they would be put through a test, to prove that they were real princesses. Their application forms did not tell them about the personal test the prince would subject them to. Very few complained about that test.

But none of them passed the Queen’s test. And time and again the prince had to say a rather teary (and might I add – hard) goodbye to one of his little conquests. Nobody fitted the Queen’s standards. The prince himself was not even sure what exactly these little tests of his mother entailed. He only knew about his method of grading – fucking to his heart’s content. Strangely enough, most princess wannabe’s seemed to favour the missionary position. The Prince wasn’t sure why this was so. But he didn’t mind too much. After all, a good free fuck is a good free fuck. Ok, so maybe not all of them were that good, but you get the idea.

Let’s fast forward to a stormy dark night. The prince and his mother were at the dining room table, dining with candle light. Very romantic if it is with someone you have the hots for, not quite all that pleasant when it’s your mother. Well, unless of course you’re into that kind of thing. But this story is not about that.

Anyway, cold dark stormy night. And there’s a knock at the door. So the servant goes to open the door, and he sees a bundle of coats and umbrella. The bundle lifts the cape, and the servant sees a pretty little face. Full, luscious lips, slightly upturned nose, big baby blue eyes fringed with long dark lashes. A doll of a girl? Woman? So this being the type of story this is, the servant does feel a tingle in his pants. But he is a professional servant, and although he does sometimes help himself to the Prince’s leftovers, there is an unspoken rule that the Prince had to have them first before anybody else could touch them. Hmmm, a bit sexist, but there you go, that’s Anadolu Yakası Escort how it worked.

And the servant leads her through to the dining room. And to make a long story short, bet you know the original version anyway, the girl gets to spend the night in the castle. She claims to be a Real Princess, carriage broken, weather very bad, blah blah you know the story. What the original story don’t tell you, however, is that the Prince’s eyes lit up with delight at this beautiful creature. Especially more so when she took off her coats and revealed a curvy soft body, perky breasts, thin middle flaring into gentle hips, flowing down into sculpted legs.

The servant gets to lead the girl to her room for the night, of course walking behind her so he can watch the swing of her hips and the curve of her butt pressing against the material of her dress, softly directing her to her room for the night. Escorted her into her room, and off he went to his room in the servant’s quarters, preparing to spend a delightful night stroking and milking his now already very hard cock, dreaming lustful dreams about this girl.

The Queen retires to her room, we don’t want to know what she does, trust me, that’s a whole story by itself. We are more interested in the Prince, racking his brains for a good excuse why he needs to go knock at the girl’s door and wondering if she will notice the huge bulge in his pants. It wouldn’t be quite appropriate to just knock and ask her do you want to fuck. Even if they are not real princesses, most women do not appreciate that approach.

Taking a single white rose from the vase in the dining room, he walks down the passage to the girl’s room. Knocking softly on her door. She opens the door, the soft candle light from inside the room making her light dressing gown almost see through, accentuating every curve of that delicious body. She smiles shyly, and the Prince hands her the rose. With which he also steps into the room . . . and gasp with horror. His mother (must have been her, who else could have such a sick sense of humour?) had the servants place not only one, but sixteen mattresses on the bed. This poses a bit of a problem – can’t fuck a real-princess-want to-be on the couch, and how exactly does one get frolicking on top of sixteen mattresses? But the Prince being a horny little bugger anyway pulls the girl closer, pressing his body hard against her softness, finding her mouth with his own. Tracing the curve of her mouth with his tongue, her lips opening slightly, he kisses her with passion. His hands trailing along the length of her back, stopping to gently squeeze her butt. The girl shivers Pendik Escort with delight, and rubs her crotch against his hard cock. The Prince lifts her long hair to the side and nuzzles her neck softly, his fingers now slipping the gown of her smooth shoulders, his tongue following the trail made by his hands. The girl moans with anticipation and shrugs her body out of the gown revealing a fully naked body. The Prince steps back, admiring her full round breasts, light pink nipples hard, gentle curve of her body, resting his eyes on that glorious honey pot yielding all the secrets of the universe, just a thin strip of hair visible on her mound.

The Prince unbuttons his shirt and throws it to the side. He starts on his pants and the girl stops him, lightly pushing his hands to the side, she kneels in front of him. Light feather touches, teasing him, tracing the lines of his hard cock through the material. The Prince lets out a moan; he wants her to hurry up. She lets his beautiful hard cock jump free from its clothes prison, cradling his balls in her hands. Tracing a finger up and down the length of his shaft, wetting the tip of one finger, softly circling the tip of his cock. She places the tip of his manhood in her hot wet mouth, swirling her tongue down the length of his shaft, her delicate fingers rubbing up and down. The Prince grabs handfuls of her long silky hair and pushes the last bit of his cock into her mouth, delighting in the pleasant shivers it sends up his spine. Her head bobbing up and down on his cock, the Prince throws his head back and let out a long moan.

The girl let his cock out her mouth with a slight pop, rubbing her body against his as she stands up. Her eyes are shining with desire. The Prince wets a finger and traces a line down her cheek, her neck. His hands lightly brush her breasts, she moans as she waits for him to squeeze those beautiful pink nipples. The Prince first twirls the one nipple then the other between his fingers. Stepping out of his pants, he picks her up and quickly carries her to the couch. (Well, what else? Do you expect two very horny people to climb sixteen mattresses and run the risk of falling off mid fuck?) Lying her down on her back, his mouth trails kisses down her body, till he finally settles his wet tongue on the smooth soft inside of her thigh. She pulls his head between her legs, not prepared to wait any longer, and he dips his tongue inside her cunt. Licking up her slit till the tip of his tongue teases her clit. Inserting one finger into her wetness, she throws her head back and lets out a groan of pleasure. Adding another finger, he sucks at her clit, making Kurtköy Escort her body shiver with delight. Working her clit with his tongue, dipping two fingers into her now sopping wet cunt, he pushes her over to the side of ecstasy. Stifling a scream by biting into her arm, her body convulses, squirting juice all over the Prince’s mouth and fingers. The Prince gently licks her clean while her body relaxes against the couch.

Being very hard now, the Prince lifts himself over her delicate body and place the edge of his cock against the inviting opening of her still wet cunt. But she stops him, gently pushing him off her. The Prince is a bit confused. But she smiles and leads him to the back of the coach, where she drapes herself over the couch, exposing two very round tight buns; he can see her pussy still glistening with her own juices. And here our dear hero of the story, so used to princesses only fucking in missionary, totally looses control of his own lusts and desires. Roughly grabbing unto her hips, he guides his manhood into her wet pussy, plunging into her body. She slides a hand down to play with her clit, and the Prince holds on tight to her hips as he guides himself in and out of her, marvelling at her appreciative groans as to what he is doing to her body. The Prince can feel her body shudder with the first start of her orgasm, and he can feel his balls tightening with his own pleasures to come. A few more hard pushes from the Prince and the girl gives herself over to the orgasm rocking her body, her pussy clutching the Prince’s cock, at which point his balls push up and out his cum into her, shooting that precious liquid deep into her wetness.

And so they topple over unto the couch, where they spend the rest of the night telling each other their most erotic fantasies.


The next morning at the breakfast table, the Queen politely inquires if the girl had a good night’s sleep. Caught off guard a bit, the girl replies that she had hardly slept a wink. Eagerly the Queen asks if the girl was uncomfortable in her bed, to which the girl replies a hesitant yes.

“Oh that is marvellous!” the Queen gushes.

The Prince and the girl and the servant look at each other in bewilderment. The Queen jumps up from the table: “Come, come, I want to show you all something!” and with that she leads them to the girl’s room, where she proceeds to push all sixteen mattresses from the bed’s base.

“Look!” the Queen exclaims. “A pea! I placed a single pea under the bottom mattress. Only a real princess would be able to feel a pea through so many mattresses!” The Queen was beaming.

And with that she gave the Now-A-Real-Princess and her handsome young son the Prince, her blessing to get married.

So everybody ended up being very happy, even the servant, who would now have a constant stimulation for his fantasies in that little room of his in the servants’ quarters.

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