The Reunion Trap Ch. 01


“Hah, they really went all out this year,” I said out loud, though no one was around to listen.

I held a stiff velum envelope in my hand with my name and address stenciled with scrawling stylized characters. The return address listed the “Reunion Committee” and my high school’s address. Flipping it over, it had a large colorful stamp that read “Class of 2008”. I laughed again and casually tossed it into the waste bin near my writing desk. I didn’t particularly enjoy my high school experience and the only people I cared about from that time were already in my life. Besides, I really hated formal events. I went through the rest of the mail. A bill, coupons, and a couple pieces of junk mail rounded out the daily haul. I threw the bill on my desk and the rest followed the velum envelope into the circular bin.

With the chore of checking the morning mail complete, I headed back outside for my morning run. Closing the large mahogany door to my Tudor-style home, I jogged carefully down the concrete steps stamped with numerous fleur de lis, a romantic gesture to my wife. No, she’s not French. From there, I hopped down onto the cobble-stone walkway and finally to the street below. It was a brisk March day in California, and I enjoyed the cool air on my skin. I knew it would come in handy once I started to heat up from my daily run.

As I strolled down the path, I inserted my earbuds, synced them with my phone, and started my running mix. I had already warmed up by walking down to the mailbox and back up to the house. So, as soon as I made it down to the paved road, I took off with Shinedown blasting in my ears. I soon found my rhythm and jogged along, setting a quick pace. I followed the same route that I did every morning, passing the same mailboxes, driveways, and trees…maple, birch, oak, and various pines. I lived just on the outskirts of Thousand Oaks, so there wasn’t much traffic. This allowed my mind to wander, which I typically used to help figure out plot points in whatever novel I was working on at the time. This time was different. The velum envelope had stirred up high school memories that fought each other to resurface into my thoughts.

My high school career wasn’t some sort of nightmare, but it wasn’t the best years of my life either. Much of that was partly my fault, I know. Now… middle school? Junior high really WAS ‘some sort of nightmare’. The first year alone, my best friend and girlfriend hooked up behind my back. At that age, hooking up was nothing more than making out, but still… the sense of betrayal I felt when I finally caught them was real. After ditching them, I tried making new friends. Unfortunately, my old girlfriend and my former best friend poisoned the school against me. A new game had been created in which a girl would ask me out and attempt to humiliate me in some way on our date. I’m ashamed to admit that I fell for it the first three times, but after that I had learned my lesson.

As I struggled to survive junior high, I met Paul, a new transfer to our school from out of state. We became fast friends before anyone could sink their claws into him. We were both older, having missed the cutoff age for the prior year by under a month. He had my back on more than one occasion and was always brutally honest, which saved me from more heartache when certain girls would still attempt to seduce me for some humiliating reason or another. Finally, middle school came to an end and I had a couple of months off after that hellhole. Paul and I hung out almost every day. I knew, or at least hoped, that high school would be different. Many of the kids from my middle school went off to charter schools, and the high school had seven middle schools as feeders to it. That meant that most of my classmates would be new. I could reinvent myself, casting off the shadows of my prepubescent past.

I had to admit, high school was better. I was a good student when I cared to try, but I only socialized with a few kindred spirits. It turned out that the wounds of middle school were slow to heal. I didn’t play sports, though I was always athletic. I preferred snow-boarding and martial arts. I was always a sucker for a Bruce Lee movie and had worked my way up to a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I put five years into the effort, starting in middle school just to learn how to defend myself and then through most of high school because I enjoyed it. As a bonus, it kept me in shape. Especially after I took a weightlifting class as a sophomore.

I spent a lot of my free time writing, which I used to bolster some of my grades in school. However, my main reason for writing was to distract my mind from the monotony of daily life. I didn’t date much. I never bothered to chase the girl, and the only girls that chased me were kind of slutty, in my opinion. I guess you could say that I was a little old fashioned and was looking for “the one”. I’ve since come to realize that there wasn’t one person for everybody. I chuckled inwardly at the naivety of my younger self. Ce la Vie.

I did remember getting invited by one of my Maltepe Escort friends, Paul again, to a party being thrown by one of the members of the football team. I was hesitant to go, but it was near graduation, and I enjoyed hanging out with Paul. Plus, he insisted and said that I was invited too. That seemed odd to me. The popular kids basically ignored me, and I had no problem returning the favor. I asked him how we had gotten invited, and he said that one of the cheerleaders was crushing on him. I rolled my eyes and asked if he needed a wingman for this shindig. He nodded vigorously. Well, he was a good friend and kind of shy, so I figured I’d help him out and agreed to go.

We arrived ‘fashionably late’ as Paul called it and entered the party in mid-swing. The music was thumping, some techno mix. Most of the people there were grouped up, talking and drinking. A few, mostly the ‘loose’ girls, were dancing in the ridiculously large living room. They were either drunk or acting drunk, hoping someone would hit on them. I scanned the room as I walked behind my buddy, trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone. I sidestepped a girl doing shots and had to swing back to the right when an already drunk linebacker nearly stumbled into me after he finished shot-gunning a beer. I knew most of the people here. They went to my school. However, I was here for Paul and didn’t want to start up an awkward conversation with any of them. They weren’t my kind of people. I guess you could say that I found them boring. Then I saw her from across the massive living room. She was standing in the kitchen. It was one of those ‘open concept’ houses.

Fatefully, while I had only glanced at her, she met my eyes at the same time and smiled warmly at me. Nadia Takahashi. My eyes had stopped roaming. All I could see was her. A feeling of dread crept into my mind, a hold-over from junior high. I knew this girl could hurt me if she wanted to.

Her parents were a successful Japanese businessman and a Russian mail-order-bride. At least, that’s what it seemed like whenever I saw them at my karate meets. Nadia had a little sister, Anna, who was also in martial arts. Her parents went to all her events, which happened to be the same events where I competed. Nadia was usually there as well, to cheer on her sister. She preferred volleyball. The successful mother and father were very proud of their overachieving daughters. Nadia was eighteen, almost graduated from high school and had offers from several colleges. He sister was sixteen and generally following in her sister’s footsteps, excelling at both school and sports. They were each extremely good-looking and excelled at everything they set their minds to.

All of that flashed through my mind as her eyes had mine locked in place. She was exotically attractive and ridiculously hot. Her naturally dark skin, slender frame with amazing breasts, and coal-black hair gave her a universal beauty. However, her most striking feature were her slightly almond-shaped eyes with irises the color of caramel. It added an exotic flare to her already smoldering good looks. Stupidly, I smiled back, immediately regretting it. When it comes down to it, I’m a nice guy. I have to make an effort to be a jerk or act aloof to get people to leave me alone. Thankfully, my buddy Paul saved me.

“Hey Jace,” he shouted over the loud music, drawing my attention. “You wanna grab a beer?”

Wrenching my eyes away from beauty personified, I looked over at Paul. I saw that he obviously hadn’t noticed me gawking at the school hottie and just stood there questioningly. Inwardly, I thanked him.

“Sure, sounds good,” I replied after gathering my thoughts. I quickly caught up with him. “Lead on,” I said.

Paul turned and led me to the kitchen and a large keg, which was unfortunately right next to Nadia. “Damn”, I thought, hoping to escape unnoticed. She got under my skin. I really hated that. As an outgoing kid when I was younger, I quickly discovered that really liking someone was almost the same as allowing them to hurt you. Junior high brought that into focus even more. Logically, I knew that Nadia was just being nice, but my stupid heart kept second-guessing the harsh truth. Still, I kept my guard up and managed to pour myself a beer without so much as looking in her direction. Paul and I stood off to the side, drinking our beer when Cindy, the cheerleader he was lusting after, came up to him out of the crowd.

“There you are,” she purred as she sauntered up to him, smiling warmly. “I’m soooo glad you came tonight!”

She wore a revealing tank top and had a light jacket on over top of it. Her creamy breasts threatened to spill out over the top and I forced myself to look away at nothing of note, taking a swig of my drink.

“What’s he doing here?” I heard her ask Paul, slight irritation in her voice.

“Oh, I invited him. Why?” asked Paul, feigning innocence.

I just looked at him. It was now painfully obvious that I hadn’t been invited, except by Paul. My gut sank, just another miserable letdown. I told Ümraniye Escort myself that I had to endure this just a bit longer. As soon as Paul and Cindy got to talking, I could fade away and walk home. I didn’t really care that Paul had driven or that I had a ten-mile walk home. The party was becoming uncomfortable for me, and I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

“Oh, nothing,” she responded after a moment’s pause. I looked back at her to better gauge her reaction. She looked irritated and even gave me a scowl while Paul was refilling his beer. Flipping her blonde hair as if flicking off a fly, she grabbed Paul’s arm and dragged him into the crowd. To his credit, Paul looked back at me apologetically and waved before he disappeared into the mass of bodies. I just smiled and nodded, tipping my beer in his direction, wishing him well in his pursuit. They were out of sight and I was just about home free. I slipped through a couple groups of people to the kitchen sink and dumped my mostly full beer down the drain and turned to leave. That’s when I felt a warm hand grab onto my forearm.

“Hey Jace,” said a sexy voice that I instantly recognized as Nadia’s. “You know that’s a party foul.”

“Huh,” I asked stupidly, trying to gently pull away. She didn’t let go.

Her giggle sounded like the tinkling of bells. Alarm bells were going off in my head. I had to get out of there before I started getting my hopes up.

“You dumped out your beer,” she explained. “Aren’t you enjoying the party?”

“Nah, not really my scene,” I replied. “But it’s okay. I’m heading out.”

I tried to pull away again, but she held on firmly.

“Well,” she began, tilting her head down and looking up at me through her luscious eyelashes. “I don’t want you to leave until you’ve had some fun. That would be poor party etiquette. Maybe there’s something I can do to help.”

“Nothing your quarterback boyfriend would approve of,” I replied, anger darkening my face. I really hated cheaters, regardless if it would benefit me or not. It wasn’t so much the idea of the sex, but of the betrayal. I pulled on my arm again. Again, she held on to me. What the hell was wrong with this girl, I thought to myself.

“Nick and I broke up,” she whispered like it was a secret between just her and me. “I think he’s upstairs banging Sara.”

I looked at her skeptically. Sara was another hot cheerleader, so it was possible. Still, I had reservations. It must have been obvious because she quickly brought her friend into our conversation.

“Deb,” she pleaded. “Tell him.”

Deb looked me up and down as if studying her prey. Finally, she spoke. “Yeah, they broke up a couple days ago. Nadia’s single now.”

The way Deb said it, it sounded like she was admitting defeat. I could only guess what she was thinking, but Nadia hijacked my train of thought before it could leave the station.

“So, you see…” she said seductively. “There’s no reason why we can’t have a little fun tonight…and who knows.”

She left the thought hanging on the air, promises of what could be. She had baited the trap well and I was falling into it hard. But I wasn’t caught yet. I had to rationalize my way out of this situation. I found it odd that she was hitting on me so hard. I knew I was in great shape, was tall, and had been told by numerous girls that I was hot. But this was Nadia, the hottest girl in the school and girlfriend, or former girlfriend, of our star quarterback. How could I measure up?

I wasn’t popular and had never cared to be. Maybe under different circumstances, this could work…but her picking me up at a party for her football and cheerleader friends…fat chance. I had nearly escaped when she sprung her trap. Her lips pressed into mine, regardless of everyone around us. Her soft wet tongue snaked into my mouth. I made the fatal mistake of looking into her eyes, two caramel-colored rings encircling the blackest of pits. They had the look that they were lightly burnt around the edges, with golden specks and the hint of copper rays streaking from the dark pits to the burnt edges. Those were the eyes that stared back at me, and they were perfect. They drew me in, and I kissed her back with a passion I normally suppressed.

“Oh fuck,” I thought. “I’m a goner for sure.”

Drawing her exquisite face back, she pulled me along to the stairs. I vaguely heard catcalls from behind me when she pulled me up the stairs. I should have realized things would go bad at that point, but I was under her spell. There were several doors off the long landing at the top and I could just hear slapping and moans coming from more than one of them. Perhaps she was telling the truth about Nick, I desperately hoped. Still, it was honestly kind of crass and sickening, and I almost pulled away at that point.

She must have sensed my hesitation because she turned back around and kissed me again. This time, she grabbed my hand in hers and brought it up to her right breast, placing it there. As I gave it a squeeze, I couldn’t believe how firm it was. Not that she İstanbul Escort was anything but toned. It was just surprising, considering how large it seemed to be. Pulling away, she looked at me again and smiled naughtily. She must have sensed that I was back under her spell because she pulled me into an empty room and pushed me onto the bed.

“Wait right there,” she commanded as she went back to shut and lock the door. Turning back to me, she had a roguish gleam in her eye.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she purred as she removed her dark button-down top. As the shirt fell away, I beheld the nicest set of tits I had ever seen. Slightly tear-drop shaped, they filled her bra nicely. And then they didn’t, as the bra fell away…revealing her dark areolas and jutting nipples. The tops of her breasts were covered in a light smattering of freckles which made my knees go weak. I was glad I was on the bed or I may have collapsed. It didn’t help that I was a bit light-headed from my raging erection. She must have noticed it too because her eyes lit up and she slowly licked her lips.

“Just sit back and let me take care of you,” she told me huskily. I leaned back on my elbows and watched as she dropped slowly to her knees and began working on my belt buckle. Once it was out of the way, she unbuttoned me and slowly worked my zipper down as she gazed into my eyes. I couldn’t believe this was happening and part of me was still waiting for it to all come crashing down. One hard yank and she had my jeans and boxers both pulled down to my knees.

“Oh my,” she whispered out loud to herself as my iron-hard cock came into view. She gingerly touched it with her hand and let out a little sigh before raising it up and aiming it for her mouth. I held my breath as she engulfed my entire cock in one big gulp. She definitely wasn’t innocent, I noted with mixed emotions. As she began to bob and suck with her warm wet mouth, her hand continued to stroke me at the base of my shaft, and I forgot all about my concerns.

This was like a dream come true. Her hand went lower and began to fondle my balls as she continued to fellate me. I moaned in ecstasy from her expert ministrations. Then she did something unexpected. She removed her hand from massaging my nuts and sucked on one of her digits. I looked at her questioningly.

“Don’t worry. Just relax,” she whispered. “You’ll love this. I promise.”

I took her at her word and watched as she brought her hand back down to my balls. This time, however, she went a bit farther and could feel her finger pressing into my ass. For a moment, I tensed up, but I quickly realized that she wasn’t lying. It felt taboo and that made the experience even hotter. I began enjoying the hell out of it. As good as that felt, it felt exquisite when she pushed it inside and began rubbing it on the inside, causing waves of pleasure to flow through my entire body. I gasped as she resumed sucking on my cock while working her finger in my ass at the same time. I could no longer fight the explosion that was soon to happen. I felt that familiar tingle start. The one that happens right before you cum. I was still a nice guy, so fought through the overpowering sensations to give her a heads up.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasped out, causing her to speed up and apply more pressure.

I felt myself let go inside her mouth, which she immediately started swallowing to make room for more. I was still trying to process that this was happening when she took the last couple of spurts and sucked the tip of my cock clean. She opened her mouth, showing me that it was full of my cum, before swallowing the rest of it down. “Yummy.”

I had to swallow hard myself. My head was in a cloud and I stared at her naked beauty through lust-filled eyes. Her words broke me from my haze.

“Now, let’s see how quickly I can get you hard again,” she said seductively as she stood back up.

I smiled and nodded, adding with heavy undertones, “I think I’d like that.” She smiled back at me as she slowly pealed her skintight jeans from her body. She had her thumbs under her purple lace panties, and they followed her jeans down to reveal a gorgeous pussy. It was shaved completely except for a cute little inch wide landing strip that crowned the hood over the precious pearl of her sex. I didn’t think things could get any better than this, and unfortunately, I was right…

Behind her, I heard a loud banging on the door before it burst open, splinters flying everywhere. The quarterback and her ex-boyfriend, Nick, pushed the ruined door to the side and stomped into the room, practically frothing at the mouth. His face was beet-red, and his eyes grew wide with hate and anger as he spied me lying on the bed. Normally, I would have been prepared to face him if necessary, but Nadia had gotten me to completely let down my guard. He rushed me and hit me twice in the face before I could push him back hard. Luckily, he had been drinking and was clumsy. He fell and it gave me time to roll back across the bed and buy myself some time to pull up my boxers and jeans and quickly button the jeans in place. The zipper would have to wait because he had recovered and lunged across the bed at me. I glanced up to see that Nadia was nowhere in sight and three of Nick’s football buddies had entered the room behind him.

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