The Rock Bar

Female Ejaculation

Angel was bored. She hadn’t been out in weeks and had gotten all decked out for the celebrity look-alike contest that Mosaic was having–her espresso brown hair with gold highlights had been curled to look like Nelly Furtado’s hair from the music video “Give It To Me.” She had specifically gotten the thin, semi-see through white sequined tank top to show off her curves. Her blacked jeans hugged her hips, while her coral pink lips, with a little added bronze for the evening, looked glossed over from her drinking a Bud Light. Angel had given up on Mosaic, and decided to go back to Rock Bar, where she currently sat on the speakers, her legs too short to reach the ground. But her blue-green eyes caught the attention of the dark brown eyes of a guy to the far side of the bar.

He looked as bored as she was, although why he was bored Angel couldn’t tell. He was hot–tall, somewhat tan skin, although in the lighting of the club it was hard to tell. He had a goutee of dark hair, it looked black in the light. His arms showed a muscular build, and Angel bet that he had abs to match them. In her mind, Angel wondered how he would look without the shirt he had on, wearing just a pair of jeans. What she really wanted to do, was run her hands over his shaven head. Angel couldn’t explain it, but she loved guys who had almost shaven heads. It was a major turn on for her.

Angel saw the guy head over to the other side of the bar, and it was at that point Angel finished the last of her beer. Heading over, she squeezed in next to him at the bar, her tiny black kitten heeled shoes giving her the tiniest bit of height. But she only came up to his chest.

“You look as bored as I feel,” she started, trying to make the guy feel a bit better.

He gave her a small smile. She kept talking, trying to get rid of her nerves and get him to feel better.

“I’m Angel,” she said.

“I’m John,” he replied.

Up close, Angel thought he had extremely kissable lips, and wondered what they would feel like against hers. She also was resisting the temptation to run her fingertips over his head and down the back of his neck. Angel wondered if he would like something like that.

The guy next to Angel bumped into her.

“Sorry about him,” John apologized.

“Friend of yours?”

“Sort of. Friend of a friend, but I said I would watch him.”

‘Damnit!’ Angel thought. She would’ve loved to be able to hang out with John all night, and perhaps into the next morning.

John kept talking to Angel, even though the drunken friend kept trying to distract Angel throughout the rest of the night. Finally, it seemed to be too much for John.

“I gotta take him home. I’m sorry,” John apologized.

“It’s ok,” Angel replied. Then, before thinking twice, she took a risk. She was standing on top of one of the raised areas, so she was even with John’s height, so she leaned over, and kissed Göztepe Escort him gently on the lips. She felt him kiss back, and gently, Angel let her tongue slip past his lips, probing his mouth for a little bit. She pulled back and leaned back over, this time gently biting on his earlobe.

“I wish you would stay, or at least come back,” she breathed.

She heard John catch his breath, and saw goosebumps being raised on his skin.

“Let me see what I can do. Wait for me right here,” he said.

After about 20 minutes, Angel felt a hand wrapping around her waist, and felt John’s lips against the nape of her neck. His warm breath gave her goosebumps, and made her eyes flutter and catch her breath.

“I’d like to see you out of these clothes,” John whispered

Angel let out a low moan as she felt Johns hands run down her hips and up her chest. Gently, discreetly, he cupped her right breast while he gently bit down on her neck, letting his left hand reach down to the crotch of her jeans.

“What do you say we get out of here?” he asked. Angel could only nod, her breath was coming in short gasps.

John led Angel to his car, but the minute both of them were in, Angel couldn’t resist. She reached out and ran her fingertips down from the crown of his head to the nape of his neck.

John shuddered, turned to her, and took her face in his hands, bringing her lips to his, kissing her deeply. Angel let her hands wander from his chest down to his crotch, gently grabbing at his dick. She could already feel how hard he was, and unzipped his fly. Angel broke the kiss, and leaned down, flicking the tip of her tongue against the head of his dick, licking off some of the precum.

“You keep this up, I am not going to be able to drive us anywhere,” John moaned.

“Maybe that’s not such a bad thing,” Angel said coyly, eyeing the back seat.

“I think we need something a bit bigger,” John said. “Don’t think I will fit in my own back seat.”

“Then let me stop being a distraction, so we can get back to my place,” Angel replied. But even though she had stopped teasing John’s dick with her mouth, she still kept her hand on him, giving him a slow hand job the entire ride back.

John was panting by the time they pulled into Angel’s apartment complex. He was surprised he was able to keep it together during the whole ride. But now, he knew he just wanted to get her inside, get her clothes off, and lay on top of her.

Angel smiled wickedly, and got out of the car. John stayed in his car for a minute, catching his breath, and he watched as Angel walked up to the door of her building, her hips swaying a bit side to side, before she looked over her shoulder back at him and winked.

John didn’t even bother to do back up his jeans, as he got out of his car, and followed Angel into her apartment. The minute the door closed, he turned Angel İstanbul Escort towards him, and gently pushed her up against the wall. John leaned down and kissed Angel again deeply. He pinned her arms above her head, holding her by both wrists in the grip of his right hand, while his left wandered underneath her shirt.

Angel writhed a bit in John’s grip, both turned on and very frustrated that she couldn’t do anything. John let go finally, and lifted up Angel’s shirt, exposing her breasts.

‘So, she didn’t wear anything underneath this shirt,’ he thought as he smiled, before taking one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking gently, letting his teeth lightly scrape against the sensitive skin, eliciting a moan from Angel.

Angel ran her hands down John’s back as he moved from one nipple to the other. John let his mouth wander from her breasts to her stomach, before beginning to undo Angel’s jeans. The minute he got her jeans down, John saw the cute little pink thong that covered a shaven pussy, and he could already see that her excitement was soaking through the thin fabric. Gently, he pulled down the thong, exposing a clean, smooth shaven pussy. John leaned over, and gently flicked his tongue against Angel’s smooth lips, before latching his mouth onto her clit. He could already taste her juices on his tongue, as he slowly began sucking her, his arms wrapped around her waist for support–John could feel Angel beginning to shake in pleasure. He added to it, slowly putting first one finger then two into her pussy.

Angel moaned and quivered as John paid close attention to her clit, and gently probed her dripping pussy. She dragged her nails lightly across his back, her knees getting weak as her pleasure began to build inside her. She felt her pussy contract as she began to reach her first orgasm of the night.

John felt the muscles of Angel’s pussy begin to contract, so he sped up the pace on fucking her with his fingers, and sucking harder at her clit. Angel began to moan loudly, her whole body beginning to shake.

“Oh god…ooooohhhhh GOOOOOOOOD!” Angel cried out and her body gave one final shudder as she began to cum.

John began to lick up the juices that were starting to flow from her pussy, enjoying the taste of her. The added pleasure of his tongue made Angel begin to climax again.

Angel felt herself sliding down the wall as she came down from her climax. She got to eye level with John, still panting a little as she came down from the high of pleasure. She kissed him, tasting her juices on his lips and tongue

“I think it’s time I returned the favor,” she whispered huskily, and gently pushed John down onto the floor. She was amused that they still hadn’t made it to the bed, and they were doing this right in front of the front door. But it was a major turn on. Angel climbed on top of John, her legs straddling his hips, as she kissed Anadolu Yakası Escort his neck and bit at his shoulder. She let her tongue trail down his neck to his chest, nipping at both of his nipples, making John groan.

Making her way lower, Angel began to gently flick her tongue around John’s groin. She felt John’s hands get entangled in her hair, urging her lower. Angel wrapped her lips around the thick shaft, taking the entire length in her mouth. John felt his body tense in pleasure, goosebumps rising on his skin. Angel let her tongue caress the sensitive skin, feeling John’s dick swell up slightly. But before she could bring him to orgasm, she felt John urging her off his dick.

“I want to fuck you so bad right now,” he whispered as he kissed her.

Angel reached down to gently wrap a hand around his throbbing dick, guiding him to the wet, glistening lips of her pussy. She guided him slowly into the deep warmth of her pussy.

John sighed, she was so wet and the sensation of his dick sliding into her was heavenly. Waves of pleasure pulsed through him, the heat of his dick being salved by the thick cream from her delicious pussy. Angel began to ride him, moving back and forth over his dick. John was gasping for breath, driven to the edge of insanity by the waves of ecstatic pleasure pulsing through.

“I am going to fuck you all night,” Angel whispered, her eyes closed and sighed, moving faster and faster over him.

John looked up at Angel, he was aching with want. He felt her gasping, manically bucking up and down over his dick. He grabbed her hips, pulling her to him, as he felt his own orgasm approaching. Angel began to climax again, screaming uninhibitedly, her voice strangled with pleasure. John lifted himself into her pussy, merging his cum with her creamy emissions.

Angel felt like she was on a cloud as she climaxed, feeling John cum inside her. She felt John’s hand run down her face, almost tracing a pattern in the sweat that ran down her face. She took one of his fingers into her mouth, and began sucking, tasting the salty sweetness of her sweat. It made her involuntarily tighten her pussy.

John felt himself harden again, and half smiled as he grabbed Angel and pulled her down, before rolling her over so he could lay on top of her. He bit her neck as he began to pump into her again. Angel moaned, and ran her hands down his back, her nails starting to dig into John’s skin. John began to thrust hard against Angel’s mound, getting deeper inside, filling Angel completely. Angel began to cry out again, her body jerking, her mouth locked onto John’s shoulder as she felt him bite her ear, both of them cumming at the same time.

John collapsed on top of Angel, catching his breath. He could feel Angel’s chest rise and fall as her breathing began to slow.

“Shall we go take a shower?” she whispered, smiling wickedly.

John chuckled, “You don’t want me to rest do you?”

Gently pushing him up, Angel said, “Would it be such a bad thing to spend the rest of the night having sex?”

The answer she got: John started kissing her again, picked her up, and took her into the shower.

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