The Saint or the Scoundrel Ch. 02


[ Please read Part 1 of this story as otherwise it would not make sense]


A blood-curdling shriek of agony and a yell of victory rang out through the room and for a moment Rudra was too stunned to react. Then he rushed through the door of the boudoir and what he saw made his blood run cold.

Mastan and his mother Deepa, both still naked, were locked in a violent struggle on the bed whose sheets were now red with blood. Mastan was a powerfully built man and he could have thrown Deepa off in a jiffy but for the fact that his throat was slit right across and blood was gurgling out in huge bursts.

Deepa’s face was maniacal. She was sitting on Mastan’s crotch, with his penis still stuck in her cunt, just as it was while she was bouncing on it a second ago but the wicked blade in the cellphone in her right hand was now embedded in Mastan’s belly. Rudra watched in horror as his mother pulled the knife across the belly and Mastan in a last ditch, but futile attempt, to save himself, leapt off the bed. It was perhaps the last living move that he ever made.

As he fell on the floor, Deepa freed herself from his penis embedded in her and raised her hands in a victorious posture. “That bloody bastard is dead will never insult us anymore”, she exulted, with one fist clinched and the other still holding her weapon! Then for the coup-de-grace, she leaned down to on the body of her erstwhile tormenter and slashed through his groin and pulled out his testicles! Then she laughed out loud. A fearful crackling laugh that rang out through the room.

Rudra stared at his mother. Her stark naked body was covered with fresh red blood! On her face, her cheeks, her lips, her chin, her neck, her breasts, her nipples , her belly, her clean shaven pubis, the crack of her cunt, her thighs …. blood was dripping down her legs right on the body of their tormentor now lying at her feet! It was as if she was the Goddess Kali herself!!

“Ma …”, Rudra at last found his voice. “You have killed him.”

“Now we have to run from here as fast as possible.” Deepa was quickly getting back to her senses.

“Like this? Naked?” Rudra too was stark naked.

“You want to go and beg for your pants?”

“No, No … Ok. Which way?”

“Into the forest first. Then we will think.”

“Let me try to find another knife or a gun.”

“Too late, I hear someone rushing towards.”

“I am bolting the door.” Rudra ran to the heavy door and peeped out. Indeed two of the guards were running towards the room and he barely managed to slam it on their faces and bolted it. It was not a second too soon as immediately the hammering started but he still managed to slide another bolt and sprinted back to his mother and the dead body.

“Check the verandah.” Deepa shouted as shots rang out as the guards tried to shoot through the door but the solid ‘Burma Teak’ door was quite sturdy — but it wouldn’t last too long anyway.

“Come, let us go.” Rudra was screaming at his mother.

“Wait, we can’t leave without this.” Deepa bent down and yanked out the heavy gold talisman from the dead man’s neck and sprinted out into the verandah that overlooked the forest.

Fortunately this part of the compound was strictly off limits for most of the camp staff and so there was no one to hinder their escape. But it was ten foot drop to the ground and then the ground sloped away toward the gathering gloom of the dense forest. Mother and son wavered for a minute and then they heard the door splintering — there was nothing else to do but jump! Both hit the ground on all fours and the talisman was knocked out of Deepa’s hand but she managed to pick it up before they started to sprint for the safety of the trees.

Behind them they heard a great commotion building up. Obviously the guards must have been confused about what to do? Try to help the dying man? Or chase the attackers? Some random shots were fired but in the excitement and the darkness the shots were wide off the mark and it was barely a minute before the two fugitives were in the trees.

Rudra slowed down but Deepa snarled, “Keep moving.”

“Will they be chasing us.” Rudra whispered.

“We can’t wait to find us. Keep running.”

“Be careful, do not trip over,” and immediately tripped on root and went crashing to the forest floor.

“Shhh … Quiet.” Deepa dropped down to the ground next to her son and looked back towards the camp from where they had just escaped.

As expected, there was a general hubbub of noise and confusion in the camp. A couple of people were standing on the verandah looking towards them in the forest, but they could hear many more shouting and screaming inside. Perhaps trying to make sense of the badly lacerated body and the blood stains leading out towards the verandah.

“Can they see us here?”

“Unlikely … the forest is quite dense here and it is almost dark.”

“But I am sure that if they start looking, they will be able to follow the trail quite easily.”

“So let us keep moving.”

“Like Anadolu Yakası Escort this, naked?”

“Unless you want to go back there and ask for the clothes, we do not have a choice.”

“So let us move. It is Navami today — the ninth day of the bright lunar fortnight — and there will be the fairly bright moon in the sky.”

“What an unusual Durga puja we are having this year.”

“Come to think of it, we killed that bastard almost at the instant of the Sandhi Puja — when Ashtami rolls into Navami.”

“So you are not just not my mother, but the Divine Mother Durga, who kills the Mahishasura Demon during Durga Puja,” exclaimed Rudra.

“That is symbolic, this was real.”

Suddenly some people appeared on the ground beneath the verandah and started pointing towards the forest in which they were hidden.

“I don’t think it is safe to stay here any longer, kiddo. Move,” and there was a sudden sense of fear and urgency in her voice.

“Which way do we go?”

“First task is to put as much distance between us and the camp, then we can start thinking.”

Mother and son moved as swiftly and quietly as possible through the dense forest. It was almost dark now and had it not been for the moon their movement would have been impossible. Thankfully there were no signs of pursuit, at least not yet, and so after an hour or so, they stopped in a tiny little clearing in the forest where the moonlight reached the forest floor.

“Oh God, I am tired.”

“And I am dying of thirst.”

“Where can we get water in this forest?”

“Where can we get anything in this forest?”

“In fact we have nothing with us at the present.”

“Nothing other than this cellphone and the talisman.”

“Which is of no use to in this hunger and thirst.”

“We need a little rest and to collect our thoughts.”

“Then let us sit here for a while, my legs are aching.”

“You have had a rough day, Ma, let me press your legs a little. Will feel good.”

“That is really nice of you, kid, but what about you?”

“I am doing OK. Come, let us sit down on beneath this tree.”

“The moon is too bright. Let us move into the shade.”

Deepa stretched herself out on the forest floor and Rudra started to massage her legs.

“What a mess, you are all bloody all over.”

“The blood of that son of satan …” Deepa murmured.

“We will need to wash this off somewhere.”

“There are so many things that we need to do ….”

“I know that we have been in many tough situations, but this is the strangest by far.”

“You bet.”

After ten minutes or so of her son’s gentle massage, Deepa gave a soft sigh of comfort and sat up. “Time for me to press your limbs, kiddo,” she volunteered.

“Oh no Ma, I am just fine .. it is you who has had the roughest day today.”

“True, kiddo. Ever since we arrived at that dratted place in the afternoon.”

“I am sorry, Ma, for what I did today …” Rudra was genuinely feeling bad about what had happened in the room.

“You never had a choice in the matter, kid and neither did I.”

“But still, there is a sense of guilt, because, because … ” he really could not utter it.

“Because somewhere down there, you did — even if you did not want to — feel good..”

“Yes ..” his voice was a just a whisper.

“Which is why you got an erection .. and was about to cum in my cunt!”

“I could not help it, Ma, believe me.”

“I don’t have to believe it, kid, I know. I know my son. I know exactly what goes through his mind.”

“I am sorry, I am so sorry … it will never happen again.”

“I will give you a one tight slap — if you ever utter that sorry word again! Never, ever apologise for this.”

“So what should I do?”

“Hug me, hold me tight in your arms … you are the only one that I have in the world, the only one that cares for me. No one knows that better than I do.” She burst into a sob.

“Please do not cry, Ma. I will always be there for you.” He threw his hands around her shoulders and pulled her into his chest.

Mother and son were silent for minute as neither of them knew what to say. But then words left unsaid silently travelled along their arms and pulled them closer and deeper into each other — physically, mentally and metaphorically. Rudra’s big body was a wall of stability, of safety, a cocoon of protection in which his mother was seeking sanctuary. There seemed to be a magic salve on his palms as they gently swept over and patted her butts and then softly, very softly squeezed the gentle swell of her breasts. She raised her face and their eyes locked into each other’s and what they saw sent shivers of excitement through their bodies — moist with blood and now sweat! The talisman and the cellphone were both forgotten as Deepa reached out and pulled hers son’s face into her own. Their lips locked on each other and suddenly mother and son were kissing each other with a rare passion that none had known for a long time. It was a rare and precious Bostancı Escort moment of relief from the intense pressure that they had been in the last couple of hours — as they were beaten, stripped, humiliated and raped. It was as if the chains of their bondage had just been broken by the magic of pure love.

Deepa jerked herself into Rudra’s lap and almost immediately she felt the hard erection of his penis against her own cunt. She felt his hands slide down to her butts and raise them off the ground and then he was pressing the soft swell of her clean shaven mons into his rapidly hardening penis. Perhaps it was the blood, perhaps it was the sweat or perhaps it was her own juices of sexual excitement but it seemed that with hardly any effort she found her son’s big and hard penis sliding into her own vagina. She gave a groan of pleasure.

“Ma. Does that hurt?”

“No dear, this is heaven!”

“Is it?”

Deepa smiled and the light of the moon illuminated mother and son in a situation that could not be any more awkward! They had just been sexually humiliated by a powerful thug whom they had then murdered. They were trying to escape from people who must be baying for their blood, but were stranded alone in the middle of an unknown jungle, stark naked, with nothing to defend them or find their way to safety — yet all they had on their mind was sex!

Was it because it was the only oasis of certain comfort in these frightfully uncertain circumstances? Whatever may be the reason, for mother and son the profane pleasure of each other’s bodies was the only reality and they revelled in it as time crawled to a halt in the moonlit forest!

Seconds became minutes and perhaps even hours as Deepa and Rudra, mother and son, both naked, threw themselves together on the forest floor. Locked to each other from face to crotch, his penis pumping in and out of her cunt, their tongues darting through each other lips, they had abandoned logic and reason in the throes of a sexual excitement — feeling each other, feeding on each other and draining the last dregs of succour and satisfaction from each other’s bodies.

Suddenly, Rudra felt a tightening of his loins, the first rumble of the approaching ejaculation. “Ma, I am coming,” he hissed. But alas, that was not to be for at that very moment the tinkle of a far off bell broke their reverie and the two of them jumped apart! Deepa grabbed her phone and Rudra the talisman!

“What on earth was that?”

“Sounds like temple in the neighbourhood?”

“Would it be safe to search for it?”

“Unless you want to spend the night here.”

“Not a bad idea.” Rudra grinned!

“No, we must be nuts, behaving like this. When we should be thinking of saving our lives.” Deepa was feeling a little guilty!

“Then let us move forward again.”

“But how will we explain our current state to anyone?”

“Let us find someone to explain to … then we decide.”

Which is exactly how it happened.

The sound of the bell was faint and distant but after walking for some more time, they spied a flicker of light through the trees. Creeping closer they found a derelict temple all wrapped up in the aerial roots of a giant banyan tree. There was no one in sight but a tiny lamp burning inside cast a faint glow through the broken door.

“Should I go in and check?” Rudra volunteered.

“No, you stay here and watch. I will go in.” Deepa’s voice was a command. She did not want to endanger her son but just to make him feel comfortable, she added “If you see any problem jump in.”

She flipped open the knife in the phone and walked briskly towards the light. But just before she reached it a wild and unkempt figure suddenly ran out of the temple and before either mother and son could react, he had prostrated himself in front of her feet and started shouting “Mother, Divine Mother … you have come, at last I see you in your full glory!” He was bowing and banging his head on the floor again and again.

Rudra rushed forward .. and then held back and watched ..

Deepa was initially taken aback but realised almost immediately that the wild and, now that she noticed it, naked man on floor must either be a lunatic or more likely a tantrik adept who would have assumed that this bloody naked woman in front of him was an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Shakti, Kali or Durga! He must have been practising his divine crafts in the solitude of the jungle and would have believed that his incantations had caused the Goddess to materialise as a sign of benediction! Could she leverage this situation to their benefit? She decided that she must.

After a few minutes, the adept raised his eyes and saw that Deepa had metamorphosed into a classic Devi posture — with the knife raised in one hand while the other formed a gesture of benevolence. He stared long and hard at the image of Devi-in-the-Nude Deepa and suddenly he got up.

“So you are the Devi who has killed that ogre Mastan during Sandhi Puja?” A smile of great beatitude cracked Erenköy Escort his lips.

“How do you know?” Deepa was taken aback even as Rudra moved forward to see if he could help.

“You may think that this is a jungle, but news travels fast. Everybody knows that the Ogre is dead … and we are happy. In fact we are grateful to you my Devi, my Goddes, for being rid of him.”

“That means that his people would know that I am here. We are in trouble.”

“No one dares to come to this Chandi temple, the tantrik’s den.”

“Baba! Holy Father!! I need your help.” Deepa threw down her knife and prostrated herself at his feet.

“Come, you are safe here. And who is this young man?”

“My son, my bodyguard and more …”

“It seems that all of us are sky-clad (nude) here. Just as the Divine Mother Chandi is in this temple here.”

“I am sorry that there is nothing material that I can provide you with in this Chandi temple.” Rakhal-baba, the tantrik adept, was very apologetic. “Other than a few fruits that some of my devotees leave near the banyan tree on the road, there is nothing else that comes in here.”

“We are blessed to be alive, Baba.” Deepa was very reverential. Mother, son and their tantrik benefactor were squatting on the floor in the temple after a sparse meal of fruits. Deepa and Rudra had had a quick bath in a little pond behind the temple but all three were nude. Deepa had just finished explaining the absurdity of their current situation to the tantrik adept while Rudra was examining the gold talisman that his mother had snatched from the dying Mastan’s neck.

“Do you think that the Mastan’s men will try to hunt us down? and kill us?”

“These are total thugs who do things for profit. They would not touch you, unless there is a profitable reason to do so.”

“This talisman is made of solid gold and would cost a fortune.”

“But there is something here that could be more valuable.”

“I know, Mastan would refer to it as his most valuable possession — his prana-bhomra, his life seed.”

“There is a tiny micro SD card located in this little chamber.”

“That must contain the passwords of his numerous bank accounts. He was always afraid that someone will take it from him.”

“Give me the cellphone, I will see if I can put it in and read the data there.”

“If that be the case, I am sure that the current crop of thugs will want to get their hands on it.”

“That gives us a bargaining chip, that will allow you to buy your freedom out of this hell hole.”

“We are at your mercy Baba. Can you please help us out with this?”

“Who am I to help? My days are numbered. It is the Divine Mother who will lead you out of this.”

“But you could be her instrument? of our deliverance?”

“You are a real smart Devi yourself.” Smiled Rakhal Baba and Deepa was overcome by the sweetness of that aged, craggy face.

“May I have the good fortune of being blessed by you?” Deepa kneeled forward and placed her head between the Baba’s feet, inches from where the Baba’s limp penis and gigantic balls were resting on the floor. Rudra was still fiddling with the the cellphone. He never noticed Baba’s hands were on his mother’s head and as Deepa watched with quiet satisfaction, the Baba’s penis grew slowly erect until it was touching her forehead.

“I think I have solved the problem.” Rudra muttered to himself.

“Can you see the passwords?” Deepa pulled herself up and turned to face her son. Her body was still shivering from the touch of the Baba’s penis.

“There is an excel spreadsheet plus some other files that I have copied into the phone memory.”

“Now we need to fix a trade.”

“Day is breaking and the two of you have barely slept tonight.”

“That is true, I am dog tired.”

“I suggest that you sleep now. Today is Navami, the ninth day of the bright quarter. Tonight I will try to get someone to meet the thugs and sort things out.”


Mother and son, slept like a log through the day and it was late in afternoon Rakhal Baba came and called that they woke up.

“What news?”

“Deal is done. Mastan’s sidekick Ratan is now the boss and all that he wants is the access to the bank accounts.”

“How will we give it to him?”

“I would need to take it down to the banyan tree and leave it there and pick up your clothes and other articles.”

“And then we can leave?”

“Not so fast Devi. Ratan is a smart and suspicious character. Only when he has accessed all the accounts and retrieved the money will he allow you to leave the forest.”

“Oh dear.”

“But don’t worry, you will be safe here.”

“I hope that we will not be a distraction to your religious activities.”

“Perhaps you could help! After all every sadhak ( seeker) needs a sadhika for the sadhana (search).” There was a hint of smile playing on his lips.

“Perhaps it will be my honour to do so.” Deepa smiled as well.

The three of them left the temple and followed a narrow and barely visible path through the forest. After fording a river and skirting a hill they finally arrived where the forest cover was beginning to thin out.

“How far Baba?” Stepping out of the jungle in her state of nudity was something that Deepa was obviously uncomfortably with.

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