The Secret Dream


Imagine yourself coming home from work on a quiet night, the moon is full and the sky is partly cloudy, the scene reminds you of a werewolf’s moon. There is a chill in the air and you are tired.

You were busy and you are coming home with a very good feeling, you had a great day and you made a lot of money, more than usual. You were complimented repeatedly, it was a super day.

You walk in the door, remove your coat, and place your purse on the chair by the door and you go upstairs.

You are alone in the house, I am not there, I have been out in the studio for several days.

You are very glad to be home and you are peeling off clothes as you walk into the bedroom, the curtains are open and the bedroom is dark except for the lighted projections the moon casts through the window onto the floor. Dark wooden walls set the tone for the room, a room perfect for sleeping and romance. A lucky teenager walking by may have gotten a very exciting look as you walk past the window on the way to the master bath.

You walk to the mirror and tussle your hair shaking off the work day; you think to yourself, and may have said out loud, “wow, I do look good!” The curtains are open and the werewolf’s moon is shining through, as you walk past the window, the moonlight accents the curves of your breasts and hips, you start the water in the tub and walk to the fireplace to light the candles. Naked and confident you walk over to dim the lights. On your way, back to the tub, you press play and easy jazz softly fills the room.

Bending over you test the water, it is very hot but you decide hot is what is needed. You step over the tub and into the water.

The water stings as you sit, a small gasp leaves your lips as you sit in the hot water, you are thinking maybe it was too hot, as you settle in, you adjust and relax, lying back in the tub, music in your ears, candle light and steam fill the room. You can see steam rising through the moonlight streaming in from the chilled night outside. You drift into relaxation.

After a very relaxing bath and perhaps a few moments of sleep in the tub, you step out of the tub, your bathroom is large and open, so it feels cold after the hot bath. The master bathroom is painted in off whites, a stark contrast to the warm and dark bedroom you are approaching.

You walk to the door of my bedroom and take your robe from the hook, slipping the robe onto your wet shoulders and wrapping yourself in soft cotton, you reflect on a great day.

Soft music fills the air and moonlight fills the room. You walk to your bed and lie down face down across as if to rest for a moment. You close your eyes only waiting on my return and you slip into sleep confident that I will wake you upon my return.

At 5AM I arrive home, excited at the prospect of seeing Ataşehir Escort my lover and pleased with the work done.

A large glass of water and I am heading upstairs. The house is dark now, the werewolf’s moon has disappeared behind the horizon and the sun has not yet begun its climb.

I walk into the bedroom and find you, beautiful and asleep. Partially wrapped in your soft white robe, your skin calls to me. The robe has slipped from a shoulder and pulled up to one side as you turned. Your shoulder and back are in clear view and your twisted robe has left your exquisite derriere in full view. I walk to the bed, standing and watching you sleep for a moment. I think to myself, what did I do to deserve such a woman waiting for me like this? I walk to the bathroom and drain the water from the tub, I turn off the music player and after brushing my teeth I grab some items from the cabinet and return to the bedroom where you still sleep.

I sit gently on the bed next to you, testing, I cover you up a bit with your robe. You do not move. I move on the bed a bit, testing to see if you will wake. I want you to wake but I do not want to wake you. You are stunning in your sleep, a smile on your face, I marvel at you and wonder what you are dreaming of.

My stirrings do not wake you. I cover your shoulder with your robe and I think to myself, “I should cover you and sleep in the guest room.” Your long legs and beautiful derriere convince me otherwise.

I lift your robe from your behind, pulling it up over your hips to your waist. You are exposed from the waist down, you stir slightly, but you are still soundly asleep. Your skin is so beautiful in the darkened room. I walk over and turn the heat up just a bit, knowing that in a few moments, you will be mostly naked.

I stand and take one of the items from the bathroom. Pouring the oil in my hand I rub my hands together to warm the pool. I gently place my hands on your thighs, you move but do not wake, I begin rubbing your thigh and your calf, I have decided to see how long I can tempt you without waking you, I am not aware that you are already awake.

My strong hands carry the warmed oil over your leg and gently to your upper thigh. I cannot easily reach the other leg, I stand and begin unbuttoning my shirt, it falls to the floor, I loosen my belt, ever so quietly I unbutton my pants, they fall to the floor and I step from them, sitting on the edge of the bed I remove my socks and once again, revel in how amazing you are. I slide to the foot of the bed and slip up onto the bed on my knees. I am still not aware that you have watched me undress. I am positioned at your feet; I gently lift the leg closest to the inside of the bed and move your foot so that your legs are spread giving me room to kneel between your Kadıköy Escort calves.

I begin to run my hands up your thighs, strong, deliberate now, my thumbs to the inside and fingers to the outside, I firmly push my hands up your thighs toward your derriere stopping just short of the place where your thighs meet your cheeks. Back down your thighs to the backs of your knees, down your calves, pushing back up your thighs. Your legs are spread and my knees are between your calves. I push the warm oil up your thighs, this time, I rub over your beautiful back side, pushing hard, I think to myself you must be awake but you do not move, I repeat this process as I feel your thigh muscles relax.

Sliding up between your legs, I push your robe up further giving me access to the beautiful curve of the small of your back, pushing over your cheeks and onto your back my thumbs at your spine, I hear you moan slightly as I push up your spine. Surely you must be awake? But you do not move, I move my hands back down and I slide back between your calves. More oil, warmed and sweet, I continue the massage of your thighs and calves. As I push my strong hands up the length of your thighs and over your derriere, my thumbs move along the inside of your thighs. As I get closer to your cheeks I feel you relax, I think that may have been intentional, my thumbs touch your lips ever so slightly as I move my hands up and over your cheeks sending a shiver through your body, as I continue the path, pushing your cheeks apart as I go, my thumbs run along your open cheeks touching all of you as I move. I think I hear a sigh.

Moving back down your thighs, repeating the movements of before, this time as I rub your cheeks, spreading them apart, my thumbs press down into you, rubbing your most sweet and forbidden parts of you as my hands pass by. You are noticeably wet.

Ignoring that, I continue the length of your back, you moan quietly, barely perceptible in the dark room.

I have become very aroused, naked and hard, as I lean forward rubbing the small of your back, my cock rests between your cheeks, pressing against you as I push forward. Slipping back down as I rub your thighs my fingers and thumbs pressing against you, my body begs me to push inside of you, I resist. Rubbing and pressing myself against you, I feel you push back against me, pressing myself between your cheeks, deep between I can feel you, wet and open to what will come.

As I rub you, when I reach your hot, wet, sex, I cannot restrain myself any longer. Pushing my finger inside, you are hot, slippery, and open, your body is begging me to press on. Surely you are awake now? Placing my hand between your legs like the edge of a knife, I feel your lips, your ass, yes all of your treasures that only I may know. I feel powerful, Bostancı Escort strong, and certain your body is a willing coconspirator.

Continuing to rub your ass and the small of your back I feel you once again pushing against me, this time, more forceful, you are begging me to push inside. I do not.

I continue to rub you, deleting the thought of you pressing against my very hard cock. Staying the course on your massage, rubbing the small of your back with my right hand, I place my fingers inside of you with my left, you are so hot and slippery, ready, willing to accept me.

I remove my fingers and push your cheeks apart with my hands, my thumbs pressing up against your pussy, slightly inside, pulling my hands up toward the small of your back, my thumbs press against your ass, all your muscles are relaxed, waiting. I feel that you want me to be inside of you everywhere. I do not push inside, rather, teasing the entrance to the most special of places, only you can give approval to go there and you are sleeping still. How is that even possible?

Pulling back and rubbing your thighs, over your derriere, up the small of your back, this time you press back against me like an animal in heat, arching your back and ass in the air, pressing back against me. You reach behind you and place a hand on my ass, pulling me toward you, you take my hard, hot, straining cock into your other hand and pull me inside of you. You pull against my body with your other hand, pulling me as far inside as is possible. You reach around and take my other hand and pull it to your front, under your body, placing it between your legs, my fingers find your beautiful spot and you gasp out loud. Pressing inside of you, pulling out almost completely, pushing back inside, over and over, harder and harder, reaching around, harder and faster. You reach between us and place your own hand between your cheeks and you are touching yourself as you are fucked wildly, with no consideration any longer of pretense, you abandon yourself completely to my desire.

You can no longer control yourself, I am pressing hard on your pussy with my hand, you think that surely I am made of steel or stone because flesh cannot be that hard, pushing so far inside that you hurt delightfully, you push your own finger inside of yourself as you are taken to the point beyond pleasure and pain. You can no longer contain the raging ecstasy welling up from inside and you let go, releasing all of yourself in the moment, we both release together in a fury of passion that cannot be believed unless you are one of us.

Sweating, spent, exhausted from the experience, you finally open your eyes, ready to hold me. The room is dark and quiet, your robe open, your breasts glistening with sweat, your body hot and tired, your mouth is dry, you turn over to find that you are alone. Only a short time has passed since you lay down to await your lover. Can it be that you were sleeping this whole time?

You hear the lock on the front door turn, you smile and close your robe, lying face down on the bed, you wait.

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