The Sensuality of Sex Ch. 03


I appreciate all of those who have decided to read, and I do appreciate the constructive criticism, it will make me a better writer in the long run.

I hope you enjoy the final chapter, at least for now, I may decide to add to it at a later date.

“Steven, Make love to me”,

Lisa says with a slight pant to her voice, as her desire grows, and her eyes begin to glaze over with lust.

As she rolls over and begins to kiss him on his lips, and his cheeks, she knows this is the moment to change both of their lives.

“Gladly baby, let this day signify a new beginning, a new sacrifice between us in giving our hearts, our minds, our souls, our bodies, all of the heavens to each other.”

Chapter three

Slowly but surely, they move into a new state of mind, being at one with each other, being so close, they feel as if they are at one each other. Steven begins to kiss her all over, starting at her head and down her body all the way to the tips of her toes. Soft caresses of passion follow the kisses all over wherever he goes like a lost puppy. He begins the seduction, with the snap of his fingers, and playing a song he likes so much, and he hopes she would like it as well, and deep down he hopes it can become their song as time goes on. The song begins to play on the CD player:

“Pretty brown eyes, you know I see them, it’s a disguise the way you treat me.”

He then turns back to his platter, who he geared up to devour, and with kisses on her forehead, making a diamond around her face, going from her forehead, to her left cheek, over to her right cheek, and all culminating in a passion filled kiss on her lips. He positions himself between her legs and with nothing in his way, no clothes to take off, he begins a slow movement downward through the garden of sweet roses he calls Lisa. Nibbling her neck, and her collarbone, he leaves passion marks, nice red marks from cheek to cheek. Kissing all over her chest once again he begins to caress her, following his kisses leaving no part untouched. Smelling her perfume, tasting the scent of her, knowing she wants him as much as he wants her. She feels his touches all the way into her soul, in every pore of her being, feeling her blood boil, she wants to scream out, she wants to just throw him down, but she gives in to her fears and lets him take control, knowing he won’t hurt her.

Opening her mind and her soul to what is there, feeling his spirit envelope her, she feels a tingle start from her toes and move all the way up to her face, and the tingle culminates right at the flush of her cheeks. Beads of sweat begin to form on her, and Steven slowly and seductively laps them up, allowing the tip of his tongue to delicately trace her skin.

Lisa moans out,

“baby you’re making me feel Maltepe Escort so good, you’re causing my toes to curl, and I swear if you don’t take me soon I am going to come.”

“All in do time my sweet, and I promise this won’t compare to anything, and it will be well worth the wait.”

Steven responds in his soft voice, as he continues to nibble her slowly.

He continues on his path of passion, as he nibbles on her chest, as he suckles on her breast, he notices her chest heaving, making her nipples get larger and her breast become firmer. Grazing against her nipples with his teeth, she moans with delight. Pulling her nipples away from her body, she rives in the throws of passion, feeling a pleasurable pain, not wanting him to stop. He then sticks out his tongue as he has her nipple in his mouth and flicks her flesh twice over in rapid succession. Feeling his warm tongue on her, her hips buck involuntarily, her mind blows up like an atomic bomb, her skin electrifies to everything he does. Doing the same on her left nipple she squirms with delight. As he watches her squirm, his cock grows harder, longer, and stiffer than the arm of the Statue of liberty.

She loves it when he touches her that way, and he looks into her soul, as they stare deep into each others eyes and he watches her eyes glaze over as she falls deeper into the abyss of passion they are sharing.

With every touch, Lisa melts into the soul of her love, the man she wants to be with, and the man she longs for, the man who has her right where he wants her.

Steven continues on his path of passion traveling down her cleavage, licking and suckling his beauty. He has so many area’s he can play with and to follow, kissing her stomach, licking the outline of her ribcage, tasting the sweetness of her skin, he knows this will keep her on the edge and not send her over .

Tickling her bellybutton with his tongue, she once again twitches like no other man has ever made her do before. Kissing her hips, and smelling the scent of her, Steven is mesmerized, entranced by her, and kisses and leaves passion marks on both hips, marking her as his for all eternity. With one flip of his wrist, the lights are off, and only the sunlight from the bright day illuminates the room. Lisa is no longer human, no longer a woman; she is a puddle of passion, mixed all up in the throws of great love for this man.

“Steven, please take me now, taste my sweet pussy, I want to feel you deep inside me.”

(As her hand accidentally slides across his dick, as he is between her legs, attempting to

Tease her.)

She begins to stroke him, and he takes her clit between his lips and there is nothing she can do to hold off.

“Oh yes Stevie, that’s it, taste my sweet pussy İstanbul Escort juice, make me come and come hard.”

Steven has no more idea what he is doing, he is only running on instinct, and he already knows where this is going to end. Flick Flick Flick goes Steven’s tongue, brushing over Lisa’s clit oh so slowly, oh so softly, like a feather over her skin. She begins to rock her hips in time with his tongue, and he begins to massage her ass, causing her legs to fly even wider apart. She has her heels on his shoulders leaving her vulnerable to whatever he wants to do, leaving him complete access to all of her. Steven’s tongue isn’t long enough to be affective when he slides it inside her. To combat this, he takes a finger and pushes it deep into her and her hips rise up to him driving his finger into her canal so deep, so far that she can’t hold anything inside her.

“Yes Yes Yes, baby, lick my clit, give me more of that hard, long, stiff finger, put 3 fingers inside me Steven please!”

Lisa is beginning to moan her pleasure, and push her hips into Steven’s face harder now.

As he does this, He takes her clit deep into his mouth, between his teeth, sucking air through his teeth, and she shivers and she shakes as she comes, and comes so hard, her legs involuntarily wrap around Steven’s head and push his fingers deeper into her.

“God Baby you make me feel so good, I am coming, don’t stop, lick me harder, fuck me deeper, tease me no more, drink all of me, taste me, fuck me, yes yes yes, oooooooooo, that’s it baby, right there, oooooooooooooo, sooooooo goooooooood, aaaaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

As her Tunnel quivers, and floods Steven’s mouth, she loosens her grip on his head and just smiles at him.

“Lisa your so sexy when you come, you make me feel like I can do no wrong, I just want to make love to you all day.”

As the ripples begin to subside in her body, her breathing begins to slow; Steven decides he is going to do exactly that. Taking his cock and pressing it right on her clit, she moans all over. The vibrations feel like ripples to Steven as well, and it won’t take much for him to come.

Lisa begins to stroke his cock against her clit and exposing his head from its hiding place, there is direct contact with her clit and they both begin to thrust against each other. Grabbing her hands and putting them above her head, Steven slides his cock deep into her in one push he is kissing her inner walls with the head of his cock, so deep inside her, she feels as if she has never been penetrated before. Just laying there on top of her, feeling his hard cock in the warmth of her sweet honey pot, Steven’s eyes glaze over, and he holds the position to just revel in the feeling. Knowing exactly what he Anadolu Yakası Escort is doing, Lisa doesn’t move, she clamps her legs around his and just begins to tighten her walls around his cock. Snapping back to the task at hand, Steven feels her trying to squeeze his cock, and he begins to thrust with her softly, slowly and deeply. Body on body there is nothing they can do besides ride this wave all the way to the shore. They are locked against each other from head to toe, as Steven lies on top of her, letting her arms go, he kisses her, and she wraps her arms around him. Beginning to dig her nails in a little, Steven gets a charge never felt before, and they slam against each other in rhythm to the Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition, playing in the background.

“OOoooooooooo Steven you’re so deep inside me, you’re making me feel so good, I feel your cock ramming me to the back of my vagina, fuck me harder baby, and give me all of you!”

She shifts her hips to raise her legs higher to get a better angle and to try to get him deeper into her, and boy does it work

Steven is in rhythm and he gives her all she can handle, and as she locks her ankles around his ass, he begins to feel his orgasm coming on.

With not much space to work with they are going in deep short strokes; achieving maximum contact with each other sensitive area. Biting her nipples, Steven begins to rocket to the top and Lisa is right there matching him stroke for stroke. In out, in out, in out, in out, they go harder, and faster beginning to expire knowing the last act of this play is upon them.

“Steven yes baby, give me that hot come, deep in side me, give me this hard cock baby, fuck me, yes baby right there, here I come again, “aaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuauuauuaeeeeee.”

“Yes baby, you’re my princess now; give me this pussy, you like that baby? Yes baby I am coming too, give me this, yes yes yes, oooooooooooaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuu baby.”

As they come in one fire bomb of an orgasm, burning the image of the sounds into each others minds, they hold each other to preserve the moment for as long as possible. Spent Steven looses his hardness and pops out of Lisa and rolls off of her. Feeling a cool air on his back, he feels a stream running, and as he wipes at it with his hand, he notices he is

They decide to just let the little sting go and they make the decision to clean it up later.

As they begin to let their exhaustion settle in, Steven lays on his back and Lisa curls up to him throwing her leg over his cock, and her arm over his chest and putting her head on his shoulder.

Lisa breaks the silence by saying,

“I love being close to you Stevie, and I hope we can do this for a long time to come.”

“I love it to baby, and we will definitely do it for as long as you can stand me Steven responds.”


“Yes baby?”

” There is one thing I have to ask you.”

“Ok sweetness ask away.”

“What are you going to do about that chick you were telling me about?”

The End for now

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