The Shoot


He was twenty minutes late. Keith was never 5 minutes late, let alone twenty. Nicky twitched the curtains in the bay window but she couldn’t make anything out of the ordinary on this bright summer morning. She’d done 5 shoots with him already… the only shoots she’d ever done outside personal pics for partners and playmates.

Butterflys batted around her tummy the same way they always did when a business contact was late. The reason for her doing shoots for her were a mixture… the money was welcome (although she certainly didn’t need it) and she liked the idea of all those people looking at er… nude… spreadeagled… pleasuring herself.

She’d lost count the amount of times she’d started daydreaming about the amount of orgasms she might have instigated. She smiled to herself.

And then movement at the gate… but not what she was expecting… not Keith. Someone taller, darker, younger. Keith looked like a slim version of Father Christmas. He was similarly genial.

That’s one of the reasons she’d asked if he could do the other shoots… she didn’t like the idea of a dribbling old geezer trying to paw her in her own home. But he’d been such sweetheart… she actually suspected he was gay. He’d always talk about his beloved rockery all the while she was on all fours for him or spreading her legs.

The doorbell rang. Bloody hell, she thought, whoever this was she needed to get rid of him quick before Keith turned up with his tripods and silver umbrellas or whatever they were. Her feet raced down the stairs and at the back of her mind she rehearsed an excuse about having to pick up some turf from the garden centre (Hey! It was short notice for excuses).

The doorbell rang again just as her hand palm made it to the handle. The door swung back and there stood someone with what looked suspiciously like a bag of camera equipment. A short awkward silence reigned while visitor and visitee took each other in.

He broke the silence: “Er, Hi. I’m Joe… Keith can’t make it… sciatica’s playing up again, he said something about too much gardening…?”

She was little like a rabbit in headlights for a second or two. The implications played out in her head… “… well… do i need to reschedule?”

“No time I’m afraid, they’ve already signed me on as replacement and they want another shoot up by teatime… is… that OK? Is it an issue?” Nicky had reached the point where she had to make a decision… she knew she was well within her rights to call it off.

But something naughty inside her had seen the potential for something here… for some fun. He wasn’t bad looking… tall… deep brown hair, nice build and bluey green eyes. She liked bluey green eyes.

“No, no that’s fine. I just need to get changed and put some make-up on, love. Go get the rest of your stuff and I’ll see you in a sec”. Joe nodded, looking relieved he hadn’t scared her off.

Nicky turned and skipped up the stairs just a little light headed… she liked it when life turned out these little intriguing quirks. She quickly exited her everyday clothes İstanbul Escort and replaced them with an ensemble of black stockings, black high heels, black lace boy shorts and a leather bustier. In her full length mirror she surveyed the overall effect… not too fucking shabby if she did say so herself.

She thought about the stranger downstairs and what she had planned… and her right hand moved to the gusset of her knickers and gently stroked herself with her fingertips. A shiver of excitement passed up her spine as the muscles in her thighs began to tighten with pleasure. That unmistakable sensation of the blood rushing to the base of her pelvis. She emitted a small purr of pleasure… better get my warpaint on, she thought.

That accomplished, she tiptoed downstairs, the tingle still warm between her legs and her cheeks still flushed with the thought of how this would feel. She smiled warmly at him and surveyed the amassed photographic gubbins.

“You have everything you need? A drink of anything? Keith sometimes has a whisky… ” Distractedly, while fiddling with some light meter he accepted the offer with a a shy nod… very interesting Nicky thinks… he’s shy… maybe you could go so far to say embarrassed. “Is this your first time doing this work?”

“Yes… bit of a career change… only done weddings and christenings so far… but, i need the work.”

“Don’t worry,” she said with mischievous smile, “I’ll show you the ropes.”

She returned with the malt which he bolted like it was tap water. “Well we’ve not shot on this sofa before, so we could just do it here. OK to start?” and she sat down exaggerating the height difference between them. Looking up, she gave I’m her sweetest innocent girly smile and signaled she was ready to start.

He positioned himself behind the camera but then hesitantly inquired…

“um… how do you normally pose… I’m assuming you don’t need much direction… I… I… mean I’ve seen the site… and ones like it… um… ” She tried to hide the smile forcing its way onto her lips… poor darling, he’s genuinely spooked.

“Don’t worry… WHEN i need you I’ll tell you what to do.”

She started with a few standing shots hand on hip, hand moving to her groin and one last one with fingers pushed down the front of her panties (she felt her wetness without even delving very far). Things moved on to her sitting down, legs pulled up, then spread a little then fully splayed.

Each time she rearranged herself she explained slowly what she was doing, holding his gaze all the time. The thought that he was only eight feet away, watching her display herself was making her feel a little light headed… it felt so naughty. When she pulled the bustier down and showed him her already hard nipples she felt giddy.

But when she peeled her panties to one side, THATS when she realised that real exhibitionism, rather than via a monitor, made her feel high. Click, flash reverberated round the room again. Her eyes dropped from the lens to her pussy… Jesus, it was sopping. She had Anadolu Yakası Escort left a smudge of slime on the sofa…

“OK. (pulling bustier off and placing knickers around her ankles) One like this… click, flash… and then (knickers off totally)… one like this” She turned and dropped to all fours, looking over her shoulder. She caught a sight of the bulge in his trousers and took a deep, excited breath. “OK… you’ll need to put the cuffs on… over there”, she nodded to the silver manacles on the sideboard.

“Oh… er… yeah, i see.” He awkwardly shuffled, hopelessly trying to disguise his predicament… and she loved it. Fluttering her eyelashes at him she placed her wrists at the base of her spine. His hands delicately guided her hands in the cuffs and the sensation of this absolute stranger just behind her naked, bent ass delighted her. Her thighs tensed together.

A few more pics and then she decided to take it up a level. “For the next one you’ll need to spank me… so that you leave a hand print you can get a decent picture of… the punters love that… “


“Uh-huh.” He shuffled over again, camera in hand. He placed it down then awkwardly attempted what is best described as a pat.

“Can you see the hand print?” she asked.

“No, not really.”

“You have to do it a LOT harder… its OK. I don’t mind.” He tried again, harder, but not hard enough. “Hold my hip with your other hand… you’ll have better purchase” she suggested. He did so and the feeling of his warm firm hand on her flesh felt gorgeous. He brought his hand up then down… SMACK.

“Do it again… you have to do it a few times to leave a mark” His face as red as her ass, he complied. *Smack, Smack, SMACK” She groaned with the tingle of shame and pleasure united. She’s sure her wetness was trickling down the inside of her thigh but she couldn’t check.

He finally got the picture required and removed the cuffs at her request. She knew what she wanted now.

“You need some close ups. Come here.” She laid on her back and raised her knees to her chest exposing ALL of herself to him. He aimed the lens and she pulled her labia back with her fingertips… each time he completed a picture, she spread herself further.

Then one, then two then three fingers exploring inside herself. The pattern of her movements switched from posing her digits, to just openly masturbating. Joe kept shooting, but she could tell he was feeling both awkward and aroused. His face was no more than three feet from her engorged slit as she coated her fingers with more and more of her goo.

Her other hand slunk round her behind. “Just one like this as well… i think the dirty ones like this”. And now she was fucking herself in both holes… pushing further, putting on an obscene show for this almost unwilling audience. And right at that thought she felt the energy gather at her root of her spine.

The tingle passed up the back of her legs then up her back again and finally that unmistakable fuzz, deep in her brain as all sensation Kartal Escort dropped to that two inch square right at the point that her fingers were mercilessly stroking. She came. Her knees locked against her as the juices flowed, trickling briefly out of her down past her asshole and onto the sofa.

“Uh… wow. I… er got all that.” Joe looked genuinely shocked… maybe even little impressed. Her panting leveled out, her heartbeat returned to its resting state, but she felt wonderful. Her lust hadn’t gone, but she wanted to redirect it.

She wanted to make him feel good… she felt a connection with him now he’d witnessed her like that. She didn’t even know his second name, but he knew what she looked and sounded like when she climaxed.

“Barry, the site owner, told me about the new pics he wants to finish now… for all the girls… ” Joe looked confused.

“Didn’t he mention? Keith was meant to be coming with a bloke… we were going to make it look like the camera man was getting… this sucked” she lied. And she leaned forward and placed her hand on his bulge. He inhaled sharply

“No… I couldn’t… I don’t even know you… “

“I don’t mind… i’m just doing my job… i’m not taking any pleasure… ” accompanied by a very solemn, honest face.

She slipped off the stained sofa, onto her knees and crawled to him. He was frozen, and didn’t know what to do. She did. Her fingers popped the buttons on his fly, and gently pulled them down.

“Its OK… we’re just getting some pictures, love.” His boxers came down next and then she tenderly kissed the inside of his thigh. Soft butterfly kisses followed up to his groin and she felt his hard cock against the side of her face.

“Don’t forget the pictures” she whispered with a wink of her blue eyes. And with that she took the first of his 7 inches in her mouth and sucked at the hot crown. Precum collected on her tongue and she allowed it to trickle down her throat as she rhythmically slid her mouth back and forth.

Click, flash The sound of the camera heightened her emotions. She never felt anything while they were being taken by Keith. Now she felt like a performer… an artist and a slut… both at the same time.

She now took as much as she could of him. Looking up, she could see her own reflection in the lens, her mouth hungrily swallowing his thick flesh, the saliva and precum mix collecting at the corners of her mouth. She felt his balls start to tense in her hands.

She saw his hands tremble, trying to control the camera as his orgasm built.

“The picture Barry wants is of your cum on my face Joe.” And that tipped him over the edge. She sensed him rising up on his tiptoes, unsteady. He began to stoop and grunt but maintained control. Nicky put her head back and opened her mouth, jerking him fast.

Click, flash: the first spurt traced a line from her chin all the way to her brow. Click, flash The second landed mostly in her mouth, the hot salty tang exciting her more than ever. click flash the final ones continue to drench her until he is spent and the camera stops emitting sounds and light.

Joe’s knees buckled and he fell in a heap next to her. Both looked at the other then smiled a mixture of excited and shocked smiles. “I have a confession” Nicky said… “… we didn’t really need to do that last shot.” 🙂

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