The Sister-in-Law Ch. 02


Jo gave a little shiver of pleasure as my fingers brushed her clit.She lay on her side facing me,her leg over my thigh,and her sopping wet slit tempting me to excite her with my fingers and tongue. Afternoon sunlight glowed on the closed curtains,filling the room with a shifting yellow glow. Jo’s beautiful cuddly body always aroused lustful feelings in me,(even when she was fully dressed!) but when she was nude and in bed with me I just wanted to be deep inside her all the time.

Our affair (see ‘The Sister-in-Law’) was just starting its second year. If my wife wondered why Jo visited her so often she didn’t mention it. Jo and I managed to have a day in bed together about once a month..I wished it were at least once a week, but we’d agreed to play it safe.

P.,my wife, was away in Cornwall visiting her mother for the weekend. She’d left this morning after breakfast.

‘You’ll look after Jo, won’t you?’ she’d said as she left the house. I glanced at Jo, and she caught my eye and gave a smile.

‘I’m sure Dom and I can find something to do’,she said.

When P. phoned to say that she’d arrived at her destination, Jo and I,after a morning of caressing and kissing every few minutes, were in her bedroom undressing each other in preparation for a shower.

As I undid her bra and removed it, her hands were rubbing my swollen pants. I hooked my thumbs over the waistband of her knickers and slipped them down, and she Ümraniye Escort pulled my pants off and knelt in front of me,pulling my foreskin down so that my purple head filled her hand. She wanked me slowly, whispering what she’d like me to do to her..(my cock swelled even more.. I loved it when Jo talked dirty..)Then she licked my tip, and her tongue tip played with the slit in my glans. God! The sensation sent electric shocks down to my toes..I groaned with lust and ordered Jo to get her arse up on the bed, because I was going to give her the most thorough fucking of her life..

She lay back on the bed, legs wide apart, feet on the floor, and, after sucking her juices for a minute or so,(delicious!) I knelt astride her and as she pulled her divine cunt wide with her fingers, and I rubbed my prick between her lips,feeling the heat and wetness sucking at my cock.

‘Oh! Fill me up!’, she gasped, and thrust her hips up so that I slid further into her.

As my shaft speared her, I squeezed her full tits, running my thumbs over her erect nipples. She reciprocated, pinching my nipples almost painfully as my cock squished and plunged in, then almost out.

We wanted the pleasure to last all afternoon, so after we had got ourselves on the brink, we stopped and lay there for a few minutes. I pulled out slowly, and we moved to the bathroom.

Under the shower I soaped Jo’s tits very thoroughly,lifting them İstanbul Escort and rubbing her hard nipples. I stood behind her and lowered myself so that my cock slid between her legs, poking out through her hairs. She grasped me and wanked me for a minute, then said-

‘I want to try it up my bottom’.

This was a real surprise to me, as we’d never discussed anal sex before.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked,’I don’t want to hurt you.’

‘We’ll try it gradually’, said Jo – just try an inch or two at first, and lots of shower gel!’

I squirted a handful of gel over her hole and slipped my finger slowly into her,-a first for me…I could feel her anus tighten as I fingered her..

‘Here goes, sweet’, I said, and pulled my cock from between her legs and pushed it against her hole..It slid in easily for about an inch, then Jo gave a squeak of pain-

‘Slowly, lover’, she gasped,’your cock feels huge’.

I pulled out.

‘What we need is something to open you gradually’ I said-‘perhaps there’s a carrot in the kitchen’.

I found a nice long carrot, less wide than my cock,and after covering it with gel, Jo reached behind her and grasped the carrot, easing it into her lovely arse…slowly the carrot slid up until she had 6″ inside her..she started to thrust in and out..

‘That’s better’ she said’ it feels ..different, but it doesn’t hurt,-try again’.

She withdrew the carrot and Anadolu Yakası Escort I held my cock against her hole.

‘I’ll let you do the work’,I said,’You can take me in as far as you want.’

She pushed back aainst my rigid shaft.Her anus gripped my glans, and then as she pushed further back onto me, I felt her muscles relax and my nob slid in another 2″. It was tight, and the feeling was amazing. She held my cock tight and deep inside her, and I started to thrust into her. ‘Is that O.K.’?

‘Mmmmm’.sighed Jo,’that feels nice,push harder’

I started to fuck her deep and slow, slipping a little further up with every stroke, until my balls were tight against her bottom. We stood there under the shower, my hands around Jo’s tits, pulling her back onto me. ‘I’m going to shag you until we come’, I said,’tell me if it starts to hurt’.

Jo grunted softly with each stroke,-I was rutting her deep and slow..I held the carrot.

‘How about having it both ways?’ I said, and reached around to slip the carrot into her cunt..she gasped with pleasure,-

‘Oh! that’s sooo good!-faster!’ I rammed my cock up her as I fucked her from the front with the carrot..

‘I’m coming,..Oh! Fuck, I’m coming’,she screamed, and as her arse tightened on my cock,I shuddered and shot my load inside her as I skewered her with the carrot..she twisted around and kissed me deeply.

‘That was fantastic, lover, can’t imagine why we didn’t try it sooner..’

We dried each other (I loved to dry between her legs by licking her..) and retired to the bedroom to recover.We drifted off into a doze,my hand cupping her hot mound, her hand around my cock, looking forward to another day of slow comfortable sex.

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