The Sororities New Man Ch. 04


*All characters are of legal age during any described intercourse, everything is fiction and if you don’t like it don’t read it. This story is written by me and cannot be used by any other person or website or company without my express permission.


Ashlyn and I talked and joked around with Paige for awhile while we drank a few more drinks, I tried to fish out more details about Ben’s sister but Paige was quick and didn’t give me anything. We decided to go dance for a bit after awhile when Jess A came up to us wanting someone to dance with. I alternated dancing with each of them while the other two dance with each other, a few guys tired to get them to dance but neither of my house sisters accepted while Paige did dance with some dude that looked like a Viking god once so I couldn’t really blame her.

After about an hour we went back to get some more drinks and we were chatting it up when I heard a scream coming from the room with the pool tables. I hurried towards the door and when I entered I saw the room was empty besides for little sweet Jamie and some big linebacker looking dude. She was up against the wall while trying to push him off of her and her saying, “Stop get off of me, I said no,” caused me to spring into action.

I reached him in three large steps and I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him away from her then turned us at a right angle then shoved him away, ” I think the lady said no,” I yelled at him.

“This isn’t any of your business now scram before I beat your ass,” he yelled back at me while he started towards me.

He seemed to be a little drunk already so it was easy to block his slow punch, it was either that or he was just slow I guess. I shoved him back but he stepped back up to try for another bunch which I blocked again and shoved him back a few steps again saying, “Dude you better stop before something happens to you.”

He just growled and started after me again and I blocked him again but this time instead of shoving him I punched him in the face and then as he stumbled back a few steps I jumped up twisting around to bring the side of my foot on my strong leg to the side of his head. I landed my kick and he fell over sideways not knowing what the hell just happened to him while he groaned on the floor.

By this time people started coming in to see what all the noise was about while Jamie had already hugged herself against my back trying to stay away from him. I heard Ben call out to me, “Dude what the hell is going on.”

I glared back at him and asked harshly, “Is this guy one of your brothers.”

He walked over and looked while a few of his other brothers came over to, “Nope not mine, he is some asshole football player, was he messing with Jamie or something.”

Two of his brothers were lifting the guy up off the ground when I said, “Yeah she was in here alone with him yelling for him to stop but he wasn’t listening so I made him stop.”

Then Josh spoke up right next to Ben, “Dude that’s the same guy that was messing with Ashlyn.”

“What,” I said, and he nodded yes and quickly backed up a step as he no doubt saw the change in my eyes. I was full of rage when I turned back to this sick fuck that had not only just tried to rape Jamie but had also pulled the same shit on my Ashlyn, “You mother fucker,” I yelled at him.

His eyes went wide as I went straight at him and the two guys that were holding him let go as I punched him again in the nose hearing the bone snap, he started to lean back but I landed a kick to his balls since I did not care about fighting fair with him anymore at this point. This caused him to leaned forward in pain as I grabbed his head and held him down like that as I kneed him in the chest, but wanting him to really feel it in the morning I brought my elbow down into the back of his head sending him to the floor face first.

I was about to kick him in his face not caring that I just knocked him out but Josh and Ben grabbed me by the arms and started pulling me back, “He’s had enough Drew,” Ben was saying but I kept struggling to get free so I could snap the fat fuck in two. After a few moments of struggling to get free I got finally got loose but I only got one step before Ashlyn jumped in front of me, “Enough,” she said to me calmly.

I stopped immediately and started to calm but I still wanted to hurt him some more so I was about to side step her but she stepped with me at the same time blocking my way, “Enough,” she said again. I started to protest with a, “But he,” but she just shook her head and said, “I know but he has had enough.”

“You know I have a black belt just like you,” I said to her.

She giggled then said, “And do you think you have big enough balls to take me sill boy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Hell no I’m not that stupid, but I still want to hurt him some more.”

She turned around and kicked him in the stomach causing everyone in the room to respond with, “Ooo’s and ouch’s”, she turned Pendik Escort back to me and said, “There you happy now.”

I laughed the said, “No but I guess that will have to do.”

“Good now let’s go into the other room while they get rid of the trash in here,” she said smiling and grabbing my hand. Jamie was still standing next to me but a step behind me, I reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her with us.

“You ok Jamie,” I asked as we got into the other room.

She nodded then said, “Yeah I am fine, he didn’t really get that far and you had already gotten him off of me moments after he started getting rough, it was just scary that’s all.”

Jess A and Mary were already next to us trying to pull Jamie away to talk to her so I let her hand go and said, “Well let me know if you need anything Jamie.” She nodded and said thanks as the other two girls engulfed her into a big hug.

Ashlyn dragged me through the back door out onto a porch out there and made me sit down on a bench while she took the seat right next to me pulling my arm over her shoulder and snuggling up against my side, “That was a good thing you did but did you really have to break his nose and knock him out like that.”

“The guy’s already told me that this was the guy that did the same thing to you last year and I just kind of lost it, still say you should of let me continue,” I said.

“To what end, you would of put him in the hospital and probably went to jail for it, and trust me I already gave him a beating just as worse when he tried it on me last year,” she said.

“Yeah I heard about that too but he hadn’t received a beating from me to so he had it coming anyway,” I said.

She giggled then said, “Well now it’s over, let’s move on, just sit here and try and relax then we can go have a bit more fun until the party is over, it’s already getting late.”

I sighed with acceptance and said, “Fine but only because you are asking,” causing her to giggle again.

We just stayed silent while we both stared off into the dark backyard, about 10 minutes later Ben came out side and said, “We got him out of here, I don’t know how he got in since we had already banned him after last year’s episode but I guess the dumb ass forgot.”

“Well if getting beat up by a girl and then knocked out just now doesn’t teach this guy a lesson I don’t know what would,” I said laughing.

Then Ashlyn exclaimed, “Hey I knocked his out to last time.”

Ben laughed then said, “Yes you did, and if you two wouldn’t mind the next time either of you decide to beat someone down with your kung fu can you please at least take it out side so we don’t have to worry about breaking anything or cleaning up blood.”

We all laughed while Ashlyn said, “We will try but no promises.”

“And Drew what the hell, Josh and I thought you were going to snap both of our necks after he told you it was the same guy, even Ashlyn didn’t go at him with such rage, you made it look like you were intent on snapping him in two,” Ben was saying when I interrupted with a, “I was,” he just nodded slightly and went on, “Ashlyn here had him knocked out onto the ground before barley anyone knew what was going on, I was on my way to help and saw her do pretty much the same thing you did at first. She waited until he grabbed her boob the third time giving him warnings each time until she dropped him with the same moves you used the first time but she added about 3 more moves and still did it faster than you did.”

I turned to her and said, “Really that bad of a beat down for just a boob grab.”

She just shrugged and said, “Well he was rubbing his little ass dick up on pussy at the same time and even with clothes in between I wasn’t having any of that shit so I just dropped him and kept walking.”

“Ok fair enough,” I said to her then turned back to Ben, “Anyway yeah she is pretty fast, did you notice how I didn’t take her challenge to fight her earlier, that should tell you enough about how much of a bad ass she is right there.”

“I am not,” she said.

“Really she can take you too,” Ben asked.

“Yep she has done it a few times in class, heck she even scared the shit out of some master black belt dude that came to teach a class and he was like in the top 4 of the federation and he wasn’t even that old,” I said laughing, “He was having each of us black belts spar him full out and when she got up there she dropped him in like 20 seconds. He just lied on his back and said something in Korean that roughly translates to, “Holy fuck, what just happened to me, Damn she is fast,” then he just stood up, bowed to her then said, “nice work,” then called for the next in line without doing the other 2 rounds.”

Ben laughed then said, “That is fucking awesome.”

“Drew why did you have to tell him that,” Ashlyn complained.

I looked at her and said, “What you going to deny that it happened just like that.”

“No well besides the Korean, I wasn’t the Kurtköy Escort one that memorized the language so I have no idea what he really said,” she said.

“Wait you memorized the Korean language,” Ben asked me.

He had sat down on the other side of Ashlyn on the bench so I just had to look right past her to answer, “Yep, it was not big deal.”

Ashlyn let out a snort which she has very rarely ever done out of the confines of her family or me, “Yeah right if you call learning a whole new language and able to speak it fluently in 2 weeks while being forced to fish out at some leased cabin in the woods with his uncle with nothing but the Korean to English dictionary to entertain you then yeah I guess it’s no big deal at all,” she said shaking her head at me.

“What I told you I was extremely bored, we barely talked while we were there and I forgot to pack any books and some Korean tourists left the dictionary there before us,” I said.

“Dude, seriously at whole language in 2 weeks,” Ben said.

I shrugged, “I gots me one of those photographic memories up here,” I said laughing while pointing to my head, “It’s pretty cool actually, I can memorize any book I look at without even having to understand it right then and there then I can recall the pages later when I need them and read them in my head while I need them. Then after I memorized the dictionary I just sat there and tried to pronounce every word and start making sentences in Korean, it drove my uncle absolutely nuts and eventually he just left me there while he went fishing which I didn’t mind at all.”

“Wow that must make studying real easy for you,” Ben said.

“Yeah the studying part can be quick, but if I be lazy about it and not try and understand it by test time sometimes I take too long during the test trying to do it then that I end up failing because I ran out of time,” I said.

“Still that must make studying faster, hell you can study whenever you want after memorizing stuff, even while you are taking a shit,” Ben said laughing.

“Yeah I study a lot while taking a shit actually,” I said laughing, “But I am still only slightly faster than the rest of the normal smart people when it comes to trying to understand everything, sure I can apply it faster later on once I do than most people but I still come nowhere close to what this girl can do.”

“No it still takes me awhile to study sometime to,” Ashlyn said.

“Whatever don’t even try to excaudate it, she has basically the same thing but she has to understand it while she is memorizing it to be able to recall it 100% later but even then she is faster than even me at understanding most things then when she has to apply what she knows she does it way faster than any normal person. I’m telling you, give her the plans to disarm a nuke to study for 10 minutes then put her in a room and make her disarm a real one she would have it done in under a minute, ” I said laughing.

“Yeah I know, I had a class with her last semester and I was surprised that a freshman was even in the class to begin with but apparently she tested out of the pre reqs and every test we had she would be finished in under 5 minutes while the rest of us took at least 30,” Ben said laughing.

“I know she is supper fast when it comes to tests, one time she even went so fast she forgot to put her name on it,” I said laughing.

That earned me a punch to the shoulder while she said, “Ok that’s enough Drew or I am going to have to start telling some of your embarrassing stories.”

I threw up my hands in surrender, “Ok ok I will cut it out.”

She smiled triumphantly then said, “Good now let’s go get a drink, you have killed my buzz.”

Ben and I laughed at that as she stood up and walked on without us inside, we followed and talked for a bit longer by the bar area before he ran off to talk to some other people. We were about to go back to the dance floor when Paige showed up again, “Hey mr bad ass in the bedroom and out of it too,” she said pulling me into a kiss.

She broke it a few seconds later and I said, “Ok little miss innocent, how would you know anyway.”

She smiled then said, “Well because you and Ben already proved that my first guy sucked compared to you two and I love Ben and all but if I had to choose between you two for who I had to sleep with for the rest of my life I would pick you and that big cock of yours that you truly know how to use.”

I laughed while Ashlyn giggled and turned slightly red, “Yeah and you sound a little drunk, how did you get so drunk in the last 30 minutes or so,” I asked noticing not only was her speech slightly slurred but if she wasn’t hanging onto my arm she would probably be wobbling more than she already was in her heals.

She shrugged then said, “A bit of advice, don’t play beer pong with shots when you don’t even know how to play beer pong.”

We both laughed and then I said “Then why did you play with shots if you don’t even Maltepe Escort know how to play.”

“Well the shots were my idea actually, I just wanted to get more drunk, got to get as much fun in for the night because I will be too busy with the rushing the house and a heavy school load to expect a party in the next month that I will be able to go to,” she said giggling.

“Ok makes sense, but doing 10 shots is pushing it a little don’t you think,” I said shaking my head.

“Yeah probably but Ben and Sasha said they would already take care of me and that I should just go wild tonight. I was only planning on being with Ben tonight but after watching you and Sasha too I just had to try to, so I was already being wild I might as well just go all out tonight,” she said.

“Well if you have Sasha and Ben watching out for you then I guess you might as well with that logic,” I said.

“And something tells me after that show you just put on I will be having you look out for me to,” she said smiling up at me.

“Yeah you do when you need it but am not going to be your momma or anything and take care of you, I am a freshman too you know,” I said laughing.

Her eyes got wide then returned to normal as she said, “What I thought you were a junior or senior.”

“What upset you didn’t just sleep with an older guy or something,” I said.

“Huh no I just thought you were older, for some reason I didn’t pick Sasha for doing it with a freshman and I heard from the grape vine that the sororities usually pick older guys to do the work because they can’t trust younger ones to not be perves or blab about what goes on in the house.”

I thought for a second she might know more about the house than she should and I looked to Ashlyn trying to mentally ask her but as I was trying to figure out how to ask without giving anything away to Paige at the same time Ashlyn had already picked up on my thinking and said, “Well normally all of them do but I have known Drew all my life and I know he isn’t like that so I put in a good word for him to the sisters and Sasha and Sam’s insistence that he be hired didn’t hurt either.”

“Wow what are you like Sasha’s new boy toy or something,” Paige asked giggling.

I shrugged then said, “You would have to ask her.”

Ashlyn laughed then said, “It’s more like he is Sam’s boy toy and Sasha just uses him whenever she feels like it.”

“Hey not true, Sasha is taking me shopping next weekend,” I protested.

“Yeah so you don’t look bad when she takes you out somewhere,” Ashlyn giggled.

I was about to say something back when Paige said, “Don’t worry Drew, she dresses Ben to, but I noticed you didn’t deny that you were Sam’s boy toy, who is she.”

“He didn’t deny it because he knows better, Sam is the rush chair so you will be seeing a bunch of her this year,” Ashlyn said.

“Yeah and she has a whip so you better watch out,” I said to Paige.

She went all wide eyed before Ashlyn said, “Don’t let him scare you, she doesn’t use it other than for fun, she was assistant rush chair last year so I know you will have a bunch of fun pledging.”

Paige seemed satisfied then turned her attention to me, “So does she use this whip on you Drew?” My faced turned bright red and was all the answer she needed, “Oh she does doesn’t she, oh I might have to request her as my big sister if she will teach me to use it on you.”

I grinned a little at seeing this little innocent looking thing whipping me but I just shook my head and said, “You are evil aren’t you.”

She giggled and said, “Just a little, but enough talking, let’s go dance before my buzz wears off or something.”

As she pulled both Ashlyn and me to the dance floor I said laughing, “I think you drank enough that you will still be drunk tomorrow.”

We started dancing and both girls split time with who was in front and who was behind me, they also sometimes forgot me all together and danced with each other for a few minutes before including me again. I basically had a hard on the whole time and we danced for about an hour until Becca came up to me and asked ,”Walk us home,” but it sounded more like a order than a question but either way I said yes.

As I turned back to Paige and Ashlyn I noticed that there was less than half the people in the room as there was an hour ago, huh I thought to myself, “Hey I am going to run the girls back home, do you want to stay, I can come straight back,” I said to Ashlyn.

She stopped dancing with Paige to look at her watch, her eyes got wide of a second then she looked up at me and said, “We better just go home to, it’s already 4am.”

“What, really.” I said kind of shocked, I checked my watch to be sure and sighed a little. I was having so much fun other than the douche bag incident that it had only felt like a few hours to me and I would have guessed it was only 12 or 1am at this point but I was wrong. “Yeah you are probably right,” I said to her then turned to Paige, “Do you want me to walk you home as well.”

“No Sasha and Ben will either walk me home or let me crash here with them, besides I can’t give you the chance to find out where I live, you would end up camping out to see who Ben’s sister is,” Paige said smiling.

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