I am a professor at a prestigious University.

I like my routines: class every morning, office hours in the afternoon, research in the cafe after that. Then home to bed.

Every day is exactly the same, which is how I like it.

One day there was this intriguing woman in the bar, and normally that would NOT be how I like it. No news is good news, predictability is a virtue, change is bad – those are my precepts.

But there was something about her… She was a tall graceful woman with black, black, raven hair. So black it looked blue.

I noticed she wore an amber bracelet, a matching amber anklet, and what from far away appeared to be some very special earrings.

I approached tentatively, “Excuse me miss, but you seem to be wearing Baltic Amber. It’s not the most common and I was just wondering where you got it?”

Now that I was closer my suspicions about the earrings were confirmed.

She looked up from her computer, “Yes, yes it is Baltic, the only amber I wear. But it takes a very discerning eye to know the difference.

My name is Auset. Pleased to meet you, Mr. …” She didn’t immediately brush me off. So that was good. Not that I was hitting on her, my intentions were solely based on intellectual curiosity.

I wanted to know more about the jewelry so I pressed, “I’m Seth, Seth Jacobsen. Your earrings are very unique too…”

She repeated my name slowly, “Seth Jacobsen. You know, the essence of a thing lies in its name.

Seth, for example is the brother of Osiris.”

I countered, “Or the third son of Adam.”

She raised an eyebrow quizzically. Leading me to follow-up, “Oh, are you a scholar?”

“Well, I’ve never been called that before. I’m more of a knower of hearts.”

“Very cryptic, like your earrings…. Are they Fascinum?

She tossed her head back laughing, almost maniacally, “It looks like you’re the scholar. I just like the phallic shape of the amulets. So who are you?”

So she confirmed it. She really was a collector like myself.

“I work at the University. My specialty is ancient antiquities, more specifically Egyptian scrolls and artifacts. I’ve never once met a non-Egyptologist who knew anything about it. What’s your interest?”

She explained that she was interested in the jewelry like American collectors were interested in amethyst for the vibrations. She felt they enhanced her strength and fertility.

I didn’t share her belief in magic or charms. I’m a scientist after all. But that didn’t make her any less fascinating.

We talked forever. She knew so much, and in different ways than I knew things. Before I knew it hours had gone by.

At one point she placed her golden tanned hand on my shoulder looking deeply into my eyes with her lovely ones, “What else do you know?”

I wanted to impress her, so I recited an ancient text:

“The one, the sister without peer,

The handsomest of all!

She looks like the rising morning star

At the start of a happy year.

Shining bright, fair of skin,

Lovely the look of her eyes,

Sweet the speech of her lips,

She has not a word too much.

Upright Maltepe Escort neck, shining breast,

Hair true lapis lazuli;

Arms surpassing gold,

Fingers like lotus buds,

Heavy thighs, narrow waist,

Her legs parade her beauty;

With graceful steps she treads the ground,

Captures my heart by her movements.”

It worked beautifully, “Wow! Poetic and flattering. You just pulled that out of your hat? What other surprises do you have?”

“Well, at work I research old musty scrolls, hence the Egyptian poetry, but privately, and I only mention this because of your interest in magic charms, I research and collect ancient erotic art and sex objects. They were all reputed to be magic.”

Dear reader, don’t get me wrong, I don’t collect it for lascivious purposes, in fact maybe my obsession is due to my long standing singleness. Which in turn I chalk up to my atavistic appearance, or my insistance on abstaining from all sexual activities until marriage. Neither my ancestral Jacobian looks nor my quaint approach to relationships ever endeared me to a lady.

Auset was captivated, “I must see your collection. Can we go now!!”

I took her home. I showed her my extensive library and my mummified cats. But when I showed her my phallic collection she bubbled over with excitement. Zeroing in on the amber one she picked it up, caressing it lovingly.

“I can’t believe it! A real life Egyptian olisbo. Do you know what magic these dildos do?”

I answered in my usual style, ignorant of any designs she might have, “The manuscripts describe a variety of powers, good crops and such, but of course there’s the usual use too.

This one is quite beautiful. It’s Baltic amber.” I quoted dusty texts, “Baltic Amber is the fossilized tree resin of ancient conifer trees that grew in the Baltic region 40-60 million years ago. Baltic amber is the only type of amber that has a rich concentration of succinic acid. You know medical science still uses succinium today to treat arthritis, or for perimenopause, and maybe even to fight plague.”

Based on her reaction, that must have been my most impressive recitation of facts yet.

Auset quoted some old poem herself then surprised me greatly.

Intoning mystically an old spell to Hermes:

“Fire! Set it to burn, inflame his soul, heart, liver, and spirit, with love for me.”

Immediately after her recitation she knelt before me and kissed the front of my pants. In my forty-five years of life I’ve had one or two girls throw themselves at me, but have always been able to deflect their inappropriate advances.

If I weren’t a man of science I would think she had bewitched me. But I was surely just weakened by my intense professional connection.

My penis grew hard in my pants and like a woman on a quest she fished it out plunging her lips over it.

I staggered back falling on the couch, she followed like she needed my equipment more than air.

She practically jumped between my legs, licking and kissing my dick like a sex starved fiend.

I’d never felt such amazing feelings before and was powerless to resist Anadolu Yakası Escort – morals be damned.

As soon as I stopped flailing she began bobbing in earnest. I would have cum instantly were it not for my nerves.

She sucked compulsively until she took a break to lick my balls.

In a shocking night of surprises I felt the smooth glassy diletto of ecstatic hedonismic pleasure at my anus.

She resumed her sucking all the while inserting some wonderful object in my rear.

That was it! I blasted streams of cum from my dick which she caught in her hand artfully.

I laid my head back recovering from my first blowjob, but when my breathing returned to normal and I opened my eyes she was already heading for the door.

Shooting me a smoldering look she offered a enchanting invitation that I couldn’t refuse, “I’m having a private get together tomorrow night. See you there.”

Then she was gone.

I glanced at the coffee table and to my horror discovered the amber dildo thrown carelessly there and defiled with traces of residue from my rectum.

“Shit!” I thought “That’s a six thousand year old artifact and look what she’s done to it.

Didn’t she know its value?

The next night I drove to her place as if in a trance.

It was just her and I and she served a salad: a lettuce salad. No other greens or vegetables at all. No main course either.

I didn’t mean to be a bad guest but I’m not big on vegetables, let alone plain lettuce.

“I would have preferred Abel’s stew. This is more like the bowl Cain served.”

She didn’t get the alusion.

Auset described her food offering in glowing terms, “The ground in which the lettuce grew was watered with the semen of a man who could be ruler.”

It must be a riddle I thought, I deduced the identity, “You mean me?” Then I objected, outraged, “Are you telling me there’s semen in the salad dressing?”

The crazy woman smiled slyly, “You do seem to be the one. So that’s why I chose your semen. Unless I’m wrong. Which’s why I have backup semen.

But no, there’s no semen in the dressing, your semen was literally sprinkled on the earth the salad grew in.”

I sighed in relief until she dropped a bombshell, “But the dressing was drugged.”

Helpless to fight back she and a couple of her strong manly friends helped me into her sex room.

There were several beautiful young women and men waiting.

“Welcome to my orgy, Seth.” She repeated my name a few times. “It’s the speaking of a person’s true name that gives one power over them. Though the charms, spell, and magic dildo all helped too.”

Posturing my body face down over a big stone table she explained her plan like any narcissistic villain would, “I’ve been searching for years for the final piece of the puzzle. Now thanks to you, I have everything I need. I’m not completely sure it needs to be your semen, maybe any semen injected into your body would work, but I’m hedging my bets by using both.

Seminal fluid is the source of all power! But you know that, even if you foolishly don’t believe it.”

Everything that happened so far could İstanbul Escort be explained by science. But I was starting to wonder… How did I get here?

No, that’s not a metaphorical question. Everything could be explained away, except that I drove myself to her lair despite never having been there and not having been given directions. It was magic! Or hypnotism.

The women chanted and the men surrounded my now naked body.

Big phallic erections, real ones, not dildos, were pointed at me. One man ceremoniously stuck his cock into my mouth while another pressed his to my ass.

Within minutes I was being spit roasted, a cock fucking me at both ends.

The drugs must have affected me in other ways too because it all felt so good.

I sucked at the cock in my mouth, wanting to feel and swallow his cum for no discernible reason, save for my being drugged.

The cock in my ass, too excited me with lust. What ancient aphrodisiac had she used to make me desire a man’s ejaculate in my ass?

Additionally, when one man finished another would replace him, which was fine by me as I blamelessly called out, “Fuck me. Fuck my body and cum in me.”

By the time they were finished I had eight loads of cum in one or another hole.

When the last man grunted, dumping his slick cum up my ass, I was laying deliriously in puddles of spoo, when a supernatural event manifested above me.

A golden object appeared and floated above my head.

I was staring at the conjured disk when she snatched it and placed it upon her head.

Auset began another incantation, “Let me, Isis, be awarded the office of Ruler… for as to the one who is standing trial, I have performed the labor of a male against him.”

Nothing happened. The room was absolutely still as all eyes waited for something to happen.

When it never happened Isis, her true name, fell to the floor sobbing hysterically. How old would she be?

Maybe the drugs wore off, maybe the demonic semen empowered me, or maybe the Egyptian gods were not the true gods.

But I jumped up, freed from my sexual stupor, and grabbed the golden disk which I placed upon my own head saying, “I am the owner of the original scroll. I am the holder of the secret teachings from Adam that Auset knows not. Isis, forever, has no more power here.”

Then it was my turn to recite an old spell, “Let Seth’s semen be summoned that we may see from where it answers, and my own be summoned that we may see from where it answers.”

And it was at that moment that I had a vision: I saw the golden crown fly away. As for me, I wasn’t made ruler, but I was awarded an exceedingly long life to thwart the plans of the Principalities.

Author’s note:

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I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

This story is loosely based on the Egyptian tale of Horus and Seth with some elements from Hebrew stories too. There are some inaccuracies.

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