Mrs Henderson’s Problem

Mrs Henderson’s Problem

Mrs Harriet Henderson was a normal quiet widowed lady of 53 years of age. She looked like everyone’s perfect idea of a librarian. She was about five feet Eight inches tall, and was what could be described as plump (170 pounds) Her measurements were 42JJ – 38 – 44 and she had great legs, but never showed them off. In fact for a lady of her age her body was great all over. She was firm and fit. Just a bit large.
Although her breasts were so large they didn’t sag and were firm and round with very large nipples.

Harriet dressed like an old spinster, and no-one gave her a second glance. She wore glasses over her sapphire blue eyes, and kept her chestnut hair in a short neat bob. The lady was extra sexy with large kissable lips. She didn’t date men or women, and never socialised so she had no friends outside of her place of work. She was an investments consultant in a large bank.

She lived quietly with her son Simon. (‘Si’ as she called him)
She had Simon late in life and he was now just turning s*******n. He was a large athletic type who loved his mom so much. He could not remember his father as he was killed by a drunk driver the week that Simon was born.
The insurance payment from that tragedy made them not rich but OK…

Harriet called Simon ‘Si’, and ‘Si’ called his mother ‘H.’ They lived what could be called a very lonely and boring life. Until the accident………………..

Harriet was walking home from work one day when she fell on the steps down to the tube station and broke her pelvis and hip. She was taken to hospital and cared for until she was well enough to go home to the care of her loving son ‘Si’.

While at home she made arrangements to work from home, as she was also a responsible hard working lady. She also instructed her lawyers to investigate if the accident was because of negligence by the transportation department.

A few weeks later while almost fully recovered. Harriet was working at home alone, she began to get sexually aroused. No big deal, as she liked sex a lot, and had a few nice sex toys to keep her satisfied.
She didn’t know why she was getting aroused but she liked it, and was very happy at the way her nipples were standing out hard and proud. Harriet took off her blouse and bra and looked down at her beautiful full ripe breasts. Her nipples were sticking out an inch long and were hard and hot and so, so needing to be played with……..She tweaked and tugged and rolled her nipples with her fingers and if she wanted to she could suck them herself, which she often did and had done so every day since ‘Si was born’
It was because of this lovely ability that she still had milk and often would just sit and suckle her nipples and drink her own milk because it felt so nice.

Right now she was in the mood for a big milky drink and lifted her magnificent breasts and got her nipple in her mouth. Oh that felt so good………She kneaded and fondled her breasts as she sucked harder and harder………..Oh this was lovely, and her vagina was so very hot and wet. She must get it filled……………Oh how she needed a cock inside her now.
Still sucking her nipples, first one then the other, she got her biggest dildo from the dressing table next to the bed and hardly had time to push it all the way in when her orgasm hit her.

WOW it was huge! Wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her…………………..
She moaned as she sucked and nibbled her nipples and squeezed on her sex lips as they stretched around the dildo. Pleasure was flooding her body……..
This was so good. She didn’t know what felt better squeezing her tits or her pussy……….

On and on her orgasm went until finally she collapsed back onto the bed and just lay there with arms outstretched and her wonderful tits hanging either side of her and her dildo still inside her.

She must have dozed off because she was woken by Simon banging the front door coming in from college. She jumped up and hurriedly put on her blouse and smoothed down her skirt before her darling son saw her.

He called out “Hi, ‘H’, I’m home.”
“I’m in here darling.” she replied, and he came straight in to her room to see her.

When he saw her he was instantly full of concern, he went to her and put his arms round her “Are you ok? you look strange” he said.
“I’m ok, I just had a nap and I woke as you came home”. She kissed him lightly on the lips “We’ll have to get something to eat. I must have slept for longer than I intended”
He kept his arms around her and helped her into the kitchen. It was then that he saw her bra on the floor and her dildo that she hadn’t quite hidden properly.
She didn’t need his help to get to the kitchen but she liked the feel of his arms around her.


While they sat and ate their meal and talked about ‘Si’s’ day. ‘Si’ had been watching his mom’s braless breasts under her blouse. He said “Mom you’re leaking.”

“Oh dear” she replied “I must have a lot of milk today, I just got rid of some before you came home. Would you like to help mommy now?”

“Of course I will. You know I’ll do anything for you mom, and you know how much I love your milk.”

‘Si’ moved his chair back from the table and his mom came and sat on his lap. He undid her blouse buttons and she shrugged it onto the floor.
With her arm round his neck she offered her breast to him. Her nipples were dripping. He greedily took one nipple and began to suckle with relish. This was turning Harriet on tremendously. She said “I’m going to join you.” Then lifted her other nipple to her own mouth and both She, and ‘Si’ were feeding from her terrific tits.
What a sight it was. ‘Si’ suckling one nipple and fondling her tit and Harriet suckling and squeezing and kneading the other.
Harriet was in heaven. This was almost a daily ritual for her and ‘Si’, as she had never stopped breast feeding her beloved son, but she had never felt breast feeding to be such a sexual thing until today.

‘Si’ could tell this was no ordinary feeding. His mom was making too much noise and squirming round so much on his lap. He thought he might be sucking a bit too hard and was maybe hurting her. He stopped feeding from her and looked at her and said “Mom, are you OK. Am I hurting you?”
Harriet was groaning and panting as she suckled her breast. She panted “No darling, keep feeding and suck harder.” She almost rammed her nipple back into his mouth and went back to greedily sucking her other one. ‘Si’ did as he was told and sucked really hard. His mom now was breathing like a marathon runner and almost dancing on his lap. Suddenly she threw her head back and cried YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!…….OH Oh oh mMMMmmmmm…… SUCK Harderrr…….UNNNNNGGGG…..OH…OH…MMMMMMmmmmm…… yessssssssss………. As she did this she released her other breast and her milk shot clear across the room.

‘Si’ was shocked. He had never seen his lovely mother like this before. She was sitting on his lap and having a huge orgasm. He hugged her and held her until she calmed down.

When she was back on earth and her eyes were focused again. ‘Si’ looked with concern at his mom. “Are you OK mom?”
She looked into his eyes and said “Oh ‘Si’, that was wonderful. I don’t know what came over me. I just had the most lovely…………………………….. orgasm.”
Then she kissed him full on the lips. Not the usual light kiss but a long, warm, wet, sexy kiss.
‘Si’ was shocked. ‘H’ had never been sexual with him before…………. But he liked it…
Harriet broke off her kiss and stood up and looked down at Simon’s lap. It was soaked.

She said “Oh I’m so sorry darling I made you all wet when I …………………..Darling is that for me?”
‘Si’ was sporting a huge iron hard erection.
He spluttered “I um …..’H’….. you….. I couldn’t help….. you…….me……um”
She said “I’m sorry darling I couldn’t help it, it felt so good when you were feeding. But I never thought you would get a lovely hard cock for your mom. I’m so old and fat”

He had never heard her use the word cock before…………But he liked it……

“ ‘H’ your the most sexy woman in the world. I always get a huge boner when I think of you. I have to make myself cum every day because you make me so horny.”
‘Si’ couldn’t believe he had just blurted that out. He had just told his mom he had the hots for her.

“Darling you must have lots of lovely girls at college chasing after you. I’m your mom. I’m not supposed to be sexy”

‘Si’ stood up and looked down at his mother. “ ‘H’ I think you are magnificent. Look at yourself in the mirror. I cant imagine anyone being as sexy as you and your not old or fat. Besides none of the girls at college have boobs as big or stunning as yours.”
With that he took her in his arms and kissed her long and hard.
He shocked himself when he kissed her. This was so different.
She could feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach. She hugged him back and kissed him with all the love and passion she could muster. Wow! she was horny again!!!!!!!!!!

She pressed her hand against his cock and said “If that’s for me Can I have it now?”

‘Si’ didn’t know what to do or say. His mother had never acted this way before. True, he had been breast feeding all his life, and had played with her wonderful breasts as he fed. But he had never known his mother talk or act like this before. He just stood there with his mouth open.

Harriet grabbed his hand and dragged him through to the bedroom. There she ripped off her skirt and threw it into the corner and grabbed ‘Si’s’ belt. She undid his belt and trousers and literally tore his clothes off. She was wild with lust. They both stood naked looking at each other.
Harriet’s magnificent body was a sight to behold. When her eyes ran down from his eyes down his big shoulders and powerful chest to his washboard stomach and there was his cock…………..

Oh she was impressed.

Like her, he always removed all of his pubic hair………… 10 very thick inches of solid male muscle.

With her nipples so hard and dripping, and her smooth clean pussy so wet it was running down her legs.

She flew at him saying “ ‘Si’, you have got to fuck me now, and fuck me like your life depends on it”

She knocked him back onto the bed and landed on top of him with her lovely legs wide open.

‘Si’ began to object saying “But ‘H’ we shouldn’t it’s not right.”………….

But Harriet would not be denied “I need your cock in me now. Who gives a shit what’s right and what’s wrong. FUCK ME NOW AND FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!!”

She flipped them both over so that she was on her back and ‘Si’ was on top of her. He was amazed at her strength and desperate passion.
She pulled him to her and he entered her so fast and easily.
Her pussy felt like nothing he had experienced before. So smooth and hot and wet. Even though he was so hugely endowed his mom was not tight, just perfect…..
Her eyes widened as she grabbed his ass and pulled his full length into her. She orgasmed instantly. She arched her back and her body went stiff. She gripped the bedclothes in her fists. Her body was raised up from the bed with only her heels and shoulders touching the bed. She had him on top of her with his cock impaled right into her pussy.

Crying “Oh yes I need your cock so much. Fuck me ‘Si’…… FUCK ME HARD ”

Her orgasm was so intense and powerful He thought she may pass out…………

The waves of pleasure washed over her again and again.

Her clit was like a diamond it was so hard, and her cunt so wet she was squirting her cum.
With her eyes screwed shut, she kissed him with such passion and lust, she needed COCK!!!

After his initial shock at his mom’s behaviour, he surrendered to the pure sex and lust of her, and the wonderful feeling of being inside her. The way her pussy gripped him. Not to mention the pure taboo of fucking his mother………..He shot his load deep into her.

Harriet felt his cum shooting into her and her eyes shot open.
Between her passionate kisses she gasped “Oh yes my darling, cum into mummy”

He was shooting load after load into her. Banging as hard as he could as his orgasm engulfed him.

With all her cum and his massive loads of spunk. The fluids were gushing out of Harriet’s boiling pussy. The bed was flooded…….

She went onto another plain of passion as soon as she felt his hot seed shoot into her.


They fucked with such ferocity and passion it could never be mistaken for lovemaking. His huge cock lanced into her over and over filling her and stretching her lips so good. They were dripping with sweat as he fucked and fucked his cock into her sopping cunt. Until at last he collapsed beside her with his huge weapon embedded in her.

They stayed entwined and joined until their mutual orgasms subsided.


‘Si’ looked into his mom’s blue, blue eyes and said “ ‘H’ that was great. My first ever sex. I’ve been wanting to do that with you since I was thirteen. What’s come over you? I think we could get into trouble if anyone found out.”

Harriet looked into his face and told him “ ‘Si’ I needed that so much. I love you darling and have wanted to do that for so long. But yes, I know we’ll get into trouble if anyone were to find out what we just did.
I started to feel horny this afternoon and had such a huge orgasm I almost passed out, and have been aroused ever since.
I’m so pleased I was your first. I hope you aren’t disappointed with your mom? ”

“Mom I could never be disappointed with you. I love you, and this sex was the best thing I ever did. Can we do it again?”

She smiled “I’m so pleased darling, I love you…………. As I can feel your still very hard inside me. I need you again……..But this time can you fuck me as hard as you can? I need it so badly.”

Harriet was delighted that her big son could go again so soon. His athletic prowess would be tested to the full over the coming hours………………..
Simon kissed his mom and began to fuck her with long powerful strokes. Slamming into her with his huge great COCK….

“Harder ‘Si’ harder.” She begged. “Fuck my cunt as hard as you can with that lovely hard COCK!!!!”

Well ‘Si’ was just the man for the job, and slammed into her so hard her eyes popped wide open as she was banged up against the headboard.

“Yes that’s, it keep fucking me as hard as you can. COCK, MORE COCK, FUCK, COCK, COCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, MORE COCK, COCK, ” she yelled ……

Simon was so happy to oblige his magnificent mom and fucked her over and over long into the night…………………….


The next morning ‘Si’ woke to find his mom already up and gone. He was shattered after the previous nights fun.
He dragged himself to the bathroom and got himself almost human again. Then he went through to the kitchen to get breakfast.
The shock of the sight that greeted him was overwhelming…… Harriet was standing in the middle of the kitchen naked, with her back to him, her legs parted and she was fucking herself furiously with her biggest dildo.
She didn’t see him as he stood back in the doorway and watched his amazing mom.

Her legs were spread and her knees slightly bent and she was hunched over ramming her dildo into her pussy so hard and franticly. He was amazed at what she was saying to herself in a loud whisper. OH COCK.! COCK.! MORE COCK.! FUCK MY HOT CUNT.! I NEED MORE COCK!!!!………..
She was ramming her dildo into her pussy with such force ‘Si’ thought she would be hurting herself when she suddenly rammed it in and held it there and shuddered and convulsed.
‘Si’ could see her juices flowing down her legs and she was standing in a puddle of cum on the floor.

‘Si’ continued to watch as her orgasm subside and she removed her dildo. She whispered to herself “Seven this morning.”

‘Si’ made a noise and Harriet turned to him with a beaming smile. “Good morning darling. Did you sleep well? I’ve been up a little while.
I was thinking about what we did last night.
I hope you don’t think badly of your mom?”

‘Si’ reached out and embraced her and told her he could never thing badly of her, and last night was the best night of his life. But he was completely shattered as he had fucked her eleven times and cum four times himself.

He kissed her and looked at her, he asked how many times she had cum since yesterday afternoon and was shocked when with a happy smile she told him 26.

She seamed to be so alive and happy and vibrant. She kissed him warmly on the lips and put her 10inch dildo on the table I’ll leave that there, as I think I may need it again soon.
I’ll just get dressed and make you something to eat before you go to college. With that she sauntered off to go into the bedroom with her hips wiggling and her tits jiggling and a sexy smile on her face.

After breakfast ‘Si’ went off to college, after giving his delicious mom a long lingering kiss on the doorstep.

Harriet closed the door and rushed to the kitchen and grabbed her dildo and rammed it into her dripping pussy. Boy! Did she need to cum…………..She sat in a chair with her legs wide and her feet up on the table, and proceeded to hammer her dildo into her steaming, pulsing pussy.

After fucking herself to orgasm. Harriet logged-on and went surfing the net for some special treats she had been thinking about before breakfast.

Whilst online she kept her dildo firmly inserted into her hot and eager pussy.
The phone rang as she was making some special purchases.
It was her lawyers with great news. The accident was entirely the fault of the Department of Transportation and they are offering a very large sum of money as compensation.

Harriet rejected the offer and instructed her lawyers to fight for more compensation and to inform the Department of Transportation of her intention to start a huge public awareness campaign about their negligence. (Smart lady Harriet)

Whilst on the phone to her lawyers she had two more orgasms. She managed to keep her voice steady but her body was crying out for sex………She found it quite a turn-on to orgasm while talking business with an unsuspecting person.
So she decide to have some fun. She did a little shopping by telephone whilst using her dildo to make herself cum.
She made a few small purchases, then phoned a large lingerie store, and whilst ordering some very sexy garments she had a shattering orgasm. Harriet thought she was in full control of her voice but the lady on the other end of the phone went quiet for a little while. Then asked. “Was that good?”
Harriet said “Yes the order is fine.”
But the saleswoman said “I know the order is fine. Was that good?”
Harriet said she didn’t know what she meant. To which the saleswoman replied in a low quiet voice that dripped with honey. “I heard you cum. I’m so turned on now.”

Harriet was very surprised. She had never had, or even thought of anything sexual with a woman, and here she was after just having an orgasm whilst talking to a woman with the sexiest voice.
Harriet said “I couldn’t help it I’ve ……….. I do apologise, I hope you can forgive me.”
The saleswoman said in her low sexy voice “Please don’t apologise, it was lovely. I’m Claire.”
Then her voice changed suddenly and she continued “Thank you. I’ll have your order delivered as soon as possible Mrs Henderson. Good bye!”
Harriet was puzzled. That was strange. But sexy…….

The rest of Harriet’s day was made up of :- A little work then sex. Some housework then sex. Some more telephoning during sex, then all afternoon was one long masturbation session with so many orgasms she almost lost count. Harriet didn’t know what was happening to her………But she liked it. She liked it a lot…….!!!!!!!!!!!!


Later, when ‘Si’ got home, he opened the door and was met by his mother’s instant embrace and insistent kisses. She was totally naked. She was pressed up tight against him with her arms around his neck.
“Oh ‘Si’ I’m so pleased your home I’ve been waiting for you,” she panted.

Returning her kisses with relish her son held her tight. Harriet felt his huge hard cock pressing into her belly. “Oh that feels lovely. I’m so flattered your cock is so hard. Will you fuck me now? I need your cock onside me.”

Simon had recovered from this mornings exhaustion and had been thinking about his mother all day. So he had been hard most of the day and his balls were fit to burst. He was going to give his mom the best fucking he could muster.

He asked her “Mom have you been masturbating some more today?”

“Oh yes” she replied, “Lots,” as she began stripping her strapping young son.
His eyes widened “Wow cool,”and with a big grin he asked her how many times?
“Oh, not many,” she said evasively.
“Come on mom I’d like to know.”
She said “You’ll think I’m such a slut.”
“Mom I would never think you were a slut, no matter what you did. You’re perfect. But it makes me so excited knowing you are playing when I’m not there and having orgasms. So come on how many??”

“47,” she said with her eyes twinkling like stars.
‘Si’ almost shot all his cum instantly. “47?. Wow you must have been shagging yourself none stop all day.”
“Not at all. I had lunch,” she grinned.
With that she had ‘Si’ naked and lying on his back on the bed.
She climbed up and straddled him and lowered her silky smooth pussy onto his huge cock. He slid right in as she was very wet from all the orgasms she had over the day. When she was fully impaled on his mighty weapon she told him “ ‘Si’ as you gave me such a lovely time last night I’m going to give you a special treat tonight. So you just lay back and I’ll do all the work tonight.”

She began to slide up and down the full length of his huge shaft. Her massive breasts swaying and bouncing just inches from his face. Her boiling pussy felt so hot and soft he knew he would never last more than a minute. He caressed those glorious globes and leaning his head forward he sucked first one then the other distended nipple and started to suckle from his amazing mom. She groaned that she was almost cumming then…Wooooooshhhhhh………. He flooded her vagina with a torrent of hot cum.
Harriet was immediately transported to the gates of heaven where she was filled with the pleasure of a huge orgasm on her sons mighty cock.
They both gasped and convulsed in a mighty amalgam of pure pleasure. He shot jet after jet of hot spunk into her, and she squirted and squirted her love juice onto him……………….He released her distended nipple from his hungry mouth and she leaned forward and they kisses fiercely and passionately. As they hugged tightly her huge milky breasts were pressed against him and her milk flooded out and soaked the bed either side of them.
They stayed locked in a passionate embrace for what seamed like hours.

When they had both recovered Harriet told Si’ it was now time for his treat and told him to lie still. She lifted herself up off his still hard love lance, and stood at the side of the bed. Bending over she took his cock and slid her full soft lips onto his great cock head. Sliding her tongue all round his great purple glans and probed at his hole.
Si’ couldn’t believe this, his magnificent mother had just fucked him, and was now sucking his cock.
She slid her mouth up and down his huge shaft and took him as far as she could down her throat, her lips were like hot velvet as she gave him a superb blow-job.

He said H’. I must do you as well. Slide your leg over me and I’ll eat your pussy.
So Harriet lifted her leg and knelt either side of her son giving him access to her silky smooth pussy. She sucked his cock and he licked her clit and devoured her pussy whilst milking her tits all over themselves. This wonderful scene played on and on far into the night until finally both of them fell asleep in a soggy bed filled with his spunk, love juice and milk.

The smell of sex in that bedroom was unbelievable.


They both woke late the next morning. They were also both stuck to the bedsheets……..
Sex didn’t feature in their thoughts immediately. They both wanted and needed a shower.
Refreshed and clean they both returned to the bedroom BUT!!…………

The bedroom didn’t smell nice, and the bed was stinking. A mixture of stale sex and rancid milk.
So they both decided to get rid of the bed, mattress and all the bedding, and renew the lot. So later that morning ‘Si’ went into town to buy a new bed and to arrange to get rid of the old one.

That left Harriet on her own. It was 11:30 in the morning and she had not had a single orgasm since she woke at 09:00 and she was beginning to get desperate.
Her dildo was just going to get a severe workout when the doorbell rang.

She opened the door to a stunning lady carrying a lot of packages. “Mrs Henderson?” the lady enquired.
“Yes, can I help you?”
“Oh good I’m Claire. We spoke on the phone.”
Harriet was slightly confused.
“I’m sorry I don’t recall speaking to ………”
“When you ordered your lingerie.”
Her eyes widened as she recognised the soft and low sexy voice. “Oh, my things from the store. Please come in.
I didn’t know they would be delivered so quickly, and by yourself. I assumed you had a service to do that.”

Claire said “I hope you don’t mind the intrusion but I just had to see the lady I was talking to, and I must tell you I’m rather nervous about meeting you.”

Harriet was rather flattered that she made someone curious and nervous. “Why should you be nervous? I’m a bit lost as to why you had to see me, but please do come in and put those things down. Would you like a coffee or tea perhaps?” (Harriet was still a polite lady)

Claire declined tea or coffee, sat on the couch and deposited Harriet’s things beside her. She was a little nervous because if Harriet was at all that way inclined she could get Claire into a lot of trouble at work.

Harriet sat opposite in an armchair and said “Now why did you just have to see me? Now don’t be nervous I don’t bite………unless you ask me to.” She added with a naughty grin.

Claire began. “I know this sounds silly and you may be annoyed with me, but it sounded as though you had a very nice time on the telephone. Then when I was making up your order I was amazed at the sizes of your garments, and was overcome with curiosity.
Please don’t be insulted but you are the only person I have heard of being your size, and I must say I think you are amazing and you look spectacular..”

Harriet could see Claire was flustered and she was even blushing. This was new…Harriet was turned on by a woman……..She said “Oh don’t worry about me being insulted or annoyed. That’s silly……….In fact, I was having a nice time when I phoned you. I had a lovely orgasm. It was lovely to cum and listen to your voice. Bye – the – way, has anyone ever told you, you have a very sexy voice?
As for my size How could I be insulted? I know I have massive breasts and it looks like you are hiding some very impressive girls under your coat yourself.”

Harriet stood up and said “Look I’m still in my dressing gown, I’ve not long since had a shower. I would like to try on my new things and your the fitting expert so why don’t you help me?
Come along, give me your coat and then give me a hand to dress. I think some of the things will need two people to get them on me anyway”

Harriet’s pussy was flooding as she spoke. She had never had any sexual feeling towards women before. But this beauty was turning her on just by being in the same room.

Claire was so relieved. She stood and gave Harriet her coat. Harriet actually whistled. Claire was wearing a white blouse, black pencil skirt and black stockings and 3” heeled shoes.
The reason for Harriet’s whistled was Claire’s figure………..Harriet later discovered it to be 42GG 38 44. Almost identical to her own. The tight clothes and the way she stood made her look incredible.
Harriet was very impressed and very horny……………“My God you look sexy”

Claire took a step forward and put her hand on Harriet’s arm and said in her low sexy voice “Thank you. I’m so turned on at the moment it feels like I’ve wet my panties.”

Harriet, with a huge grin threw Claire’s coat onto the armchair and said “Babe I’m so turned on I’m standing in a puddle, and look!”
With that she threw open her gown, let it drop to the floor and stood naked with her arms outstretched.
Her pussy was so wet her inner thighs were soaked. Claire gasped…….Harriet’s nipples were dripping milk.

“You have milk?……….. Oh My God that is just so damned sexy.”

“Would you like some?” Harriet grinned as she ran one hand round Claire’s breast, and lifted one of her own with the other.
She moaned softly as she kissed then gently sucked Harriet’s nipple. It was like electricity for Harriet as Claire began to suckle and fondle first one breast then the other. She had so much milk her breasts were very swollen and once Claire started so suckle they gave forth with a torrent that very quickly had the front of Claire’s blouse soaked.

Harriet was moaning and caressing Claire’s long blonde hair. “I’m going to cum any second, you beautiful lady. My nipples are just so……so……OOooohhhhhhhhhhh oooohhh mMMmmmYyyy GggggnnnnnnnnnNnn…….OH….YYeeeeeeeessssss………..” Harriet had such an orgasm, her legs were awash from her pussy juices and her breasts were pressed to Claire’s as she pulled her face up to her own and they crushed their lips together in a long sensuous lingering kiss. They hugged and held each other like their lives depended on it………….Harriet shook and shivered in her sexual ecstasy. Claire held her and they kissed and kissed. When the throws of passion had subsided somewhat, Harriet said “Oh Claire, that’s the first sexual contact I’ve ever had with a woman. You made me cum so much. I have to return the favour”

“Mrs Henderson plea…….”

“Mrs Henderson? After you drank my milk and gave me such a lovely orgasm? . . . .Please…. Harriet or ‘H’”
With that Harriet knelt and reached behind Claire and unzipped her pencil skirt. It slid down her long legs and she stepped out of it. She was wearing hold-up stockings and no panties. Her pussy was just in front of Harriet’s nose.

Harriet said “Oh lovely your as smooth as me and I love your little angel tattoo above your pussy. Oh that piercing in your clitoral hood is so, so sexy and the little jewel on the end of the chain must be bumping and rubbing against your clitoris all the time……….”
She moved forwards and kissed Claire’s smooth vagina like she was kissing a long lost lover. She sucked her sex lips into her hot moist mouth, and ran her tongue up and down and onto Claire’s swollen clitoris. Claire moaned and pressed Harriet’s face to her swollen sex lips. Harriet kissed and nibbled and lapped at her hot vulva like she had been doing so for years.
Claire’s already heavy breathing quickened and her moans and words of encouragement grew ever more urgent and frantic. “Yes…. lick me there, harder….. Faster……….Yes, nibble that……Yes… Suck me…… Oh yes, yes……..My clits on fire………………..Keep doing that………………..Yes……………..Don’t stop……………………….I’m….Yes…..Oh…..Yes………I’m cu……..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OOHHHHHHhhhhhhhh”

Harriet gripped Claire’s buttocks and dug her nails into the lovely fleshy globes and held on tightly as the ecstasy swept over and through the beauty standing in front of her.
Harriet continued to suck as hard as she could. Claire stood with her eyes clamped tightly shut. Her legs parted and her knees slightly bent as she pressed Harriet’s face to her sex lips with such passion. As she was held in the throws of her orgasm she cried out “YES………YES…. SUCK MY CUNT……CUN……………..EAT ME……SUCK MY CLIT TILL IT’S LIKE A COCK….COCK…..COCK…………………BITE MY TWAT…….PULL ME OPEN…………………….. SUCK MY CUNT JUICE………………SU…SU.ME……….OHHHHHH SUCCCCCC…………MMMMMMMM…NNNMNMmmmmmmm”

Harriet held on tightly until Claire finished convulsing and began to calm down. Claire still held Harriet’s head and panted “That was incredible..” Then she knelt in front of Harriet and kissed her softly and tenderly. Tasting her juices on Harriet’s lips and tongue. She kissed all over Harriet’s face.

They hugged and kissed on the floor for a long time. Finally Harriet said “Claire. We should get to know each other much better. We need a shower. Your soaked with my milk and I’m covered in both our pussy juices. Lets shower together and tell each other about ourselves. I also want more sex.”

Claire could not agree fast enough. “I have two days off actually so I have plenty of time….”

What followed was five hours of talking, sex, more talking, much more sex, laughing and playing with more sex included.

Harriet found out that Claire was :-

Single by choice.
No c***dren or family as she was an orphan.
Lived alone in a nice house in the country.
A stunning 44.
A natural blonde with well below shoulder length hair.
Emerald green eyes.
42GG – 38 – 44. With pierced nipples and clitoral hood.
Several very discrete and stylish tattoos.
5′ 8” tall.
160 pounds.
Loved sex.
Loved Harriet’s milk.
Harriet liked Claire very much.

Claire found out that Harriet was:-

A widow.
One son whom she adored.
No other family or relations.
Lived in a nice house in the city with her son.
A stunning 53.
A natural brunette with short chestnut hair.
Sapphire blue eyes,…..Glasses.
42JJ – 38 – 44.
No piercings or tattoos (That would change after today.)
5’ 8” tall.
170 pounds.
Loved sex.
Claire liked Harriet very much.

Claire also found out that :-

Harriet loved her son ‘Si’ very much.
Harriet had suddenly become a sex maniac.
Harriet had started a torrid i****tuous affair with ‘Si’.
‘Si’ was almost17.
Brown hair.
Dark brown eyes.
Athletic and well built.
No piercings or tattoos.
He stood 6′ 2” tall.
‘Si’ was very well endowed with a 10” very thick cock.
He could fuck for his country.
Loved sex.
Loved his mother so much.

Finally Claire suggested that Harriet should try her new things on. She wanted to help her dress…. She also couldn’t wait to see her in them. But first she would do Harriet’s make-up.

Simon arrived home that evening to a quiet house. He called out “’H’ you home?” as he walked through to the lounge. He was going to his mom’s bedroom when a voice said

“Hello sexy. Stand still and close your eyes.”

“What? What’s going on? Mom? Are you OK?”

“Sshh darling. Just stand still and close your eyes. I have a surprise for you”

Simon did as he was told, and waited…..

“OK open your eyes darling.”

Simon almost fainted with shock when he opened his eyes.
There before him was his beloved mother and what a sight……………… She stood with her hands on her hips and feet shoulder width apart, smiling a very sexy smile. Her hair was brushed and glossy. She was wearing heavy eye make-up and dark liquid-look lipstick. Her eyes were sparkling. He could see she was very excited.
But what took his breath away was the way she was dressed……………..

All in red……………..SLUT RED!!!
Standing in 4” stiletto heels she was almost as tall as he was.
She wore a choker with a high collar attached at the back which stood up higher than the top of her head. It looked like something a super hero would wear. Boy, what a super hero she would make.

***[‘Orgasma.’ The woman who brings orgasms to millions.]***

There were silver chains attached to the front of the choker . These chains were attached at the other end to her bra. They supported her huge tits which stood out horizontally from her body on an amazing platform bra.
Her nipples were very erect and were encased in nipple shields which kept her nipples squeezed so no milk leaked out.
A waspy made her figure look even more amazing by accentuating the difference between the size of her breasts and her waist.
No panties or anything to cover her smooth as silk pussy.
Red stockings encased her lovely legs, which as she stood with her legs apart allowed ‘Si’ to see just how excited she was by the glisten on her inside upper thighs.

With a lovely grin she said “Well??”

“W – O – W……..!!!!!!!”

Was all he could say, then again another very slow

“W – O – W……..!!!!!!!”


‘Si’ stood with his mouth open and his eyes even wider.

“’H’ you look A – M – A – Z – I – N – G……….FANTASTIC….”

She stepped over to him and crushed her parted lips to his and put her hand on his huge manhood which she was pleased to see and feel was iron hard.

Moving back slightly she looked into his eyes and gave a slow wink.

“Darling just stand there. I want you to meet someone very special.”

She turned and sauntered over to the door of his room (The clean bedroom.)
She reached round into the room and led another vision out by the hand.

“Simon, this is Claire. She is the darling lady who did my make-up and helped me dress for you.
What do you think. Isn’t she gorgeous?”……

All in white. Her long blonde hair shimmering looked like an angels cloak.
White satin Basque with a special shelf bra, which made her huge tits stick straight out in front of her. Silver nipple cages which kept her nipples extended.
Under this she wore a totally see-through white crotchless and topless body stocking. The legs had a lace top stocking pattern. On her feet she wore 4” heeled ankle strap stilettos.

The ladies stood side by side and lifted their hands and held her arms straight out to the sides and did a slow pirouette.

“W – O – W……..!!!!!!!….W – O – W……..!!!!!!!…W – O – W……..!!!!!!!”

Was as much as he managed to slowly say.

Claire stepped forward and extended her hand saying “Hello Simon. I’m Claire. I’m so pleased to meet you. Your mother has told me so much about you. I do hope we will become friends”

Simon snapped out of his stupor. “Hello Claire. I do hope we will be friends. You look absolutely gorgeous.”

He bent and kissed the back of Claire’s hand.

“I hope ‘H’ has been telling you only good things about me.”

Harriet stepped forward and kissed his cheek. Then placed her hand flat against the front of his jeans, over his huge hard cock. “I’ve been telling Claire how you have such a huge cock and you fuck like a stallion.
Oh bye the way Claire and I have been having sex all afternoon and we both want you to fuck us u*********s.”
Claire’s velvet tones were breathed into his ear “Would you like that?” Before she slid her tongue into his ear.


The bloody door bell. Brought them all to a sudden halt.
Harriet told him to get rid of whoever it was, as they had important business to attend to.
Simon went to the door and did his best to hide his huge erection.
It was the delivery men already with the new bed. What could he do? He couldn’t send them away.
He told them in a louder than necessary voice to come through and take the old one out before bringing in the new one.
The two guys followed him through to his mom’s bedroom and set about dismantling the old bed.
Simon was so relieved to see his mom and Claire were not in sight.
He went into his room and there they were. Kissing passionately and fingering each others pussies.

Claire broke the kiss and whispered “Tell them to hurry Simon we both want your cock.”

Simon went to see how the removal guys were getting on and apart from the strange looks they gave him got rid of the old bed and mattress quickly.
They had the new one delivered and fixed up super quick. They asked if he had, had an accident with the bed. He had to think quick and said he had spilled a glass of warm milk when he was reading in bed the other night.
Simon commented that they were so quick as he showed them out. They told him they had two more deliveries before they could finish for the day and would he mind giving them a hand to lift the old bed and mattress into the wagon as the lifter at the rear had stuck. He agreed and they got the wagon loaded and off they went. He couldn’t wait to get back to the ladies.

When he got back to the bedroom he was greeted by an awesome sight. The new bed was a huge four poster complete with canopy. When he had been outside with the delivery men Harriet and Claire had dressed the bed in all it’s new livery. The ladies were adorning it beautifully.
He stepped into the room. The ladies took one hand each and led him to paradise.

When they removed his clothes Claire’s eyes were wide. “Oh Harriet you said he had a lovely cock but it’s magnificent”

“He knows how to use it so well on his mom. I hope he uses it just as well on you.”

For the next hours Simon’s sexual performance and stamina was tested to the limit. He was exhausted when he finally collapsed into a deep satisfied slumber.

Claire was also hugely satisfied and also fell asleep with a very well fucked pussy. With all the sex with Harriet then all the fucking with Simon. She had never had so much sex in one day in all her life. Her vagina was stretched and bruised but felt so very good.

Harriet who had, had so many orgasms was still masturbating furiously and did so four more times before she fell asleep.

They all slept late the next day, and woke stiff and a little sore on Claire’s part.

Simon was just exhausted. But Harriet had her pussy full of dildo before breakfast. And was masturbating again soon after. Simon although hugely enjoying his mom’s new hyper sexuality, was starting to get worried about her.
When she had finished masturbating he sat with her on the couch and asked “Mom, do you think your all right?”

“What do you mean darling? ”

“I love this new sexuality you suddenly have, and I love the sex with you. But over the past few days we have had so much sex, and now Claire is here and your having sex with her as well. Last night both Claire and myself were exhausted but you were still wanting more sex. I swear if there had been ten men here you would have exhausted them all and still be wanting more.
Don’t you think this is not normal for you? ”

Harriet looked into his eyes and began to get tears in her own. “Don’t you like your new sexy mom?”

“Of course I do. I love you. I adore you. It’s just that I’m becoming worried you may hurt yourself. I think you should get checked over by the doctor. I would hate you to have something wrong with you because of your accident.”

He hugged her and kissed her lovingly. “What do you say ? It cant do any harm just to get a check-up”

“I have to get to college. Please for me get a check-up.”

She relented.“O.K. Darling I’ll see the doctor today. But there isn’t a thing wrong with me………….. Bye-the-way…………I think I could handle 50 or 60 guys, rather than 10……….. ”

Simon kissed both her and Claire goodbye and off he went still stiff and sore from the previous nights debauchery. Quite relieved to know his mom was going to see the doc and he would just be sitting in lecture halls all day, and doing nothing strenuous.


When Simon had left, Harriet had a nice session of heavy petting with Claire, then they both went to see the doctor.

Hours later, just as they got back home the phone rang. It was the lawyers……….

The offer of compensation had been up graded and a sizeable pension was also being offered. The offer was too good to refuse, so she instructed them to accept, and draft a resignation letter to the bank stating her accident as the reason for her decision to leave. With all the usual regrets Blah, blah, blah………

Now she needed to have serious talks with both Simon and Claire. But for now? She looked Claire in the eyes and slowly walked toward her “I hope you feel horny because I’m going to ravage you.”
Giggling they both skipped (Well as far as their massive breasts would allow) into the bedroom to use the new bed for far more than just mere sleeping.

Later that afternoon when Simon got home Harriet met him at the door with her now as usual passionate kisses and totally naked body.

“Hi mom. Did you go to the doc’s?”

“Yes and I have what he calls a disorder. But I think it’s wonderful.” Her eyes sparkled but Simon looked worried. “A disorder? Is it serious. Can it be cured? What is it?”

She kissed his worried face and led him to a chair and sat him down. She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and told him the doctors diagnosis……………..

“He says I have ‘PERSISTENT GENITAL AROUSAL DISORDER.’ That means I am constantly horny and can have hundreds of orgasms in a single day. It’s not dangerous, or serious. It can be brought on by a trauma. So he thinks my accident triggered it. So what do you think?”

Simon was not as worried now. “Are you O.K. With this.? Can it be cured??”

Her eyes sparkled and she had a huge grin “I’m more than O.K. I think it’s wonderful and there is no cure. If there was I wouldn’t want it.”

Relief flooded over him. He jumped up and hugged her to him and between the kisses asked
“Where’s Claire. Has she gone?”

“She’s asleep. I’ve been fucking her all day, now I want your big cock to fuck me. But I want you to stand me against the wall and fuck me as hard as you can. Then I’ll give you some more good news.”
She stood against the wall in nothing but her high heels and watched with a huge expectant grin as he threw off his clothes and advanced on her with his huge cock standing out hard and proud. He kissed her passionately, and easily slid his massive cock into her hot and willing pussy. Her enormous tits pressed between them began leaking. “Time for a drink I think. Some for you ‘H’?”

“Of course darling. You know I love to suck my tits when you fuck me.”

He fucked her long and good as they both drank their fill from her amazing milkers…

Much later she gave him all the good news.


The next day Harriet got another phone call.
More good news from the lawyers. Due to her years of loyal service to the bank they were making her pension fully paid up, thus making her entitled to a full pension starting immediately. Which was no small thing in itself……….

Harriet had to have a serious discussion with both Simon and Claire as to their future, either apart or together. Over the past few weeks since they met the three of them have made love, had rampant sex, Fucked themselves into oblivion and engaged in all manner of carnal activities. They had also had a wonderful time together when not engaged in sexual activities. Harriet and Simon had grown very fond of Claire and had come to love her. Claire for her part was in love with both of them, and was totally besotted with them both.

After much deliberation it was decided that Harriet’s house in the city would be sold, as would Claire’s house in the country. All three of them would move into a new house in the country. Harriet would start a new business with Claire as a director, buying up old properties and fixing them up and selling them on for a profit. If Simon wanted to come into the business when he finished his studies at college he could. Or go and do anything else he chose. In the mean time Claire would continue at her old job, because she liked it.

Harriet and Claire spent some considerable time on the internet spending literally thousands, buying some specialist equipment and toys.
A few days later the large amount of packages and crates arrived.
On that day Claire met Simon on his way home from college and gave him a lift in her car.
When they walked into the house they could hear machinery like an old washing machine and Harriet’s voice moaning and grunting……GHNN, GHNN, AHH, GHNN….It sounded like she was being hit by a large weight over and over.
They glanced at each other and ran in to see if something was wrong with Harriet. She was lying on the floor with her legs apart and her feet in what looked like gynaecological stirrups. A machine was between her legs with a long piston pulsing in and out. On the end of the piston was a huge dildo and this was ramming into her flooding vagina. Her huge tits were bouncing and wobbling in time with the machine and her nipples were leaking all over her. She had such a look of ecstasy on her face. When she saw them her eyes were half closed and she looked like she was drunk or on d**gs. She smiled as she saw them.

“Oh…. back …. so…. soon…. I …. was …. trying…. one…. of…. my…. new…. toys…. It’s…. a…. fucking…. machine.”

“Mom when did this arrive?”

“Moments…. after…. you…. left…. for…. college…. and…. I…. tried…. it…. right…. away.”

“Have you been on it since then?”

“Yes…. why…. are…. you…. two…. back…. so…. soon?”

“But mom that was eleven hours ago. That’s been fucking you non-stop all day?”

“Yes…. isn’t…. great?”

“Dare I ask. Do you know how many times you’ve cum?”

“All…. day…. darling…………………….Hundreds”

“I think I should switch it off and get you to bed.”

“To…. fuck…. me…. some…. more?….Lovely.”

“No so you can get some rest.”

“No…. I…. want…. more…. I…. want…. much…. much…. more.”

The sight of Harriet lying there in a sex induced stupor being fucked non-stop by a machine was turning both Simon and Claire on hugely.

Claire dropped to her nylon clad knees and kissed Harriet warmly on the lips………. “I think Simon and I are going to join you.”

With that she reached for Simon’s huge cock and grasped it through his jeans. “Lets join her and fuck along with her.”

Simon needed no more encouragement. He threw his clothes off as fast as Claire threw hers off, and they got down to fucking like wild things right next to the orgasmic Harriet. As she happily looked across at them as another orgasm coursed through her.

Yes things were going to be good in that household for three very happy, horny people……….

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