Taboo Sex With Sister

Taboo Sex With Sister
At age s*******n things felt very different in my family. My sister Jill was a year younger than myself and very cute. She had auburn colored shoulder length hair, just like our mom. Five years earlier my dad died leaving jus]t the three of us. As Jill’s older brother I felt a responsibility to help and protect her. At the same time I had fantasies about how sexy and cute she was. She had a tight little body that I could not stop thinking about.
When my dad died most of the mortgage on our house was already paid. My mom worked a great deal at her job that forced her to travel several times a month. Sometimes I felt pissed off that my dad was not there and other times I just missed him. It mostly depended on the kind of day I was having, like if I had a problem that needed a man’s advice.
My little sister did things around our house that would have never been allowed if our dad was still here. Except for the cooler months, she would hang around the house wearing only a half length T shirt and panties. She wore a bra at school but almost never did at home. This ultra sexy look in our home would have made my dad scream and go crazy. However, my mom didn’t seem to care. Jill’s breasts were small with an outline of nipples that could easily be seen through her shirt. She would walk around with flower design panties that hugged her crotch and ass so sweetly. Sometimes the panties were light blue or even pink. I would normally relax around the house in shorts, sweatpants or pajama bottoms. Half the time with no underwear on underneath. Many times I felt guilty as I masturbated while thinking about the shape of her sixteen year old body.
This felt so wrong. As her older brother, I should have been concerned about taking care of her. However, my thoughts were dominated by fantasies of putting my tongue on her nipples and having my hand on her crotch. I needed to find some kind of control. I did have a girlfriend which lasted for about two months until she stopped seeing me. At s*******n I was still a virgin, but she did let me feel her breasts and put my hand down below.
On a nice Saturday afternoon, my mom asked me to do a favor for her. She said, “Eric, would you please take the car and pick up Jill at her gymnastics meet?” I agreed and headed off to the gymnasium. On my way over to her competition, I thought about how things had changed over the last six months. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute and attractive Jill was. She knew how cute she was and used it to her advantage. She was inexperienced with sex but knew that people found her attractive. She gets a lot of special treatment because she is so good looking. She was using her ass and cunt to be a cock teaser. That drove me crazy and at the same time it kept building my fantasy.
When I got to the arena the competition was almost over. I decided to sit in the stands and watch the last of it. There were less than a hundred people in the stands as I walked up and sat in the forth row. All the girls were on the floor moving around in their gymnastic uniforms. Those outfits nicely shaped their cute butts as they bounced around during their routines. I really enjoyed what I was watching.
Then it was Jill’s turn on the floor exercise as she bounced with her small young breasts. She started with tumbling, handstands and stretching. She showed great coordination. Then she went into a handstand with the front of her body facing the stands. She slowly moved her legs into a split position. To show her total control and flexibility, she held that position for more than ten seconds. With her legs straight and tight in the split position, the shape of her crotch was completely exposed to the audience. Her uniform was smooth and tight against her crotch. It seemed wrong for her to do that in public with all those people in the stands. Even though I felt uncomfortable around those other people, I had already masturbated several times in the past thinking of females in that upside-down position. That fantasy included both clothed and nude. How could I object to other guys watching? I couldn’t be a protective brother in that situation since I knew that I would be jacking off to that vision later on. I and the other males were calm with lust. The sight was too awesome, I couldn’t stop looking and lusting towards her crotch.
After the competition, I approached Jill as she was talking with her teammate and friend. I said, “Great routine there sis.”
She replied with, “Thanks, but I didn’t stick my landing very well. You know my friend Tracy right? She’s coming back to the house with us; Mom said I could have a friend over.”
On the ride home I kept recalling in my mind the image of Jill spreading her legs with the shape of her crotch. I don’t know if she realized the effect she had on guys when she did that. If she knew what she was doing then she is a total cock teaser. My cock was so hard at that moment.
The girls were in the back seat talking about chick stuff. Tracy mentioned some things about the problem of guys on the track team. Jill wasn’t so sure about Tracy’s description of those guys. She said, “Brad seems OK, don’t you think so.”
Tracy replied with surprise, “Are you k**ding, he’s the worst of all those guys.” It seemed like she wanted to tell my sister more but didn’t feel free to speak with me in the car. I knew Brad from school and really didn’t like him. I hoped that Jill would stay away from assholes like that, but then she never tells me what to do, so I would have felt wrong doing that. Their conversation moved on to things like music and stuff.
When we got back to the house, the girls put on bikinis and went out to the pool. I put on my suit and joined them to catch a peek of some ass. While I was swimming in the pool, I stole a few looks at their nice tight bodies. As they reclined in the lounge chairs, I got a good view of the bikinis hugging those pussies.
When I got out of the pool, I had an idea. I said, “I’m going to my room to do some homework.” It was only an excuse to leave. When I got to my room, I changed and then headed back outside. Right behind where the girls were laying was a wooden fence with some bushes. I could hide behind them and listen to what they were saying. The two girls were in the pool which made it easy to approach the fence. I sat down and waited quietly for them. Two minutes later they were back lying on the chairs.
Jill mentioned to Tracy, “The coach was yelling, asking where you were during our warm up. You were late.”
Tracy answered, “Oh yeah, well I was shaving. I forgot to shave my pubes last night and it gets uncomfortable if my pubes are too long when I’m stretching and moving in my uniform. I remember way back in the beginning after our second team practice, it got so uncomfortable that I decided to shave. Now I really like it and will always shave my pubes whether I do gymnastics or not.”
Jill replied, “Yeah, it’s the same with me. I think I will always shave down there.”
I was fascinated by the idea of my sister’s bald pussy. I did not know that she shaved her pussy and know I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I was seven we took baths together. I noticed the difference of her crotch area, but at that age I was curious but wasn’t affected by it. Now with her bald pussy, I recalled those times in the bath. The difference was that now she had become my sexual fantasy.
Then Jill changed the subject. She asked Tracy, “Why did you say that about Brad?”
Tracy decided to tell her all she knew about this guy. “Jill, he’s a selfish asshole. Last month he stopped seeing a girl after about six weeks. You couldn’t even really call her his girlfriend. For the whole time they were together, she sucked him off at least ten times and not once did he ever go down on her. He just wants stuff for himself and forgets about anyone else. Is that what you want?”
Jill hesitated and had trouble responding. “Well – – I – – I ahh… Don’t you think he’s good looking? I mean at least as good looking as my brother Eric.” I was surprised. I had no idea my sister considered me good looking.
Tracy had more to say. “I’ve given a couple of blowjobs and got the same treatment in return. What about you – – what do you want?” Jill had no answer. “Jill, he’s not worth it. You would only be his mouth slut, that’s all he wants.” Tracy thought for a few seconds and asked, “You’re thinking about Brad and ahh – – – Jill, you told me last month that you haven’t had sex yet. Is that still true?”
Jill replied, “Yes Tracy, I haven’t done anything. I’m not gonna blow him or anything like that, but I did kiss him last week.” Tracy talked about being careful and being smart. Jill also stated that Brad was pretty negative about the way she kissed him. She said, “When I kissed him he said I was like a dead fish or something.”
Tracy quickly responded, “Jill, forget about him. You can do so much better. You will never get anything good from him.” I was so glad that Tracy was saying these things to my sister. It would be almost impossible for me to tell her not to see some guy and I don’t think she would have listened if I tried.
Later on that night I went into the bathroom and Jill was already in there. She was wearing her half length T shirt and no panties with shaving cream on her crotch area. Then she yelled at me to get out and started screaming about her privacy. I quickly closed the door and apologized. She had been standing sideways where for the first time I saw her bare ass. After I closed the door she continued to complain about her privacy. That vision was so special and yet I was worried about seeing her again outside of the bathroom. I knew that it would be awkward and our eye contact would be strange.
While she was still in the bathroom shaving her sweet crotch, I remembered something from a few weeks earlier. We were in the kitchen alone. She was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast before school and I was on the other side of the room tying my sneakers. She was wearing a short plaid checkered skirt with white ankle socks. It was a cute school girl outfit, innocent and sexy. There was a dark space between her legs and I knew the panties were in there covering her sweet cunt. While tying my sneakers, I tried to look up her skirt to see some panties. She saw me and quickly shifted her position. She got upset and said, “Eric you pervert. – – – you’re my brother” She started to get a little freaked out. “Why would you try to look at me like that?” She kept her hands on her lap like she was protecting her crotch from my eyes.
I got a little nervous and quickly replied, “I’ve seen you in your underwear many times. Why do you care?”
Then she said, “But now I’m covered.”
I apologized and quickly moved in to the other room. She was right about being covered with her skirt. There was something exciting about her being covered and then seeing something that she intended to hide.
Now that she knew I thought about her like that, it was odd that she described me as good looking to Tracy at the pool. Maybe after thinking about it, Jill realized that it was normal for a guy to be interested in looking up a girl’s skirt.
Jill was still in the bathroom creating her bald pussy and I was in my room wondering how I would act around her. I figured that I would be cool and just apologize again. Ten minutes later I was in the hallway as she came out in her panties and T shirt. I calmly said, “Sorry Sis about walking in on you.” Then Jill was funny. She didn’t say anything. She had this devilish smile on her face like she had a thrill knowing that she was exposed like that.
Later our mom called us down stairs for dinner. At dinner Jill wore sweat pants and a lacy jog bra. Since her breasts were small, this was not the kind of top that had a lot of support. It was only one layer of stretchy fabric with the nipples protruding nicely. Our mom served the meal and asked us about school. It was clear to our mom how sexy Jill’s appearance was and she was not bothered by it. Jill seemed happier than usual and was giving me funny looks. I wondered if this had something to do with me seeing her in the bathroom. I saw her ass and now I knew that she had a no hair on her crotch. She kept being funny with those strange looks as I thought about her pussy.
That night I reassured myself that nothing would happen with my own sister. It would be just too wrong and it was something she would never do with me anyway. I was gaining control of this totally inappropriate fantasy and started to feel confident. The problem was that thirty minutes later I was jacking off again while thinking of her nipples and hairless pussy.
The next day was Sunday and our mom went to visit some friends for the day. I was thinking about how Jill is always teasing me with her body. Usually dressed only in panties and a nipple popping, belly showing T shirt. I wondered how she would react to seeing a bulge in my crotch. I had always worn slightly baggy shorts to hide any sign of a bulge. If she saw something, she couldn’t complain about shit. I figured, with the way she shows her body It is time I showed her my dick. Well, not my dick, but at least my bulge.
When I played sports, many of the players wore these stretch shorts under our uniforms. The coach called them compression shorts which were made of a lacrya and polyester material. Like me, most guys don’t show their crotch area to the world without a second layer of clothing. If she saw me wearing those she would see the bulge in my crotch as it stretched and pushed against my rod.
I was getting ready to go running for some exercise. I put on my stretch shorts with a T shirt. Before I put on the second layer of shorts, I went down to the kitchen to see Jill. She was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal as I walked in. She saw me and was surprised at my appearance. It was clear that my cock was the focus of the moment. She was silent as she stared for a few seconds. Then she looked away in an uncomfortable state. I went to the refrigerator and poured myself a glass of juice. Then I walked over to the counter and pretended to look at an add in the newspaper. At this point she could see me from the side. Jill remained silent for almost a minute. Then I looked over at her and she seemed uneasy with something on her mind. “Something wrong?” I asked.
She hesitated and then replied, “Don’t you wear shorts on top of those things?”
I answered, “Oh yeah, the shorts I want are still in the dryer. I figured to get a drink before I went and got them. What – – – what’s the big deal? She had no reply. I was standing at an angle, so I turned to give her a front on view. Now we were brother and sister so there would never be any sex. However, I was having fun teaching my sister the consequences of her teasing. Her teasing was connected to erections and one day she will have a cock in that sweet mouth of hers. Jill’s expression was telling me that she noticed the bulge as it stretched and pushed against the fabric. Then I said, “We all walk around here in our underwear – – right? Look at yourself, you have panties on right now. Anyway, we’re all family here – – right?” She had no reply. She kept looking away and then back again. There was no smile on her face, only signs of interest. My mind wanted to say, “Take a good look sis and have a taste.” Instead I let my crotch do the talking as she pretended to focus her attention back on her bowl of cereal. I waited another minute and then left the kitchen. As I left the room it was clear that Jill was feeling uneasy and a little curious.
Several days later I was in the kitchen after school while my mom was still at work. Jill came home saying a quick “Hi” and then off to her bedroom. About ten minutes later she came back down stairs in her casual half shirt and panties. I was wearing pajama bottoms that looked almost like sweat pants with a T shirt. Often times I would wear these without underwear when I am relaxing around the house. While Jill showed her body, my dick swayed freely in my pants.
She was acting odd and a little nervous as if she wanted to talk about something. She finally spoke up with her problem. “Eric, I – – ahh – – -I need some help. I kissed a guy at school and it didn’t turn out very well.”
I was shocked that she would bring this subject up with me. It was pretty clear that she was talking about kissing that asshole Brad. Not sure of what I was about to hear, I replied, “Well, what can I do?”
She hesitated and finally asked, “How can I be a better kisser?”
I didn’t have any major advice to give so I said, “It is just like- – – you do what feels natural?”
Then she pulled her hands close to her body, gathering up courage to ask the next question. She cautiously asked, “Eric, could you show me? You know, by kissing me.” I had only kissed my sister on the cheek a couple of times and never on the lips. This was something that was very hot for me. I had trouble answering as I moved towards my sister.
I took a breath and said, “OK.” She walked up to me and put her lips close to mine as I moved closer to her. Our lips touched for a few seconds which was nice and then I pulled away. I really liked it but was not able to kiss the way I really wanted.
Jill looked disappointed and said, “That’s the way I kissed this guy at school. Please, oh please show me how to kiss better.”
I was feeling really bad and a little excited about doing more. I slowly got closer to her and as I held her neck I kissed her on the lips. Then I softly pushed my tongue past my lips to touch hers. As my tongue touched her lips I moved it sideways along her mouth. I moved it back and forth until she slowly opened her mouth. My tongue felt the inside of her mouth. It was warm and wet. I kept moving my tongue inside her. Then it was electric as our tongues finally touched. Our tongues remained touching as they pushed back and forth. Then I pulled my tongue back as she entered my mouth. I felt that sweet young part of her in my mouth giving a special stimulation. Our lips kept exchanging our fluids as I began to feel excitement in my dick. Jill was pushing her body up against me as we kissed and my arousal continued to build. I was worried. I was not ready for Jill to feel this from me. I quickly pulled away and bent forward slightly. Jill’s face looked excited and flushed with color. Then she looked at me with confusion.
Then she said, “That was fantastic, what’s wrong.” I turned sideways and put my hands down covering my crotch. I couldn’t say anything. I felt so uneasy, I just prayed for the situation to end. Jill knew the basics about sex but was still inexperienced. She did not realize how easy it was for a guy to get an erection. Therefore, her mind did not instantly pick up on what had happened. After about five seconds she realized that I had an erection. Then she put her hands on her cheeks in total surprise. Her face was still flushed from the kissing as she asked, “Did I do that?” Since this was my sister, I felt like a total creep. I could not say anything. I was expecting Jill to run away and hide in her room.
Jill put her hand out and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the kitchen table. She kept looking up and down, from my crotch to my face. Her eyes continued to bounce up and down at least ten times until she finally grabbed both my hands and brought me a little closer to her. I couldn’t look at her as she was about to say something. “Eric, its ok – – what do you want me to do? I will do anything you ask of me.” I had fantasized about this moment for more than a year, but now I felt paralyzed. She placed my hands on her lower back as she pulled me closer. My erection was stabbing her below the navel as she pushed harder and harder against me. Then my hands went lower to hold her tight ass. My hands felt her panties as I squeezed her buttocks. I wanted something more physical with Jill.
Then I asked her, “Could you take off your panties? The look in her eyes was that of fear and great excitement. Then she slowly pulled her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them. Then I asked her, “Could you lie back on the table?” She did so as I gently stroked her thighs. I could see the most magnificent bald crotch sitting two feet from my face. I knew what I wanted to do and I just kept looking at her cunt. Her genitals had lips that were sweet and soft to look at. I kept my hands lightly stroking her thighs as my dick got harder. Then I put my hands on her knees and began to push them wider apart.
Here was my sister spreading her legs for me and showing the most forbidden spot on her body. I could tell that she was excited just by the state of showing her cunt and spreading her legs for me. While I held her legs wide apart, my face moved closer to her crotch. I kissed the side of her thigh for every inch that I moved closer to her cunt. Then I gently put my finger on the edge of her cunt lips. As I touched the edge of her genitals she took a quick breath. Then my finger moved up and down her lips as her excitement grew. My finger moved to the inside of her lips but waited on touching the clit. Then I said to her, “Jill, I’m gonna taste you.” She sighed and took a deep breath. I kept touching until my face was right down on her. My tongue was stuck out and so close to her clitoris. Then my tongue gave a soft flick on the clit as she moaned. I flicked my tongue again and again. I ran my tongue down the crack of her genitals. I kept licking her opening as the female taste delighted me. While eating her bald snatch, my hands moved upwards. My hands went under her shirt as my fingers searched for the perky nipples on the little titties. Jill’s arms remained over her head while every part of her body was available to me. As I continued to eat her cunt, my hands felt her youthful breasts. Then my fingers touched her erect nipples. I took each nipple between my thumb and index finger. I gently pinched and rubbed those tiny nubs that had been teasing me for so long. I continued to suck her clit and lick her vaginal opening as I swallowed her cunt juices. She couldn’t speak to me, but I knew that she did not want me to stop.
I put my finger on the wet entrance and pushed inward. Inside was warm and slippery. As I massaged the inside of her vagina, her body’s reaction reached a newer level of arousal. For two minutes, my finger wiggled and thrusted in her canal. While one hand was in her cunt the other rubbed her titties. Then my mouth went back to eating pussy. My cock was so hard and the pre-cum was evident on my pajama bottoms.
Jill began to shake her head from side to side as she lost control of her breathing. Her shoulders were shaking as her back would arch periodically. I began sucking harder and faster as her moaning got loader. She kept shaking her head as the muscles in her back, thighs and abdomen began to vibrate.
Jill began to make sounds and words of a climax. She said, “Oh Ahhhh – – – Oh shit. Ahhhhh – – – mmhhh Oh shit.” Then her breathing would not allow any more words to come from her mouth. I kept licking and sucking until she got her satisfaction.
I was ready to drop my pajama bottoms so that Jill could suck my cock. As I started to undo the waist cord, I heard a sound in the driveway. I said to Jill, “Oh fuck, Mom is home.” Jill grabbed her panties and ran for her bedroom. The table had some wet marks on it from Jill’s vagina. I quickly took a paper towel and some spray cleaner to wipe the table. I also gave a few sprays in the air so the lemon scent would cover any smell of sex. I sat at the table with a magazine to hide my erection and the wet stain on my pajamas. When she walked in I smiled as we exchanged greetings. In a minute my erection was gone, but I wasn’t sure about the wet stain. I waited until she had her back turned and then I excused myself by saying, “I have some homework I want to finish before dinner. I’m going to my room.”
When I got upstairs, Jill’s door was closed. I went in to my room and also closed the door. Now that it was quiet, I had time to think about what I had done to Jill. I was confused about my feelings. As amazing as Jill tasted it still felt wrong. She was my sister and I was eating her special area. My mind kept swaying from joy to disgust. I kept telling myself that her body was so amazing that it couldn’t be wrong. I was so horny and yet at that moment I was scared in to not masturbating. The moral issue kept stabbing me in my brain. I lay on my bed and tried to think about something else. I was on my bed for an hour and nothing seemed to change. Just before dinner was ready I convinced myself that everything would be alright as long as we never did it again. I changed my pants as our mom called us down for dinner.
Jill came in a minute after I did wearing a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms. My mom looked at Jill and said, “A sweatshirt, are you cold Jill?
She answered, “Oh, just a little bit.” Then we all sat down and began to eat. I was sitting at the section of the table where earlier I was eating a cunt treat. For most of the meal Jill didn’t say very much and wouldn’t look at me. Even though she wouldn’t look at me I noticed the slight sign of a smile as she kept looking down at her plate.
Since not much had been said, my mom thought that she should start a conversation. She asked, “So school is almost finished for you two. Are you ready for final exams?”
I replied with, “I have this one class that is keeping me really busy so I need to go finish that chapter.” Jill and I put our plates in the dishwasher and went upstairs. She was not directly behind me because I think that she was feeling weird about our relationship. However she was feeling; I do know that she was smiling during dinner. Smiling while not being able to raise her head says to me that she was feeling good, bad and a little naughty all at the same time.
I opened a book at my desk and couldn’t think about homework, only about Jill. I told myself that we wouldn’t do it again. What was making it difficult was the look on Jill’s face that I saw during dinner. She liked it and probably wanted more. Attempts at studying were no good. After I went to bed, feeling of guilt left me to the point where I could take care of my physical needs. As I masturbated, the memory of Jill’s snatch and the feel of her nipples gave me a quick and intense orgasm.
For the next three days, Jill and I hardly talked at all. The whole thing just felt too wrong and yet visions of Jill kept me masturbating. School had finally let out for the summer which meant that I would be seeing even more of Jill. Then our mom’s company sent her on a three day business trip.
On the first day that she was gone, Jill was out at the pool in her bikini. I put on my swim trunks and went out for a swim. It seemed that this would be a good time to smooth things over between the two of us. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon as I dove in and relaxed in the water. Jill was reclining in the lounge chair where I had a wonderful view of her crotch. After a minute I got out of the pool and walked over to Jill. I was looking right at her crotch as I said, “Do you know what I’m thinking about?” She seemed calm with only a slight impression of being annoyed. I said, “Jill, we haven’t talked much since the ah – you know.”
She nodded her head and said, “Eric, you are my brother. We really shouldn’t do things like that. You know I’m right.”
Maybe she was right, but I felt that a blowjob would have really evened things out. I pretended to agree. “You’re right sis and there is one thing that seems really unfair for you. I have been thinking about something since we did it. We shouldn’t touch each other like that anymore. Now as I was thinking, I got to see you naked and you didn’t see me. You haven’t seen my penis since we took baths together when I was like six – – right.” She did not reply and it seemed difficult for her to look at me. I took a deep breath then slowly pulled my trunks down to my ankles and stepped out of them. As I stood upright, Jill appeared shocked as she looked at my face and then at my crotch. I remained still for about five seconds and then dove in to the pool. I swam back to the edge of the pool towards Jill and said, “Now that we have both seen each other naked, we should be even.” Jill did not reply to my statement and maintained an expression of nervous curiosity on her face. I swam over to the ladder and climbed out of the water. Being naked in front of my sister was a thrill that I wanted to last. It felt exciting as I walked over to my towel near Jill’s lounge chair. I had become halfway erect as I put the towel to my face. I held the towel over my face and head as my cock was in full view for my sister. When I pulled the towel away from my face, Jill was staring directly at my penis. When I saw her staring, it gave me another jolt of a thrill as I maintained a half hard dick. Then I slowly dried my shoulders and chest. She was still looking at it. I grabbed my trunks and said, “OK Sis, the show’s over.” I walked to the door with the trunks in hand and my bare ass still visible.
After that I put on a T shirt and a pair of pajamas or sleep pants as I called them. I had no underwear on underneath and still felt excited by the exposing I did at the pool. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to jack off. I would normally have masturbated but decided to wait until bedtime. I went down stairs with my partial erection and sat in the living room. I watched TV for about thirty minutes until Jill came in from the pool. As she walked past me on her way upstairs to change, I told her, “I will make something simple for dinner. It will be ready in about twenty minutes, OK.” She just nodded and walked upstairs. From the look on her face, it wasn’t clear if she was still thinking about my penis.
While we were eating Jill talked about some stuff that our mom had planned for us this summer. It was obvious that she talked about these things to avoid the topic of sex. She knew what was on my mind. After dinner, we watched TV for an hour with me in my pajama bottoms and a partial erection. Jill was in her T shirt and panties which maintained my excitement. Then I went to bed leaving her in the living room.
I lay under the covers with the light on as I thought about Jill’s body. Her panties covered that sweet cunt. All I wanted was to put my hand on that crotch and suck her nipples as I did before. I took off my bottoms and threw them on a chair nearby. I began to touch myself, as I remembered going down on Jill. I also remembered Jill doing her gymnastics routine as she spread her legs in a handstand split. That vision with the shape of her crotch so badly teased my cock. Then I was surprised as Jill knocked on my door. As I said, “Come in”, I turned on my side so that she wouldn’t see the pole sticking up in my covers.
She stood there in her shirt and panties as she asked me, “When is mom coming home?”
I said, “She told me that she would be gone for three days.” It looked like something was bothering her. “Is anything wrong?” I asked.
She looked down at the floor and said, “I need to talk to mom about some personal stuff.”
I was worried that she would tell our mom about me going down on her. So I replied, “Jill, you’re not gonna tell her what we did. I mean that’s a secret right?”
She nodded her head and said, “Oh yeah, I’ll never say anything about that. I just wanted to ask her about some sex stuff and I wouldn’t mention your name. I would just say that I did it with some guy.”
I was very relieved as I offered help. “Is there anything I could do to help?”
She hesitated and finally said, “I feel strange and I don’t know what to do. What we did was – – ahh – – – – – – – – I’m not sure how I feel.”
I wanted more from Jill and had some things to say to her. “Jill, I’m naked here under these covers. I’m going to get out of bed OK?” She didn’t say a word as she turned her back and just stood there. I got up and took a step towards her and gently put my hand on her shoulder. I said, “I know that it’s difficult because you’re my sister. Now you have to admit that it did feel pretty great, right?” She nodded her head. I asked, “Did you have an orgasm?” Again she nodded her head. Then I softly moved my hand up and down her arm. Now both hands were touching and stroking her shoulders. “You know it could happen again. Wouldn’t that feel great? Remember what my tongue was doing to you, I feel that moment could be happen again.” Then my hands slowly moved to her abdomen and hips. Her head began to sway like she was warming up. Slowly, my hands started to move to other parts of her body. One hand was touching the crotch of her panties as the other went to feel under her shirt. My erection was building as my cock touched her butt. As I pinched her nipples they started to get harder. As one hand massaged her breast, my other hand went inside her panties.
She wasn’t thinking about us as brother and sister anymore. I slowly asked her, “Jill, when you did your gymnastics routine last week in the competition there was something was very special. Do you know what that was?” Jill did not answer. “I am very serious when I tell you that there were many guys in the stands looking at you. I was also looking at you. Do you know what we were looking at?” While asking her this I kept touching her nipples.
Jill made a gesture with her head and shoulders as if she was shy and a worried about the truth. She did not say a word. “I will tell you what we were looking at. When you went from that handstand to an upside-down split, we were looking at your crotch. Did you know we were looking at your crotch? Do you like the way I am touching you? You better tell me or I’m gonna stop.”
Jill remained silent as my hand was touching her panties. One hand felt the front of her panties while the other was on her little titties. “With the way you spread your legs and with the way your uniform shaped your crotch, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Jill, answer me. Did you know that guys were looking at you like that? – – – – – – Jill.” She softly answered, “Yeah, I knew.”
“You were teasing our cocks you know.” I asked her, “Does it make you feel sexy or slutty when you tease cocks like that? You spread your legs, but wouldn’t show your cunt. Do you like to spread your legs and tease cocks?” She was not talking very much. She only moaned as I stroked her crotch area. “Do you know that guys masturbate because of what you do? Did you know that I masturbate? At least four to five of times a week? Did you know that I masturbate?”
She nodded with, “Oh yes” as she moaned.
Then I asked, “Jill, do you ever masturbate?”
She replied, “Sometimes I do, it feels good?”
By this time I had a major erection touching her ass. I put my hand inside her panties. As one finger rubbed her clitoris I asked, “Is this how my little cock teaser touches her cunt?” She nodded and moaned as I rubbed.
After rubbing and stroking, I began to pull her panties down to her feet. I stood up and returned to holding her bald crotch and breast. Her cunt lips felt a little moist and slippery. After ten seconds of rubbing her clit, the cunt was releasing secretions. Jill’s genitals felt great as my hard-on pushed against her buttocks. My finger went deep inside of her as I started to finger fuck my sister.
Then I asked her, “Jill, do you think I could put my cock in your mouth – – – please?” She quickly turned around and stared at me. Then she slowly looked down at my erection and put her hand on her cheek. Then she fell to her knees and started to move her hands towards my penis. Her soft hands took a hold of my shaft and it felt fantastic. She gently moved her fingers around the length of my cock as her lips got closer and closer. Then her tongue stretched out and touched the tip of my shaft. Her tongue moved around exploring the bumps, holes and ridges of my cock. Then she took my whole cock inside her mouth. The inside of her mouth felt soft and warm. Jill’s head began to slowly move back and forth as her mouth sucked my erection. While sucking, she touched the balls in my sac. She fondled my balls as her lips and tongue massaged the head of my penis. She kept sucking as I backed up to my bed pulling her with me. She sucked and sucked as I was about to ask her. “Jill”, I interrupted. Her eyes looked up at me with a mouth full of cock. “Jill, I want to sixty-nine you. I will show you how.”
She stood up as I lay on the bed. Then she got on top of me as I instructed with her crotch spread over my face. I held her buttocks as my tongue approached her snatch. As her hairless crotch stretched over my face, the lips parted for my viewing pleasure. I held her butt cheeks as my tongue licked her vaginal hole. My lips and tongue went from her cunt hole to the clit and back again. Then I felt her mouth back on my dick with a more aggressive sucking action. Jill sucked as I licked for the next two minutes. Her juices tasted fresh and feminine. As she sat on my face I thought about another position. We stopped and sat up together.
I asked her, “Jill, can I fuck you?”
She replied, “Well, – – – I’m a virgin.”
I said, “So am I, I will go really slow and easy.”
She agreed and asked, “What do you want me to do?”
I positioned Jill on her hands and knees for the doggy style. I took my erection and got behind her. Her cunt was wet and slippery. My hard cock was rubbing and lightly pushing at the entrance of her vagina. Then I slowly pushed and pushed with my cock. Then I was suddenly inside my sister. Her cunt was tight as she sounded off, “Ah Oaooooh”. I was not sure if that was a sound of pain or delight.
“Jill, are you OK?” I asked.
She answered, “Yeah, I’m just surprised it would feel so tight.”
I slowly pushed in deeper. Then I moved back out and in again. I kept pushing as Jill’s cunt adapted to my erection. I began to move in and out with a good rhythm. I loved the look and feel of my hands holding her little ass. My cock felt good inside of her as my hands moved to her hips. I held on to her hips to pull her ass towards me in the fuck action. This was the doggy style fucking that I always fantasized about.
After a few more strokes, I got worried about getting her pregnant. I pulled out completely and said, “I really should not cum inside of you.” She agreed as we went back to the sixty-nine. Jill sucked as I licked her snatch. I fingered fucked her with a very rapid motion as the thumb of my other hand rubbed her clit. She was getting close to orgasm so I switched to sucking her clitoris. Her thighs and butt vibrated for about thirty seconds while I continued to rub my tongue on her cunt. Her cock sucking technique got a little better and I loved it.
My time would not last much longer. As her ass was shaking I felt my cock ready to explode. I continued sucking until I couldn’t take it anymore. My head moved to one side as I said, “Oh Jill, I’m gonna cum, I gonna cum right now.” She kept sucking as I released my load in her mouth. As milky cum fell out of her mouth, Jill continued to suck. She sucked for another ten seconds and then began to slowly stroke me with her hand. I released a deep breath as I felt a good kind of tired from my climax. She grabbed a tissue from my night stand and spit in to it. I was still looking at her bald crotch just inches from my face. I gave her a few more licks and then we lie back together on my pillow and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up with Jill asleep at my side. The memory of last night made me a little worried and excited at the same time. I got out of bed and went in to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and used the toilet. As I was in the shower I heard the bathroom door open and Jill walked in. I saw her through the shower glass door as she sat on the toilet to urinate. Then she began humming a little tune as she brushed her teeth.
One minute later she pulled the shower door open and stepped inside. She stayed behind me as her hands moved closer and closer to my cock. Then she had my balls and my penis in one hand. She gently fondled me until I quickly became erect. I turned around and looked at my very cute sister. Her little body with a bare cunt was standing right in front of me. I held her neck and began to kiss her. Her tongue probed the inside of my mouth as I moved my tongue to touch hers. My lips gently grabbed her tongue and I sucked it as we frenched each other.
My hands went to her ass and rubbed it. Then I soaped up my hands and washed her down below. From her asshole to her cunt lips, I rubbed it all. Jill was touching my hard-on while I was stroking her. After rinsing, we got out of the shower and dried off quickly.
Jill ran in to her room and I followed. She put on a pair of panties and then started dancing around topless. She said, “Let’s have some more fun.” Jill was very active and flexible. She was dancing around with a lot of energy. Then she bent down and went in to a handstand like I have seen her do a many times before. This gave me an idea as I approached her with my naked dick half way erect. She stood up and looked at me and was ready for something new.
I walked behind my sister and started rubbing her shoulders. I stopped and asked Jill if she would get in to a handstand with a split like you do in gymnastics. She did as I had asked and I stood behind her. As I stood behind her, I helped hold her steady and asked her to hold that position as long as she could. Then I pushed my erection on to her buttocks. While my hand kept holding her crotch, my shaft was rubbing and pushing against her panties. Her crotch felt young and tight, while my cock was feeling the beauty of a youthful ass. I kept rubbing, pushing and stroking. As I rubbed I said, “Jill, this is what I wanted to do when I saw you spreading at the gymnastics meet. Sometimes I jack off thinking about doing this. Maybe you think I’m a pervert, but I can’t help it.”
I had another idea so I asked Jill to stand up and remove her panties. She did it quickly.
We were about to start some unique, almost Kama Sutra like sex position and Jill had the physical skill to do this. “Jill, I want to get on my knees with you back in that upside-down position – – is that OK? I will help hold you in position so that you can keep your balance.” We were both in position, almost like a vertical sixty-nine. Jill was upside-down with her legs spread. I was on my knees and my penis matched up with her mouth quite nicely. Her hands were not available, so her lips, cheeks and tongue were more than enough. I held her waist steady as my tongue parted the lips of her hairless cunt. With a hunger for girl snatch, I kept tasting her wet cunt lips. I licked, sucked and ate her tasty secretions. As Jill’s tongue and lips kept sucking my cock, her legs were spread so nicely for me and my mouth. With a mouth full of cock she breathed through her nose as she wiggled her tongue on my penis head. I felt my cock getting closer and closer to the point of release. With a few more motions of her tongue, I began to cum in Jill’s mouth. I did my best to hold Jill steady as she continued to suck my rod.
After my climax had ceased Jill was lying on her bed, I returned to her crotch. I fondled poked and licked until she was wet again. I sucked her cunt along with my probing fingers until she got what she needed.
That was quite an exercise. We rested on her bed for a few minutes before we went to the pool to swim in the nude.

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