Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma Ch. 03


Janet Asken went, in one week, from a timid mouse fretting about being good enough to care for her son Tom as he recovered from his trekking accident to being a confident and eager nurse.

She mastered giving Tom a sponge bath. They usually led to her massaging his anus and prostate gland until he erupted in a shower of come-fluid. She helped him urinate in a bottle and never hesitated to hold his cock for him as he relieved himself. And she had masturbated him to an exciting orgasm without any instruction or hesitation. She knew that there were more challenges, but she was eager to meet and to conquer them. Anything that was required to help her lovely boy recover his strength and vitality, she would do.

She soon got her wish. Tom’s complete freedom about being naked gave her permission to be a little freer as well. She started by not wearing a brassiere when she was puttering around the house. She liked the way her breasts swayed under her clothes. The soft cotton blouses and t-shirts were the nicest. The rest seemed to rough up her nipples.

She found a satin nightgown top that was delightful to wear. It followed the curves of her breasts and emphasized her nicely shaped nipples. She hoped Tom liked it. Because she could not bring herself to ask, though, she thought she would do a test. Tom’s body was a good measure of his responses.

She wore the nightgown top into his room the next evening. She purposely left the top three buttons undone. She had been going around with no bra for four days, so it was only a small step ahead.

Janet leaned over to kiss him giving him a full view right down her blouse. She bent down once more to give him his medicine. And a third time to adjust his pillow. Then she stepped back and observed his cock under the sheets. Sure enough, it was swelling.

“Why sweetheart, I think you like seeing Mommy’s titties, don’t you?”

Tom nodded and smiled.

“Well all you had to do was ask me. I would have shown them to you any time. After all, you let me see you naked. Why shouldn’t we be on equal terms? Would you like Mommy to show you more?”

“Hell, yes. I mean. I’m sorry Mom. I know you don’t like me swearing. But you are so pretty that I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s okay, honey. I am flattered. Well, let me see what happens when I unbutton all these buttons and let you have a peek as I finish up in here.” She let her top go free, hanging only from her shoulders. Her breasts hung down and her nipples stood out. Tom caught glimpses every time she moved. He moved his hand down to his cock and began to stroke it.

“Oh, sweetheart, you do like Mommy’s titties, don’t you? Show me how they make you feel. Rub your cock for Mommy.” She was encouraged that he was beginning to take care of himself. “Let me pull those nasty sheets down so you have plenty of room.”

As she did, her blouse slipped off her shoulder exposing one breast completely. Tom’s cock jerked at the sight. So, she slipped the other shoulder off and stood next to him letting him look at her all he wanted to.

Janet lifted one breast and then the other, weighing them for him and holding them out to him. Her nipples pointed away from her midline and faint stretch marks indicated that she was no longer a youth. But gravity had been kind to her and she was proud that her breasts excited her boy. She pulled on her nipples to make them stand out for him.

“Mmmm… escort bursa I like you looking at me, sweetheart. It makes me feel pretty. You think I am pretty don’t you, honey?”

Tom nodded and stroked his cock regularly. He could not take his eyes off his mother’s breasts. She leaned over to inspect his work and her breasts hung down within inches of his own skin. Tom reached up to hold one of her tits, cupping it and feeling its girth. Janet purred. She got an idea and moved to where he could rub his cock in very close proximity to her dangling breasts.

Bending over him she let her tits graze his cock as he stroked it. Tom focused on her nipples as they brushed against his hand. He let go of his cock and placed his hands on the sides of her tits. She knew what he intended. Soon, he was running his cock between her breasts giving her a good tit-fucking.

Janet loved the feeling of the hard, hot rod dividing her flesh. She loved seeing it peek from between her breast. His pre-cum was lubing the skin and smearing itself on her. She bent her head to see if she could catch it with her lips. Too far away.

Tom continued to rub himself between her tits but more quickly. He was going to come, she could sense. He looked at her directly and then at his disappearing cock. “Oh, Mom. I’m going to shoot.”

“Come on honey. Give Mommy your cock juice. Cover me sweetheart. Let Mommy have your man-milk. Shoot on me, Tommy.”

He did. She stopped rocking and Tom held his cock straight up spraying her tits with hot come. She felt each drop as it burned on her tender titflesh. Drops hung on her and slowly moved aside. Several times her nipples got blasted and it reminded her of when she nursed Tom as a baby. If only she could give him milk now.

When he was done, Janet moved up on the bed leaning her tits over his face. He did not need any further instruction but opened his mouth and accepted the juices she offered from her breasts. Greedily his lapped his own semen from his mother’s tits. He licked her nipples and buried his face into her soft breasts. She let him suckle her as she, on all fours, remained motionless. It looked like she were a mother dog, letting her favorite whelp nurse at her. The dirty thought exited Janet.

Then she remembered she had to taste his come to know how he was progressing. She broke the scene and dove her mouth onto his, her tongue driving into his mouth. The warmth of his mouth made the semen taste earthy. It was a different taste than the other day. She could not be sure just how to describe it, but she knew it was different. And likely a sign he was getting better.

Tom greedily locked on to her nipples and smothered himself in her bosom. The taste of his own come was pleasurable to him and he licked as much as he could manage. Soon, he was exhausted again. A faint smile remained as he drifted off to sleep.

Janet had become so aroused by her son’s excitement and his orgasm, that she needed her own relief. She moved back down on the bed to where she could lay her head on Tom’s hip. She stared as his damp and limp penis. She did not resist her desire any longer and moved over him slightly so she could take his cock in her mouth. She wanted it.

She could not hold that position and remove the rest of her clothing, so she took him out of her mouth, stood and undressed the rest of the way. It was only her slacks and panties, but bursa merkez eskort then she was completely naked. She had no fears that she was crossing a cultural line; she could only concentrate on her desire. She did not know if Tom were awake or not. If he were, he would see her completely exposed. He may wake soon enough, she thought.

She got in the bed with him, her right arm over Tom. She could take him in her mouth and still use her left hand to stimulate herself. She lifted his cock again and brought it to he lips. She kissed it and licked around the head. From the stimulation, she sensed it was beginning to fill. His body was telling her what it needed, she thought.

This was just the way she liked his cock: as it was filling, not quite hard. She held his shaft feeling it move with blood. His balls were cupped gently in her left hand and her right encircled his lengthening penis.

Janet could not help herself. She moved to where she could take his manhood into her mouth. The head slipped in easily between her warm lips. Tom seemed to tense at first and then relaxed. Janet liked the way the head filled her mouth rubbing against both her tongue and palate. It was so wrong for her to give her son a blowjob. He was her son; there was a line. And yet, she could not stop herself.

His cock continued to fill and she felt it grow filling more of her mouth. She was breathing through her nose now. She moved her head in order to take him farther into her warm mouth. He was completely hard and she felt the blood pulsing in his head.

She let go his balls and began to rub herself between her legs. She was damp and she plowed her fingers through her thatch reaching for her aching clitoris. Slow circles around the tented organ, letting her pleasure rise. She wanted a photograph of the scene. Janet imagined it would be both beautiful and very sexy.

She began to stroke Tom’s cock as she moved her head over it. It was the counterpoint rhythm to her own manipulations. Then she felt Tom’s hand on her hip. He gently let it flow over her skin. She burned with desire for her son, now.

Because she was on her side, he was able to run his hand down her ass. He parted her cheeks gently and let his fingers run up her crack, teasing her. Janet sighed audibly letting Tom know he was invited to continue. He let his hand roam up her back and over the rampart of her ribs. He reached for her breast. She jolted when he touched her proud nipple. Tom gently tugged on it, then let his hand explore down below again, following the curve of her arm. He could feel the machinery of her hand working the her clitoris.

As his own orgasm was building, Tom settled his attention on Janet’s ass. Recalling how wonderful her finger-fucking of his own ass, he decided to return the favor. He slid his hand between her cheeks and let it graze her winking anus. Janet rolled slightly hoping to part her cheeks for him. She was abandoning all sense of shame and propriety as she sucked her son’s magnificent cock and rolled her own hard clit under the pads of her three fingers.

When Tom dipped his finger deeper, he slid toward her vagina. Janet poked him with her fingernails. He knew he was touching his mother in a place sons were not allowed to venture. There was now no line they would not cross. The territory was breached. It only needed to be explored and claimed.

Her bursa sınırsız escort wetness dripped on her thighs. Tom ran his fingers in her juices and began to pain her sex region with her own moisture. It was enough for him to slide his finger easily around the puckered skin of her asshole. Round and round he circled her crinkled dot. She circled round her clit. Together they would build her orgasm.

She could not concentrate on his cock and her clit at the same time. Twin pleasures were too much for this demure woman. She satisfied herself by holding his cock in her mouth like a baby’s pacifier and concentrated on her own pleasure.

Tom was investigating the nether regions of the woman who had born and nursed him. It was exciting enough to think about; now he was performing the dirty secrets he held. The dreams were coming true.

She did not last long, unaccustomed to such strong pleasure. Her orgasm began to build between her legs and spread up her back, soaring over her shoulders and sparking down to her nipples. As she moved her hips building the wave, she opened her ass to him. Tom’s finger was wet enough and she was wanting enough, that he slipped it inside her. He drove deep in her. Her anus gripped him and she bucked. She wanted him to fuck her hard with his finger. He obliged by pumping it in and out of her as she had done for him.

The passion Janet felt for her boy spilled over onto him and he was just as fired up. As she began to thrash, his own wave of orgasm started. He was going to come in her mouth. He wanted to fill his mother’s mouth with his seed. She had tasted him already, now he wanted her to have the full meal.

He managed to grunt letting her know he was about to ejaculate. Then he poured his first bolt into her waiting mouth. It seeped into the crevices not occupied by his cock. Then the next loads came harder and Janet strained to take them without chocking. She pulled his head back letting him shoot into the cavity of her mouth. Her lips playing on his cockhead like a lute. Semen seared into her.

Then she exploded in an orgasm. She was impaled on his finger down below and sucked on his cock with her mouth. She was in so much joy, she let the orgasm take her away. She bucked wildly in the bed thrusting her ass onto Tom’s finger, sucking the seed out of her son’s hot cock. This was her reward for the care she had given him. Tom’s body was telling her he was on the mend. He was getting stronger.

She did not taste his semen so much as gulp it. Her fingers continued to draw the orgasm out of her and she did not want to stop it. Slowly she became aware that it was over and she was getting sensitive so she slowed her pace.

Tom’s finger remained firmly in his mother’s anus. Neither of them was in a hurry to have it withdrawn. Nor did she want to take his cock from her mouth. He spoke first.

“I love you, Mom. You are my dream come true. I have wanted to do this with you for a long time. It is what kept me going while I was lost on the mountain. I just had to get home to my beautiful mom.”

Tears began to fall from Janet’s eyes. She was overcome with joy and relief. She finally pulled away from his cock and moved up the bed to kiss him. He pulled his finger out, allowing her to scoot forward. She studied his face, then leaned in to kiss him. He opened his mouth and felt her tongue drive in. He tasted his come on her. Her tears wet his cheeks. Her naked body covered his.

He was getting better. Janet was getting better. They slept for a long time, not bothering to cover or to get clean. Their legs twined together. Her breasts pressed against his chest. Her ass cupped in his hand. Hers holding his precious cock and balls.

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