My Bratty Sister


I’m a pretty normal 20 year old guy. I’m not a jock but I keep in good shape and I don’t have a lot of problems finding girls. I had just finished my second year at the local university and was hanging out in the apartment that I had gotten my dad to rent for me after I had finished my freshmen year. My mom and dad had divorced when I was in high school and I think he was trying to make it up to me for leaving us. I really didn’t have much trouble getting whatever I wanted from him. He was already paying for my school and I told him I did not want to move from the dorm where I was staying back into my mom’s house after my freshmen year ended. He immediately sprung for an apartment near the campus. It wasn’t that I didn’t get along with my mom, it was my bratty sister. She was a year younger than I was and we were always fighting. She had been living at home since she graduated from high school. Even though I was only 30 minutes away, I rarely went over there, usually about once a month for dinner.

I was supposed to go over there today. My mom had called me last night and told me that the downstairs toilet was broken and wouldn’t flush. She asked if I would come by and see if I could fix it.

It was 10:30 in the morning and I didn’t have anything else to do today so I decided to go to mom’s house and look at the toilet. I thought I might need to get some replacement parts and I knew that there was always lunch stuff in the refrigerator so I might be able to get two meals out of one job. I drove up to the house and saw my sister’s car in the carport but my mom was out at work. I almost didn’t stop but decided I could put up with her for the 10 minutes it was going to take to look at the toilet and to make a quick lunch.

I went to the front door but it was locked. This was a gated community with a guard at the gate. The only time the doors were ever locked was when we had gone on vacations. Thankfully, when I had moved out I had hidden my key under a rock by the side of the house and it was still there. I opened the door and heard music coming from upstairs. My sister must be up in her room. Good, maybe I would be able to get in and out without actually having to talk with her.

I went to the downstairs bathroom (really just a toilet and sink) and opened the tank. The rod that was attached to the handle was broken in two and the chain and broken piece were sitting on the bottom of the tank. This was going to be an easy fix, just had to stop at the hardware store and pick up a new handle. I put the top back on the toilet and headed to the kitchen.

There was plenty of choices and I made myself a big ham and cheese sandwich. I poured a large glass of milk and sat down and ate lunch. When I was finished I cleaned everything up, put the dish and glass in the sink and got ready to leave. I needed to pee so I headed back toward the bathroom when I remembered that it was broke. I knew I could flush it by opening the tank and fishing the chain out but decided it was easier to just go upstairs and use the hall bathroom. I was going to have to pass my sisters room but she always had her door closed so I figured it would be safe.

I got to the top of the stairs and saw that her door was wide open. Hoping that she at least had her back to the door I walked by and quickly glanced in. That one glance did it. I froze in my tracks and my jaw dropped. My sister was on her bed and to say that she was a little tied up with what she was doing was the biggest understatement of the year.

There she was, tied to the headboard of her bed. Just her head and shoulders were on the mattress and her back and butt were tied to the headboard with her ass sticking straight up in the air. Her legs were tied by the ankles so that her feet almost touched the mattress. Her left hand was attached to the headboard with handcuffs. Her right hand was not tied and was currently busy rubbing her extremely wet pussy.

I was going to say something but realized that she probably could not hear me. She was wearing a leather hood that completely enclosed her head. Her hair was pulled thru a hole in the top of the hood and the ponytail was then tied by another rope to the end of her bed. There were closed zippers over both of the eye holes and there was some kind of gag device attached to her mouth. Her nose was sticking out of the hood and it was the only part of her head that was actually visible. There was a clear plastic tube that came out of the front of the gag and went up to another brown bursa otele gelen escort tube that came out of her pussy. I could see some yellow fluid in the clear tube.

I couldn’t help myself and slowly walked into the room, picking up more details as I got closer. There was a large box sitting on the floor that was open and it was full of sex toys. I recognized the box as something that was always up on my mom’s shelf in her closet. It had a lock that I had never been able to open so I had never been able to see what was in it. I knew now.

It was then that I noticed what looked like the head of a cock sticking up out of my sister’s ass. As I bent over to get a closer look I also noticed that the tube in her pussy was actually a catheter inserted into her pee hole and realized that she was drinking her own piss.

I looked again at how she was tied up, trying to decide if she had done it to herself or if had been done by someone else. I saw another set of handcuffs attached to the headboard in a position that could be used to attach her right hand. I also saw that there was a rope end that was dangling in reach of her hand that looked like she could pull it and release herself from the headboard. If her right hand was put in the handcuffs, she would never be able to get out of it by herself.

Up until this point, I really hadn’t looked at my sister’s body, I was just looking at the situation she was in. I had never really thought of her in a sexual way. She was my bratty little sister and that was that. Now I started really looking. She was still rubbing herself and I started my exam there. Her pussy was shaved clean and she had a very large clit. It was much bigger than I had seen on any of my girlfriends and her lips were very long. Each pussy lip had been pierced twice and had barbells installed in the piercings. There was no hair around her ass hole which was obscenely stretched by the dildo that was sticking up out of it. With her upside down, I couldn’t tell how big her tits were but they looked pretty big and she had large nipples that were currently hard as rocks.

I had to decide what I was going to do. Was I going to take advantage of her? If someone else had tied her up would they be back soon? I looked around the room for any clues and saw what looked like the handcuff key on a chain. It was hanging from the front of her dresser. Even if she was untied, she could never reach the key. That told me someone else had done this to her. It also gave me my answer.

I quickly grabbed her hand from her pussy and put it into the other handcuffs. She tensed up, then completely relaxed. Remembering why I had come upstairs in the first place, I went to the toy box and grabbed out something that I had seen when I first looked into it. It was a funnel with a tube attached. I disconnected the tube that went to her mask and attached the tube from the funnel. The tube that was coming from the catheter was still dripping pee so I found a clamp in the box and clamped it shut.

I pulled out my cock and aimed it at the funnel. Even though my bladder felt like it was about to burst, my cock was so hard by this time that I couldn’t pee. I had to relax for a while before I could finally start going. The pee started filling the funnel and then I noticed that it was draining. I could see her throat moving as she was swallowing. She didn’t stop until my bladder, the funnel and tube were completely empty. I disconnected the tube and funnel, dried it off with a tissue, and put it back in the box.

I then studied the gag and found that it could be removed without taking the hood off. I unbuckled it and pulled it from her mouth. The part that was stuck in her mouth was shaped like a cock and about 4 inches long. There were holes coming out of the sides of the cock part that would release the pee into her mouth. She took a couple of deep breaths then totally shocked me again.

“Thank you mommy for your delicious pee.”

Wow, my bratty little sister, who had mom wrapped around her little finger and could do no wrong, had been tied up by my mother and then was thanking her for peeing in her mouth. What the hell had been going on since I left home?

I still had not made a noise. I looked at the hood again and saw that the covering over her ears had very heavy padding. I didn’t think she could even hear the music that was playing in the room let alone me if I started talking to her. That told me she probably did escort bayan not expect to hear anything from whoever was playing with her. Of course since the front door had been locked, she probably expected that the only person that could possibly be in the room with her was mom.

As I was trying to figure out what to do with her she spoke again “mommy, please abuse my shit hole.”

Hmm, looking at the size of the dildo that was sticking up out of her ass, I was confused. How in the hell could she have it abused more than that?

Well, she was my sister and she had said please… I grasped the end of the dildo that was sticking out of her ass and slowly stared pulling it out. I figured it would be about 6 inches long but it kept coming. When about 12 inches had come out, I quickly shoved the whole thing back into her ass. She let out a little sigh and I pulled it back out quicker. I shoved it in and out of her about 10 times as fast as I could.

“No mommy, please don’t tease me. You know that’s way too small.”

I looked into the toy box and did not see anything that was bigger around than this dildo. There was a big bottle of lube sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. I pulled the dildo all the way out. The thing was 18 inches long and the bottom half was streaked with shit. I took the dirty end and put it to her lips. She immediately stuck out her tongue and started licking and trying to suck on the end. I pushed about 6 inches of the dildo into her mouth and she started moaning.

I then grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some on and into her gaping ass hole. I then squirted some all over my hand. I pointed my fingers and easily pushed four of them into her butt. I worked them around until I was able to add my thumb. I could hear her squealing a bit so I reached down and pulled the dildo out of her mouth.

“Oh mommy, your fist is so big. Please destroy your little girls shit hole.”

Hmm, she thought it was big now? I still hadn’t even got my whole hand in. I knew that my mom’s hands were a lot smaller than mine. My sister was in for a big surprise. I squirted some more lube over the widest part of my hand and on my wrist, then I started twisting my hand and pushing with more force. Suddenly, my hand disappeared into her ass. I immediately made a fist and was able to push in a couple more inches. My sister had gone totally silent but was breathing very fast. I stopped moving my arm and felt her loosen her anal muscles.

“Oh mommy, you feel much bigger today. Could you please use a little more lube?”

There was that please again. She certainly was polite even when she had a fist in her ass. I grabbed the bottle and squirted more lube around her hole and twisted my wrist a bit to work it inside. She started to moan as I slowly started pushing and pulling my fist in and out of her ass.

“Faster, deeper” was her only comment.

I started really pushing in hard. I was hitting something inside but I really had no experience with this so I didn’t know if I was doing any damage to her or not. I started pulling out further each time, almost getting my knuckles past her sphincter. Finally she loosened so much that my hand actually came out each time and the easily went back in about 8 inches.

“Please bite my clit, make me come!”

I had some experience going down on women, but none of them really wanted to have their clit bitten. I bent down and grabbed her clit with my lips. I squeezed it and pulled on it as hard as I could without letting it go.

“No, no, don’t tease me, bite it hard like you usually do.”

Ok, maybe she did want it bitten. I still didn’t know how much force to use, but I was able to get her clit between my teeth and slowly bite down on it. She came instantly. Her ass closed up so hard on my wrist that I thought my arm was in a vice. She didn’t squirt but liquid came running out of her pussy and ran down her belly to her tits. She was screaming so loudly that I was sure that the neighbors would have heard her if they were at home.

I let go of her clit and then started licking her pussy and clit. She was just letting out little squeaks and her ass was starting to relax again, when the second orgasm hit and if anything, it was more powerful than the first one. I stopped licking and about 5 minutes later, was finally able to get my hand back out of her ass.

I needed to get out of there. If I stayed around any longer I would be fucking her. Up to this mudanya escort point, she still thought that mom was doing this to her. I decided I was just going to put her back the way I had found her originally. If mom found her before she got loose, she probably wouldn’t notice anything had happened. Of course if my sister thanked mom for what I had done to her today, they both would be pretty confused. I picked up the dildo gag and put the cock up to her mouth. She sucked it in and I was easily able to refasten the straps that held it in place. I removed the clamp that had been holding back her pee and saw it start flowing thru the tube again. She started swallowing for a bit and then it stopped.

I looked around and found the 18 inch, double ended dildo and started shoving it back into her ass. It went in so easily that I was afraid that it might go in all the way and disappear. When there was about 4 inches left sticking out, it started getting hard to push in and I stopped. I left it like that and then found some tissue to wipe up all the lube that was still puddled around her ass hole. My arm was a mess and I went into the bathroom and washed it off.

There was still one problem, the handcuffs on her right arm. If I let her out, she could pull on the rope and release herself. I didn’t want her to be able to look out the window and see me driving off. Then I remembered that she would not be able to get to the key for the other hand if I put it back on the dresser. If she let herself loose, she would still have to wait for mom to get home before she could get off the bed. I put the lube bottle back on the nightstand where I had found it (I could not help that there was a bunch missing), then I unlocked the right handcuff. She immediately reached for the rope and I slapped her hand. She yanked it back, then went for the rope again. When I slapped it again, she finally got the message that I wanted her to stay put. I gently grabbed her wrist and placed her hand back up to her pussy. She started rubbing it again and I took a final look around the room. Everything seemed to be in place except for the extra bit of dildo sticking up from her ass and the missing lube.

I took the dirty tissues and flushed them down the toilet. I then went down to the kitchen to make sure that I got rid of any trace that I had been there. I grabbed the glass and plate that I had used and washed them. I had put the glass away and was drying off the plate when I heard a noise behind me.

I turned around and there was my sister, totally nude and smiling at me. Holly shit, did she look nice.

“Did you have fun playing with me today?”

I was lost. Here was the brat, I had pissed in her mouth and fisted her ass and she wanted know if I had a good time. “Did you know it was me the whole time?” I asked.

“Of course I did silly.” She said. “I saw you drive up, and I could see and hear thru the mask. I was just glad I had the time to tie myself up before you came up stairs. I didn’t know when you would be getting here today”

“You did all of that? How did you get out of the handcuffs?”

“Lots of practice, and I had another key attached to the headboard behind my back.”

“What would you have done if I had not let you out of the other handcuffs?”

She laughed. “That one is broken and the half that is attached to the bed doesn’t actually lock.”

“So the mommy stuff?” I asked.

“Shit, if mom found out I was using her stuff and doing this to myself she would probably have a cow and kick me out of the house. By the way, thanks for cleaning everything up for me.”

“So why me? I don’t really even know what to say to you if we are not fighting, let alone what to do when you are standing in front of me naked.”

She looked at me and smiled again. “I have had a crush on you for years.” She said. “I have been trying to get you alone for the last 6 months. I finally broke the toilet, knowing that mom would probably ask you to fix it and that tonight was her night to go out with her friends. She told me to make you something to eat when you came over.”

She grinned even wider and said “You gave me two of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life. I have something for you to eat upstairs and I owe you at least one fucking and a blow job if you can get it up again.”

I was still standing there in the middle of the kitchen, holding the plate and the towel when she walked up to me. She took the plate, put it away and hung the towel up. She then took my hand and turned toward the stairs. I could see that the dildo was still sticking out of her ass. I couldn’t believe that she has set this whole thing up.

I had I feeling that I was going to be spending a lot of my time at home this summer, and it wouldn’t be fighting with my bratty sister.

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