My Daughter Becomes My Lover


It had been three years since my wife Debbie was killed in a car accident. Losing the love of my life hit me hard. We had been married 30 years. To avoid the constant feeling of sorrow, I had thrown myself into my work as the manager of a brokerage services office, into my hobby as a portrait photographer, and spent what time I could with our daughter Lauren, now 29 years old.

Lauren reminded me of her mom in several ways, her fabulous smile, her amber eyes, her luscious flowing dark hair, and her sexy body. I believe she even had her mom’s 36-D breasts. Debbie and I had always hoped that Lauren would find the love of her life and live happily married as we had done. Unfortunately, Lauren’s ‘mister right’ became ‘mister wrong’ after five years of marriage. I believed that the death of her mom had somehow contributed to her marriage failing. They had divorced two years ago and now Lauren lived alone in a downtown apartment close to her work.

As a family we had always celebrated birthdays with a family dinner, usually going out to a restaurant. Since my wife’s death, Lauren and I had continued to celebrate Debbie’s life by having dinner on her birthday, but usually just a quiet meal at home, along with a fine bottle of wine for a few toasts to her memory.

It was one such Friday night that Lauren came home to fix dinner for the two of us. She wore a tight top that accentuated her lovely breasts, and a short pleated skirt that allowed her to display her great legs. Lauren knew how to draw a man’s attention, just as her mother had done.

Lauren had planned a lasagna dinner, one of our favorites and something she had learned to cook from her mom. I opened a bottle of my finest red wine while Lauren prepared our meal.

“Your mother was a great cook. It will always be one of the many reasons I miss her so much.” I said as I raised my glass in another toast. “I’m so glad you learned most of her recipes before she was taken from us.”

“She always insisted that I learn to cook.” Lauren replied. “And I always think of her each time I do.”

Lauren and I continued telling our favorite stories about Debbie. We had told each other these same stories many times in the three years since that horrible accident, but we never tired of hearing them and reliving fond memories.

After dinner we took our wine glasses, and another bottle of wine into the living room. She sat on the sofa, and I sat in my easy chair facing her. I placed the bottle of wine on the end table to our side. Our conversation turned to other topics, as had happened several times in the past.

“Dad, when are you going to start dating?” Lauren asked for maybe the thousandth time in the last year. “You’re still young, very handsome, have a great job, and would be a prized husband for so many women.”

“I’m still not ready for that.” I pleaded. As much as she kept pushing me to date and find another companion in life, I still didn’t feel ready for that.

Lauren stood to pour both of us another glass of wine. As we were now into the second bottle for the evening, I was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol, as I believed was Lauren. I held out my glass, forward of me and a bit off to the side. Lauren stood sideways in front of me. As she leaned over to fill my glass, her short skirt rose up so high it barely covered her cute ass. Yes, I noticed she had a very cute ass.

Lauren had begun to tease me just after she turned 18. She would expose herself to me, but not really show much. For instance, when her bra size increased to a D-cup, she let me know by pulling up her t-shirt to show me her new, larger bra. “See dad! I’m a D.” she proudly announced. Other times she would come down from her bedroom at night to get a glass of water wearing only a short t-shirt and her panties. I think she liked exposing her sexy panties to me. Her mother disapproved of some of these behaviors, but that didn’t stop Lauren.

“You could even date someone younger. I’d be okay with that.” Lauren continued. “You could even date a sexy young girl my age.” she stated while wiggling her ass a bit to tease me.

“If your mother was here, she’d spank you.” I announced.

“But she isn’t. Do you want to spank me Daddy?” Lauren asked playfully as she turned her backside to me and flipped up her skit, exposing her entire ass while revealing she was only wearing a tiny string thong.

She quickly turned and sat back down with her glass of wine. I stared at her in shock while she smiled back at me with a sly grin. She enjoyed playing with me.

“And how long are you going to stay in this big, ole house.” Lauren asked. “This is way too much house for you alone.”

“I know you wanted me to sell this place and move in with you and Richard.” I began. “But then the two of you split up and you’re now in a small apartment. I can’t live there with you.”

Lauren looked down. For once she knew I was right.

“You could move back in here with me.” I suggested without much thought.

Lauren lifted her face and looked at me with a slight smile.

“Thanks bursa yabancı escort dad. I’ll consider that.” she replied.

We sat a few moments, sipping our wine. Then it appeared that Lauren thought of something. She rose, went over to the bookshelf and came back with one of our photo books. Over the years I had taken many photos of family members, including many of Lauren since she was a baby. Many photos had been organized into photo books. This particular book had photos from the summer after Lauren’s sophomore year of college, when she was about 20.

Lauren plopped down sideways into my lap, sitting as she used to do when a little girl. Her short skirt flipped up, leaving only the fabric of my boxers and pants between my cock and her nearly bare ass. She wiggled a bit, as if getting comfortable. I knew she was teasing me by grinding her ass on my cock. She flipped open the book to the section of photos from a photo shoot I had done of her out by the pool and on the patio. She was modeling several of her swimsuits.

“Remember taking these photos?” she asked while slowly turning the pages.

“Of course I do.” I replied.

I clearly recalled taking those photos. Each time she changed into another swimsuit, it was skimpier that the previous swimsuit. Some I thought covered too little of her and were inappropriate to wear in public. I was embarrassed to be taking those photos of my own daughter. And I remembered having a growing hard-on in my pants.

“I have to admit that I was trying to tease you. I was really excited about you looking at my young hot body that was barely covered. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting damp. I hoped you wouldn’t see a wet spot in my crotch. And I was hoping to see your swollen cock. I wanted to see how you reacted to me.” Lauren admitted.

I was stunned by her language and what she was admitting to having done. I also knew that the wine was lowering our inhibitions.

“Young lady, I’m stunned.” I said, trying to regain my role as father. “Why were you doing that?”

“Mom and I used to talk about sex a lot. She wanted to know what I was doing sexually. She wanted me to be completely honest with her.” Lauren said as she wiggled her ass on my cock. “Mom told me that she would be completely honest with me. And she told me all about the sex the two of you had. You two were hot and wild.”

“Really? She told you all that?” I was shocked.

“Mom didn’t tell you?” Lauren appeared surprised. “She was so open with me and she didn’t let you know?”

“I guess mothers and daughters are really close.” I admitted. Thinking about this, I realized Debbie felt that was the best way to monitor our daughter’s sex life.

“How much did she tell you about us?” I asked. Now I was wondering how much our daughter knew.

“Mom told me that you were a great lover. You pleased her so many ways. You were tender, loving, considerate, sensitive, and always gave her great orgasms.” Lauren spoke rather bluntly. “She told me that your love making sessions lasted nearly an hour every night. I’m so jealous. Richard was just wham, bam, thank you ma’am. He would be finished in five minutes.”

She paused a moment and looked into my eyes.

“But you’re a better lover than that, aren’t you?” Lauren asked with a slightly sensual tone. She wigged her ass over my cock again, making it twitch. I assumed she felt that.

“I was while with your mother.” I confessed. “Those days have passed.”

“That’s why you need a new lover.” Lauren was quick to respond. “Are you getting any sex now?”

I was still surprised how casually my daughter wanted to discuss my sex life. But the buzz from the wine also made me more open.

“Only what my hand gives me.” I said in a laughing manner, though it was the truth.

“Oh! You need better loving that that!” Lauren exclaimed and then gave me a big kiss.

I was shocked, again, by her actions. We pulled apart and stared, in a longing fashion into each other’s eyes. I felt an attraction unlike what a father-daughter attraction should be. I had no idea what she was thinking.

Slowly she leaned back towards me and we kissed again, this time soft and gentle. My heart melted, but I was also so conflicted. I wanted the love she was giving me, but she was my daughter. How could I desire her?

Our kiss parted and Lauren leaned back and began speaking.

“Mom also told me that her biggest regret was not sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. She told me that you were an expert pussy eater and gave her many great orgasms orally. But she couldn’t bring herself to return the favor, for two reasons. First she never could get used to the taste. And second, she was addicted to the feeling of your cock blasting the insides of her pussy with your hot cum.”

“She really did tell you everything, didn’t she.” I responded. This was an extraordinary conversation for me to be having with my adult daughter, my very sexy adult daughter.

“And I have my own confession bursa sınırsız escort to make.” Lauren said. “I love sucking cock. I love swallowing cum. And I would like to make up for all the times mother wouldn’t please you that way.”

Just when I thought this conversation couldn’t shock me anymore, Lauren had shocked me more. While her eyes were locked on mine, she slid out of my lap and knelt on the floor between my legs. She unfastened and unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-hard cock out of my briefs.

She stroked my cock gently, feeling the texture, feeling the heat, feeling it grow in her hand.

“Daddy, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.” Lauren said just before lowering her mouth over the head of my cock.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. That felt incredible. Her mouth was warm and wet. It felt like her mother’s pussy which I hadn’t experienced in three years.

Her head began to bob up and down on my now rigid cock. Her hand was stroking the lower half as her mouth engulfed the top half. It felt so good, maybe the best thing that had happened to me in the past three years. I stared down upon her. I knew I should stop this, but I couldn’t.

I watch in awe as she pulled her hand away and slowly swallowed my entire cock until her nose was pressed against my stomach. She was deep throating me! I could feel her throat swallowing, creating a gripping sensation around my cock.

“Oh fuck baby. I’m going to cum.” I alerted her.

She was still looking at me. She slightly nodded her head and flashed her eyes.

My biggest orgasm of the past three years hit so quickly. My cum rushed out of my balls and spewed down her throat, again, again, and again. I was afraid I was going to choke my own daughter, but she didn’t flinch. She kept swallowing. I could hear her purring.

Her head backed off, so just the cock head was in her mouth. She was stroking my cock, squeezing every last drop of my man juice out into her mouth. She finally pulled her mouth off my cock, sucking me clean in the process. She swallowed one last time, and looked at me with a huge grin.

“Thank you.” She said so politely. “I too had a good orgasm, and nothing touched my pussy except for a tiny thong.”

I was feeling a tremendous amount of love and at the same time a great amount of shock and shame. I had just let my daughter give me a blowjob, like I had never had before. I shot all my cum down her throat.

“Oh baby. I’m so sorry.” I said, overcome by remorse.

I pulled he up off the floor and back into my lap. I held her, trying to be the father to protect her.

She kissed me and hugged me.

“No, don’t feel sorry. Feel my joy. Feel the pleasure.” Lauren told me. “I’ve really wanted to do that for so long.”

We held each other for minutes. We kissed tenderly. But it was more the kiss of lovers than a father kissing his daughter. How could this feel so good?

The next thing I said probably startled me more than Lauren.

“How could I do this? What would your mother think?” I let the words out of my mouth.

“I know exactly how she would think about this.” Lauren quickly replied with confidence. “Mother always told me that if anything happened to her, it was my responsibility to take care of you. She never gave details about how I was to do that. So I decided myself what you needed. And I know she would be pleased.”

I smiled and nodded at my daughter.

“I think you’re absolutely right.” I told her as we squeezed each other in a tighter embrace.

– – – – –

One night the next week Lauren dropped by the house after work and asked a question that forever changed our relationship, although I didn’t realize it at the time.

“Can we do another photo shoot?” she asked.

“Certainly!” I replied, excited by the prospect to take more photos. “What do you have in mind?”

She had a mysterious look on her face. She held her finger pointed under her chin and gazed upwards, as if in deep thought. I suspected this was just a play, as she already knew what she wanted.

“Will you take photos of me in lingerie? A boudoir photography shoot?” Lauren asked.

Without a pause I responded. “I would love to do so.”

I thought a moment about where we would do this, and realized that in our home there was only one logical place.

“The best place to do this would be the master bedroom. Would you be okay with that?” I asked Lauren.

“You once did a boudoir photo shoot with mom in there, didn’t you?” Lauren asked.

“Yes, we did. She told you about that?” I replied, surprised she knew.

“Mom showed me the photos, not when you took them, I was too young at the time. But years later when I was an adult, she showed me those photos. You made her look so hot, so sensual, so sexy. I want you to do that for me.” Lauren said.

“Wow. I haven’t seen those photos in many years. I guess she hid them someplace very safe.” I said. I remembered the photo shoot and how sexy Debbie looked in her lingerie. görükle escort “At the time, the photos would have been considered somewhat risqué, but maybe not so much these days.”

“I want some really hot photos!” Lauren said. “Someday I will have a daughter and when she grows to be an adult and I share these photos with her, I want her to be blown away.”

– – – – –

The following Saturday was the day set for the boudoir photo shoot of Lauren. I arranged the furniture in the bedroom, positioned my photography lights, and prepared my cameras. Lauren was using her old bedroom for a changing area and laid out the various pieces of lingerie she was going to wear. She spent a couple of hours on her make-up and hair. Finally she announced she was ready and came into my bedroom.

Lauren looked so fabulous. Her flowing hair laid so gently on her shoulders, her makeup was slightly exaggerated so as to be captured by the camera. Her lipstick was a bold pink and I wanted to kiss her lips. She was wearing a short pink baby doll made of satin and lace, a matching thong and a sheer robe over it all. My cock was already throbbing.

I took photos of Lauren standing, both facing me, and turned away with her back towards me while she looked over her shoulder at the camera. I had her sit on the loveseat where I had taken sexy photos of her mother twenty years earlier. She removed her robe and I took more photos of her on the bed, sitting, kneeling, and lying on her side, then her stomach, and finally on her back. She just looked so sexy. And I was getting so horny.

I took a short break while she changed into another outfit. When Lauren returned she was wearing a blue bustier with garter straps, sheer black nylons, and a tiny blue thong. Her make-up was a bit heavier, with a darker eye shadow and red lipstick that matched her nails.

She looked so fucking hot!

Again I took a series of photographs of her in various poses; standing, sitting on the loveseat and on the bed. I noticed that her poses, particularly the positioning of her hands, were more sexual, more suggestive.

When she took another break to change into her last outfit, I changed from my slacks and dress shirt to lose shorts and a t-shirt. My slacks had become too confining for my growing cock.

Lauren’s last outfit included a red shelf bra with her nipples exposed, a very tiny sheer g-string bottom, a red lace garter belt and matching red nylons. Her eye make-up was deep green glitter cat-eye style with long eyelashes. She had applied a heavy blush, and wore bright red glossy lipstick. Her whole body was covered in a body powder with glitter. She was radiant, super sexy, and smelled wonderful.

And I was horny as hell.

As we started to take pictures, her poses were very provocative. She touched herself, she pulled at her garments, exposing even more of her flesh. When she moved to the bed she was pinching her nipples, and fingering herself through the sheer g-string.

Then she started a striptease for the camera, and for me. First to come off were the stockings, and then the garter belt. She made a show of removing the shelf bra and then fully exposing her fantastic breasts. Lauren laid back on the bed, brought her legs up over her body, and then pulled down her panties which she tossed at me.

I continued to shoot photos, but I was very distracted.

“I’m naked. Why don’t you get naked and let me see that hard cock of yours?” Lauren said seductively.

She was right about my cock already being hard. I removed my clothes and continued to take photos while my cock bounced around in front of my body.

Lauren laid back, spread her legs and finger fucked her pussy for my camera. She was aroused, her labia swollen and wet. She appeared to be asking me to fuck her, right here on the bed that I and her mother made love for many years.

“Take some close-up shots of my pussy.” she instructed me.

I moved in closer and took some great crotch shots, photos of my own daughter’s pussy.

Lauren then sat up and took hold of my cock.

“Photograph me sucking you.” she commanded as she took my cock into her mouth.

I did my best to focus and shoot photographs. This was so fucking hot, and much more erotic than the photo shoot I had done all those years ago with her mother.

Lauren stopped sucking my cock. She held it in one hand while she took away my camera with the other hand and set it gently on the nightstand. She laid back and pulled my cock towards her pussy.

“Now fuck me Daddy. Fuck me like you used to fuck mother. Make me scream like you made her scream.” Lauren commanded me.

Lauren was so sexy, so desiring of me. In many ways it was Debbie laying there telling me to fuck her. Maybe it was Debbie reincarnated through our daughter, the daughter she had told to take care of me. And now she was doing just that.

I moved forward between her legs and let her position my cock at her entrance.

Then I slid my cock into my daughter’s wet pussy.

It was possibly the most erotic thing I had ever done. Her hot wet pussy held me snugly. I began pumping in and out of her. She pulled up her knees, holding them wide open for me. I continued to fuck her. I then took hold of her legs and pushed them over her shoulders, pinning her back as I rammed my cock hard into her. Lauren screamed in pleasure.

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