My Daughter’s Secret Plan


It had been a hard day the funeral had taken it out of him. They had only met five years ago, but it had been a whirlwind romance. They had known from the first date that it was real. They dated for a year and gotten married the next. Their families had bonded. The four girls, two each had meshed like they were biological sisters. Their different personalities complimenting one another. That had made things easier because of the suddenness of their relationship and marriage.

The cancer too, was sudden. Taking her within two months of diagnosis. Hardly even enough time to wrap his head around the fact that she was dying. Thank god she didn’t linger. At the end not looking anything but the beautiful and sexy woman he had known, wasting away to 92 pounds at her death. Her face and body gaunt from the drugs and the disease. Thinking about her on the drive home made him sad, he was just glad the memorial lunch was finally over. He didn’t know how much more he could take; the grief was settling in on him hard.

He and his daughters were driving back to the condo after the service, the girls were talking about how beautiful the ceremony had been. He was hardly listening, he was engrossed in his own thoughts, trying to get the pain to at least subside in his heart. That would take a while, he had never known anyone like her. Arriving at the condo, they exited the car and headed inside. Gathering in the living room, his four daughters there to help ease the pain of his loss.

Abby 24, and the oldest was a school teacher and event planner. She was always the responsible one. She was his wife’s first, and his favorite. She had always been around and was especially helpful to him as the end came. She helped to plan the memorial and was always at his side to lend a shoulder to cry on when it became overwhelming. Abby had spent many nights in the spare bedroom to be close to her mom as she lay dying. When her mom finally went to hospice, she was constantly at his side, making sure he and her mom had anything they needed.

Abby was about 5’4″ with long ginger hair, ending in the middle of her back, the color standing out against her smooth porcelain skin. She had an amazing figure. Many times, at the condo’s pool, when she came over to swim, I had appreciated her beautiful body in her small pink bikini. She had large breast, 36C or D, the flesh spilling over the thin bikini top, almost struggling to stay confined. Her body curved down to a flat and muscular stomach, the results of daily workouts. Her ass one of her best features, was small and round, and was an extension of her supple and muscular legs.

Frequently, I had gotten a half a hard on watching as she casually walked towards the pool for a swim, her tight ass swaying gently and sexily in her bikini bottoms. In street clothes it was no different. Her outfits always accentuated how spectacular her body was without being outrageous or revealing. When Abby dressed for school, her glasses on, and her hair pulled back, she looked like a sexy librarian.

It was not lost on me just how sexy she was. Many times, I got the impression she was actively flirting with me. Wearing more revealing outfits whenever she came over, low cut tops and tight high cut shorts. Leaning over and lingering there so I could get a better look at those beautiful large melons or her firm round ass. Every once in a while, catching a glimpse of the smooth flesh next to her pussy as she lay on a deck chair, her leg casually thrown over the side, her foot tapping out some song in her head.

Abby always seeming like she wants to be close to me. Pressing her spectacular body up against me, her tits rubbing seductively against my arm or chest when she hugged me. Occasionally, playfully jumping into my lap to wiggle her tight ass against my growing hard on, giggling and laughing as if she couldn’t feel what she was doing to me. I always tried to dismiss it as Abby just playing around, but maybe I was missing something? Maybe there was more there than I knew?

My daughters were all spread out on the couch and various chairs in the living room, telling stories about their mom. The sadness in their voices lingering in the background. I could hardly pay attention. I would occasionally smile at one of their stories, but my heart was heavy with grief. Abby was sitting next to me on the couch rubbing my hand in hers to try and comfort me. Abby entwining my fingers in hers so we could hold hands. It felt good to me to have Abby there to help with the pain. I liked having her close to him.

It was about four in the afternoon and the day had worn me out.

“Girls do you mind? I’m really tired and I would like to be alone and just think for a while. Is that ok?

“Sure, we understand.” they said.

Pushing themselves off their seats, they began to put on their wraps and head towards the door.

Abby stopped in front of me.

“Dad, I’m going to stay in the spare room tonight, I don’t think you should be by yourself. Also, if you needed to, I would be here to talk with you.”

“Really, honey, I’ll be ok.” I said putting my orhangazi escort hands on the sides of her shoulders

“I know dad, it’s just for one night. Besides tomorrow I have papers to grade. I just want to make sure you are going to be alright.”

“Ok honey, it will be nice, and maybe then I won’t feel so lonely with you here.”

My other daughters, hugged us at the door and promised to call and drop by over the next few days to check on me. Hugging them tightly, I kissed each on the cheek and sent them on their way. As soon as the door closed, I reached up and undid my tie, happy to have some alone time.

“Dad.” Abby says. “I’m going in the spare room and take a shower and change, I brought some clothes with, so if you need or want anything I’ll be in there watching tv and thinking ok.”

“Ok baby, I think I’ll take a shower and stretch out too, maybe take a nap. I’m really tired and still full from the memorial.”

I took Abby by her shoulders, leaned in and kissed her cheek. Feeling overwhelmed I drew her to me tight and hugged her hard against me. As she came to me I could see the soft roundness of her breasts in the top of her dress. She brought her body tight against mine. Those beautiful mounds pressed firmly into my chest.

“I miss her.” I whispered in Abby’s ear.

“Me too.” she said. Patting my back as we embrace.

Abby seems to hold our hug for a long time, her body molding to mine. We break our embrace. Abby smiling up at me, tippy toes up and kisses me hard on the mouth. Pulling back from our kiss, the surprise evident on my face, she says.

“I love you daddy.”

She smiles and turns toward the door. heading outside to her car, to get the clothes she had packed. I stand there for a moment wondering, completely perplexed what has just happened. The touch of my daughter’s lips against mine, made my head swim. Did she just kiss me like a woman would? I ask myself. Nah, I’m just tired from the memorial. I was just imaging things. Dismissing it, I turn and slowly wandered down the hall to my bedroom and the shower. The spare bedroom, Abby’s room was to the left of the hallway and before the master bedroom, the master being at the end of the hall. I opened the door to my room and closed it behind me.

Beginning to undress, a weariness came over me and it was almost a chore to strip my suit jacket off. I didn’t bother to hang it up, throwing it in a heap on the floor in the corner. It felt good to be released from the restrictive garment. I’ll take it to the cleaners on Monday I thought and continued to strip off my clothes, throwing them in the same pile on the floor.

Naked now, I headed to the bathroom and the shower. Flipping on the light I catch my reflection in the mirror. I walk up to the basin counter and look myself up and down, not bad for forty-eight. My wife and I had kept in shape by backpack hiking some of the hardest terrain in the country. I worked out on a pretty regular basis, my chest and arms were strong and I still had the outline of some abs.

My cock wasn’t huge but clocked in at just over seven inches and was kind of thick around. My wife always seemed satisfied and I did make her squirt many, many, times. Shaking my head to clear it. What the hell was I thinking? My wife had just died! I glance once more into the mirror and a sadness crosses over me, I turned and head into the shower.

Pulling back the curtain, I step in, draw the shower curtain closed and turn on the water. Cold water splatters against my feet and ankles. I back up a little and lean over adjusting the knob so the water gets warmer. Sticking my hand beneath the stream I feel the water begin to change, another 15 seconds and it feels like the right temperature. I pull up on the shower knob and the hot water shoots out and pelts my body with a thousand relaxing streams. As the steam begins to rise inside the curtain, I turn letting the water run down my back. I can feel the muscles relax as the tension and pain are washed onto the tub floor and down the drain.

I grab the soap and lather up. I just want to finish, lay down, and grieve my wife. I want to think about the amazing times we’d had together. I wash and rinse quickly. Turning off the water and pulling back the curtain, I grab the oversized towel from the towel bar and begin to dry myself.

While I’m toweling off, I hear the shower in Abby’s room turn on. I hear the faint sounds of her drawing the curtain back and turning on the water as she begins her shower.

Walking into the bedroom I head to my dresser and pull open the drawer with my shorts in them. grabbing a pair, I slip them on and close the drawer. I open the next drawer down and I fish out a t-shirt from my state school, the one my wife had bought for me as a birthday present. It was well worn, and I loved it. I pull it over my head and drag it down my body, my arms heavy from the emotion of the day.

Heading over to the bed I stretch out, I feel the mattress as it envelopes my body. I take a deep breath and exhale, the tension leaving my body. Drifting nilüfer escort off thinking about the day and how much I miss my beautiful dead wife. Exhaustion takes over and before I know it, I’m asleep.

As I awake I can feel a pressure on my chest, I open my eyes and see Abby laying there, her head pressed into my chest, her arm thrown over my stomach. Her rhythmic breathing telling me she had fallen into a deep sleep. She must have come in while I slept and snuggled in next to me. She probably didn’t want to sleep by herself, I reason. Can’t blame her it’s been a hard day for all of us. I bring my arm up and wrap it around her shoulder bringing her in close. Looking down at her I notice that she has on her mother’s favorite silk red robe, the color nearly matching Abby’s auburn locks. I also notice it is untied and that the front is open, the softness of the top of her large breasts exposed to me. I reach up and try to close her robe, Abby stirs and begins to wake.

As her eyes flutter open and she comes fully awake, I ask her.

“Did you sleep good baby?”

“Yes daddy. I hope you don’t mind that I came in to lay with you. I was thinking about mom and I just didn’t want to sleep alone.”

“It’s ok honey, I get it. Today has really been hard on everyone.”

“Yeah dad, I already miss her so much.”

“Me too honey.”

She squirms to get closer to me and I can feel her large breasts pressed against my ribs, they feel soft and warm against my side. The sight of them through her mom’s open robe, makes the blood begin to rush into my now hardening cock. I can see one beautiful bare leg exposed. Her supple naked thigh laid across mine. I could feel the warmth of her skin, her heat against me. The smooth softness as her skin caresses mine. I shake my head to clear the thoughts I was having about my step daughter, but they just would not leave my head.


“Yes, honey.”

“Do you feel lonely?”

“A little baby. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that she’s gone.”

“Dad.” Abby starts slowly. “Mom and I had a lot of time together at the end and I’m grateful for that. We had a chance to talk about so many things. She shared a lot about your lives together with me.”

“Yes, me too honey. We got to share many things that we loved about each other, but it still didn’t really prepare me for today.”

“Daddy, mom told me so many things about you and her. How you met, your first date, what made her fall in love with you, all kinds of things. I was happy she shared those memories with me.”

“That’s good honey. I’m glad you got a chance to share and get closure before mom died.”

“Well dad, it was much more than that. Mom told me things. Intimate things, about you and her.”

“Like what kind of things?” I ask.

Right at that moment I feel Abby begin to pinch my right nipple through my shirt. This was something my wife used to do to drive me crazy sexually. When she would do that, I had no control, it was and is huge erogenous zone for me. It always sent me into a frenzy. The sensation running through my body, the electricity that shot directly to my cock, making me arch and moan. When my wife pinched my nipples, I was under her spell and she could take me anywhere.

“Abby, what are you doing?” I plead.

My eyes closing as the pain and pleasure begins to sweep across my body.

“Nothing daddy.” she teases. Innocence in her voice, as she pinches it harder. My nipple already standing erect and the blood rushing to my cock, making it begin to stiffen.

“Honey, please? You need to stop. You don’t know what that does to me.” I stammer helplessly.

“Oh, but I do daddy, I know what it does to you.” She says, almost mockingly.

I reach up and try to remove her hand from my nipple, my power gone. My hand slides back to the bed, my body already taken over by the exquisite feeling of pleasure/pain.

“You see daddy, mom and I talked about everything. She told me all about your nipples and how you could not even think or hardly move when she pinched them. She said it was very pleasurable for you and that you liked the pain that came with it.

“But, honey this is just wrong. You’re my daughter.” I tried to get out.

“Yes daddy, the daughter who is going to fuck her father.”

As she pinched my nipple again making my back arch off the bed, my shorts tight from how stiff my cock had become.

Getting up on her elbow, Abby quickly slid my shirt up to expose my chest and nipples. Immediately clamping back on to my right nipple, it firmly between the two fingers of her left hand. She leans forward to suck my other nipple into her mouth.

“No, baby. Please don’t.” I plead helplessly.

Bringing her head from my swollen nipple she says.

“Daddy, I have always thought you were sexy. So, when mom gave me her secrets to turn you on, I decided I would use that information to my advantage. You see daddy I have always wanted you, I masturbate to the image of you fucking me all the time. I have planned this for türbanlı escort a very long time and now you are going to fuck me daddy. I want all of you, in my mouth, in my pussy, I want you to make your little daughter cum.”

As soon as she finished speaking Abby clamps down on my left nipple. Bringing it between her teeth she runs her incisors over it sending a wave of pleasure/pain so exquisite, I nearly cum in my shorts. My cock is sticking out of the top of my shorts now, the head visible under the elastic of the waistband. Moving her hand down from my nipple, she begins to stroke my cock through my shorts.

“Oh, honey, No, you need to stop” I say weakly.

The pleasure of her hand on my stiff shaft as she strokes it, engulfing my body. I have given up, my body and spirit weak from the day. I am under her spell, Abby can take me anywhere. I am hers.

Abby moves her body in between my legs. I could feel the warm softness of her skin as her robe falls open to reveal her beautiful large breasts. My stiff cock pressed between them as she goes back to biting my nipple. My hips begin moving up and down as my hard cock slides between those magnificent mounds of flesh. I reach up and grabbed her head. Forcing it onto my sore nipple making her bite it even harder. This sends a fresh wave of pain/pleasure through my body, making my cock jump. I could feel the soft skin of her tits pressed against my hard shaft as she moved her body in rhythm to my hips

As I looked down she released my nipple from her mouth, moving her body backwards to sit on her legs. Propping herself up so I had full view of her magnificent tits. They were large and round, the firm tit flesh standing up high on her chest. The soft curve of them inviting me to touch them, to squeeze them in my strong hands. her areolas covering about half the front of her breast, her nipples hard with excitement calling me to pinch and suck them. Abby strips off her mother’s robe, her spectacular tits fully exposed to me.

Abby pulls at the waistband of my shorts, I lift my hips to help her get them off. I don’t know what has taken over my body, but I want my daughter to touch me, to suck and fuck me. My hard cock now exposed. Abby begins to stroke my cock again the flesh rising and falling in her soft warm hand, my hips coming off the bed at the pleasure she is producing.

Abby knew she had her father where she wanted him. Completely turned on and helpless. She watched fascinated as his cock skin moved up and down on his member. She could feel the blood pumping through it as it got harder and fatter in her fist. A satisfied smile crossed her lips as she realized she had control of her father. He. Was. Hers.

Releasing my throbbing member, Abby moves forward on my body and straddles my swollen shaft. She again reaches up and begins pinching my nipple, my hard cock springing back to life and pressed firmly against the white panties covering her pussy.

She begins to kiss down my chest, stopping long enough to run my nipple hard between her teeth, sending a new wave of pleasure through me. My hand flying to her head to at the exquisite pain she is sending through my body. Lifting my hips and Abby off the bed. I can feel Abby moving her hips back and forth on my stiff member, the silky material of her panties rubbing on my swollen cock head. The wetness of her pussy making the material damp against the underside of my veiny shaft.

Leaving my swollen nipple, Abby begins to move down my chest to my stomach. The chills she is sending through my body make me quiver in anticipation. My hand, wrapped in her ginger locks, follows her movement down until she reaches the head of my cock. Bending her head down, her long red hair tickling my stomach, I can’t see it but I can feel her mouth suck in the head of my cock as she run her tongue around the swollen tip.

“Oh, Abby.” I moan.

She pulls her mouth from my engorged head.

“Yes, daddy, do you like this? Do you like your daughter sucking your fat cock? I knew you would, I knew you wanted me. Just lay back and enjoy my mouth on your cock daddy.” She says sexily.

As she leans down and goes back to mouthing my swollen shaft.

“Abby this is so wrong.” I try and protest.

I sink my head deeper into the pillow, enjoying the wetness of her mouth as Abby again finds the tip of my cock and slides it into her mouth. The feeling of her soft, warm mouth on the engorged head of my cock was amazing. Her full lips encircling my shaft tightly as she began to move downward taking more and more of my cock deep into her mouth.

“Oh, honey, stop.” I say, more a moan than a plead.

Knowing deep in my heart I wanted her to continue. My pleading falling on deaf ears as she slides her mouth even deeper on to my cock. I move her beautiful ginger hair to one side so I can watch that wet mouth take in my cock. I can see her lips drawn tight around my swollen shaft, filling her mouth. I could feel her throat close around the head of my shaft, gagging slightly, her body convulsing as it filled her throat. Pausing and then working her way back up my stiff member, I could see the thick saliva ooze out of her mouth and down the stretched skin of my cock. To eventually tickle the hairs on my balls as it ran to the bedsheets below. Abby wasted no time once she got back to the top of my cock, burying it deep in her mouth once more.

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