My Father’s Daughter Ch. 02


*In this chapter Rebecca is forced to wear diapers. If you find this off putting then I suggest you come back and join us at a later chapter because this story does it’s best to explore all fetishes*

Chapter Two

My dad was right about the next day being a big day. Of course I didn’t know just how big until I went down for breakfast. I stalled as long as I could. I took a shower that lasted a half an hour. I took ten minutes to put my hair back in a ponytail. But finally Dad threatened to give me another spanking and that was enough to hurry me along.

When I arrived at the breakfast table I found a bulgy package on my placement.

“Before you eat I would like you to open your present” Dad said smiling. I knew right away that it was going to be something awful. For one thing I was the only one who had a present. For another George and Kevin were nudging each other excitedly as though they were the ones getting the present. But I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer and ripped off the paper. It took me several seconds to realize what was in the package. George and Kevin gave shouts of approval and then high fived each other. Connor just smiled to himself. Mark looked bored again.

“I examined your panties again last night” Dad explained “And they were just filthy. Especially those skidmarks”

“Dad!” complained George shoveling a mouthful of pancake into his mouth. “I’m eating!” Dad ignored him. “So I got you these”

I stared down at the huge package of adult diapers. Not just any diapers. Apparently these were super absorbent and guaranteed not to leak. They also looked extremely bulgy.

“Come on” Dad said getting to his feet “Let’s go see how well they fit” I didn’t move. “Becky” Dad said sternly “I know how humiliating this must be for you. A girl of 18 in diapers because her bum is too dirty. But if you are going to act like a baby we shall treat you like one. And as I understand it, George has a lovely picture of that dirty rear to remind you and everyone else on his phone what a little baby you are. I sure hope you cooperate otherwise he might have to let people know what a naughty girl you are”

I couldn’t believe it. Blackmail. My own Dad was blackmailing me. But I would have to deal with that later. Right now George’s fingers were hovering over his keyboard and I couldn’t take the risk. Oh how bad could a diaper be? I mean I used them once and survived.

I gathered up the diapers and followed my Dad into the next room. To my relief he shut the door and locked it. I expected him to hand me the diaper and let me go into the bathroom to put it on but instead he said “Lie down”

“But Dad-”

“Now!” I could tell Dad was losing patience quickly. I lay down. Dad knelt beside me. He gently pushed my pants and panties off. My pussy was moist from the morning’s humiliation. Thankfully Dad didn’t say anything except “Lift” I lifted my body and he slid the diaper under me and then diapered me securely.

“Oh baby” he whispered “now your little tush is nice and diapered”

“Dad I don’t need to be diapered”

At first I thought from the furious glance on his face that I was about to be backhanded across the

face. But he paused thoughtfully instead. “You know sweetheart. I’ll make you a deal. If you can make it all day without using the bathroom- that is until midnight then I won’t try to put you in diapers. All right. But if you lose you will be in diapers until I say you aren’t. Is that clear?”

“Yes” I said. Thankfully I hadn’t had anything to drink yet and I had already peed before coming downstairs. Holding my bladder was going to be easy.

“But you still need to drink your morning orange juice” Dad said sternly.

“Fine” I agreed. One glass of orange juice. How bad could that be. I got to my feet and ready to pull up my pants but Dad stopped me.

“Let your brothers see how cute you look in this little outfit” He said scooping up my pants and leaving the room. I had no choice but to follow him into the dining room.

I had been right. The diaper was enormously bulky. I had to waddle when I walked and I’m sure mother could hear the rustling from the grave. Kevin and Connor immediately started laughing. George snapped a picture. Mark averted his eyes.

“All right guys. Eat up” At least my dad could cook. Breakfast could have passed for normal except for you know the fact that I was sitting in a diaper. But George kept the staring to a minimum and Kevin even offered me the last piece of bacon. Maybe things were looking up. After dishes were cleared Dad had the first serious conversation with me and Connor.

“Not gonna do it” Connor answered when Dad asked him about college “I barely made it through four years of high school. No way can I handle another four” Dad didn’t force the issue. I didn’t expect him too. None of my brothers had had a college education. He turned to me. “Rebecca?”

“Well I did want to go to college. But we don’t have any money. Maybe I’ll go bursa escort back to school once I get a job” Dad looked thoughtful.

“Well I have a friend in the city who owns a college. Maybe I can pull some strings and get you in for less money” My eyebrows jumped in surprise.

“Seriously? Thanks Dad that would be great!” Connor rolled his eyes. He obviously didn’t see what the big deal was. But all my life I had wanted to become a teacher. It was my dream- to help children achieve theirs by offering them an education. And for that I needed college. I wasn’t pleasantly surprised with the direction the day had taken particularly after such a nasty morning. Disappointment however was inevitable.

About an hour and a half hour I started to feel all too familiar urges. I excused myself- since my bedroom was no longer private and the bathroom was off limits I made an escape to the basement where I could have some privacy while I fought Mother Nature. By the time I hit the last step on the basement stairs my bladder was fit to bursting. Looking back I realized my dad must have spiked the orange juice with something. But at the time I was too preoccupied to think about that. I clenched my legs together. Bam! The basement door slammed shut. I jumped and as I did so a squirt of pee soaked my diaper. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I was peeing, wetting myself. I could see my diaper becoming wetter and wetter turning yellow. “Becky? What are you doing down here?” It was Mark “Dad asked me to check on you” I moved over so that I was shielded from his gaze by a wheelbarrow.

“Oh I’m fine” “Well he wants to check on you. Just to make sure you haven’t peed yourself”

“Oh Mark” I moaned and stepped out from behind the wheelbarrow.

At once his eyes flew to my dripping diaper (no leakage huh?).

“You couldn’t hold it for two hours?” he asked incredously. My bottom lip began to tremble. “Don’t cry. I take it back. Look your better of just telling Dad. If he finds out you were hiding it, he’s going to be mad. Come on” he took me by the hand like a wayward toddler and led me upstairs. Dad probably had some idea of what I was doing in the basement because he had the entire family assembled again. They all glanced up when Mark and I entered the room.

“You only lasted an hour and a half!” chortled Kevin with delight. I felt another flush of humiliation.

“Connor see how wet that diaper is” Connor didn’t look particularly thrilled with this job but a smile spread across his face as he placed his hand on the wet fabric.

“I think baby needs her diaper changed” George snapped another picture. Mark shifted from foot to foot looking like he would rather be anywhere else.

“Becky, I had a feeling you couldn’t hold that needy little bladder. Aren’t you glad I made you wear that diaper? Now whenever you have to pee or poop you may just use your diaper. Let one of us know and we shall change it for you” Connor wrinkled his nose.

“Gross! I’m gonna have to share my room with a baby in diapers!”

“That’s why they invented air freshner” Dad said. He placed his hand on my diaper, right over my clit. I whimpered.

“Hey Dad” Kevin said with a smirk “I think she likes it when you do that” Dad looked me in the eye and all of a sudden my rage and my fury disappeared. He moved his hands across my diaper and I moaned even louder. Suddenly he pulled his hand away.

“Come on Becky I need to change that diaper” he said gruffly. George started to follow but Dad said “Don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunities to watch. By the end of this week you will be actually tired of her wearing those diapers” George looked doubtful but didn’t say anything as Dad led me out of the room into the next room where he had created a makeshift changing table out of the hallway’s table.

“Hop up” he said patting it like a doctor ready to examine his patient. I awkwardly settled myself on the table, wincing at the squelching sounds my diaper made.

“Lie back” Dad said curtly. He was silent while he removed my diaper and replaced it with a clean one.

“I hate you” I whispered to him furiously.

“Shut up your little bitch” Dad said “You know nothing about me” He was close to my face now while he taped up the sides of my diaper. Finally he lifted his eyes until they met mine. I couldn’t help myself. I lifted my face and started to kiss him passionately. He was startled and almost pulled away at first but when I let out another whimper he pressed himself more intensely against me. Slowly he nudged my mouth open with his tongue and began to lick slowly and erotically. Finally he lifted his lips from mine and finished the diapering. He left the room without another word.

In the following days I faced a much more mortifying experience: a dirty diaper. The first time I soiled my diaper was right before bedtime while we were all watching Gone with the Wind. I had remained perfectly still hoping that nobody noticed that altıparmak escort I was dumping turd after turd into my diaper. Several minutes later though I noticed George sniffing around suspiciously. Finally Kevin paused the movie.

“Get to your feet” he barked at me.

“Don’t speak to your sister like that” Dad reprimanded. Then he turned to me. “Rebecca, do you have anything you would like to share with us?”


“Maybe you should get to your feet. All right stand up” I stood up and Connor reached over and switched on the light.

“Ugh!” he cried “That is one poopy baby” Dad nodded.

“Rebecca why didn’t you tell us that your diaper was dirty?”

“I don’t know”

“Well since you like sitting in a dirty diaper so much you may sit in it for the rest of the movie” I don’t know if you have ever seen Gone With the Wind but it’s about a two hour movie and we were only in the first twenty minutes. I took a seat on the floor feeling the poop squish in everywhere. I tried to concentrate on the rest of the movie but it was difficult with distinct aroma of shit polluting the room and the sound of George jacking off behind me.

When the movie was over I almost ran into the next room. At this rate I was going to have a diaper rash. “Where do you think you’re going Becky?” Dad demanded.

“To change my diaper?” Dad shook his head. “You need one of us to do that for you. You are a baby remember. And you can’t even wipe your bottom. Kevin, go take care of your sister” Much to my surprise Kevin didn’t laugh or protest he just put his hands on my shoulder and guided me into the next room where he locked the door. Then as if I was a doll he lifted me up onto the changing room table and started to loosen the straps of my diaper. I stared up at the ceiling wishing the ground would swallow me. He pulled the diaper out from under me and then was silent for several minutes just looking at it. When I snuck a glance at it even I was surprised at the amount of poop that I had managed to produce. Kevin caught me watching him and flushed.

“Lift up your legs so I can wipe you” he said reaching for the container of wet wipes. Reluctantly I lifted myself and let Kevin clean between my legs. When he was finished he took a bottle of baby powder and sprinkled some on my ass. It felt wonderfully soothing. As he rubbed the powder into my bottom I noticed his fingers lingered over one particular part if my body- the scar. As if he could read my mind he whispered “I’m so sorry that I did that to you. I thought that Dad was going to kill me. You know he hit me so hard I blacked out for an hour?” I did remember that but not as much as I remember the look on Connor’s face when Dad carried me out of the bathroom. “I always felt angry at myself because you were so…sexy. I wanted you and I was ashamed about it. I let my anger get out of control”

There was a knock at the door. Kevin left me to open the door and my hands flew to cover up my soaking pussy when Dad, Connor, Mark and George all entered the room.

“Where’s the dirty diaper?” Dad asked trashbag in hand.

“Here” Kevin handed it to him still open so everyone could see the contents. Dad raised his eyebrows.

“Well you certainly make more of a mess now than when you were little” George snapped another picture.

“Was there an elephant in here?” Connor joked. “All right boys” Dad said sternly “Let Kevin finish. He is doing an excellent job after all. And we all have to get to bed because we need to get up early for Kevin’s football game” Kevin coached a football league for college kids during the summer. It wasn’t so much competitive as an excuse for the town of Glenwood to get together. I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Dad, will I- I wont- will i- will you-”

“Yes you’re going to have to wear diapers” Kevin interrupted as he finished taping up my diaper. “What happens if you have an accident at the game? I’ll be humiliated!” If I could have killed him I would have. As it was I aimed a kick at his groin. He moved out of the way swiftly and chose to ignore it.

“Kevin’s right sweetie. We don’t want you having an accident in front of the entire town. You can wear a loose outfit. No one will even notice” He had left the room before I could protest. I knew better than to plea my case to Kevin so I remained silent while he slipped a new diaper underneath me. I expected him to leave but instead he pinned me down to the table a look in his eyes so intense that it scared me.

“Admit it” he snarled, “You like soiling the diapers and having your big brother clean you up

“That’s not true” I tried to squirm out of his grasp. “Then why were you so wet?” Kevin asked. I froze as Kevin began stroking me through my diaper

“I noticed you were dripping while I wiped that dirty bottom. You like having my hands on you?” I couldn’t really deny the truth in this when he rubbed my clit through the fabric of my görükle escort diaper and I let out another moan of longing.

“Oh yes Becky you like that don’t you?” “Kevin, don’t- please” I tried to close my legs but he’s stroking

only became more feverish and more intense. “I’ll stop if you want me to” Kevin said “Just tell me to stop” Then he made that quite impossible by silencing my mouth with his lips.

As his tongue explored my mouth and one hand stroked between my legs insistently I felt myself drawing nearer and nearer to climaxing. Finally he pulled his mouth away from mine but before I could say anything he placed a soft bite on the lower part of my neck where I was most sensitive. It drove me over the edge. Never in my life had I experienced such a intense orgasm. I felt myself literally squirting into my diaper. But the part that shames me the most was the cry I gave in the throes of my orgasm. “Oh Kevin, yes yes!” Kevin felt me shudder with my release and pulled away so he could look at me.

“You don’t know how long I have dreamed of that” he said finally “Now come on. You need to get to bed” I was still shaking when I got to my feet. Kevin didn’t smirk or say anything arrogant. He merely picked me up in his arms, like I was some damsel in distress in a western novel and carried me up the stairs as though I were a light blanket. The emotions of the day overwhelmed me and somewhere on the stairs I fell sound asleep in my brother’s arms.

The next morning there was no talk of diapers or babies or anything else. There was no time. Dad’s alarm clock (which apparently had taken a recent trip out the front window in a fit of rage) was faulty and woke us up a half hour late. Through some miracle or other we were all in the car fifteen minutes later (probably because Kevin threatened us with bodily dismemberment if any of us made him late). Kevin has many faults but he obviously was really proud of his football team and all they had accomplished. That, coupled with the way he had tenderly placed me to bed the night before made me think that maybe I had been wrong about Kevin after all. Best of all, I slipped on a loosefitting dress over my diaper and no one even commented that the shoulderless sundress was not something a baby should wear.

We arrived at the field with seconds to spare. Kevin jumped out of the car before it had even stopped moving and Dad sighed with disapproval as he edged our car into the nearest parking space. As we all tumbled out of the car I noticed Connor rummaging in the trunk for something. I felt all the blood drain from my face when he slammed the car and walked towards the rest of us diaper bag in hand.

“Here sis you almost forgot this” he said attempting to hand it to me. But I wouldn’t take it from him.

“Rebecca, I’m getting pretty sick and tired of your attitude” Dad said “Now if you don’t stop acting like such a baby, we’re going to miss the start of the game”

“I’ll carry it” offered Mark. Dad looked like he was going to argue but he changed his mind. “Fine. Rebecca, make sure you stay close to Mark. Apparently he wants to be the babysitter”

“Thank you” I whispered to Mark. Mark still wouldn’t meet my eyes.

When we arrived at the football field I became enormously glad that I was not carrying the hated diaper bag. Kevin’s team (and the team they were playing) were made up of a bunch of gorgeous college guys all who nudged each other when they saw me coming. I knew I was beautiful, that I made boys stop in their tracks when I walked by. I am not being conceited- it really is the truth. Usually it made me feel sexy. But now with a big bulky diaper between my legs it just made me feel self conscious. I was glad when the game began to take the attention off of me. Maybe I could just fade into the background.

My hopes of remaining in the background were crushed at halftime when Kevin called “Hey Rebecca come on over and meet the team” They were all staring at me expectantly. George raised his phone and waved it tantalizingly in the air. Like a prisoner making her way to the gallows, I trudged across the field to Kevin and his team doing my best not to waddle.

“Guys this is my little sister Rebecca” Kevin said.

“Dude your sister is hot!” the quarterback called. He winked at me. I tried not to wince. So not my type. The boy that I had really been eying the entire game ( the water boy) was unfortunately the only one not paying me attention. Of course I didn’t know if he could actually see me there were so many meaty football players blocking me from his view. As if reading my mind Kevin barked “Come on Patrick stop taking so long with the water”

I was suddenly distracted from the abuse of the water boy by a feeling in my abdomen. Was it- no it couldn’t be. Shit! I clenched my buttocks together, trying to force the feeling to go away. Another cramp hit me, this time even more intense and more painful. It was all I could not to bend over. Kevin, who had been busy with the humiliation of his water boy, saw me and raised an eyebrow.

“You okay?” He asked with a knowing glance. For the second time that week I realized my food must have been spiked. Furious at my family, but in too much pain to say anything to Kevin I walked away towards where Dad, Connor, George and Mark were congregated.

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