My First Encounter with Sis


I’ll admit that publishing the first story that gave you a glimpse into my incestuous relationship with my sister was quite cathartic. It felt great to give the world (well, Literotica readers at least) an insight into how I love fucking my sister. To follow up, I thought I would tell you about how we first started our illicit relationship.

It was about 7 years ago (my sister will be able to tell you precisely when but I am a typical bloke and so don’t remember such dates) when my sister and I were both working in Canary Wharf. My marriage was coming to an end, my sister had been single for a couple of years and we started meeting up for drinks after work. Sometimes it was just the two of us, sometimes with work colleagues in tow.

The first time anything remotely sexual occurred was quite by accident. There were a few of us in a pub and we started looking at a large photo on the wall showing the pub as it was in the 1920s. It just so happened that my sister stood in front of me as the group looked on when I suddenly became conscious of how close she was. I was struck by the wonderful smell of her hair (my sister is quite short even in high heels and so her hair was right under my face) and then suddenly, her body was gently pressed up against me. I could feel her bum, her back, one leg slightly between my legs. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel my cock stiffen in arousal. Rather that pull back in surprise at the physical reaction the proximity of my sister was having on me, I stayed put. My pulse had quickened and we were both stood stock still. The glowing feeling in my cock remained and I felt both thrilled and ashamed that I was being turned on by my own older sister. Though the group only discussed the picture for five minutes or so, those five minutes changed my life and I loved every second. Though nothing else happened for the rest of the night, the thrill of the experience led me to masturbate about my sister the minute I got home.

My sister and I met several times after this event and whilst we never mentioned it specifically, we started going for drinks with just the two of us and we started to flirt with each other. Not overtly, just little things and I increasingly found myself having taboo thoughts. One night, we were talking about what turned us on. I have always been a stockings and suspenders man and after some embarrassment I told my sister as much. In fact, I loved stockings and suspenders being worn with short skirts so that stocking top could be flashed. Some men get jealous if another man looks at their partner. For me, it’s always been a thrill if other men can see a glimpse of stocking top. My sister took this information in and come the bursa escort end of the night, as we headed towards Canary Wharf tube to go our separate ways, her parting comment was that maybe I would get lucky and meet someone who would dress to tease and please.

The next Friday, we agreed to meet for a drink with just the two of us, to moan about our respective week at work. I arrived first and bought us a bottle of red wine to share and grabbed a free table. It wasn’t long before my sister walked in, still wearing her work clothes but it seemed to me her skirt was a little shorter than usual. She had on her black high heels and I’ll admit, I felt that same thrill of arousal I had felt that time when in the pub, looking at the picture. She sat down and we proceeded to drink and chat as usual. After starting the second bottle of wine, my sister suddenly looked at me with a new intensity and handed to me a plastic shopping bag which I hadn’t really noticed when she had first walked in.

“Look in the bag.”

I took it and opened it up. A few seconds passed before I realised what I was looking at. Inside the bag was a black suspender belt and what looked like a pair of stockings. My pulse immediately quickened from simply looking at the items of lingerie I found so arousing. I looked at my sister, confused.

“Bro, do you want me to put them on?”

Shit, here I was, sat in a pub with my own sister asking me if I wanted her to dress in stockings and suspenders. My sister has a great body, ideal for sexy lingerie, with curves in the right places and at that precise moment, all I could do was picture her wearing such underwear.

“I said, shall I go into the pub toilet and put those on?”

I looked up at my sister, aware of how flushed with excitement my face must be. The combination of the underwear in the bag, the red wine and the look on my sister’s face led to only one response:

“Yes please.”

With that, she leaned in and whispered, “Wait here.” She grabbed the bag and headed off to the ladies. I sat and drank wine, looked at my phone several times but couldn’t really concentrate on anything other than the thought of my sister, in the toilet, sliding on those stockings. It must have been around five minutes before I saw her returning to the table. I couldn’t take my eyes of her legs, wondering if she really had followed through with her idea. She sat beside me, her short skirt riding up just a couple of inches but just enough so that I could make out the lacy tops of her stockings. She’d actually done it. My cock stiffened instantly.

She leaned in and whispered, “They were a bit awkward to put on in the toilet.”

The smell of bursa escort bayan her perfume and knowing that she was adorned turned me on so much. I realised we had reached the point where we were about to do something that could change everything. I slowly moved my hand from my wine glass to on her leg, just above the knee. The nylon felt so smooth and instinctively my hand slide slowly up her leg. I reached the lace top, paused a moment before my hand continued on its journey. Suddenly, I reached the point where lacy stocking top became silky thigh and my sister’s thigh felt so silky smooth. The rest of the pub was forgotten as my hand felt that creamy skin and I slowly, inexorably slide it to the side and felt the taunt rear suspender strap pulled against my sister’s leg. This was it. I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. I looked at her, with wanton lust written all over my face.

“Oh Sis.” I said that probably a bit too loudly but the pub was busy and no one heard.

I leaned forward and kissed my own sister. Not a closed mouth peck, but an opened mouthed, prolonged kiss. It seemed so natural and she tasted so good, her breath intoxicating. I jumped suddenly as I felt her hand grab my stiff cock through my suit trousers. As she squeezed it, I felt myself grow even larger and responded by kissing her harder, my hand kneading her thigh under her short skirt. We finally broke our kiss, both of us breathing heavy with the thrill and excitement of what we had just done. We had crossed the line and neither of us cared.

“Jesus Sis, you are so fucking sexy.” I offered without hesitation.

“Glad you approve Brother.”

She placed particular emphasis on the word ‘Brother’. It was at this moment we both realised that the thrill of what we had just done was heightened by saying out loud how we were related. I looked down and saw the wonderful sight of her creamy skin contrasting against the black underwear. Christ, I wanted her.

“Want to go?” I asked.

Without answering, my sister stood up to leave.

“What about this?” I said, picking up the plastic shopping bag.

“Leave it. It only contains a pair of tights and I won’t be wearing those ever again.” The implication of this sent another thrill through me, “From now on, only stockings and suspenders for my Brother.”

I followed her as she walked toward the door and her short skirt swayed perfectly, giving me just the tiniest hint of the dark, lacy top of her stockings. Any stocking fan looking would now right away what she was wearing. Once we were out of the pub, we walked some distance without saying a word. I think we were both looking for the same thing and finally we found a little escort bursa dark corner. My sister grabbed my hand and pulled me into the recess. Instantly we kissed, my hands grabbing her bottom through the skirt before pulling it up so I could once again touch those creamy thighs. I felt my sister reaching for the flies on my trousers. I had a moment of sanity and pulled away from the kiss to look around us, to ensure we were alone. In the time it took me to do that, my sister had managed to undo my trousers and was reaching into my underwear and then I felt that sweet touch of her bare hand on my bare cock. A spasm of pleasure rippled through me as she took my cock out and without hesitation began to stroke it. Here I was, Friday night, getting a handjob from my sister. It felt so good but she paused a moment to lift one leg and rub her stocking clad leg into my groin, her knee coming to rest against my bollocks. The feeling of stocking clad leg against my bollocks felt wonderful.

Her leg kneaded them and I groaned with utter pleasure. We resumed our kissing and I felt her knee depart only to be replaced by the feeling of her fingers wrapping themselves around my throbbing cock. This time she began to stroke in earnest, her hand speeding up, her shoulder jerking as she began to milk me. I felt the surge of an impending orgasm. I looked down and saw her hand, with its painted nails, jerking my cock. The sight and feeling was too much to bear and I knew I couldn’t holfd out for much longer.


“Good.” She interrupted. “It is what I want. To feel you cum in my hand as I stroke you”.

I tried to hold it back but as I have discovered many times since, when my sister wants me to cum, she knows exactly how to bend me to her will.

“Cum for me Bro.”

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” That is all I can say in response.

My sister’s hand is now relentless in its stroking and I feel my resistance to the onrushing orgasm fading fast.

Her final command is too much “Do it Bro!”

I feel myself explode in her hand. She quickly brings her knee up once again and I spurt once, twice, three, four times, long ropes of my seed splattering on her stocking clad thigh. “SIIIIIIIIS!” I shout, unable to contain myself, not caring if anyone sees or hears. Her hand slows but she does not release me.

“That was fucking amazing.” I proclaim.

“I should think so. After all, how many brothers get wanked off by their own sister?”

I laugh and kiss her deeply. Now a lovers kiss, even though our journey to debauched incest has only just began.

So, there you have it, the telling of our first sexual encounter. I am getting such a thrill typing all this and I really hope you appreciate the wonderful experiences I have had with my sister. Please leave comments if you want me to continue. Believe me, after seven years, I have a lot of stories to tell you all about.

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