My Girl Ch. 2


I knew that this would be a turning point in our relationship. Lori looked at me with those beautiful, bright blue eyes of hers and I half expected her to run out of the room in disgust. I couldn’t believe that I had just openly shared my true feelings. Rather than bolt however, she held my hands tightly, looked at me and seemed to be searching for the right words to say.

I muttered on and told her that I was so sorry and that she had every right to be grossed out by my feelings and I promised never to speak of such things again. I told her that I meant no harm and would probably return to “normal” as soon as I got off my ass and found a new girlfriend. I started running off at the mouth in an attempt to make a bad situation better and lied by saying that I probably only thought of her in a sexual way because she was so damn sexy and it had been so long since I had been intimate with anyone. I continued rambling in a senseless manner and knew I was at risk of making things worse but I couldn’t stop myself. I suppose I was worried that any period of silence would result in a most unhappy ending. Lori must have sensed that I was suffering a great deal of anguish and pain and she finally interjected. “Dad, Dad, shut up for a minute and let me say something will you?” I was almost in tears because of the shame I felt. I sat there with a huge lump in my throat.

Then it was her turn to speak. I cast my eyes toward the carpet, unable to look into her eyes. I felt like a scumbag and was worried that I would lose my little girl forever.

“First of all Dad, I’ve know for a long time how you feel about me. Do you think that I never knew how aroused you got when I put my head in your lap? Do you think that I didn’t know that my head was pressing into your …” She seemed to struggle for the right word and finally said, “cock?”

“Dad, I think you are the sexiest guy I have ever seen and I love you so much. I know how hard it’s been for you since mom left. I used to listen to you two making love and I got so turned on. I used to fantasize that you were making love to me and not her. I used to get so horny listening to you two that I would go to bed and play with myself. I’d fantasize that you were making love to me. I know how excited you get while we watch movies together and when I move my head around in your lap. Why do you think that I started dressing the way I have lately? I am proud of my big breasts and I want you to like them too.

“Why do you think I bought the bathing suit I did and then told you I would only wear it for you? I want to turn you on Dad. I want you to want me. I know what you do when you excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Do you really think that I didn’t know you were getting hard when I would move my head around on your lap? I used to sneak up to the bathroom door and listen to you jerking off, wishing I had the courage to open the door and help you. I love you dad and I don’t think that I would ever want to be with anyone else. I feel as weird about this as you do but I can’t help my feelings. I want to be more than your daughter, I want to be your woman.”

With that, she stopped talking and the silence was deafening. I managed to muster enough courage to look up and into her eyes. I pulled her to me and hugged her hard. I could feel her melt in my arms and without thinking; I lowered my lips to her shoulder and started kissing her bare shoulder and neck. The kisses were really only meant to be a display of affection but I soon found myself inhaling her subtle perfume and hugged her closer, loving the way she felt.

I pushed her away from me and again, took her hands in mine. “Baby, I’m so sorry for all this. And I’m so glad that you didn’t freak out and run out of here. I would never do anything to hurt you and you are so damn sexy that I had to say something to stop this before I did anything that I would regret forever. I had no idea that you knew how I feel. As your dad, I’m supposed to be the strong one and tell you that no matter what we feel, it would be very wrong for us to do anything that might harm our relationship. I’m afraid that if I slipped up and ever escort bursa did something, you would think I was a perv and hate me. There is no way I can abuse your innocence.”

Lori looked at me and smiled. She had little tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. “Dad I love you so much. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a little kid anymore. I am a woman and I have urges of my own. Thanks to a secret stash of some toys that mom left behind, I have been sexually active for years but I am still technically a virgin. No boy has even got to first base with me. I know you have been masturbating a lot and well, so have I. Whenever I play with myself, I think of you. I have never wanted anyone but you. Why do you think I don’t date much and why I’m always home early? You are the man I want to be with. I’m old enough to know better and I have the same type of concerns you do about our relationship. But why do you think I started wearing sexy stuff all the time? I was trying to push you into making the first move. I love you for your honesty, and I know what must be going on in your mind but all I know is that I want you as more than my father and I want to give myself to you in every way.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I felt I had to make one last try at being a good father. “Lori, you are everything I could ever hope for in a woman. I love you, I love being with you all the time, and I want to make love to you in the worst way. But even though I now know that you might feel the same way, it would be very wrong for me to take advantage of you.

I knew that I was rambling like an idiot and I was paralysed by fear and indecision. I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to put down my foot and say that nothing could ever happen because it would be so wrong and part of me wanted to carry Lori to my bed and make love to her forever.

Funny enough, it was Lori that took the initiative. Still kneeling in front of my chair, she withdrew her hands from mine. She leaned back on her heels, grabbed the bottom of her little tube top and very slowly lifted it off and over her head. She just sat there on her heels and let me look at her. And look at her I did. She is so fucking beautiful. Her large, firm breasts sit high and proud on her ribcage and are capped by large pink nipples that look so yummy contrasted against the creamy white flesh of her big tits. Lori’s nipples were growing in front of my eyes and the seemed to have a direct link to my cock. The larger they grew, the larger my cock grew. Lori then shuffled closer to me, got between my legs and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her face into my chest. I could feel the weight of her tits pressing against my legs and her nipples were poking into me. We hugged for a moment and then she lifted her head and looked into my eyes. I was completely lost by now and I lowered my head to gently touch my lips to hers, afraid to really kiss her the way I wanted to but wanting desperately to taste her sweet lips. As we kissed, we slowly increased the pressure with our lips and I slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth. I felt an electric shock as our tongues touched and all of a sudden, I knew this was meant to be. Her tongue moved slowly in and out my mouth and I sucked softly on it, letting her fuck my sucking lips with her tongue.

I snuck a glance at my lap and noticed a big wet spot in my grey sweat pants caused by my cock that was now pumping out a continuous supply of precum.

She tasted so good I never wanted this kiss to end. I moved my hands down to cup her beautiful tits and to weigh them in my hands. So big, heavy, firm yet so soft and smooth. I was deeply in love and in lust. I could feel her nipples burning holes in the palms of my hands and unable to stop myself, I took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and gently pulled and twisted on them. Lori moaned into my mouth and I discovered that the harder I pulled and twisted on her nipples, the more excited she seemed to get.

I gently broke off our kiss and stood up, pulling Lori to her feet. My cock was making an obscene tent in my sweat bursa yabancı escort pants and there was a huge wet spot where the head of my dick was threatening to burst through the thin material. She looked at the bulge and smiled a wicked little smile. It was as if she knew she was about to get something that she had been waiting for, for a long time. I kissed her again, spinning her around and then slowly slid her silky shorts down and off, letting them fall to the floor around her ankles. I could smell her excitement. She smelled so good and I had to taste her.

I lowered her into the chair. Now it was my turn to get on my knees. I spread her lovely legs and gently caressed the soft, smooth skin of her inner thighs. I looked at her little pussy and was excited and pleased to see that she was shaved smooth. Fuck I want her. Willing myself to take my time, I kissed her knee and ran a series of kisses and licks from her knee to within inches of that shaved paradise. The soft skin of her thigh felt so good against my lips. I pulled her forward until the edge of her cunt was hanging over the edge of the chair. Then I kissed my way up her other thigh. Lori started to say something and I shushed her. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

I could smell her excitement. I put one hand on each knee, spread her legs just a little bit more and started to lick her little pussy. I started on the edges and traded licks for kisses. I kept my licking to the edges and stopped every once in awhile to look at her beautiful cunt. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore, I made a point with my tongue and slowly slipped it into her slit and gave her one long, slow probing lick from the bottom to the top. She tasted as sweet as honey. I gave her one more long, slow lick the length of her slit. I looked at her slightly puffy pink cunt lips and sucked one into my mouth. Nibbling softly on her cunt lip, I applied the same treatment to its counterpart. Lori’s little pussy was leaking her sweet juices and any composure I had left me. I shoved my face hard into her cunt and started eating her for all I was worth. I could feel Lori’s hands on my head, trying to shove my head into her cunt. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her and fucked her cunt with my face. I was quick to realize that this was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. I loved her cunt so much I never wanted to remove my face. Then I began to tease her little clit. It wasn’t all that little and I was able to gently suck on it with ease. I alternated between flicking my tongue across it and running little circles around it.

Lori was moaning loudly and said, “Daddy, oh Daddy, please eat my pussy.”

“Eat me Daddy.” I could feel her start to tense up and I knew she was close. With both hands, she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head into her cunt. I reached up and grabbed a big tit in each hand and started mauling them as I ate her wet little cunt. I started sucking on her clit in earnest and suddenly, her legs straightened out, she arched her back and thrashed around yelling out how much she loved me. I watched her face as she came and she was so damn beautiful I thought she must be an angel. There is no way anyone could be as beautiful. I loved her. And now that I’ve had a taste, I knew I could never be happy unless I was eating her little cunt on a regular basis.

Lori’s eyes were closed and she had a little smile on her lips. Her tits were rising and falling with the quickness of her breathing. She is perfect.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and said quietly, “Two can play that game Dad.” We traded places in the chair and before I sat down, she untied the string holding up my sweat pants and let them slip to the floor. She was kneeling at my feet and as my sweats fell down, my cock sprang up and slapped her in the face. She gently grasped my big cock with one of her little hands and with the other, lifted my sweats out of the way and tossed them across the room. Then she gently pushed me down into the chair.

“Dad, you can’t imagine how long I’ve wanted to suck your big cock. bursa escort It’s more beautiful than I could have hoped for. I can’t even get my hands around it it’s so big. Dad, please let me suck your big cock. Please let me put my daddy’s big cock in my little mouth. Let me suck it, please daddy, please let me suck it.”

I was so turned on by her little girl voice and by the way she was holding my cock in both hands, holding the head less than half an inch from those pouting lips as she spoke. My mind was threatening to go into overload. Here was my sexy little baby with her hands wrapped around my cock, stroking it gently and begging me to let her suck it. I struggled with the mental disconnect between her little girl mannerisms and the rest of her that was all big tits and a beautiful, sexy woman. My cock was leaking a steady stream of precum and it was running over her fingers making little squishy sounds as she fisted my cock with both hands.

She asked once again if I would please let her suck my cock. I didn’t know what to say so I just reached out, held the back of her head, and brought her face closer to the head of my cock. She smiled a little girl smile and while looking into my eyes, licked the head of my cock. She snuggled in a little closer until her big soft tits were lightly caressing my legs. Then, without warning, she held my cock at the base and rammed her mouth onto my cock and started sucking like crazy. She was making little moaning sounds as she sucked and soon I could feel the head of my cock hitting the entrance to her throat.

Then she surprised the hell out of me. She slowly throated my cock and in one slow attempt, took me completely in her mouth and down her throat. It was so fucking tight and felt so good that I thought I would blow my load right there. She didn’t move for a minute and let herself get accustomed to the size of my cock. I had no idea how she was able to do this on her first try. Must have been practicing with her mother’s “toys.”

I could see her nostrils flaring as she breathed through her nose. Without moving her mouth, she grabbed my balls and began massaging them. She grabbed the loose skin on my sack and stretched my sack as far away from my body as she could. This seemed to make my cock swell even more and then she started fucking my cock with her mouth and throat. I was leaning back in the chair and watched my beautiful daughter deep throat my cock and play with my balls. I felt her rub her big tits into my legs as she sucked my cock. I had to warn her that I was close to cumming. I was afraid of grossing her out by cumming in her mouth. A soon as I said I was about to cum, she slipped my cock out of her mouth and with the head of my cock sitting on her lower lip she asked if I would please cum in her mouth and let her swallow it. “I want to eat your cum daddy. I want to taste it and swallow it, please cum in my mouth.”

Thank fuck she was just like her mother and really wanted to eat my cum. I told her to suck daddy’s cock and get ready because I was getting ready to cum in her little mouth. She looked so happy and put the head of my cock back in her mouth and milked my cock with both hands into her mouth. I thought the top of my head was going to explode as my orgasm approached and I watched her beautiful face as she sucked my cock. Then, for the first time in a long time, I felt myself shudder as I felt myself start to cum.

I watched as she sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. I thought my load would be too much for her but she didn’t lose a drop. She kept sucking and swallowing as I emptied my balls into her mouth. When she had sucked me dry, she continued softly sucking my cock. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, hugged it to her cheek and told me that she loved me. I leaned over to kiss her and ran my tongue into her mouth tasting myself. We kissed for a minute and I carefully pulled her up to her feet and sat her on my lap. She leaned her head into my shoulder and held me tightly.

I softly held one of her soft, heavy breasts in my hand and kissed her forehead. Thankfully, we didn’t feel the need to say anything. This felt so right. I lifted her chin with my finger, kissed her softly on the lips and told her I loved her. Then my beautiful little daughter asked if it was OK if we went to bed. It dawned on me that one of our beds just might become redundant from now on. We slowly got up, held hands and walked down the hall to “our” bedroom.

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