My Hot Mother Ch. 03

Non Nude

Oh yes Mom, suck it… suck it deeepppp… ohhhh yesss, Peter said in his dreams. He was dreaming that his Mom is sucking him off to orgasm. And when he came, Joanna swallowed all his cum and did not let a single drop escape her mouth. He came very strongly, almost a gallon of cum he pumped into his mother’s willing mouth. Then he slowly opened his eyes and find out that he’s alone on his mother’s bed. Then his mother came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and drying her hair with another. He almost can’t believe that only moments ago he fucked her right there on her marital bed. It was one unforgettable experience of his young life.

“You better get up, your Dad will be home soon” she said.

“Mom, did it really happened?” he asked.

“Well son, do you have any doubts in your mind? Well, let me convince you” she said with a naughty smile on her pouty lips.

She disregarded the towel covering her body and kneeled in front of him. She threw the covers off him and gently took hold of his growing erection. She proceeded to suck him while fondling his balls with her right hand. She expertly sucked him and he can’t help but to raise his hips every time she goes down.

“Oh yes Mom, suck it… suck it deeepppp… ohhhh yesss…” Peter groaned.

“Uummppphhh, ummm, uhmmppphh” she moaned.

“Oh yes Mom, suck meeee…. I’m cominggg… ooohhhyessssmmmooommmm.”

Then he let go a forceful ejaculation in her mouth it her at the back of her throat. He came so much a dribble seeped from her mouth. She kept on sucking and fondling his balls until he had emptied his cum in her mouth.

“Oh, damn that was great Mom. Now I believe it really happened” he smiled to her.

“Well, you bet you are. Get up and go get yourself washed, your father is coming home soon” she giggled.

He got up from the bed and went straight to his bedroom. It is only 6 pm and his Dad will arrive shortly. After changing to khaki shorts and white shirt, he went down to greet his Dad who had just arrived.

“Peter! My, you have grown big” his father exclaimed.

“He sure did” she winked at Peter when his Dad is not looking.

Now that his father’s home, Peter tried consciously not to stare openly at his Mom. His Dad is always present around the house, taking the vacation afforded to him by the company. He often saw him lounging around the pool with his Mom, who’s wearing a modest one-piece swimsuit. He often though why is this so, while she’s wearing skimpy ones when he’s not around. This made him swell with pride thinking that his Mom is dressing sexily for him.

Dinner went by as usual, his Mom serving them dutifully. She’s wearing a white T-shirt and a skirt that came down to her knees. Underneath the shirt he can see the red bra she’s wearing, not so provocative but modest to say the least. His Dad made some small talk, a few “how are you doing” and “how was school” from time to time. After the dinner, as his Mom is putting the dishes at the dishwasher, Peter crept behind her. He put his hands on her waist and pressed his crotch against her behind.

“Oh my Pete, you startled me” his Mom said.

“I just want to feel you.”

“Stop it, your father is just at the living room he might come out any moment” she said nervously.

“He’s watching the TV, some news and stuff, he won’t be bothering to get up from the couch” Peter quickly replied.

“No, I won’t risk it. We’ll still have more time for that after he left” Joanna insisted and took his hands away.

Peter left with a smile knowing that their tryst would be repeated. But when? His Dad will be home for the week, he thinks he can’t wait that long. So he made his way to his bedroom and get ready to sleep. Meanwhile, Joanna made her way to the master’s bedroom. She removed her clothes and changed to a silk negligee with a floral pattern covering her privates. The way the fabric clings to her skin and flows with her every move makes her feel very sexy. She sprayed some perfume on her bursa sınırsız escort neck, her breasts and some on her pussy. She is feeling so horny right now and she’s hoping that Jeff would be up to the task.

“Jeff darling, come up here for a sec” she called to him.

Jeff made his way up the stairs to their room and there he saw his wife in a very seductive dress, leaning against the headboard. He could just make out the outline of her nipples and the black thatch of pubic hair. This got his hormones raging and his dick is slowly standing into attention. When he reached the bed, he hungrily kissed his sexy wife on the lips and she wantonly returned the kiss. Their hands are all over each other’s, exploring their bodies as if it was their first time. He grabbed the hem of her negligee and slowly raised it until he removed it completely. She untied his shorts and snaked her hand inside to grab his erection. He then proceeded to take off his shirt and continued their foreplay. He kissed her neck, her tits, her tummy and her legs, consciously avoiding her love hole. She grabbed his head and placed it directly against her wet pussy lips.

“Eat meeehhh…eat meeehhh…” she moaned.

He hungrily lapped at her labia further soliciting moans from her. He sucked her clit, which brought her closer to orgasm. He then inserted two fingers inside her pussy and sawed it in and out.

“Oohhhh… ooohhh myyyy… yessss… eat meeehhh…” Joanna moaned.

She pulled his head harder against her crotch and she came so hard she almost passed out. He greedily sucked her love juice and lapped at her labia continuously to bring her to more heights.

“Ooohhh… I’m coommmiinngggg… ooohhh ffuuuccckkk…” she thrashed on the bed.

The she pulled him up where they kissed passionately. She grabbed his tool and positioned it against her tunnel. He pushed hard and bottomed out in one stroke. They moaned in unison and for a while did not move to savor the feeling. Then he humped her slowly then with increasing tempo. She humped back and met his thrusts, slowly bringing them closer to orgasm. The wet slurping sounds and their moans filled the room. He increased the pace and soon was sawing his tool in her it almost became a blur.

“I’m cooommmiiinnnggg…” Jeff moaned in her ear.

“Yessss… cooommmmeee with meeeehhhh…. Ooohhh…” she moaned as she hooked her legs on his back.

Then he blew his load inside her. Their mixed cum overflowed and got the sheets wet beneath her ass. She held on to him until his dick got limped inside her. She untangled her legs and he slowly pulled out of her making a squishing sound. They briefly kissed before going to sleep. Unknown to them, Peter was there to witness the whole thing. He heard his Mom call his Dad and he slowly tiptoed out of his room to his parent’s bedroom. His Dad forgot to close the door and he pushed it a little. There he witnessed the whole act and he got so aroused and jealous at the same time. He silently walked back into his room and wanked himself to an orgasm.

The following day, he got up early and made his way to the kitchen where he met his Mom preparing breakfast. She was wearing a terry cloth robe that came down to her mid-thigh. The robe showed her beautiful legs and framed her sexy ass. His Dad was one lucky guy last night, having those tapered legs wrapped around him. He slowly crept up behind her and placed his arms around her midsection. Then he kissed her on her shoulder.

“Good morning Mom” he greeted her.

“Oh, you startled me. Don’t do that, your father will come out of the room any minute now” she murmured. Instead of pushing him away, she craned her neck even more giving him better access to her neck.

“Ooohhh… uuhhhhmmm… stop it… ooohhh…” she breathe.

Then they heard the bedroom door opening and footsteps going down the stairs. Peter quickly disengaged from her and went to the ref and grabbed the milk. He poured in bursa escort bayan his glass and offered his Dad the carton.

His Dad replied, “Thank you son, but I think I’ll pass. Hand me the coffee and the creamer instead.”

“Jeff, I’ll be dropping by the office to pick up some papers. I’ll be home around 5 to make us some dinner” Joanne told everybody.

“Okay, I’ll be going out too and play some golf with Andy over at the country club. How about you Peter, any plans for the day?” Jeff asked .

Peter replied, “Well, maybe I’ll go drop by Eric’s place to pick up some CDs and stuff.”

“Be sure to be home by 7 so we can have dinner together” Joanna told her son.

Peter replied, “Okay Mom.”

Jeff said, “Okay, I’ll drop you at your office. I’ll be ready in a sec.”

Joanna went home a little early. She still has ample time to relax and have a bath. She stripped her clothes and went to the bathroom. While she’s filling the tub with water, she looked at herself in the mirror and admired her form. Her 5’7”, 36C-24-34 frame is the envy among her colleagues. Her workout helps her keep in shape and the treadmill helps keep her ass shapely. No wonder most men – including her son – notices and lusts after her. She ran up her hands from her breasts, to her belly down to her flaming pussy. She then went to the tub, soaked herself and soaped her whole body, paying particularly extra attention to her boobs and cunt. She recalled her sex romp with her son and vividly recalled how big his tool is and how it felt inside her. She recalled putting it inside her mouth and tasting his young cum. She never had a lover as big as he is and she wants to have him inside her again. She put three fingers inside her while recalling that event and she had a violent orgasm that shook her entire being. She toweled herself dry and walked toward her bedroom naked. The cool air felt good on her skin and it made her nipples as hard as eraser tips. She tweaked her nipples to make them even harder but it only made her horny. She needed Peter to satisfy her urges and she can’t wait until next week.

Jeff and Peter arrived almost at the same time and they had dinner altogether. Jeff commented that she looked really sexy tonight and she noticed the hungry stare from Peter. She just smiled at the compliment and said that the two men in her life made her feel beautiful. They finished their dinner and retired to their rooms. Before she went to bed, she enticed Jeff for a round of hot fucking, but Jeff declined and said he was tired and needed some sleep. So she went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water.

“I can’t take this anymore. I need to have Peter in me again or I would go insane” she said to herself.

The following day Joanna took the day off while Jeff went to office to fix some stuff. Peter went to Eric’s place and took home some books and CDs. Joanna spent the day morning lounging around the pool. Around 10 a.m., she took a shower and rinse the lotion from her body. Just as she stepped from the bathroom she heard Peter yelled “Mom, I’m home” and had a nasty idea. She picked a white thong and lace push-up bra from her drawers, and then she wore a very short denim skirt that barely covered her ass. She complimented it with a white ripped off blouse and knotted the loose ends just below her breasts. She unbuttoned the top two buttons to show ample cleavage. She then strolled to the living room and caught Peter watching the TV.

She asked him, “So, honey what did you get at Eric’s?”

Peter replied, “Some CDs and books.”

Then he turned and saw what his mother’s wearing. Joanna by now has walked to the ref to get a glass of water. She purposely bent at the waist to afford him a good view. Peter saw her Mom’s ass cheeks framed by the thong panties. He instantly got a hardon just by looking at her and so he stood up and approached her from behind. He grabbed her waist and pressed nilüfer escort his tool against her bum.

“Oh, looks like somebody likes my dress” she cooed as she stood straight.

Peter turned her around and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Mom, oh I missed you. You got me so hard I need to have you.”

She kissed him as hard and grabbed his cock through his shorts. He put his hand on her butt and the other on her breast, kneading them both at the same time. He pushed her back to the kitchen counter and she rubbed him furiously. She pulled back and panted with want and lust. She told him, “Let’s go upstairs to your room.”

They haven’t closed the door when their hands flew at each other and embraced in a tight hug. She helped him take off his shirt and shorts and she gently pushed him back on the bed. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to the corner of the room. She unzipped her skirt and slid it down her shapely legs.

Peter said, “Oh Mom, you’re so gorgeous. Your body’s so fantastic.”

“And its made all for you darling. All for you” Joanna purred seductively.

She then unclasped her bra and let it fall from her shoulders. She hooked her fingers on the waistband of her panties and ever so seductively pulled it down her legs. She then crawled on the bed and kissed him hard on the mouth. She proceeded to move further upward and aimed her wet pussy at Peter’s mouth.

“Suck me son, lick my clit and eat my cunt. Look at where you came from because you’ll be returning there soon.”

Peter darted his tongue and tentatively licked her cunt. Then he used his hands to pull them apart and expose her clit. He then stuck his tongue inside her pussy and mimicked a fucking motion as if it were his cock.

“Ooohhh…. Ffuuuccckkkkk that’s iiiittttt… oohhh ddaammmnnnn…”

Peter continued to lap at her busy and Joanna twisted around so that they are in the 69 position. She grabbed his cock and placed her mouth at the tip. She greedily sucked him while humping her pussy at his face. Soon they were on the verge of cumming and sucked harder. She came into his mouth and he hungrily lapped at her pussy juice like a thirsty traveler.

“Ooohhh Peeetttteerrrr ooohhhh…”

She then turned around and positioned her cunt directly above his cock.

She told him, “Take me honey, fuck me hard.”
She impaled herself on his dick in one swift motion. His saliva and her juices made her so wet and slippery his dick easily penetrated her. She braced her hands on his chest and rode him up and down. Peter raised his butt off the bed and met her thrusts. She rotated her hips to add to the sensation.

“Fuckkk mmmeeeehhh … ffuuuccckkk mmmeeee haaarrrrdddd… Oooohhh Peeettteerrr” Joanna moaned.

Peter pushed her onto her back and proceeded to fuck her missionary position. She grabbed hold her ankles and pushed them towards her chest. This position spread her cunt even further and Peter was so taken by the site that his mother is there before him he moved in and out faster. The headboard was banging against the wall due to the intensity of their session. Peter increased his tempo and Joanna sensed he was close to coming, she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him for deeper penetration.

“Ooohhh Mooommmm I’m cccooommmiiinnnggg.”

“Come with me hoonnneeeyyy… ccoommmee wwiiithhh mmmeeeehhhh.”

He released her legs and pumped hard and fast and clutched his buttocks until he was deep in her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him even deeper. Then he emptied his balls inside her just as she orgasmed herself. She clutched at him until his orgasm subsided but keeping his cock trapped until it deflated inside her pussy. They kissed passionately in the afterglow of their passion.

Peter said softly, “Wow Mom, that was awesome.”

Joanna replied, “Son, I now accept that only you can satisfy me. I longed for your cock and it really felt good inside me. That was the best orgasm of my life.”

Peter replied, “Mom, I do think that summer’s not yet over and we sure can do this more often.”

Joanna asked, “Do you think you can cope up with me? Because I want you anytime, anywhere.”

Peter said, “Anytime Mom, anytime.”

Then she leaned her head on his shoulder and there they lay sleeping – both with a smile on their lips.

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